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I’m Crazy and I’m Owning it.

I finally made one of my dreams a reality and I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. Probably because I thought it seemed like a thing an obsessive girl would do and I’m...

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Breakfast of Champions, or something like it

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for many of us at the studio...

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No Sweat

There are two types of people who work out… First, those who look amazing, straight out of a...

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Crissy & Kimmy

The thought of having a twin has always intrigued me… Would it be “The Parent...

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kate moss stand up

Stand Up!

… Because they say sitting is the new smoking. No joke. Has anyone else been hearing about this??...

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Oms and Ahhs

I’ve recently been inspired by a number of close friends and my boyfriend to try meditation....

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The Science Of Sleep

Somehow living in the city that claims to never sleep can make you all the more aware of how...

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The PMS Monster

The PMS Monster

We’re all familiar with it. One day, you wake up with tears in your eyes, you go straight to...

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How Long Is Too Long?

The longest relationship I’ve ever been in is the one that I have with my birth control… Yes,...

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It’s the same thing every month. And, no, we’re not talking about your phone bill. (Even...

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I bought a crystal! A glittery one the size of my thumbnail!!! Is that ridiculous? I saw an...

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Work It!

I’ve tried everything when it comes to exercise, but my general conclusion is that I’m just not...

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No Filter

In the morning (after approx four hits on the snooze button), the last thing I want to see is...

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Eye Spy

Eyes are so fragile! It feels like, if I don’t really take care of them, I pay for it with serious...

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No Arm Done

Let’s talk about our best physical features. Here’s my thinking: we’re so often told to...

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Fear of Massages

A few weeks ago, I got over my fear of massages.

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Coffee Addict

I think I’m addicted to coffee. Argh. A few days ago, I went to see a great therapist who told...

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So, this is going to sound like a strange question (because it is!) buuuut… how much do you chew?

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