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I’m Crazy and I’m Owning it.

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I’m Crazy and I’m Owning it.

I finally made one of my dreams a reality and I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner. Probably because I thought it seemed like a thing an obsessive girl would do and I’m above all that since I’m a cool girl :)

Well, good news! I’m not at all above all that and I’m not at all cool so I ended up giving in and buying myself a travel scale.

I swear, I’ve been wanting one for years.

I know. I know weight doesn’t mean anything. And I know weighing yourself every day isn’t good because your weight fluctuates and you have to “free yourself from all constraints and throw away your scales!” I KNOW.

But I’ve been using a scale forever. It doesn’t terrorize me, it’s far from causing me any anxiety over my diet. That’s just how I check in with myself. I’ve tried the jean test, but honestly, the jean test isn’t precise enough: all of my jeans are stretchy!

The thing is, when I’m traveling, two things happen:

1/ I don’t eat as usual. I go to more restaurants, order room service, have catered food, work lunches, etc. It’s hard to eat balanced meals in those conditions. It’s hard enough in normal life, as it is. Pfffff.

2/ BEFORE, I didn’t have a scale. So not only was I lost when it came to looking at the menu, but on top of that, I had no way to check my weight and tell myself that maybe tonight it would be better to order soup and skip the margarita.

So I’d often come home from trips with an extra five or six pounds. It happens so fast! And it adds up if you’re not careful.

So I decided I’d stop listening to other people’s rules and use what helps me stay balanced personally.

I ordered my travel scale, and I have to say, I’m thrilled. I’m coming home from LA without freaking out about weighing myself and telling myself I’m probably going to have to start eating nothing but green vegetables – which I never do anyway, because I prefer to stay balanced all the time instead of making drastic changes.

Anyway, even though it’s a “travel” scale, it’s heavy and takes up space in my suitcase AND makes me seem nutty and obsessive. But I don’t care, it works for me, and I’m super happy with it.

What do you think?


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  • Ha now you really sound like an LA girl. I didn’t know travel scales existed. But seriously anything that works to keep you at your natural weight is fine and sane in my mind. There is nothing worse than coming back from a trip with those extra pounds. I have always been able to tell when I need to alter my diet but I admit to checking in with my scale from time to time. The LA sunshine is great for year round exercising but we also have to keep our legs in shape since they are always exposed.

  • ça existe ça ??? MAIS C’EST TROP GENIAL COMME IDEEEE !!
    dès que je manque de repères (ça peut même être les proportions de nourriture par rapport à la taille de l’assiette) je prends trois kg sans me rendre compte et j’ai le menton qui tremble (parce que quand même il n’y a pas de quoi en pleurer) (mais en fait si c’est trop triste) (pas d’être grosse hein, juste de pas se sentir bien dans ses fringues) quand je rentre d’une série de concerts (je suis chanteuse)…
    merci Garance ;-) #t’espasungouroumaispresque

  • This has nothing to do with the travel scale (good for you!) but how on earth do you get your (awesome) hair to stay up like that? It has volume and it’s staying up without any visible pins and without looking drowned in product. How? Please tell us how you style it, pretty please!

  • ShibaGirl February, 19 2016, 11:24

    YES! Great questions. I want to know the same thing.

  • Déjà je pense que tu as bien raison de faire ce que tu as envie ????
    Sinon moi je n’ai pas de balance du tout. Et des fois je dois dire que j’aimerais bien en avoir une. Quand j’en vois chez les autres je résiste à la tentation de monter dessus. J’ai peur que ça me flingue la soirée. J’aime bien vivre dans le flou artistique (pas très flou d’ailleurs vu que je fais du genre xs). Je me dis que c’est la prochaine étape pour la prochaine fois où j’aurais une crise de dymorphophobie (c’est genre se voir énorme alors qu’on est mince). Pour l’instant je me raisonne avec la taille de mes vêtements, mais je sais que cette solution reste à portée de main. Et puis j’ai peut-être peur de devenir accroc au chiffre, alors pour l’instant, pas de balance par ici !

  • I weigh myself everyday too, because I love eating, and if I’m not careful, it’s very easy to put on weight. I find weighing myself everyday is another way of being mindful of what and how much I eat throughout the day and week. I have cheat days where I binge and I have almost no rules for eating on the weekend, but on Monday, I try to reset, make sure I know where my weight is at, and eat accordingly.

    Traveling of course throws everything off, so I think getting a travel scale to stay in check is a great idea. Also, thank you so much for this post. I can really relate. In our body-obsess-weight-conscious society, I agree that it seems crazy and obsessive to weigh yourself everyday, but I think it comes down to having a good relationship with your scale, your body, and your food. In the same breath, if you have issues with self-esteem, body image, and weight, you should work on those underlying issues first before using a scale everyday. Definitely not for everyone.

  • Giiiirl, you’re supposed to weigh yourself when you’re skinny and lovin’ it, not when you think you’re fat and you’re worried. Thrrow that thing away! Who ever heard of a travel scale anyway?

  • Shana you’re sooo right!! I think that’s crazy..in the wrong way!!!!
    Garance t’as pas besoin de ça! 2 kilos pris par ci 2 kilos perdus par là, who cares?!! Au pire soit plus stricte avec l’alimentation, les petits verres et le sport, ça c’est sain!!! Utilises la pr tes bagages, elle sera plus utile :D
    be a cool girl <3

  • J’en dis que j’en rêve aussi! Je viens de commencer un programme de remise en “formes” avec une nutritionniste. J’ai mon programme nutritionnel pour le premier mois et interdiction de monter sur la balance – le fameux jean test sert de repère- mais j’avoue, je n’y arrive pas!
    Je sens que je vais faire comme toi et craquer!!!


  • Lovely article. I always come back from holidays with a few extra kilos too! :)


  • At least also own that “balanced” is just a nice way of saying skinny…

    Enough crankiness! I really loved reading about your engagement, congrats! I’m about to be married myself…would love it if you could write some tips about being a cool wife? Somehow those two labels doesn’t seem to fit :s

  • I don’t think it’s bad to have a travel scale or check your weight at all. I think it’s okay to keep yourself in check. It’s simply an indicator of your health not an end-all-be-all. Listen to your body, check yourself before you wreck yourself, stay balanced (so you don’t go on crazy binges cause hell I know I can’t eat 100% healthy) and you will be fine!


  • Oubliee l’histoire de la balance lorsque j’ai vu la tres jolie bague Eva Fehren au majeur gauche de Garance !!! :-)

  • I love it when a woman owns her sh*t! You’ve inspired me to do the same ????.

  • Melissa Laurel February, 19 2016, 5:42 / Reply

    What I think: 1) More power to you and staying true to what makes the most sense to you. 2) Why the hell haven’t they invented a travel scale that doesn’t weigh so much? Lame. Happy travels!

  • I definitely thought by “travel scale” you meant the thing you use to weigh your suitcase before leaving for the airport to see if you will be charged extra for having it too heavy. oops!

  • That was my first thought–she takes really heavy bags and wants to stay under weight. Never occured to me to weigh yourself while traveling!

  • Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown February, 19 2016, 6:42 / Reply

    I didn’t know travel scales exist! My own one is a cumbersome affair with old batteries or something :) it doesn’t work and I’m not in a rush to get it fixed :) But I can see on my upper arms when I need to put away the bread basket :)

  • Embrace the scale. I used to weigh myself everyday…fell of wagon for 3 years…sad.

  • melissaleehealing February, 19 2016, 7:08 / Reply

    How about when you hit peri-menopause which often starts at around 40, and you gain 10 lbs over night with out having eaten anything different!!!!!!! I gained 25 pounds from the age 39 to 49, the age I am at now, a lot of the weight gain is water retention and bloating, which I never had until peri! I started weighing myself a few years ago and check in weekly.
    The thing that changed my whole weight, which I am now down 15 lbs, is to, eat less and exercise more. I no longer have carbs, maybe a few, such as sweet potatoes. Mainly protein and fresh vege’s and fruit and nut’s that is it, no alcohol and very little dairy. With in a day of this way of eating I no longer had the end of the day bloating and the water retention left, too. I also, have no more cravings, and I did not let go of my caffeine. I also, do Barre class 5 days a week. I love what I look like now and I do not feel deprived. xo Melissa Lee

  • I feel a bit disappointed reading this. Of course a woman who looks as great as you do is careful and watches what she eats and looks after herself. I know that deep down! But you spend a lot of time here convincing us that you are ‘just like us’ and a good healthy role model. This makes me fell less sure of that. Healthy eating is important but slavishly weighing yourself rather then just keeping balanced because it’s good for you to do that – am not so sure. One post I wouldn’t encourage my teenage daughters to read.

  • I agree. This is a little too neurotic. Gain a few pounds. Lose a few pounds. No big deal.

  • mosaic_world February, 19 2016, 7:15 / Reply

    hahaha, like the others, I had no idea that a travel scale even exists!

    usually I lose weight during travel b/c of constant walking but I recently returned from a trip where I didn’t walk as much as usual (I didn’t do as many activities as usual) and I felt like I ate pretty rich foods. but I am making up for it by eating more salads (at least for the first couple days back).

    I understand where stretchy jeans are not a good gauge for weight gain (unless you wash your jeans after each wear).

    typically I do allow myself to eat more of anything I want during travel b/c normally I will walk like 3-5 miles per day just touring wherever I go. but perhaps I should limit that to one meal and one snack where I could eat anything.

    I just wanted to remark that in your recent photos (Garance) that your face seems to be positively glowing. I do not know if it is your relationship (getting engaged) or just a combination of things but you do look especially happy and it suits you.

  • If you feel good about it, why not?

  • I don’t get this at all, I never weigh myself :/

  • C’est vrai que tes cheveux sont superbes sur cette photo!

    Je pensais d’apres le titre que tu parlais d’une balance pour peser les valises!
    Je ne savais pas que les vacances de voyage existaient.
    Moi je prefere comme depuis toujours me mesurer.
    Je mesure mes hanches, ma taille et de cuisse, et je sais ou j’en suis.
    Me peser ca me deboussole, car je pese par exemple beaucoup plus que quand j’avais 20 ans deja.
    Je faisais dans les 54 kg. Maintenant je fais facilement 60.
    J’ai essaye de redescendre a 54 une fois et j’etais toute maigre.

    Alors j’essaie de pas trop obsessionner la dessus

  • Amuse Bouche February, 19 2016, 8:18 / Reply

    Hotels will provide a scale on request.

  • Love the scale idea. I think it’s great. I hate coming back and being nervous about the number on the scale.

    Paula- http://www.livingpaula.com

  • Dear Garance, I am 73 yrs old, 4ft 10inches and can gain wait by looking at food. I’m in the 89-90 lb range and try hard to stay there. This being said, I have been doing all traveling with a scale for the past 15 years of much traveling…often for a month to three months (in France) but on cruises, etc. and road trips. I NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT A SCALE and never come home with more than at least the same and sometimes less weight (because I am busy between meals, and this despite drinking a bit more wine than usual.)

    SMART GIRL!!! Incidentally I love following you thru e-mail and now have you as one of my three favorites on my I-pad desktop.

    Love to meet with you if we both end up in NYC at the same time. Wish I could send you pics of my work….a fairly successful southwest artist (though Goldman Sachs and National Museum of Women do own pieces of my southwest art…)

    Thanks for your wonderful book and for your great ability to laugh at yourself. (And you are gorgeous!)

    C’est moi….Barbara

  • I support it. It’s a shameful secret that I weigh myself everyday. Not only that, I write it down. I can tell you what my weight was and what exercise I did over the last year! So crazy. But it works for me. It keeps me in line. I don’t beat myself up over it. It goes up, it goes down. It’s okay. I try to eat real food and be active every day. Thanks for your blog. I love it.

  • I weigh myself daily. Finally, studies show that that habit helps with weight maintance! (http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2015/06/keeping-track-weight-daily-may-tip-scale-your-favor)

  • You’re NOT crazy. :-) I’ve come to regard my scale not as an enemy, but as an honest friend that provides constructive feedback.

  • Mary Young February, 19 2016, 11:09 / Reply

    When I was a child my grandmother used to have to weigh all of her food because she suffered from extreme diabetes. I remember feeling mixed feelings and seeing the portable scale as such a burden (yet a necessity) in her life. We are so lucky in this day and age to not have to rely on those rudimentary methods to keep our health in check. You are free to live your life anyhow you please but don’t forget how lucky you are that you really don’t need the scale, it’s all in your head.

  • A new study released by Duke University says that daily weigh-ins (by those that do not have eating disorders anyway) is actually very healthy and in the long term prevents the creeping weight gain. I know from my experience, that when I gave up daily weighing, I gained weight. It’s back off again, slowly and healthily…but I do weigh in daily. I also don’t freak out over that number – it’s not my soul; merely a data point.

  • Tape measures are where it’s at for me. I’m not a fan of scales, especially for frequent weighing. Fat weighs a lot less than muscle, and takes up more space, so the scale can be really misleading. Plus, it’s really important to maintain a good waist-to-hip ratio for good health. And, the bonus is that a tape measure is a low-tech, no-battery solution that takes up a lot less space.

  • Alexandra February, 20 2016, 1:18 / Reply

    Bravo !!! Il faut s’écouter … A priori, à moins de souffrir d’une vraie pathologie de masochiste, seule Toi sait ce qui est bon pour Toi. Donc si cette balance etait une nécessité pour toi et bien tu as bien fait de l’acquérir. Et si tu veux te peser tous les jours et bien il faut le faire !!! Y en a marre des Diktats !!!

  • I usually just ask at the front desk of the hotel if they have a scale I can use during my stay. Not everywhere, but most places have had them. Saves some space and weight in the luggage.

  • Totally with you on this one!
    I came back yesterday from a 2 weeks-long trip in Thailand and I’m freaking out: I gained 3 kg.
    Wasn’t I walking all day long? Wasn’t I being careful with portions? Wasn’t I the queen of calories counting?
    Nope. Apparently.
    Now I’m on my couch thinking about the real state of things and making a diet plan for the next month (your post had perfect timing!). Turns out I had a little too many Mai Thai cocktails before (and after…) dinner, splurged on prosecco and desssert on two romantic dinners with the boyfriend… And all that street food, come on, I couldn’t go home without trying a bite of it all, right? And yeh I was walking… But what about those 5 days of beach life on the islands? And the trip/transfer days, with the airport food and the mango and sticky rice for breakfast?
    So I am totally thinking about a travel scale too.
    It’s true you have to enjoy on holidays, but it’s not worth the pain of having to start a strict diet as soon as your back (the pain of being back to cold Belgium is enough on its own, without the slavery of calories counting).
    Enjoying with moderation, gaining 1 kg instead of 3 kg, that would be much better. And a travel scale sounds like the best way to keep it all in balance.
    Good luck on your next trip, and let us know how it works out ;)
    xx Al


  • Alors moi un truc que j ai pique dans les magasines , c’est de se peser des qu on arrive avec la balance qu il y a dans la chambre d’hôtel/d’amis/ bref sur place et de se repeser sur la meme balance au moment du depart.
    Parce que meme si la balance n est pas juste ou pas tres bien regle quoiqu’il arrive 2kg de pris c’est 2kg de pris lol
    Je suis comme toi mon seul controle c’est la balance , j’ai eu une periode obsessionnelle avec ma balance mais maintenant je suis gueris , une fois par semaine ( ok parfois 2 ou 3) mais dans l’ensemble ca va ;)
    Btw si ca te fais te sentir bien c’est que tu n ‘es pas si folle que ca puisque ca tu fais ce qu il faut pour rester equilibre donc ok pour la balance de voyage ! :)

  • well, actually I don’t know what to say :D .

    But if you’re happy with it it’s okay :)

    Glam Observer

  • là tu m’inquiètes …on s’en balance de la balance ! bon ok de temps en temps, mais ça …

  • I never use scales… But I confess I have a tape measure that will not only let me know if I gained volume but should also fit easily into any suitcase… I don’t take it on travels though, but maybe the easier option? ;)

  • Je suis exactement comme toi ! J’aime me peser tous les matins, sans que se soit obsessionnel, c’est une habitude qui me permet de savoir où j’en suis. Cette balance de voyage est une super idée et je te soutiens à 200% ! :)

  • We call it the sad step here in the UK! But if it works it works. I just got back from a month in LA (I saw you on Venice pier!) and am 7 or 8 pounds heavier! Thankfully have lost about 5 already and am on a mission til the rest go. Yes, travelling makes it impossible to keep on top of things so if it works for you it’s all good!

  • Oui, il est important de trouver les moyens d’être équilibré sans être soumis au jugement des autres. En même temps, je pense qu’il aussi nécessaire de comprendre pourquoi les variations de poids peuvent générer de l’angoisse et l’envie de maigrir si notre santé n’est pas mise en danger. Un ou deux kilos supplémentaires est-ce réellement un problème? Pendant des vacances, notre activité physique peut se trouver au niveau 0 et coupler à de bons repas on prend logiquement du poids. Le retour de vacances et la reprise de sa vie régule son poids et nous perdons naturellement l’excès.
    La pression subit par les femmes sur leur image est effarante et ancrée si profondément dans notre inconscient qu’elle peut gâcher insidieusement des moments qui ne devraient que concentrer sur le bien être.

  • Claere Kay February, 20 2016, 5:29 / Reply

    omg omg omg thank you. Exactly-and I am 57 years old and a nice size and that is how I do it. And then I go on holidays and oh no it’s hopeless. I have googled travel scales before and my husband just falls off the couch laughing and so FINALLY YOU CAN GET THEM. So, I have just ordered. And I don’t think it’s actually uncool because I think it’s very important that these days with obesity such a problem that those of us who have tricks at least don’t pretend that it comes easily but actually talk about how weird we are (which I do).

  • I adore you and everything you write about feels so relatable – so thank you! I call myself crazy all the time, and I like how you say you are “owning” it because I recently decided to own a lot of my emotional characteristics that I previously wanted to hide. I don’t like, however, that women are always called “crazy” by others, just because they don’t fit some emotional or behavioral norm or “correctness” … I think you should change your title and your mindset – you are incredible, do not have a psychiatric disorder, so you are not crazy. Xo

  • Okay – I understand preferring to stay at your preferred size. You like how your clothes look etc. But using a scales for that? Really? I find it a totally inaccurate reflection of my weight – I fluctuate easily by 7lbs/3kg depending on morning/night/water/weather! So I trust other things to tell me (waistband, waist wobble, hips). Also, fluctuations are normal – kinder to be kinder to yourself and not freak out too much.

  • Laurie Fryklund February, 20 2016, 9:10 / Reply

    I agree. The jeans test doesn’t work for me either, so checking in on the scale daily helps! I’ve found the older I get, the weight adds up much faster and takes longer to shed. Travel scale is a great idea!

  • Alana Veira February, 20 2016, 9:44 / Reply

    I don’t weigh myself it would depress me. I know i would be way to focused on the number. When I’m traveling I work out even its just running on the treadmill at least l’m getting some kind of exercise.

  • Oh stop – just stop.

  • Ahah au début je pensais que tu parlais de balance pour les bagages…
    Je n’ai jamais eu de balance alors une de voyage… Mais chacun ses besoins et petites obsessions.
    En parlant de cool tu avais annoncé il y a quelques mois que tu parlerais de la “tyrannie du cool”, j’attends ce post avec impatience ! : )
    Et très jolies ta nouvelles bague !! Comme la photo en général, tu es resplendissante.

  • Moi je ne trouve pas ça très utile parce que le poids qu’on prend pendant les périodes de restos et écarts important c’est surtout de la rétention d’eau. A la limite le plus précis serait de compter les calories, mais je ne ferais pas ça non plus ^^ Et j’aurais horreur de m’alourdir d’un nouvel objet. Mais si ça te plaît, c’est cool ! :)

  • I don’t travel much. :)

    I do own the scales at home. But I know my weight change by clothes. The jeans are stretchy, but I still know when I put on weight.

    I have to admit that my weight fluctuates a lot and has so over years. I guess I’m too weak to keep my good weight.
    And you’re right – the pounds come soooo quickly!


  • Euh moi ça fait juste 4 ans que j ai une balance de voyage que j ai trouvé aux galeries lafayette maison…. Impossible pour moi de faire sans. Les avis des uns et des autres je m en contre fiche… Ça fait rire mon amoureux et maintenant c est lui qui met ma balance dans ma valise ou sac de week end !j’assume complètement ma dépendance… J ai même traîné une année mon mec dans un jvc à NY parce que j avais pas de balance de voyage à l époque ouais la meuf folle dingo

    Te voilà rassuré Garance non tu n es pas folle! Ou du moins tu n es pas la seule


  • Yep I’m with you, I check my weight weekly and make adjustments to my lifestyle as needed and it helps me too to stay in tune with myself. It helps me never to gain too much weight without taking some immediate action. Frustratingly so, I find it’s easier to gain weight and harder to loose it the older you get…

  • I weigh myself every day and it’s always been so much easier for me to maintain my weight that way. I also know I gain a few pounds right before my period so I don’t feel strange about it. I have a nice 5 pound wiggle area that I don’t go under or over.

  • Moi c’est plutôt un hamac, que j’emporterais…

  • Charlotte February, 20 2016, 3:07 / Reply

    I know the feeling but it’s because you have hit 40. It’s so hard to keep the weight down when middle age hits.

  • I measure instead more accurate, I think at least. Muscle weigh more but takes less space.
    Tape measure is also good when traveling.

  • Forget the scale, enjoy your vacations and travel time. When on home turf …spin, yoga and a healthy diet will keep you in shape.
    If you spin a few mornings a week before work, have a protien shake after you will look & feel great, and it’s all over with you can enjoy your day and evenings as guy please.

  • Agreed!

    If I must do any measurement, it’ll be occasionally- and with a tape measure (only because I’m buying a second hand item from Etsy that requires me to compare measurements with the item’s dimensions.

    Stopped weighing when I noticed after ten years of not doing so, that my weight had climbed from 42kg to my present 48kg. And my waist had gone from 26 inches, to 27 inches. Weight is a very unreliable measurement for me. Inches are.

    I’ve also accepted that possible peri-menopause at 47 years old mean that my body has changed its shape. I have more curve to my hips than I did even after I delivered my son. However, my limbs also look a lot more on proportion to my general frame- and my body and core strength have just soared.

    It’s not scales – or even body shape, but physical stamina and emotional wellbeing – that are most important to me now. And that should I really be the yardstick for each of us. Everyone has a conpletely different body-shape as a result of their various body types. I’ve been tall, slim girls who pass out with very little physical effort and who move awkwardly.

    And I’ve seen stocky, well-built- and not what the fashion world considers “the right shape” – individuals, who have incredible strength, stamina and grace when they move. I think it’s these qualities we need to focus on when we talk about “health”.

  • I have never heard of a ‘travel scale’ so it seems in keeping with having been to Lala-land. You seem to be making quite a few changes all of a sudden, thinking about moving to LA, growing out your hair because someone wants you to, buying and travelling with a weight scale – keeps me wondering what’s next.

  • I forgot to add, due to my size increase, I’ve had to replace every single one of my favourite old jeans, pants and skirts with a whole new set of jeans, pants and skirts (but not tops, since I’ve always worn very loose, unstructured and oversized tops and jackets) every few years when things get too tight. That isn’t the part that worries me- it’s the part where my knees and back start to hurt when I do my my usual activities: that’s the sign that I’ve put on too much weight for my joints to handle, or I need to look at my joint health.

  • I absolutely love this! I’m just like you: I want to know my weight. When I stopped and went on this crazy fitness routine with added protein I actually gained 10kg. And no, it wasn’t all muscle. Now I’m backdoing my dance routine and pilates, eating like I used to…and using the scale. I’m feeling better that ever. So yes, I will definately get one for myself as well! I tend to gain extra on trips and it’s always harder to get rid of it after rather than making better choices on the go.

  • de plus en plus belle!!

  • The food stops when the jeans don’t fit. I drink nothing but water…and yes…I can be very boring…but, it’s crucial to keeping the pounds off. I only eat food that is truly, truly worth it. It has to be something special or I don’t bother. My mother never made me clean my plate and I’m convinced that’s why I can push away a plate of mediocre food…without a second thought. Watching my mother diet and go through “be happy-be miserable” cycles…made me swear I would never live that way.

  • not sure about the scale bit. It is obsessive and that is never good.

  • You have change so much of late and we are getting to know most likely the real G( good thing) midlife crisis? Wait until you have a baby and all that will change again. You will worry about getting a few nights sleep and forget the scale!!!!

  • Chacun doit faire ce qui lui plaît!J’admets que la balance, ce n’est pas ma tasse de thé. Je me pèse 2 ou 3 fois par an pour m’assurer où j’en suis, mais globalement je suis consciente que mon poids varie +/- 2 kg dans l’année selon les saisons ou les événements, mais sincèrement, ça ne change pas grand chose à ma silhouette globalement. Je sens être un peu « chargée », alors pendant quelques jours j’allège mes menus, et tout rentre dans l’ordre. On ne prend jamais 5kg d’un coup, donc il n’y a pas de quoi faire une salade :). Lol. D’autre part, mon mari qui fait beaucoup de sport est fana de sa balance (qui calcule en plus le pourcentage de la masse graisseuse, des muscles et tout le tra la la). Il se pèse absolument tous les jours, et a horreur des balances des autres, car il ne sait jamais où il en est (le poids n’est jamais le même), du coup je comprends que tu as envie d’avoir ta balance sur toi. Bref, bien sûr, j’ai envie de te dire « mais arrêêête tu es parfaite, il ne faut pas faire ça », mais si un geste qui dure 10 secondes dans une journée te rassure pour la journée, pourquoi s’en priver :)?

  • Je suis une fille balance depuis tjr, malgré ce ne soit pas bon, etc…etc… J’ai ma Tanita Micro de voyage et j’en suis hyper contente.
    Je ne sais me mettre au régime pour plus de 2 jours, je n’ai pas le gène régime du tout ; je surveille donc mon poids à 1-2 kg près car je sais que je peux gérer (2 jours un peu plus stricts suivi de 5 jours « sains »).
    J’aime manger, j’aime beaucoup manger ! donc la balance me sert pour maintenir un bon équilibre entre ma passion et ma silhouette (surtout en vacances quand les repas sont tous au resto)
    Puis, je me dis que malgré tout, cela ne concerne que moi, je le fais dans mon privé ; si je me sens bien pourquoi m’en priver ?

  • Zaza von Geneva February, 22 2016, 8:37 / Reply

    Ben moi j’en pense que j’aimerais bien avoir tes “deux, trois kilos en plus”… parce que franchement, ça, c’est pas la mer à boire !! oui oui, je sais, on est toutes différentes question gestion du poids, mais ça m’orripile considérablement d’entendre des filles qui n’on ABSOLUMENT aucun problème de poids et qui s’en inventent, surtout devant moi qui suis en surpoids (je frise les 100kg; la dernière fois que j’ai été pesée, c’était ce printemps lors d’un séjour à l’hôpital où j’étais pesée tous les jours et c’est là que je me suis rendue compte que je venais de franchir allégrement la barre des 3 chiffres. Entretemps, je pense que j’ai dû un peu redescendre.)

    Bref, tu fais ce que tu veux de ta vie, mais ces posts sur les histoires de poids, de peséees, etc. qui reviennent assez régulièrement, ça me gonfle prodigieusement. Oui, je sais qu’on est sur un site de nanas et que c’est une préoccupation typiquement féminine, mais ça me gonfle quand même, et je pense qu’il y a d’autres sujets de discussions, non?

  • i miss your illustrations! <3

  • Lovely article! I didn´t even know that such a thing existed, but I think it´s amazing and I have to buy one for myself. I know the problem of getting on travel and overeating without recognizing and after being at home again I am so shocked about the weight. So I love the idea!

  • Coucou Garance, je pense que sur ce coup là tu nous perds un peu…enfin là, en tout cas, tu me perds. Cet achat, lié à ton mode de vie super motivant, de plus en plus rythmé, de plus en plus contraint, de plus en plus en mouvement, je trouve qu’il exprime que tu t’éloignes un peu de la vie “normale” de tes lectrices… Alors que tes interrogations plus terre-à-terre, tes petites folies rigolotes, ta spontanéité, ta simplicité habituelle, me manquent un peu ces derniers temps ! Mais je suis sûre que tout cela va revenir… N’oublie pas qu’on te lit comme tu es, pas comme tu crois qu’on voit que tu sois… Bises ! Une lectrice toujours assidue :-)

  • Je comprends ton envie de prendre une balance avec toi vu que tu voyage tellement souvent. Pour la plupart des gens qui prennent des vacances 1 ou 2 fois par an, je ne verrais pas l’utilité.
    En tout cas ce pull rose te va a merveille, ça te donne vraiment bonne mine :)

  • The most important thing is that it makes YOU happy :)
    Take Care

  • Garance, you’re not crazy, just typical. Most of us (Americans anyway) think about and try to lose weight at some point. It’s a very boring subject. You don’t need our approval. I used to read your blog to see fashion insiders, new clothes, and interesting ways to style them and it’s taking a direction that is getting a little….common? I like you and I used to really like your blog but I feel that over the past year or more, it’s seems like many of the posts ( I realize that you have a team of writers now) are space-fillers. And I’m not trying to be hurtful, just giving some honest feedback as a long time reader. I do like reading about your engagement and fiancé..that is pretty interesting.

  • As some other readers said – you do you. However, you do seem a bit all over the place lately, overwhelmed with new chapters in your life? So much insecurity about physical appearrance, age, societal norms, prescribed gender roles…I don’t like it.

  • I’m glad you wrote this post, because it (and the comments) helped me to articulate something I’ve been noticing for a while: body-positivity has made it really hard to talk about maintaining/losing weight. I think our culture (in America, that is) has gone so far towards body-acceptance that admitting that you watch your weight is some kind of taboo. You can tell everyone you do Soulcycle and drink green juice, and that’s fine because it’s “trendy health,” but something as simple as weighing yourself now seems to have a negative connotation.

    A lot of these comments are really negative, and are chastising Garance for weighing herself. But why should that be a bad thing? Why is taking measures to make sure you maintain a healthy weight negative?

    I just think we’ve reached a point where basic, tried-and-true, non-“trendy” methods of weight maintenance have this weird, eating-disorder-y connotation, and people are quick to say, “Don’t weigh yourself! Eat whatever size portions you want!” People want to encourage others to love their bodies at any size, which is good, but that includes loving yourself at the size you choose for yourself. Garance is obviously healthy, and if she feels good at a certain weight, there is nothing wrong with her making an effort to stay in that weight range.

    Not sure if I’m saying this the way I want to, but it’s something I have been noticing a lot in the media/health articles lately. I think that some of the simpler weight-maintenance methods–like regular weigh-ins–can be very effective (I know this holds true for me!).

  • Here here, Eliza! So on point, thank you. How daring of G to adopt an attitude of rational awareness and non-denial rather than misleading (and much more costly) race after newest juicing or whichever fitness and healthy fad on trend…

  • vivement le téléphone ” qui te pèse” …

  • Tout d’abord, je ne savais même pas que ça existait! C’est dingue, je vais aller de ce pas voir à quoi ça peut ressembler. Ensuite, c’est très drôle parce que je termine juste le passage sur le poids de Garance dans son livre et je le trouvais mega sain… Maintenant je sais qu’on peut être sain et obsessionnel ahahah
    merci Garance, encore une fois.

  • I’m so over people telling other people they shouldn’t weigh themselves, or they shouldn’t do it too often, or at this or that time of the week, month, year……
    I am 43 and have been weighing myself almost every day for the last ten-ish years, and its been nothing but positive for me. I’m not afraid of going up a few pounds, and I don’t torture or starve myself when I put on a few pounds. I do however love checking in with my weight in the morning – its part of my ritual of checking in with myself, and it is a reminder to me to take care of my body during the day. When I do overindulge for a week (or weeks over the holidays), and it shows on the scale, I feel calmer and more in control of my health when I’m staring that reality head on rather than avoiding it. Weighing myself every day, far from making me fearful of gaining a few pounds, has made me very aware of what my normal monthly fluctuations are, and has made me confident that I can healthily lose any weight I put on.
    No, people should not be defined by any number on any scale. Yes, without a doubt women are under too much pressure to be thin. No, thinness should not be equated with attractiveness. But with all that being said, weight is a component of health. I want to be healthy so I eat a lot of greens, I drink a lot of water, I exercise, I do yoga, I try to balance work and play with friends, I read and laugh, and I weigh myself. The scale is just one piece of my health puzzle, and I think of it as a really helpful tool. To swear off scales is not to deny their power – it is to reinforce it.

  • Well said! Exactly my thoughts–I tried to articulate them in a previous comment but I think you said it a lot better haha.

  • Ohhh! I never thought to ask the hotel to bring a scale to my room! Glad I read that hint in the comments here!

  • Surprisingly I think it makes sense. You work in an industry that requires you to be relatively thin and you travel a lot. American women especially, myself included, are very good at fooling themselves about what they’re eating or how their clothes are fitting. A scale is reasonable. I think I’ll get mine out even though I’m 34 weeks pregnant!

  • Oh Garance, please tell me where that beautiful sweater is from? :)

  • Absurd , it is so much better to travel light….adding a scale ???? When you travel , the flights, change of eating habits… you always gain some weight, which mostly is water retention! So once back home, don’t jump on your scale and give yourself a few days..anyhow you feel it . You can also buy a 100% cotton jean like APC, and you definitely feel the difference. Another point is when you have time to exercise more or swim , you gain muscle weight , but your body is in much better shape! Obsessive attitude makes it even worst, free yourself from it….????

  • Ai toujours emporté ma balance en vacances lors de régime strict et c’est super , pas de dérapage ! Ne plus l’emporter m’a valu de la prise de poids sérieuse ! Comme quoi , il faut bien un moyen de se surveiller un peu…..

  • Tushita Patel March, 7 2016, 4:05 / Reply

    You should try the Muji Travel scale. It’s minuscule

  • Hi garance, in addition to my earlier comment, although I find it weird to actively watch your weight to such a degree to require a travel scales – the difference between you and I is that I don’t have a blog and no-one is looking at me for style information, we live very different lives :)

  • Ana Leonor April, 18 2016, 8:37 / Reply

    Oh Garance I totally agree with you. I don’t travel very often but one of my morning routines is weighting myself. every. single.day. Just to make sure I’m on track. It is not obsessive but makes me feel I’m in controll. Totally up for this!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! I’m gonna get one of those myself!

  • Lindsey Renee Grace March, 26 2018, 2:03 / Reply

    Good for you, Garance! I sympathize with how you feel about stepping on a scale. It is incredibly helpful!

    My weight fluctuates a lot (as in I’ve bounced between 175 – 245 lbs over the last 8 years). Every time I’ve gained significant amounts of weight back, it has been when I haven’t stepped on a scale everyday.

    Weighing myself daily isn’t a great motivator when I want to lose significant amounts of weight (that requires a lot more planning and pep talking) BUT it always helps me to maintain my weight.

    As long as you don’t shame yourself over the numbers that you see on the scale, stepping on a scale everyday can be a very helpful tool to keep yourself in balance.

    I am glad you are embracing what works for you.

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