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Eyes are so fragile! It feels like, if I don’t really take care of them, I pay for it with serious redness, bags, puffiness, and all of those lovely things.

So, it’s important to take care of them. (Especially in a world where we’re constantly staring at screens!) I wear glasses and have really dark, hereditary bags (thanks, dad!), so I really think about eye care – and follow a few simple rules…

This is a two tier system: face cream with SPF in the morning and anti-puffiness eye cream overnight. Right now, with spring here, it’s when your skin is most vulnerable to sun damage – so it needs protection during the day. I’ve been using this great, lightweight face moisturizer from Nivea. Lately, I’ve been wearing a Lancôme Génefique anti-wrinkle and anti-puffiness eye cream overnight and it works. 

When you apply cream to the eye, you want to really coat the area under the eye and on the outer corners, but make sure you avoid the actual eye!! (That will really have the reverse effect.) For the overnight cream, I apply most generously to the corners, extending about half an inch out from the eye – I love how it’s cooling on my eyes after a long day.

From the screen. Or screens, multiple. I spend my days going from computer to phone, to TV to movie screen, to… For I don’t know how many hours, but it’s a lot. It’s affecting our sight and makes our eyes bloodshot, so experts recommend taking a couple of minutes away from the screen at least every twenty minutes. (And no, closing Instagram and opening Snapchat doesn’t count as “looking away”.)

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s worth noting. You’ll damage your vision and squinting creates lines. Crazy fact: Isaac Newton looked at the sun with only one eye until he lost the color vision on that side. Moral of the story: don’t look.

Ok, this is the only time you can look at the sun (if your glasses have UV protection). It also helps to shield the area very close to your eye, so delays lines. They also hide sleepy or puffy eyes.

Yep, you need to let those peepers rest. Sleep will diminish puffiness, bags and redness. (Concealer also helps!) But, be careful because oversleeping causes the same effects. Try for an even eight hours when you can. I have a crazy sleep routine, where I spray lavender scent on my pillow and wear an eye mask. My boyfriend is not a fan (the mask looks kind of creepy), but it helps!! You’re meant to sleep face up and never move, but I face dive into my pillow every night… and I think it might be too late to change my sleeping routine to avoid a few wrinkles – it’s too comfy!

Having a balanced lifestyle and diet helps with clarity of eyes (make the white area more white), delays lines, improves vision and gives you a better outlook on life! It’s really your typical “power foods” that do the most. Fish and seafood are good for sight and delay any macular degeneration, kale and spinach stem the development of cataracts, eggs help with eye dryness, nuts boost general eye health, and, yes, carrots really do help your night vision.

There are so many things you can do… I use ice cubes sometimes when I’m desperate, or if I’ve been crying and the puffiness and redness is really bad – but your face freezes! A damp face towel over closed eyes is also soothing. I haven’t tried cucumbers or cold tea bags, but I hear they work… Along with a million other ideas that are out there, but not sure if all – or any of them – are effective…

Do you have special tips for taking care of your eyes? I want to hear them!

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  • Love these tips! Eyes are a really fragile and sensitive area. I have bags under my eyes and the best remedy is a pair of cold slices of cucumbers. It really works!

  • Thanks for these tips!
    XOX, Gap.

  • “The Eyes are the window to your soul”? William Shakespeare
    ….. a look/un regard can tell everything!!!
    Yael Guetta

  • I started using Chanel eyecream this year, but have been putting it on in the morning, I’ll try overnight!

    Warm Regards,

  • I think all girls should read this. I know there is that ‘hipster trend’ of wearing glasses but eye sight is so important, you can’t fix it like you can a broken arm.

  • Oh dear, the eyes, mine are a drama. I’m very allergic to a lot of things and also cosmetics and even my own tears and I have extreme hay fever. I can use some eye pencil and mascara every once and a while but I have been using it les and les. Crying makes me look like I have been in a boxing ring without the black but with the extreme puffiness. It gives me bad sight and a feeling like they have thrown a lot of sand and dust in for about 3 days. I can’t use any eye cream or serum, not only my skin bursts open but also my eyeball gets red and irritated and even inflamed. The only thing I use in and around my eyes are medicines if needed. And my sunglasses, I really really really can’t miss my sunglasses. I’m also very sensitive for bright light. What I do forget is that I could use a thee bag of camomile to soothe my eyes. So thank you for letting me remember, hope I didn’t become allergic to that too! And then, let’s not talk about bad eyesight! I’m lucky I still can wear lenses. ;-D

  • Ma recette miracle : un étui à lentilles de contact, rempli d’eau de bleuet/eau de rose/eau minérale, toujours prêt dans le congélateur. Le matin, après le rituel du petit déj, sortir cet étui, le laisser 1 ou 2 minutes à température ambiante. Démouler les deux petits glaçons et les poser chacun sur un morceau de tissu très fin, voile de coton par exemple, gaze…L’idée est d’emprisonner chaque glaçon dans son tissu et de tamponner les paupières inférieures et supérieures, jusqu’à fonte complète des glaçons. La quantité est exactement celle qui convient. Cela prend environ 10 minutes et l’effet est génial, on a l’impression de voir mieux et plus grand. Et cela dégonfle les cernes.

  • Arianne April, 2 2015, 5:03

    Merci pour cette astuce!!

  • Oui, merci aussi! Génial comme astuce! Je vais essayer dès demain, je viens de récupérer à ma pharmacie 2 étuis à lentilles pour faire ça.

  • eyes are so gentle and sensitive. It’s so important to take care of them!


  • I use this great app called Flux https://justgetflux.com/ — that makes your screen less blue + bright depending on the time of night. Its great for when you have to work at night / closer to bed time. Less strain on your eyes = better eyes = better sleep = better eyes

  • Avec tout ça, nous devrions y voir plus clair!;)

  • Je suis déjà quelques-unes des recommandations (alimentation, de la crème quand j’y pense et les lunettes de soleil), mais en ce qui concerne les 8 heures de repos c’est mission impossible avec les enfants et le travail.
    Mais en tout cas merci pour les conseils

  • Je suis preneuse de la vaporisation de lavande sur l’oreiller avant de dormir, je trouve que c’est une super idée, très naturelle, et en plus ça sent bon :) Merci :)



  • Mathilde April, 2 2015, 12:43 / Reply

    Great article! Not enough people talk about the fact that taking care of your eyes is super important!
    After a long day in front of the computer screen or when my eyes are irritated I use camomile tea on cotton pads and let it on my eyes for 2 or 3 minutes: an Italian grandmother’s recipe that works wonders :)

  • Jane with the noisy terrier April, 2 2015, 1:26 / Reply

    Your eyes use up about 25% of your energy, so when you’re eyes feel weary, you’ll feel more tired as well. Always use your ring finger when applying serums (Trish McEvoy has two new eye products that I’m addicted to), creams or concealer and pat, don’t pull. If you’re doing a detoxing facial massage, work from the outside of your eyes into your nose, rather than the other way around. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the Save My Face pillow really works if you like to sleep on your side or even on your stomach as it supports the edges of your face without allowing your eyes or your cheeks to sink into your pillow. So your expensive night cream stays on you, not your pillowcase! As for sleeping masks, Flight 001 makes a great molded foam one that allows your eyelids to blink – and again, keeps your eye cream on your eyes! Here’s winking at you, cutiepie!

  • HI Jane and your terrier,
    I love your advice but have a question, since you sound knowledgeable on this: I thought in facial massage the idea is to move fluids away, not toward the center of your face ( draining your sinuses) but you recommend the opposite. Why is this?

  • Jane with the noisy terrier April, 3 2015, 9:14

    Hi Tera! I thought so as well until I saw a Lisa Eldridge video recently (https://youtu.be/CdkgqXBXprY) and she said to go from the outside in for drainage by your lymph glands near your nose. Lisa’s videos are brilliant, by the way! Mary Greenwell also recommends massaging from the outside in so you don’t pull the skin. I worship these two makeup artists so I tend to follow their advice like gospel!

  • Great tips!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • cold teabags relax your eyes. and cucumber slices.

  • These are awesome tips! I always remember to put SPF on my face to prevent all the signs of aging later. Love putting on night cream on my eyes too.

  • L’article tombe à point pour moi: je viens de me faire opérer de ma myopie et j’ai très envie de prendre soinde mes nouveaux yeux!!

  • These are great tips that are easy to forget! I wear my sunglasses all the time. Need to eat more greens I guess


  • is the Nivea face moisturizer sold in the US now? I used it religiously when I lived in France and haven’t been able to find it here :(

  • I think you covered it all. I use a gel eye mask at night. It’s so refreshing once you put it on after leaving it in the fridge for an hour or so.


  • Very wonderful, i really like this face, so beautiful :)

  • Bernadette April, 4 2015, 7:41 / Reply

    Your tips are great (they always are), but you should also mention getting your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist from time to time.
    I alwayas forgot it or had something else to do or didn’t care or whatnot, but when I went to have my eye exam it turned out that my Glaucoma was already pretty bad. That means my field of vision has considerably narrowed. The bad thing is you don’t really realize it (it does’t hurt) until it’s gone too far.
    Cheers, Bernadette

  • Very wonderful, it’s really like this face, so beautiful :)

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