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Stand Up!

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Stand Up!

… Because they say sitting is the new smoking. No joke.
Has anyone else been hearing about this??

They’re saying our sedentary way of life is affecting us, and our health, so much more than we thought, and it’s had me concerned and curious. So, of course I looked into it.

I don’t want to ring any alarm bells (but I will), or make anyone afraid of sitting down (that’s me right now)(gah)… But basically studies are saying that sitting at work, in the car… just constantly being in that same position increases our risk of disease or health conditions in a way medical science is only just beginning to understand.

My boyfriend actually invested in a standing desk a couple of years ago and swears by it, and I’m seeing this as a more common thing over time. What do you think of it all? Anyone a convert to a life of standing up?


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  • Yes, I have heard this too. Whatever the science, I know I always feel better if I move around and vary positions during the working day.

  • I don’t know. I think of the key issue being movement, or lack thereof. I’m not keen on the idea of standing desks because of the pressure it can put on legs, particularly the veins. I’ve had several friends who worked in jobs where they had to stand all the time and ended up really bad varicose veins at a young age. Standing is better than sitting, but movement, even just walking regularly, is best of all.

  • You are correct. The research shows that it is the pushing against gravity that gives you health benefits, not just standing. Just standing is as bad as just sitting. It’s the up and down that does it. Once or twice an hour minimum. Just stand up and sit down or if you are standing, sit down and stand up. As you said, walking around for 5 minutes every hour is even better.

  • I don’t know if I can link here, but please type “Exercise to improve hunchback posture forward head carriage correction” into YouTube to discover the BEST exercises for posture. I’m 52 and have always had the worst posture. To the point where I would walk by a mirror and notice how slumped over I was, and it was embarrassing! After just ONE session doing this very simple series of 3 exercises, my posture has improved dramatically. I urge you try it!

  • Thank you, THERESA, I just went to youtube to watch the video and will start to do it on a regular base now!

    Actually I have asked for a standing table to put my laptop on in the company end of December as I know from experiences that I work much smoother/faster/”easier” when I am standing (due to whatever reason). I don’t want to stand at the table all the time, but every now and then during the day – the switch makes it!

    Thank you NEADA and THERESA for bringing it up! All the best, kind regards, Daniela

  • Try sitting on this inflatable round pillow, it makes your lower spine work while you sit. I have it at work on my chair and it makes a big difference.

  • Mon beau-père travaille debout depuis 40 ans ! Même pas sur un bureau mais sur un piano à queue qu’il recouvre de tous ses papiers :-)

  • That’s a fact, and I have already experience myself how destroying it can be (!). It’s a paradox, you sit and do nothing, but you hurt your body at the same time! Isn’t it?But there is a remedy. Move, just get up and move, make physical activity your routine, your second skin, make it a part of your life. And no sitting virus will affect you.

  • I recently read an article titled “X Things to Give Up in the New Year”. Standing desks was one of the items. It mentioned that the key is not just to stand at your desk – the key is movement. So rather than calling the other side of the office, get up and walk to the person (plus you’ll get face to face contact!). Instead of ordering in, place your order for pick up and take a walk to the restaurant (bonus points for getting fresh air, sunlight, etc etc).

    You get the deal…


  • I used to get horrible lower back pain from sitting all day (even sitting with proper posture), so I set up a sit/stand workstation, and now make use of both positions throughout the day, in about equal measure, during solo work. I step it up even further during my 1-5 hours of phone meetings each day, when I pace, stretch, and bounce/do squats on a Bosu in my office (I have a headset versus a handheld phone, so I have room to move about). The back pain is no longer an issue, and I don’t get as severe of a post-lunch energy slump as I used to. I started this about five years ago, and haven’t found any drawbacks/new pains in that time, but I’m sure it’s different for different bodies!

  • I just bought a standing desk – at Ikea of all places. So happy they’ve made a reasonably priced one. [there is one model that’s electric $$ and one that you hand crank $] I got the hand crank version, might as well get an arm workout while I’m at it!

  • Melissa laurel January, 13 2016, 12:25 / Reply

    I’m a cook so I move all the time, but what I wish someone would’ve warned me about is crossing my legs while sitting. At 47 I have almost perfectly round, bruise-like spider veins in the exact spots where my legs have crossed all of my life. Not pretty.

  • Charikleia January, 13 2016, 3:40 / Reply

    My oh my, this is a very serious issue and affects most of us! What I try to do is take a stroll every 50 mins in order to keep blood circulation in normal levels. I would never however be able to work in a standing position. Never tried it but the thought of it makes my heels ache…

    P.S. You pick out great topics Neada!!!

  • I think that it’s sad that most jobs nowadays involve so much sitting. I think our body was not meant for this.
    And going to the gym after work does actually not make up for the whole day of sitting.
    I try to walk as much as possible.


  • I now have a standing desk with a tall chair for periods of rest. It’s wonderful! I also find myself stretching more since I am standing. Stretching my shoulders and upper back, dipping down into a lunge as well as just moving my feet more. Stand up everybody : )

  • JustAGirl January, 13 2016, 2:40 / Reply

    My husband has back issues so we got him a standing desk. Just from standing all day, he lost 10 pounds. The first few weeks were hard as his body had to adjust to using new muscles but now he loves it. The key is to get a mat for under your feet.

  • I have had a desk that moves up or down for 5+ years and I love it!

  • I was a teacher for years–and then, a year and a half ago, switched over to the admin side of the school. This means I am either at my desk or in meetings, sitting, sitting, sitting, way too much. I appreciate how being in the classroom I was almost always standing. I look for reasons to walk around campus, help with playground supervision, etc. but it is not enough. This reminds me that I have been meaning to look into a standing desk. At least I run, hike or bike nearly every day but there’s still way too much of the day in a chair.

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