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Crissy & Kimmy

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The thought of having a twin has always intrigued me.

Would it be “The Parent Trap” come true? Maybe we would swap identities and have crazy adventures?! It could be amazing, to have someone so in tune with you. Or it could be a daunting thing, to have a mirror to yourself — and learn to be so completely accepting of who you are?! Ok, end rant.

I had friends growing up who are twins. They went through all of the hormonal phases we all did, but times ten. They were constantly striving for individuality against one another. They got crazy haircuts, tattoos, hated each other’s favorite things. But, in the end, the more they accepted their similarities, the more they seemed to become their own selves.
Life is weird like that.

Anyway, I thought of them when G first mentioned Crissy and Kimmy, who are great moms and inspiring yogis (I love love yoga) — and twins, split from the same egg ;) Finally, a chance to look a little closer at what it’s like to not only be a twin but to share such a strong passion. And maintain that from other sides of the country…


cristen kimberley chin twins nigel barker yoga fitness twins garance dore photos

Having an identical twin both magnifies your similarities and polarizes your differences. It’s empowering and humbling to have someone who looks exactly like you.

“We have always had each other. Having an identical twin both magnifies your similarities and polarizes your differences. It’s empowering and humbling to have someone who looks exactly like you. As young adults, we learned the hard way to stand strong on our own and do our best to develop our own unique individuality, but we always feel more brave as a team. Our individual strengths fill in for the other’s weaknesses.

We both studied ballet as children, then we began practicing Yoga while in college, fell in love with it, and have been doing it ever since. Going to classes became a special time we shared as sisters. We then both started families and moved to different cities; Crissy in New York and Kimmy in coastal Alabama.

Nigel, Crissy’s husband, is a photographer and took some photos of us doing yoga once when our families were together. He suggested we start an Instagram account, which is really more of a dialogue between the two of us — something we can share even though we live apart.

We really try to support each other in daily struggles. Being a mom, caring for our families. We’re also friends. So what we take from the yoga we practice is a reminder for each other to breathe. Yoga helps us, physically and mentally, to be flexible to the world around us. You don’t necessarily need a twin to feel that sacred bond, love is the connection holding us all together.”

You don’t necessarily need a twin to feel that sacred bond, love is the connection holding us all together.

cristen kimberley chin twins nigel barker yoga fitness twins garance dore photos


It is very easy to get caught up in your image when posting it out to the digital world. Especially when you are twisted into a crazy yoga pose.


What’s the funniest memory you have of each other growing up?
We have two distinctive beauty marks on our faces that everyone used to tell us apart. When we were three years old my father covered them both with concealer and then drew on new beauty marks on us, switching them. He set us loose on our poor grandparents who spent hours calling us by the wrong name. We all laughed our heads off when my father revealed his trick!!

Have you ever seen the competitive side come out against one another, even when you were younger?
We have competed in sports, but always played on the same team. We did castings together as models and both were up of the same jobs on a constant basis. We never got upset or competitive with each other. I’m sure there were times when we were disappointed that one was picked over the other, but we never took that out on each other.

As models, what was it like being twins and dealing with an industry that was so image-focused?
It was very humbling to have someone who looked exactly like you in an image based industry. It made us more down to earth and not to take rejection so personally as it did with the other girls. When you share your image with someone, your can’t define yourself by it.

Do you ever feel that image pressure now, maybe through your Instagram and trying to publish the perfect photo?
It is very easy to get caught up in your image when posting it out to the digital world. Especially when you are twisted into a crazy yoga pose. We try not to over produce the images we post and keep them as natural and spontaneous as possible. We try to have a theme to our images, so when one posts a shot, the other one will run out and do their version of it. Again, we don’t compete yet inspire each other.

Was it ever hard when it felt like one of you was ahead of the other in some way?
When one of us is ahead it really just gives the other one a reason to better their game. We were different heights for many years growing up, and it made the other one eat more healthy food to grow. When one of us became a mother before the other one, it gave them the initiative to start a family of their own. When you are a twin it brings on constant comparisons, but that always came from the outside. We don’t measure ourselves against one another, but rather inspire and encourage each other.

How was it when you moved away from one another, what did that feel like?
It was very hard when we moved far apart from each other. The hardest thing is our children not being able to see each other more often and sharing in those moments when they were little. We are on the phone 3 times a day so we are very connected despite the distance.

You say you were never alone, but did you ever feel distinctly separated?
We have felt separated by distance and obligations. A difficult time was when we moved out of our shared apartment when the first one got married. It was a hard time because we were redefining our relationship. When we entered the stage of getting married, we were shifting the dynamics of it being just the two of us.

Is being a twin something completely different to having a normal sibling, or a friend?
Being a twin is a very unique relationship. We have never known anything else, but when you share the exact same genetic makeup with someone, you experience things together in a different way.

We have never known anything else, but when you share the exact same genetic makeup with someone, you experience things together in a different way.


Any twins out there with a similar or different take on what it’s been like?

Or non-twins, like me, who always wondered…?


Add yours
  • Great pictures!!
    It’s so fashionable to show twins…and it looks great in an image…but i think it’s already hard to be yourself and to find your own way …so imagine another person just near you almost you who is doing everything you want to do ….and better… and sister it’s great and complicated….so twins can be great and creative or just the opposite….
    Yael Guetta

  • wow! this set of picture is wonderful! perfect! :)

  • Wowwww! Ces photos sont tellement jolies! <3
    Je n'ai pas d'anecdote à raconter sur les jumeaux (je n'en connais pas dans mon entourage), mais comme toi, je suis fascinée par les jumeaux!


    Petite and So What?

  • Lire ou relire les Météores de Michel Tournier .
    Ado, ce roman qui aborde le thème de la gémellité de façon singulière, m’avait profondément marqué.
    Ce sujet m’a toujours fasciné …
    Les photos sont sublimes.
    De plus en plus envie de me mettre au yoga…
    Oui, il en reste une qui ne fait pas encore de yoga, c’est moi !

  • J’ai aussi une sœur jumelle, la plupart des gens veulent effectivement savoir (comme tu le mentionnes) “Est-ce qu’avec une jumelle, on joue à échanger son identité? “. La réponse n’est pas être aussi facile ! Les gens nous ont beaucoup confondues petites, et encore aujourd’hui! Nous cherchions donc à affirmer notre propre identité, et donc à tout faire pour ne pas être confondue ! Ma sœur, était plus « forte » que moi à l’école, j’ai (in)volontairement redoublé pour ne plus avoir à être comparée, elle comme moi en n’avons souffert, car comme Crissy & Kimmy, nous n’avons jamais été en compétition, mais les gens nous l’ont imposés.
    Aujourd’hui nous vivons aussi très loin l’une de l’autre, mais nous communiquons tous les jours, nous nous échangeons nos vêtements, et nous faisons les mêmes choses à des milliers de kilomètres de distance ! C’est dingue, d’écouter la même musique à la même heure, de lire le même livre en même temps, de s’acheter la même robe sur internet le même jour !
    Des petites choses qui font que nous ne sommes pas uniques, et que nous vivons les évènements important de la vie de l’autre comme si c’était à nous que ça arrivait, et finalement oui c’est aussi à une part de nous que ça arrive. Mais je pense qu’il s’agit plus d’un amour sincère, profond et sans préjuger, que de gémellité. . Je pourrais parler d’elle des heures tellement je suis fière de l’avoir.

  • If I was a twin, I ‘d rather have a fraternal twin of the opposite sex. Less identity issues lmao.

    I’ve had “twin-ish” problems with my sister who is less than 11 months younger than me. She has always had a strong desire to be different from other people (even when she naturally has similarities with some). This applies to her and I (we were dressed similarly when we are young and were in the same generation).

    I don’t agree with the desire to be different. I think people should be themselves and, naturally, as a consequent they will be ultimately different. I think when people go against their individuality SIMPLY because they are similar to someone else is really aggravating. And I think when someone’s individuality feels diminished because of a similarity with another is more of a self-esteem issue than anything.

  • Wow, these are absolutely stunning photos of a pair of stunning sisters! My sister and I have lived apart for over half our adult lives and had just departed from a short visit with me. Even though we’re not twins, being apart from a dear, dear sister gets harder as we mature. Thank you so much for the introduction to the Chin twins.
    Kin, SF~

  • Beautiful photos! I would love to be so in synch with someone.

  • Beautiful inspiring photos. I LOVE yoga, practice it everyday to calm my brain, tone my body. A good thing.


  • I absolutely didn’t know about them!

    I just checked their Instagram and I think I got myself a new obsession. Such inspiring women x

  • I love the harmony coming out of these pictures and those twins !
    Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m an identical twin who has identical twin daughters (complete fluke!) I completely relate to this as we support each other through everything. My twin girls are turning 2 and developing their own special relationship which is amazing to watch. Fantastic article! X

  • Anamaria January, 21 2016, 6:09 / Reply

    I am mother to 3 year old identical (same egg split on the 5th day from inception) beautiful girls. It is my mission in life to do everything in my power that they grow up as best friends. I am very humbled, proud, scared and pretty much in awe that: 1. my body made and grew twins, 2. i am raising two girls at the exact time who are at exactly the same stage in their life, 3. how lucky am i!!

  • Love their instagram account! Because, you know, yoga :)
    Would love to know who was being interviewed here?

  • Moi j’ai pas de jumelle mais je pense que ça ne m’aurait pas déplu… En tout cas c’est un super article qui permet de savoir ce qu’elle ressentent. Et puis elles sont vraiment super forte!!! Bravo!

    Bizous, Christelle

  • Great pictures and great interview – the fact that they share the same passions is what impresses me the most!

  • Je suis complètement fascinée par les jumeaux d’autant plus que j’ai failli en avoir un.
    En effet, pendant la grossesse, l’un des deux embryons (mon voisin donc) est parti avant l’heure et j’ai souvent eu l’impression d’avoir été abandonnée.

    Enfant, je dessinais fréquemment deux bébés dans le ventre d’une maman alors que je n’avais pas connaissance de mon histoire de jumeau avorté. Je l’ai apprise en CM2 et vers 13 ans j’ai commencé à lui parler (!!).

    A l’adolescence, j’ai tellement investi la relation fraternelle (soeurelle?) avec ma petite soeur de deux ans ma cadette que nous sommes vite devenues fusionnelles et que tout le monde nous prenait pour des jumelles.

    Cette relation a été une vraie chance, un privilège en quelque sorte et je suis sûre que c’est un résidu de mon besoin de gémellité. Aujourd’hui, nous avons grandi et nous avons réussi à couper le cordon pour investir des relations en dehors de notre duo. Néanmoins, nous nous sollicitons fréquemment pour obtenir un conseil avisé!

  • C’est un phénomène qui m’a toujours fascinée et dans un sens, j’aimerais bien avoir des jumelles si j’ai des enfants un jour :) Justement parce que ça m’intrigue énormément, parce que j’ai longtemps été fille unique et que je n’ai pas eu de relation “fusionnelle” avec un frère ou une sœur et aussi parce que les jumeaux/jumelles sont totalement connectés pour beaucoup.
    J’avais déjà vu un film tiré d’une histoire vraie, dans lequel des jumelles s’étaient inventés une langue rien qu’à elles !
    En revanche, ce qui est bizarre dans mon cas, c’est que je n’aurais pas forcément aimé avoir une sœur jumelle.
    J’aime être unique (je ne suis pas forcément belle mais je n’aime pas ressembler à quelqu’un d’autre) et j’aurais eu beaucoup de craintes : que mon mec préfère ma sœur, que ça nous mette dans des situations délicates si l’une ou l’autre fait un faux-pas, …

    Mais c’est sûrement parce que je n’ai pas vécu ça que je me pose autant de questions :)

    Beau billet en tout cas,


  • kittycatbob January, 22 2016, 2:57 / Reply

    I’m an identical twin and am not close to my sister in the least bit. Everyone expects twins to be the best of friends, and it’s myth that needs to be debunked. We were born way before infertility treatments created a huge increase in multiple births, and were considered a novelty by everyone. Our whole lives we were talked about as a unit, “The Twins” and not much as individuals. We received the same gifts (different colors), the same haircuts, the same clothes, etc. It wasn’t until we hit our teenage years that we both made a conscious effort to be as different as possible.

    Our lives have taken us on very different paths, which have only highlighted how different we are from on another. We go through cycles of friendship/enemies and it’s sad to say that we are in a period of estrangement. I wish people understood how difficult it is to be a twin, that it’s not simple something cool and a way to trick people into confusing one for the other.

  • J’ai un curieux problème avec ma propre soeur. Je crois qu’elle voudrait être moi.
    Elle imite absolument tout ce que je fais, ca été jusqu’au point qu’un jour, étant malade, je suis allée chez le medecin qui m’a prescrit un medicament… et elle a aussitôt courru chez le sien pour avoir le même ! Quand j’ai une carie, elle va chez le dentiste, elle visite les pays où je suis allee… j’achete un nouvel ordi ? Le lendemain elle s’en achête un…
    Je lui ai dit à de nombreuses reprises qu’il faut qu’elle vive sa propre vie mais elle zape, c’est comme si elle n’entendait pas… Heureusement, nous n’avons jamais été attirées par le même genre d’homme.
    Je gère le problème en la tenant à distance. ca se calme un peu avec le temps…

  • I’m an identical twin and it is the single most cherished blessing of my life. We live on other sides of the country, text 25+ times per day, talk 10+ times per day, and see each other 2 or 3 times per year. Just being in her presence, with no words, is “home”. It has become more challenging with each of us having kids (who are technically half brothers / sisters – not cousins), jobs, husbands, my divorce, etc.

    She is my constant, my love, and forever part of my soul. Hello, Heidi-Ho! I know you’ll see this!!

    Xoxoxo, H

  • I’m a twin. I love how gentle you are with each other. Comparisons and change can be diabolical for delicate souls. I love your empathy for each other, your family and your individual selves.

  • I’m an identical twin. Growing up, my mom would always tell us, “You may look the same, but you’re not the same person.” It’s an interesting relationship because your are similar, but also very different. My sister and I have an underlying understanding, but we are pretty different as individuals, so that creates tension at times. I’m definitely closer to her than my other siblings, simply because we’ve experienced everything together. It’s different than being best friends, deeper. And I love that her kids kind of look like me (I don’t have children yet). I like thinking that biologically these cousins will be more closely related than most. Being a twin is amazing, but it definitely makes it harder to come into your own individually, in the younger years. People constantly compare you, even though you are “the same”.

  • Charlotte January, 28 2016, 10:09 / Reply

    Je suis une fidèle lectrice mais j’avoue ne jamais rien commenter ou presque. Sauf que cette fois-ci, je n’ai pu m’en empêcher :) J’ai une soeur jumelle et je comprends tout à fait ce qu’évoquent les deux jeunes femmes interviewées.
    Je me dis souvent que j’ai une chance incroyable d’avoir quelqu’un de si proche de moi. Je sais que je peux tout lui dire, tout lui confier.
    Nous avons des styles et des goûts différents et je trouve ça génial. C’est important que nous ayons chacune notre individualité. D’ailleurs, nos centres d’intérêts ne sont pas forcément les mêmes et nous n’évoluons pas dans les mêmes domaines.
    Ce qui est particulièrement agaçant avec la gémellité néanmoins, c’est d’être perpétuellement comparées. Qui est la plus grande, la plus intelligente, la plus belle… c’est parfois pesant mais on s’y fait en grandissant :)

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