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There are two types of people who work out…

First, those who look amazing, straight out of a campaign, totally composed exercisers who, by some completely skewed (?) athletic miracle, are totally comfortable having their photo taken whilst working out. Seriously.

The other type is my type. Yeah, bring it in, ladies… And gents! Those who go all red and puffy in the face, nostrils flaring frantically to suck in as much air as humanly possible (because who knows if this might be our last chance!!), and now one eye twitching shut from a bead of salty sweat that trickled down from my brow line… Super attractive.

But ! One of my hopes is to soon, very soon, become more type one. You know, elegantly just doing 500 burpees and 1,000 crunches, and then being totally confident with running into that guy who never called me back. Or something badass like that.

So I turned to Tyler for advice. She’s the founder of Outdoor Voices, and a complete beauty (these photos were taken of her during a pretty intense workout)(ridiculous but true!). Ty spends her days running from yoga classes or personal training sessions to business meetings, and manages to look this good. A definite type one ;)

<strike>No</strike> Sweat

What’s your beauty routine, and how does it account for working out frequently?

I start my mornings with a glass of ice water and eye drops. Whiter, bright eyes make your whole face look fresher. I like the Bébisol Sérum Physiologique individual drops, and they’re great to throw in my bag.

I love the natural glow I get from being active. There’s color in my cheeks and I feel better mentally and physically, which I think shows. I’m really into natural products that enhance my skin instead of covering it up, and use everything from Dr. Pratima Raichur’s line Pratima.

Do you notice a difference to your skin and hair when you’re working out more often?

There’s a huge difference! My skin gets dull if I’m not active for a while, and gets a glow back after a single workout once I start up again.

Have you found any magic products yet that are completely sweat-proof?

I think the goal with beauty products and sweating is to find something that enhances your skin and works with the sweat, not against it. There’s a company in Boulder (my hometown) called Mountain Ocean that makes a Skin Trip lotion I use before workouts. It’s really light, so it doesn’t feel slimy, and it smells like coconut which reminds me of long summer days outside.

What’s your never-fail way of dealing with B.O?

I fail at this all the time! B.O. is inevitable if you’re really sweating, but I’ve found that certain types of clothing can make a big difference. I wear natural fibers on top (closest to the armpits), like merino wool. Merino is inherently breathable so it regulates body temperature. It also naturally absorbs and releases odors from sweat, so it won’t hold onto a stinky sweat smell after washes. We’re releasing a line of Outdoor Voices merino tops and bottoms this month, which we’re all very excited about.

Is it ever ok to wear makeup during a workout? 

Just getting out and being active is the most important thing, so if you’re more comfortable wearing makeup, there are still ways to be kind to your skin—just keep it light and breathable and stay away from anything too thick or masking. Eye makeup can actually look beautiful and dramatic with a little sweat.

If someone felt more comfortable wearing makeup while exercising, what would you recommend?

There are lighter formulas, like Glossier’s Skin Tint, that will even out the skin without adding too much weight. I like using Olio E Esso tinted balm on my lips and sometimes put a dab on my cheeks for a little color.

tyler haney outdoor voices fitness beauty workout garance dore photos

tyler haney outdoor voices fitness beauty workout garance dore photos

What do you do to protect your skin and hair before exercise?

I put Argan Oil on the ends of my hair, which keeps it moisturized, and wear a hat when I run outside to protect my face from the sun.

And anything post-workout?

I use more Argan Oil in my hair, as well as my face and lips to rehydrate my skin.

Do you have go-to hairstyles for when you exercise?

I usually wear a low pony or high pony, really any pony will do. I love the feeling of running with my hair loose, but it’s long so that doesn’t work all the time.

Do you wash your hair every day?

No, of course not! Does anyone?

What’s the best way to combat sweat bumps?

Wiping with a natural astringent like witch hazel helps, and I follow it up with moisturizer.

 If you don’t have time to shower straight after a workout, what’s your quick way to freshen up?

I use Koh Jen Do cleaning wipes and a few spritzes of rose water face mist to freshen up. I keep a bottle from Dimes on my desk and use it throughout the day. I also like using a few dabs of Diptyque’s Philosykos Solid Perfume before a workout. The scent changes as your body temperature increases.

Do you carry your beauty and fashion items with you everywhere you go?

I usually have eye drops and deodorant in my bag.

Your number one beauty advice for those starting a new workout routine?

I’d say just to start moving. There’s nothing more beautiful than a genuine smile, so feeling better on the inside the rest of the day will look better on the outside.


Voila! So that is how you (and really, me…) can potentially be a type one… Which type are you? And, more importantly, how do you maintain a beauty routine when you’re working out?

tyler haney outdoor voices fitness beauty workout garance dore photos

tyler haney outdoor voices fitness beauty workout garance dore photos

tyler haney outdoor voices fitness beauty workout garance dore photos

Tyler wears Outdoor Voices.

Thank you to Sky Ting Yoga | | 55 Chrystie Street, New York NY 10002


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  • Elle a bien raison. Si on veut faire du sport, maquiller ou sans, ce n’est pas le plus important. L’essentiel est de s’y mettre.
    Mais honnêtement, il vaut mieux prêter attention aux cosmétiques que l’on porte après ou avant le sport.
    Zero maquillage, laisser respirer votre peau, pour une fois ;)

  • Neada &Eric don’t tell me that she looks like that after gym!!!
    everybody even the most beautiful woman on earth looks different when she is doing gym…..even if you are still very young ..if you did gym it shows…..all this pictures are here to make us feel bad???
    i am sure this was not your idea….real images will help all of us to feel”normal”………
    Yael Guetta


  • Hi Yael! That’s exactly what I’m talking about.. I definitely DO NOT look like this when I work out, so thought it might be a little inspiring and motivating to hear beauty tips from someone who actually does :)
    Merci !

  • Just wanted to say, thank you for the positive attitude Neada! I am a member at the same yoga studio as Tyler, and can attest that there are definitely women who look glowing and refreshed after a workout! It makes me sad to see others react with jealousy. Instead of trying to tear each other down for being “too good”, let’s use women like Tyler as inspiration to improve our own body care! <3

  • You are?! I’m going to go and try it out this week, so might see you there. Say hello if you do! And yes, I’m all about seeing other women in a positive (and often inspiring) light!

    Thank YOU. x

  • Très drôle les narines qui palpitent et l’œil qui cligne. J’ai bien rigolé. ET cette envie quand tu es dans cet état de faire comme si tout était normal. Genre pas fatiguée. Je tiens la distance. Pas de malaise (le vrai)

    Et oui je suis sans aucun doute un type 2. La question: est ce définitif. L’interview me donne un peu d’espoir en tout cas!!!

  • LOL. I’m not alone :)

  • I love to hate here but she is to cute, haha! And to my idea, a perfect body! Very fresh appearance, and the sweetest face… Lovely personality.

  • I use mascara when working out, but other than that I think it’s just important to not think about makeup that much.
    Although I admit that I also want to look good even when I work out. ,:)


  • Pas d’accord avec certains commentaires, là où je cours, il y a beaucoup de filles qui se démènent, qui transpirent, et qui ont l’air quand même toutes fraiches, presque aussi jolies que cette jeune fille. C’est sûr que si elles ont 25 ans ça aide. Mais lorsqu’on fait du sport en extérieur (et pas en salle de gym où on étouffe et où l’air est généralement vicié !!!!) la plupart des filles restent mignonnes, même autour de 40 ou 50 ans, et même si on n’est pas toutes égales devant la capacité de notre épiderme à s’échauffer et à devenir rouge. La seule exception est peut-être le ski, où presque tout le monde ressemble à l’abominable femme des neiges à la fin de la journée, sauf les top models.

    Pour le maquillage, je mets souvent du waterproof à cause de la mer ou de la piscine, et sur les autres séances de sport, je n’ai aucun pb spécial avec des produits normaux (non waterproof) pour les yeux. Bien sûr, je ne porte JAMAIS de fond de teint, ni pendant le sport ni après d’ailleurs. Le fond de teint est une catastrophe lorsqu’on transpire, c’est carrément dégueu. Une crème transparente, franchement ça suffit bien.

  • Définitivement de type 2!!! C’est d’ailleurs pour aussi pour cela que j’ai arrêté les sports trop cardio qui coupent le souffle et qui me font devenir rouge comme une tomate: bref, rien d’agréable. Je préfère maintenant faire attention à mon rythme et faire du gainage, pilates, etc…
    Il y a une solution à tout ; )

  • Ha j’adore les commentaires au dessus. ET je suis désolée, mais je crois que je suis une type 1 aussi. EN fait je ne le savais pas, mais ce matin à la danse, je suis tombé sur mon reflet dans une porte et au début je n’ai pas compris que c’était moi. Je me suis dit “oh elle gère elle” ! Du coup ça m’a complètement rebostée et je me vois totalement différemment ! Peut-être que nous sommes toutes des types 1, mais que nous n’en avons pas encore toutes conscience ?!

  • Euh, moi c’est simple, face à un effort intense, je suis violette. Pas rouge, non violette. Un tennis ou une heure de gym suédoise, même effet : une boule de feu au niveau du visage, qui met une heure à “redescendre”, et fait que toute tentative de cardio à l’heure du déjeuner ou avant un dîner est impensable.
    Le yoga, aussi intense soit-il ne me fait pas ça, je pense que c’est vraiment lié à l’effort cardio. Pas cool, franchement ça donne tellement de complexe (c’est pas comme si j’avais un corps de rêve pour compenser) que c’est un coup à hésiter à aller faire un cours de cardio ;)

  • I love this post so much! I’m thinking going back to exercise very soon and it’s so encouraging to hear such great things!
    Nazl?gül | on my own way

  • Moi, c’est plutôt le type 2 (et quand j’en fais!!!) Je deviens rapidement écarlate!
    Mais j’ai du mal à me motiver à faire du sport. Je me dis tout le temps qu’il faut que je m’y mette, mais je ne trouve pas la motiv!
    Bonne semaine, Xxx

    Petite and So What?

  • I would really like to not wash my hair everyday but, unless I can’t help it, I just can’t do it lmao. I always feel kind of gross on the 2nd day.


  • The ethos of Outdoor Voices is something I can get behind for sure, I love their branding, company moto, positive imaging. Anyway, I’ve been a runner since I was 14 (so 18 years) and the Outdoor Voices running tights are the best I’ve come across. They offer full coverage, aren’t too thick, stay up, and wash well (I’ve had one pair well over a year and they’re still just like a I bought them). Everyones body is different (and consequently running tights fit differently) so I’ll just say I’m a curve-less tall girl. Thanks Tyler and Outdoor Voices!

  • hum… type 2 for me…. BUT, i consider my sweat as a measure of my physical efforts! As they say, “no pain, no gain”, so you know, silver lining :P
    Thanx for the inspiration :)

  • Ha! LOVE your attitude… Always a positive thing to have a silver lining! <3

  • I use Trader Joe’s facial wipes after a work out if taking a shower is not an option. The wipes have witch hazel and alcohol, so I also wipe my neck, shoulders and decolletage area, then moisturizer.

  • mademoisellemauve January, 25 2016, 12:42 / Reply

    génial ce post !
    dites je crois que plus on fait du sport, et puis on se rapproche du type 1, non ? ;)

  • Aw I love this post ! It is so inspiring, natural and encouraging to workout enough to be a type 1 girl :)
    Thanks for the tips !

  • Après un an et demi de salle de sport et running à raison de 3 ou 4 fois par semaine… Je suis définitivement type 2 ! Mais je n’arrêterai pour rien au monde,
    je me suis fait une raison. Et à défaut d’avoir l’air fraiche je soigne mes tenues.

  • Hello Neada,

    I love this post, thanks for sharing it….it embodies a genuineness ….which is so interesting since January can be that time for storefronts to go the way of the Valentine or “try to lure in revenue through work-out schemes after holiday pudge is laying itself in our backends” …even still their is an intimacy to how you wrote this post(aww!) and I feel invited to look at that kind of self examination from you and then me —-and observing other’s conversations at the gym. The post gets me thinking! Likey!

  • She looks so nice! I think I am sometimes 1 and sometimes 2 hahaha ;)

    Mónica Sors



  • Actually, the sweatier and the messier I look after a workout, the better ;) makes me proud, proof that I worked as hard as I could !

  • Can I look that bright and smiling when I’m working out please? Thank you for this interview and those beautiful pictures x


  • Je suis entre un type 1 et 2 je crois. Mais personnellement j’adore quand je suis pleine de transpiration, ca veut dire que ca marche non?
    Quand au maquillage pendant une sceance de sport, je trouve ca dommage de ne pas laisser mon visage respirer… Bon après, je ne me démaquille pas forcement avant si j’ai seulement un peu de mascara

  • jennifer January, 25 2016, 6:27 / Reply

    This is the most amazing post. Love her vibrancy and her brands approach. Thank you for posting such a beautiful story. I’m going to try a few of these tips & get that crop top. :)

  • LOVE THIS. I know I don’t look like this when I work out — jeez — such good inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  • Lovely smile and great attitude.

  • Baptiste January, 26 2016, 3:55 / Reply

    God! Americans shouldn’t care so much about their appearance all the time and relax.
    It’s just sport, it’s a good thing to sweat a lot! :) I personally don’t give a f*** about my sport outfit
    and often run with greasy hair and skin. I’m sweaty, smelly, but hey, who cares?? :)

  • I couldn´t agree more!!
    Sweating is a natural response from our body to cool it down. Personally I don´t care the way I look. I sweat a lot however I don´t smell.
    From my point of view it´s a very American thing

  • Great interview! These pictures make me want to hit the gym today!

  • I’m definitely type 2, and it’s especially sucky since I swim a lot and my face turns a very unappealing shade of beet root red every time I exercise (I’m Scandinavian so my skin is sensitive and very pale, which just makes it worse). I feel like hiding behind the towel racks after my workout since I feel so ugly and unattractive. I need to consciously keep telling myself that I’m there to work out and not to pose for selfies and look model perfect. I do my weight training at home, so then it doesn’t really matter what I look like. But gah. It’s SO annoying!

  • Yes! I’m a total head sweater and my hair is drenched at the end of a workout. Pair that with a red face and you can only imagine!!

  • Je n’ai définitivement pas l’air de cela quand je m’entraine !!! :)

  • Lovely lady with lovely spirit! And those pictures make me want to get up and move. She’s got such a balanced and strong body that looks like it serves her so well – really beautiful.

    I’m definitely a sweater of the highest order- head, face, neck, chest and back (oh my goodness, “a river runs down it”) but weirdly, not so much underarm perspiration.

    Because of all that perspiration, the only things I use pre-exercise are a lightweight moisturiser on my face, and a dab of RMS coconut-based cheek-to-lip tint in their darkest colour (looks very natural on my palest of pale lips when lightly dabbed, and it is great to prevent my lips dehydrating and cracking with all that deep exercise exhalation). Sometimes, in winter, when I don’t perspire so much and looking particularly washed out (usually during my period), I’ll dab a tiny bit of the leftover lip tint from my ring-finger, on to the tips of my cheeks, and that’s it (that’s pretty much my non-exercise make-up, too: lip colour with a touch of cheek colour, but over Nars liquid highlighter in Orgasm, Light Sand).

    Looks-wise, I have no idea what I appear like to others, apart from hot (temperature-wise). And, with Perth going through a particularly intense and hot start to 2016, my usually temperate and relaxing Hatha Yoga sessions at home have morphed into Yoga sweats! So, it’s just the lip moisturiser/tint.

  • This was great and insightful.

  • J’adore cette marque et je suis ravie de découvrir ici sa fondatrice!

  • Love her! But I don’t think eye drops are good for you…

  • Is there a category for people in the middle? Not puffy, but rigorous workout has helped with time?


  • Alexandra March, 5 2016, 8:57 / Reply

    I am DEFINITELY a Type Two when I work out! I have curly hair that turns frizzy, a face that gets bright red, and I just think I look overall pretty crazy when I exercise. But it’s OK. I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll never be glamorous while working out, because I FEEL glamorous after pushing myself beyond my limits. That rush of endorphins I get after working really hard, so physically ready to take on anything and everything! So, looking good while working out is overrated. It’s all about how you FEEL :)

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