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Somehow living in the city that claims to never sleep can make you all the more aware of how seriously life-changing a good night’s rest can really be.

And yes, we’re actually talking about beauty here. Sleep is probably the essence of beauty and nothing tops a good night’s sleep when it comes to being fresh.
Ok, so it might not always be the absolute easiest thing in the world to accomplish (if you’ve ever been to NY, you’ll be familiar with the constant shrill of sirens…), and sometimes it can actually take a little practice. Or, even better, some great advice on what’s key to achieving quality amazing optimal sleep. Every single night.

(Yes, even when you’ve got cramps, and the neighbors are having a band rehearsal at 2am)(Ok, we take that back — just try Advil and earplugs?)

We were all talking about it the other day, about what our pre-bed rituals are and what sleeping advice we would share… And it ranges, but there were a few common threads. Here are the ways we find it easiest to sleep, any night of the week. Some of them are new things we’re just embracing, and others are ideas we’ve road tested for years!



My whole life changed — I’m not kidding here, guys — my whole life changed when I bought my memory foam bed (it’s a Tempurpedic) for last year’s move. Being a photographer had given me some terrible back pains that I thought where unsolvable. Sleeping on any bed made my back hurt even more. Sleeping had become an exercise in finding one possible comfortable position and waking up in the middle of the night with a grin on my face.

Forget sleeping on my back. It was literally impossible. It had been so for years. Not going to go too much into details here, but the first night I spent on my bed, I couldn’t believe it. It’s like, suddenly, being held by a cloud. A soft but firm touch at the same time, almost impossible to explain.
I have to tell you the truth here, the two first weeks were almost weird. When you change positions in a memory foam bed, it doesn’t bounce. It’s real work. But the thing is, you’re much less likely to change position, because each position is literaly exquisite.

Anyway. A lot of people tell me I’ve never looked happier, and I believe a little (a big) part of it is sleeping in an amazing bed. I now sleep like a baby.
Oh, by the way. The back pain is gone. It’s crazy, but all the people that know can tell you. Getting that bed in my life has been a revolution.

So that was my advice number one. Get a great bed, and good sheets (mine are white linen and they add to the soft cloud feeling) and you’re almost halfway there.

To add to that, I never travel without my sleeping kit. You never know where there’s going to be too much noise, or too much light. A sleeping mask and some earplugs really improve the quality of your sleep.

And then it’s the details. I do sleep much better when I don’t “forget” (aka crash in front of a TV show with an ice cream spoon in my mouth) (yeah, that does happen) to do my toilette, and when the temperature of the room is on the colder side (now are the best nights, cold but not too cold). I sleep much better when I don’t eat right before sleeping, and I also love waking up super hungry (because my favorite activity in life is breakfast).

Oh, and you probably are dying to get my advice about jet lag (what do you mean you didn’t ask anything?) well, so, here it is: I don’t do anything. I let the jet lag carry me where it wants without stressing about it. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll just read a book. If I’m tired during the day, I’ll have a coffee. Not getting obsessed about it is the best thing I’ve ever done against it ;)

Oh, also one piece of TMI info just for you, and that’s a pretty amazing one if you live with someone: my boyfriend and I always go to sleep at the same time. We say good night to each other and hold each other and it, like… Works like a charm.

Also (ok, I know I talk too much), when I want to wake up and it’s hard – one solution: Instagram. This thing will make you wide awake !!! That’s also why I don’t recommend checking it in the middle of the night. Instas Evil !!! ;)

brie welch sleep beauty garance core photos


In general, I fall quickly asleep every night. I’m always on the go, which helps — walking or riding my bike to and from work, and being out on shoots we never stop moving. But my go-to for falling asleep is to read a book — a real one, not on a screen. There are photos of me as a child asleep with a book in my hand and wearing eyeglasses I didn’t actually need (purely a vanity).

neada jane sleep beauty garance core photos


This year, I swore off using my phone right before going to sleep. Since reading this article, I’ve been trying to avoid any screen time for about an hour before bed (yep, that includes TV)(ok, so sometimes I cheat… a little). And, for me, it’s really worked wonders. I find it ten times easier to fall asleep, and that has amazing ripple-on effects (clearer skin, no bags under the eyes, better state of mind…). It’s kind of crazy how one small shift in your routine can really improve the quality of your sleep — and your relationship! ;)

I also always always always wash my face and brush my teeth, no matter how exhausted I might be. And I always end my routine with Philosophy’s renewed hope in a jar eye cream for, you know, renewed hope. Haha.

erik melvin sleep beauty garance core photos


DO NOTHING IN YOUR BED except sleep (and loverly activities). After a few weeks, it’ll be hard to keep your eyes open once you get under the covers. (This was the advice from a doctor in high school and it’s worked for me ever since.)

elle sleep beauty garance core photos


I sleep the best when I’m in my “happy place”. If I’m too stressed out or my room is a mess, I am tossing and turning all night long! To get to my happy place, I always give my room a quick tidy, light a candle and watch one episode of my favorite upbeat TV show on Netflix (Neada, don’t kill me). But now, after reading the article that Neada sent to me about using electronic devices in bed, I might switch up my routine a bit and end the night with a tidy.

amanda chase sleep beauty garance core photos


I love sleeping. I usually sleep 8 -10 hours a night — anything less than that and I am a dysfunctional human. Here are my sleeping beauty secrets: take off all makeup with Clinique Take The Day Off Cleaning Balm, wash my face with Chanel Le Blanc Intense Brightening Foam Cleanser, and now, since the weather is getting colder and my skin is getting dryer, I follow up and finish up with Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil. Then my feet have to be super clean or I freak out — so I wash them in the tub for 5 minutes with a simple bar of soap and slip into super cozy slippers!! I am obsessed with clean feet!! And then I get changed into the most comfortable sweatshirt and sweatpants combo imaginable. Snuggle and fall asleep in that little nook of my man’s arm.

emily note sleep beauty garance core photos


My biggest thing is having a routine at night. I stop eating at least 2 hours before bed, try to relax with some TV or reading–but stop working–and then I do the same routine for washing my face, putting on my creams and serums and brushing my teeth every night, even when I’m traveling. No cell phone for 30 mins before I go to bed. Usually I end up passing out while my boyfriend is watching the news.




What puts you to sleep with ease? Do you have any bed rituals or rules you live (or sleep!) by?


Add yours
  • Le joli lapsus: la bonne nuit de soleil…

  • Thanks for this post! The photos of the team’s sleeping beauties are priceless!

    I’m lucky I sleep like a baby no matter what! Even when I had babies crying haha it took some time to wake me up! The only nights I had trouble falling asleep was after signing on a house…several hundreds of thousands of dollars make me overthinking for one night.

    My ritual: remove makeup and when you’re ready to sleep be in the moment, let go and tada!

    I was never a morning person and my issue was waking up but I recently came across this book, Miracle Morning, and now wake up at 6am every morning, exercise and love it?!?

  • en français ”une bonne nuit de soleil” ;-) vous êtes en skandinavie ?

  • To conclude:
    1. No food before sleeping
    2. No cellphone activities on the bed
    3. Good bed = good life

  • This almost sounds like the important rules in Gremlins: do not expose the Mogwai to bright lights or sunlight, which will kill it, do not let it get wet, and never feed it after midnight.


  • Ana @champagnegirlsabouttown October, 21 2015, 9:51 / Reply

    Totally agree! I bought memory foam mattress, a super size bed (it’s so big that when we sleep in hotels my husband complaints the beds are too small), super light metres wide down duvet (John Lewis does the best!) and great sheets, also courtesy of John Lewis and now bed is my favourite place in the house :) Sometimes it’s difficult to get up on account of being so comfortable :) And yes, Instagram… 1am and I’m down the rabbit hole of Tasha Oakley account dreaming I was in Hawaii instead of rainy London.

  • Il y a une petite coquille dans le texte “une bonne nuit de soleil” :)


  • it´s cool and lovely post!
    anyway I love mornings but I need long sleep, about 9-10 hours a night


  • “Une bonne nuit de soleil” : tres joli. A garder .
    Mon rituel apres toilette indispensable, lire au lit, j’adore ! Je lis jusqu’au moment ou je dois relire plusieurs fois la meme page et je sais que je vais m’endormir rapidement.
    Au fait, jolies photos surtout celle d’Erik avec son masque !

  • Moi, tout me fait dormir, je dors hyper bien (presque) toujours, sur le sofá, en regardant la TV c’est automatique, même si je regarde quelque chose qui me plait beaucoup (il faut dire que mon sofá es super confortable et enorme). Zzzzzzzz. Par contre, je ne peux pas dormir dans les avions (la panique), ni dans les voitures ou dans le train ou métro (j’ai peur de ronfler en public haha).

    Je suis très douée pour séparer les moments de stress du sommeil et ça m’aide quelques fois de dormir pour ne pas penser. Mais si la situation est vraiment pénible, j’utilise l’app de Calm, avec le son de la pluie… et ça marche nickel pour moi, je prends plus de temps à m’emdormir, mais je reussis! Les seules nuits en blanc que j’ai passé dans ma vie sont des nuits que j’ai passé à faire la fête ;)

  • Je suis bien d’accord avec toi Garance, il faut investir dans un bon lit après tout on dort 1/3 de sa vie.
    Depuis que j’ai changé le mien, je dors comme un bébé et j’ai hâte de me coucher le soir.
    J’essaie au maximum de ne pas utiliser d’écrans dans la chambre pour favoriser l’endormissement. Je me lave le visage et les dents puis je me glisse sous la couette avec joie dans de jolis draps. J’ai toujours sur moi quand je pars en voyage un kit de survie avec masque de nuit et boules quies même si je ne m’en sers pas à chaque fois, le seul fait de savoir qu’en cas de bruit ou d’absence de volets je suis équipée ça m’aide à me détendre.

  • Du sport – ou une activité physique qui fatigue – la journée et la conscience tranquille.
    Je me retrouve beaucoup dans les propos d’Amanda : pas moins de 8h à 10h de sommeil pour être opérationnelle, démaquillage, nettoyage et hydratation du visage et… même obsession pour la propreté des pieds !

  • Garance: I’d love to get a memory foam mattress but couldn’t get past the odor when we tried one several years ago. Did you find this problem or has this been remedied? Great post and pics. Thanks.

  • I must get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to survive. My best pre-bed routine includes: a shower, herbal tea (my favourite infusion is something that I buy whenever I visit my friend in Switzerland – it’s from a local shop selling products from nearby farms and it’s called simply “Tisane Nocturne”), a few pages of a book and that’s it! Things that are guaranteed to disturb my sleep include: too high temperatures and too much noise (aaaaahhhh – earplugs! My love!).

  • Je valide l’astuce de Garance sur la bonne literie. Je voyage régulièrement et c’est dans un hôtel à Bratislava que j’ai eu une révélation et que j’ai investi pour avoir la même chose chez moi : un très grand lit avec deux sommiers individuels, un seul matelas, très épais, et deux couettes individuelles. Elles peuvent se chevaucher pour que nous puissions nous retrouver en dessous mais quand on dort, chacun peut s’enrouler dans sa couette. Depuis je ne suis plus réveillée en plein milieu de la nuit parce qu’il a pris toute la couette et que je me retrouve sans rien. Et j’ai beaucoup moins mal au dos également avec le matelas très épais.
    Nettoyage du visage aussi et des pieds si besoin avant d’aller se coucher. Par contre je suis mauvaise élève sur l’utilisation des écrans avant de dormir…

  • Ghislaine October, 21 2015, 11:01 / Reply

    Une “…bonne nuit de SOLEIL” ou de sommeil? Le lapsus est très joli :D

    Gigi xxx

  • I didn’t sleep last night — and these are all tips I should have followed

  • Garance you are convincing me to get the Tempurpedic bed! A friend of mine who’s a doctor and doesn’t get much sleep has one and swears by it too! Hmm sleep is so important.
    For me NO INSTAGRAM or I am still awake at 2 am
    Any animal tv show, like a nature show with a voice over thats low and soporific and I’m asleep!

    Great article!

  • Donnarino October, 21 2015, 11:17 / Reply

    I run, bike to and from work and exercise regularly so I’m generally exhausted by the time I fall into bed and sleep well because of it. But yeah, when I stayed in NY the constant sirens and cars’ honking took some getting used to. I think it only died down around 4 am.

  • Yo, sin embargo tengo la sensación de que dormir es un poco morir

  • Aaaah le sommeil! L’un des piliers d’une bonne hygiène de vie. Mon ritu à moi lorsque je me sens stressée avant d’aller dormir c’est de lire un livre avec un fond de musique amérindienne. Ca me détend instantanément et je m’endors au bout d’une demi heure. Je le fais aussi à ma fille de 10 ans qd elle est trop excitée pour aller dormir. En 5 min c’est réglé!!!
    ? ?

  • Merci pour ce post!
    J’ai toujours entendu dire que ce n’était pas tant la quantité de sommeil qui comptait, mais surtout l’importance de se coucher avant minuit (car je crois que les cycles de sommeil profond donc réparateur sont plus longs en tout début de nuit, entre 22h et 1h). Et je pense que c’est vrai, quand je dors 8h en m’étant couchée vers 22h, je suis bien plus opérationnelle qu’après une nuit de 10h en m’étant couchée à minuit.
    La chance d’avoir un matelas Tempur! J’en rêve mais pas à ma portée… du coup je me suis rabattue sur l’oreiller, j’ai mis énormément de temps à m’y accommoder mais maintenant j’ai du mal à m’en passer. Je me suis achetée le réveil Eveil lumière aussi, qui permet de me réveiller en douceur, “naturellement” donc suis moins fatiguée dès le matin.
    Avant d’éteindre, j’opte aussi pour un peu de lecture, et je me mets souvent un scan corporel en fond sonore (via mp3 de méditation), et hop à peine arrivée au scan de la cheville, c’est plié, je dors profondément.

  • Catherine October, 21 2015, 11:59 / Reply

    Je crois qu’il y a un petit problème d’orthographe sur ce post ….:)

  • Erik’s advice is the simplest and best. And it works. Keep the entire bedroom for sleeping and loverly activities. Quickly becomes best room in your home!

  • Ah ah j’adore ton lapsus “une bonne nuit de soleil” !! :-) C’est tout toi, ça ! Moi aussi, je kiffe les nuits plein soleil !

  • Jolies photos!

  • Lisa Walker October, 21 2015, 12:34 / Reply

    Everything all of you said. A routine of winding-down has worked the best for me. I’m a chef, so I have late hours. The first thing I do when I get home is make my bed beautiful for sleep. I sleep better when my room is organized. I do a turn-down, spray my pillow with lavender (!) and turn on the side-table lamps. That way it’s waiting for me. A key thing for me is NOT to use the phone in bed, but I do sometimes and I notice the difference in my quality of sleep. Also, I have no electronics, outside of my phone, in my room. It’s a sleep-zone.

  • Jane with the noisy terrier October, 21 2015, 1:03 / Reply

    I bought one of those little aroma diffusers from Muji and some of their relaxing oils. I’ll put in a few drops of oil with water, hit the 120 minute button and I’m knocked out. I also downloaded the sound of a distant thunderstorm from ITunes (they have a lot of “sleep” options) and I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to this as I fall asleep — I’ve kind of trained myself to think of it as a sleep trigger so when I’m traveling, I can just listen to this and zzzz. Can’t do earplugs or eye masks, too constricting. And of course, a gently snoring small terrier pressed up against my leg is my favorite way to drift off to sleep!

  • Comme tout le monde, j’adore la “bonne nuit de soleil” (bon titre de bouquin d’ailleurs!).
    De mon côté pour bien dormir :
    – une excellente et grande literie
    – me coucher tôt (avant 23h, et si possible avant 22h)
    – le brume d’oreiller l’Occitane
    – et surtout surtout ne pas regarder l’heure la nuit si je me réveille. Et essayer de me rendormir plutôt qu’essayer de faire du bricolage / regarder les mails du bureau / etc. Le réveil sonnera à l’heure.

  • Ghislaine October, 21 2015, 1:10 / Reply

    Tiens, mon commentaire n’est pas passé, mais je constate que d’autres ont déjà souligné le joli lapsus!… Soleil/Sommeil … très belle association ;D

    Gigi xxx

  • bavarian_blue October, 21 2015, 1:36 / Reply

    Super interesting topic. Thank you all!

  • Marianne October, 21 2015, 3:44 / Reply

    Tout les soirs j’ai hâte de retrouver mon lit et je n’ai jamais vraiment de problèmes pour m’endormir.
    Que je dorme dans un lit double ou simple j’adore avoir une couette deux places, c’est tellement plus confortable et je peux m’enrouler dedans généreusement.
    J’essaie aussi de suivre le rituel beauté : douche, lavage de dent, lavage du visage, démêlage de cheveux (ils sont beaucoup plus beaux démêlés avant la nuit) et pareil qu’Amanda je dors beaucoup mieux avec des pieds propres (bon j’ai quand même l’impression d’être un peu moins obsédée… :) Aussi une fois dans mon lit je mets du stick à lèvres et de la crème de corps et pour mains.
    Concernant le conseil pas d’écran 1h avant de dormir, j’en ai déjà entendu parlé mais je n’arrive pas à le suivre et tant que ça ne m’empêche pas de sombrer, je ne fais pas vraiment d’effort pour arrêter.
    Enfin j’essaie de dormir 9h par nuit !

    By the way, très chouettes ces photos !

    Bonne soirée et bonne nuit !

  • Nothing better than starting your day feeling energized after a fabulous sleep

  • Écouter de la musique et l’éteindre quand on commence à s’endormir. Pas trouvé mieux, ça marche à chaque fois.

  • wow, there is something about seeing people sleeping (even fake sleeping) that is so vulnerable. you really let go!
    thanks for sharing!
    For myself, I looooove sleeping, you had to drag me at of bed to go to school! Unfortunately, for a while there, I developed insomnia and that was like a punishment; nothing worse than wanting to go to sleep and not being able to even though you are tired!!! Any way, in trying to solve that problem I learned the following:
    not to eat carbs or drink coffee/wine 4 hrs before bed, wake always at the same time (including weekends), use the bed only for sleeping…, use blue lights to wake up, not to wear sunglasses so you body knows when it’s day and when it’s night (I cheat on this…), take hot showers 1 hr b4 bed and let the body cool down (you can cheat by switching between hot and cold water in the shower, that should make you sleepy but you might get a cold too!), use baby body wash made of lavender, very relaxing (locitane also has a nice relaxing lavender cream), progressive muscle relaxation technique (breathing exercise + tensing and relaxing the muscles for about 15 mins), don’t take a nap after 5pm.

  • Ai découvert le grand confort du lit dans les bons hôtels allemands . Sont très forts , les Germains ! Matelas épais
    Et super moelleux , matelas et couette double , et aussi sur matelas très confort , rajoutant de la douceur . J’adore les
    Deux couettes par lit , génial .
    Se coucher tôt , pas de chauffage , ne pas trop manger le soir … Idéal .
    Et les ronflements , quelqu’un a une solution ? ( c’est moi qui ronfle , oui je sais , dormir seule .Pas évident .)

  • Your team is gorgeous !

  • Ha! My secret is my “No technology in the bedroom” rule. It helps me slow down at night and wake up in the morning (’cause I’m too impatient to check my Instagram feed, and my phone is usually in my office – I work from home).
    Here is what I wrote on the subject:
    I love the pics of the whole team under the sheets. Erik made me laugh!

  • Lucy Van Pelt October, 21 2015, 9:55 / Reply

    This post is hilarious- none of you have children, I presume?
    Enjoy all the sleep while you can, because once/if you have them, you will be deprived of sleep forever more….
    And don’t think that children getting older means they won’t wake you up in the middle of night, climb into bed with you and proceed to beat you up with their knees, elbows, feet, heads as they snore away….

  • Having a child. Seriously, beyond exhaustion every night! Out in a second.

    Lavender oil (a drop on my sheet near my head) and a barely there pillow (great for neck and shoulders).
    And physical activity in the day (bike, walk, belly dance – whatever).

    I used to sleep like tissue paper and woke so easily. Whether it’s issues falling asleep or waking in the night, it mostly comes down to switching off. Crazy busy heads have in these crazy busy times. If I had bad bad insomnia I used to get up and go with it: yoga, read, cook, or work if it felt like the long haul.
    The worst is lying in bed, frustrated, counting down the hours til you have to get up.

    Maybe stop stressing about sleep is the ultimate advice.

  • I am a total grizzle if I don’t get at least 8 hours sleep – heaven forbid if I have any children! But I always shower right before bed, so I feel super clean. I also read somewhere that the cooling of your body after a shower can help you go to sleep. I also try not to eat too close to bed time. I’m with Erik – I never do anything but sleep and, you know, in bed.
    But, corny as it is, I go to sleep a thousand times quicker when my husband is in the bed with me compared to when he is not, regardless of everything else.

  • Moi je serais plus comme Brie. Je suis tellement épuisée le soir que je m’endors très rapidement alors je me pose avec mon bouquin pendant 15 minutes environ et après j’étends tout!

    Merci pour cet article qui change un peu, c’était très sympa!
    Bizous, Christelle

  • Francesca October, 22 2015, 3:08 / Reply

    Great tips and great sleeping habits! Unfortunately it’s very hard not to use the phone one hour before sleeping – not to mention the TV, that’s practically impossible for me!

  • I like some Laneige wat

  • Le post parfait du Jeudi…merci Garance !

    Je suis une grosse dormeuse… Il me faut 12h pour être au top !
    Alors même si je sors presque tous les soirs… dés que j’atteint mon seuil de saturation je rentre et je suis capable de me coucher après une bonne douche pas trop chaude et le corps bien crémé à 21h…en semaine !
    Mon samedi matin est le plus important rythme différent… restée lascive au maximum et ne pas calculer son portable avant 15h !
    Rituel d’endormissement et de réveil :
    -des étirements (faire le chat)
    -une chambre bien ventilée et pas trop chauffer ou pas du tout le top !! (a part si il fait -4 dehors)
    -1h avant dodo pas de tv pas de portable être bien au chaud sous ses couettes oui j’en ai 3 et 6 oreillers ambiance princesse au petit pois je suis dingue de mon lit immense !
    -Boire un thé ou de l’eau à température ambiante mais ne rien manger 2h avant… dodo
    -Dormir nue ou avec des matières douces et qui ne serre aucunes parties du corps.
    -Dormir dans le noir complet très important
    -Mettre de la musique au réveil

    Hate de faire ma grasse mat Samedi prochain…

  • Je suis d’accord avec Garance. On ne se rend pas toujours bien compte à quel point un bon matelas est PRI MOR DIAL pour passer une bonne nuit!!

    Moi je met toujours quelques gouttes d’huiles essentielles de lavande sur mon oreiller. ça me détend est je m’endors plus vite! Quand je fais des insomnies, je met deux gros coussins dans mon dos et je m’endors à demi couchée. Impeccable!! Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais ça marche à chaque fois !! :-)

  • Moi aussi ! Je crois bien que c’est parce que quand on fait une insomnie, c’est le cerveau qui est en ébullition. Assise ou presque, le sang redescend de la tête vers le coeur…Enfin c’est une hypothèse :-)

  • Breathing! It sounds simple but there’s a technique to it especially for better sleep:) Also, agreed, sleeping at the same time with your significant other is definitely the key! Plus it’s a wonderful time unwind, cuddle.. and so good for the relationship, even if one gets up earlier than the other to do things, going to sleep at the same time makes such a huge difference. And Garance, you said it with Insta.. if you look at it right in the AM you’ll be wide awake that you’ll have to get up and start the day;)

  • florence October, 22 2015, 2:10 / Reply

    love the tips and the photos are beyond adorable! i’ve been meaning to have a serious talk with myself in regards to my terrible bedtime routine… thanks for the reminder ; )

  • +1000 “j’adore avoir hyper faim au réveil (parce que mon activité préférée dans la vie, c’est le petit-déjeuner)”
    Plein d’astuces qu’il faut que j’applique. Je suis hyper mauvaise élève, je dors avec mon téléphone, je consulte Instagram au moindre réveil nocturne… Je rêve d’exclure tout objet électronique de ma chambre…

  • Aww, thank you! This has got to be the sweetest set of photos I have ever seen – not just here, but anywhere – ever. It’s a very tender set of photos.

    As a previous poster said, it makes you all look so vulnerable. Each photo make me see you all as how your mothers must have seen you as little children – all tucked up and sweetly dreaming in your beds: Neada, you especially, look like a little baby. My heart goes all soft and “wibbly” looking at these photos (like when I sometimes peek at my now- teenage son, when he’s asleep); and my resolve hardens to break my awful sleep habits (a lifetime of insomnia staring from about seven years old – with the past four months of sleeping at 3am and waking – no, groggily getting up – at everyday at 7am).

    I’ve begun to instigate a pre-bed relaxation routine the last six months by brushing and flossing, followed by massaging my face firmly with cleanser to get mu sinuses clear and loosen any tight and tender spots in my face (yes, we have tight, painful spots in our faces as much as we ave them in our necks and backs – I didn’t know this until I pressed my face all over as hard as I do my shoulders and neck: that light smoothing doesn’t do anything to help, really); having a shower last thing at night, as I like the feeling of being freshly cleaned when I go to bed; read for five minutes (I can’t last any longer than fifteen minutes reading), or doing some gentle meditation or breathing for a few minutes (I’ve no idea how long it takes me – not long, I imagine, but enough to lose awareness of time – but it feels great)… and then, *crash*, zzzz (because it’s close to 3am by now).

    I’ve yet to get to bed the same time as my husband, which he’s (poor thing) completely given up on. It’s our seventeenth wedding anniversary tonight: and, reading your article today has given me the ultimate push me to make that sleeping change tonight. My husband will say, “thank God… finally”… and I’ll say, “Thank Dore… finally”.

  • C’est drôle que vous évoquiez ce sujet, j’avais écrit un post assez complet là dessus il y a quelques mois (janvier) sur mon blog:

  • Pareil que Brie!
    Sans livre je ne peux pas dormir!
    Même s’il est 3heures du mat’ et que je dois lire avec une lampe de poche pour ne réveiller ni mon homme ni ma fille…il me faudra au moins un paragraphe pour déconnecter.

    Mon chéri, lui écoute la radio (avec une oreillette/casque). ça l’endort en moins de 5 mn.
    Quant à ma fille, à son âge – 8 mois – elle a le très classique rituel de s’endormir au sein ou dans les bras.

  • David montelukast October, 23 2015, 11:42 / Reply

    Quelle magique, moi aussi me reveille en train de regarder l’instagram pendant 5 min, c’est le plus efficace medecine pour ceux qui ont difficultes avec laisser le lit

  • Great tips! Any suggestions for a good pillow? Neck aches are destroying my days

  • No laptop, cellphone or TV in bed, not even a book. Since I only use my bed for sleeping, I feel way better. A warm cup of red tea, a soft lavender scent in the bedroom, and I’m ready to sleep.
    Also, a great mattress is wonderful to fall asleep, but terrible to get out of bed in the morning, it’s a tough choice!

    Anyway, sleep tight!


  • je ne connais pas le tempurpedic, un lit futon avec un matelas onze positions en latex, c’est très bien aussi !

  • I had the very same experience! I was having back pain and realized my mattress was too old and too inexpensive.
    I bought the most basic Temperpedic and after the first night sleeping on it, the pain was gone and has not returned.
    I have a new boyfriend and he loves it too. Thank goodness.

  • Nice cozy flannel sheets this time of year, and a Melatonin, and my husband next to me. Life is good!

  • Et dire que je ne connaissait pas ce site, vous voila bookmarker !

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