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September!!! The time when it’s still warm enough to wear lighter clothes, but when we stop liking the things we loved all summer. My blouses seem old and worn now, my shorts seem way too casual, and let’s not even talk about my sandals – they’ve lost all of their shine. It’s also time to start wearing real clothes again, and I started this morning by getting out a pair of jeans (if you can actually call jeans “real clothing”) – those weird things I hadn’t worn in at least two months.

I managed to wear them for about two hours before going back to my skirts. I’m just not quite ready. I won’t even tell you the effect it had on me last week to put heels on for this photo. So I decided to go back to my Valentinos to get my feet used to what it’s like to walk in real shoes again.

matches fashion garance dore photos

Yes it’s “back-to-school” time. There’s no escaping it, and I’m actually even starting to like the idea!
In the few last days, I even surprised myself by going into full “new me” mode. In terms of beauty prep, I’ve just cut my hair, I’m whitening my teeth, and I’m about to book a facial that I hope will give me new skin. Aaah, dreams.
As for fashion, well… I’m starting to think about “the woman I want to be this year”.

So I thought it would be cool to share this series we just shot for with you.

matches fashion garance dore photos

matches fashion garance dore photos

The team asked me to select a few fall outfits from their site and I came up with my ideal looks, from the super casual daytime look to the dress for a night out… It’s pretty much a shopping dream. Obviously, I had to send everything back, but there are a few things I know I’m going to buy, like this Joseph dress, the little Saint Laurent bag (I’ve been dreaming about it for several months), this Tomas Maier trench, these Acquazurra ballerina flats and, finally, this Equipment shirt dress. So here are a few photos of me (and Tenna) wearing the outfits I picked out.

I still don’t quite know exactly what “woman I want to be this year” (usually I never answer this question and the seasons pass by and I’m just… me), but I’m getting a clearer and clearer idea about it. Here’s to a great fall season!!!

matches fashion garance dore photos

Photos: Spencer Ostrander

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Haaaa la rentrée … C’est vrai que nous avons envie de changement de nouveautés et même pour ma part de grosse maille !!!
    J’avoue n’importe quoi ! En tout cas pour moi la rentrée signifie plein de nouveaux projets ! :p Je croise les doigts pour que tous ce réalisent comme je le souhaite.

    Bonne rentrée à tous le studio Doré !:)

  • I love these looks Garance. You look perfect! I cannot wait to dress for fall again- it is the most fun time of year. xxxx

  • Great looks. I especially love the Joseph tie-waist dress on you, Garance — good choice!

  • Love! I am loving so many Joseph pieces this Fall…great quality and price point. Thanks for sharing these looks with us. Still obsessed with your hair and would love an update on that.

  • Always great to see Garance modeling new clothes!

  • Really enjoyed this post! Loved the outfits. I definitely have been thinking about my fall style. I thought I wanted to do black, as usual. But I am really loving the creams. I’m a person who loves fall, sweaters, boots, hats… I love it. But this year I have really enjoyed summer and do not want it to end! Am I converting!? I’m okay with it!


  • love these photos of you! I am so happy it’s fall!

  • jennymarie September, 2 2015, 11:08 / Reply

    These are beautiful outfits, and I wish I could wear one of them, but alas nothing here fits my budget. I know one can gather great ideas and inspiration from what is put together here, but it would be exciting if a collection of ideas could be put together to fit a more measured income.

  • La robe grise me plait beaucoup mais je prefere la premiere tenue. J’aime ce style decontract’ tout en etant sophistique. Les chaussures!!!
    J’espere que l’on aura plus de photos de vetements pour la rentree. Je trouve l’idee super.

  • Ah la la t’es beeeeeelllllle! :)
    Happy September!

  • Yes, I wore shorts and sandals all summer. Love the first outfit, esp. the vest.

    Analog House

  • I am very happy to see posts like this one. Thank you to show Garance’s shopping list!
    Seriously, you should post more pics of OUTFITS! Too much beauty posts and blabla but Fashion before all, Please!!

  • Lisa Walker September, 2 2015, 11:37 / Reply

    OMFG fabulous!

  • I looove the first look

  • Garance you look gorgeous as usual. I love your style right now. It was always nice but now you look better than ever. Through your style you show how much you evolve as a person. Looking at you I can say that you are young, elegant, happy and confident woman (not a girl)

  • Did you see the video on basics on their website ? one of the most fab videos I have seen in recent times !

  • Tu es toujours très chic et très moderne. La robe grise avec les baskets bordeaux est sublime!


  • J’adore la robe grise nouée devant ! Super Garance ;)

  • rorococoeugvic September, 2 2015, 2:55 / Reply

    Quelle beauté ! Et quel bon goût … mon goût ! J’aime tout même si je pourrais pas tout porter …

  • I love the army green vest!!! I would pair with those gorgeous burgundy sneakers! Best two colors for fall =)

  • Great choices! I love the shoes! Thanks for inspiring me to search for a new fashion identity this fall! And also haircut always improves the mood!! (Almost always :)

  • ah génial, j’adore Matches !! Et moi non plus incapable de mettre un jean et volonté de tenir en mini jupe le plus longtemps possible sans tomber malade (ouioui).
    Par contre WTF la pub presque pas cachée pour sanpellegrino ? (et puis l’import d’eau d’Italie aux USA… pollution super inutile >.<)

  • C’est vrai que depuis la fin aout j’ai plus envie des mêmes vêtements… truc de filles certainement puisque pour mon mari rien n’a changé.. Bref, j’adore ta sélection de tenues et ta coupe est géniale! Moi aussi j’ai changé du tout au tout la semaine dernière et je me sens « une nouvelle femme ».

    Bizous, Christelle

  • the first outfit is fantastic!!! you look perfect!!!

  • Love those photos Garance! I especially like the first look x

  • Magnifique Garance (as usual) !
    Est ce que je suis la seule à avoir zoomé sur tes pieds ?

  • Ahh Garance you look effortlessly chic! Your skin is so radiant – a natural beauty. Looking forward to your next post. Love from chilly London x

  • Hello!
    I love everything about these outfits! The first outfit is my favorite one, I could imagine myself wearing it!
    I saw your choices in and read your interview too! You said lots of lovely things! Whenever I read your posts or any of your interviews, I get so inspired!

    Best Regards,

  • Ta dernière photo avec les bras ouverts me rappelle énormément “Groove is in the Heart” de Deee Light

  • Fall fashion is definitely the best. Sweater weather!


  • September is really beginning of new year if You ask me and walking through Zara yesterday, got me thinking what kind of woman I want to evolve in from this September.. Btw, Garance, You look great, that subtle bronze tan looks so good on you!
    Happy September and new working season

  • Garance you look fabulous!

  • I’ve been talking about this very subject for the last two weeks! I love summer but there comes the point when my inner style just screams to wear “real clothing” as well as wear makeup more than once a week! I’m welcoming the fall with open arms just as I welcomed my most recent week on the beach (which probably won’t be my last for the season) – they definitely both have their appeals.

  • Quel beau sujet pour un article, le mois de septembre ! Bravo pour les superbes visuels, la tonalité de l’article, la sélection des looks !


    Lise B

  • Brilliant outfits! Love the grey dress with the comfy looking beautiful brown leather platform sneakers.

  • I don’t consider high heels real shoes, actually. Sorry, that ship has sailed. A woman wearing high heels always looks like she is trying real hard.

  • I am yearning to get back into “real clothes” too. These photos by Spencer are some of the best I have seen of you. The one on the stool with your tongue peeking out is my all time favorite. Love you in grey too.

    Accidental Icon

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