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Confession: I do not wash my face before I go to bed. Never have. IknowIknowIknowIknow. Washing your face before you go to bed ensures you never ever age and is the key to perfect skin and if you do it all your dreams will come true and blah blah blah…

But seriously, washing my face before I go to bed is the last thing I want to do at the end of the day. By the time I have the thought I’ve been swallowed up by my perfect fluffy cloud of a duvet, laptop burning a hole through a pillow that’s propped up on my lap as I slouch perfectly with a glass of wine in one hand while I watch old episodes of Sex and the City thanks to a three degrees of separation HBO go password (thank you, whoever you are) while I contemplate if I should get up to make sure the front door’s locked or take my chances. Also, I’m falling asleep.

All this got me thinking about bad habits (specifically the beauty kind). In addition to not washing my face before I go to bed, I also have a weakness for picking. I pick dry skin off my lips (a weird habit my bestie and I share), I pick my face and, inevitably picking leads to squeezing. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve tried to stealthily disappear into the bathroom for a quick self-inflicted facial without my man noticing. The problem is that it’s just so disgustingly satisfying. And I guess that’s the problem with some bad habits. Other bad habits are more about thoughtless, mindless repetition. Take for example nail biters—they almost don’t even realize they’re doing it.

There’s the lazy bad habit, like never cleaning makeup brushes or using old makeup—when you have 27 tubes of lipstick there’s no way you can go through all of them, which means that more often than not I’ll go ahead and use one…even if it smells a little ripe. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Prettier? Both? 

And you know that super satisfying part of a manicure? (No, not the had massage). Cutting the cuticles! It’s hands down (sorry) my favorite part of the manicure thanks to my picking tendencies but just last week I was getting a pre-Mogador mani/pedi with my friend and when they asked her if she wanted her cuticles cut Allison firmly said no. I was like “No??? Why?” Allison explained that her Grandma had told her to never, ever cut her cuticles. And Grandma’s right. Apparently our cuticles protect our nails—if you just let them be, the less you’ll need to cut them (a little moisturizer or cuticle oil doesn’t hurt either). While I’m on the subject of nails: Stop. Biting. Them.

A couple others New Years resolution worthy habits to break: slouching, picking at split ends, and washing your hair too much (which is good news since my hair looks best a little dirty).

And then there are the things that you know you should do but never do: like washing your pillowcase more often, making sure to use sunscreen, using moisturizer, and, this new one I just learned: not using the same towel you use for your body to wipe your face (solve: paper towels). Ugh. It’s all so exhausting. Just thinking about it is making me want to hit the hay without washing my face and fall asleep on my dirty pillowcase.

But I take comfort in the fact that we all have them. At least I’m not clipping my nails on the subway.
What are your bad beauty habits? Anyone a picker? Any advice on how to kick the habit? 

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  • Supertomate September, 3 2015, 9:19 / Reply

    Si tu es sous la couette avec un verre de vin, j’en conclus que tu t’endors sans t’être relavé les dents ? Une mauvaise habitude de plus :p

  • Je me suis fait la même réflexion!! Soit elle se brosse les dents avant de boire du vin (auquel cas, le vin doit avoir un goût de chiotte et les dents restent sales toute la nuit), soit elle se relève après avoir fini ses séries et son vin (mais ça m’étonnerait puisqu’elle décrit ça comme la dernière chose qu’elle fait de la journée). Des les deux cas, berk.

  • everybody drops the ball occasionally. i think it’s ok! :)

  • Are you my long-lost sister???

  • ahana je me rends compte que je n’ai aucune de ces mauvaises habitudes : bien sûr j’utilise deux serviettes différentes pour le visage et le corps, je change de taie d’oreiller, je suis démaquillée le voyage tous les jours de ma vie d’adulte, je ne me ronge pas les cuticules, je me lave les dents scrupuleusement matin et soir, je me tartine de crème solaire je lave mes pinceaux bon je garde quand même mes rouges à lèvres depuis des lustres mais ils ne sentent pas mauvais – avec tout ça je suis loin d’être parfaite et d’avoir une peau parfaite !

  • I’m going to be super judge-y here, but…Not washing yourself on a regular basis is filthy, but especially baffling if you’re a beauty writer. You know better, and aren’t you motivated by your desire to be good at your job (e.g. testing products and routines)? I’m baffled by this. I can see maybe if you were falling into bed drunk every night, but just not feeling like it or being wiped out from watching TV…? I don’t get it.

    I find my nightly beauty regime to be one of the most relaxing, satisfying highlights of my day. It’s a chance to treat myself. Maybe re-framing hygiene as something indulgent and fun – which it is – would help you.

  • This is awfully put. Just because she forgets to wash her face at the end of the day does not deem the action to be filthy. If she was to not wash herself frequently in the context of a shower, it would be more befitting to use the word “filthy” but this is totally not the case. :)

  • Picking on zits (gross I know, but I couldn’t wait for the pimple formula to work), not following instructions on skin care (especially the treatment ones where they teach you to do things slowly. I just couldn’t wait and I just do the major stuff, ending up with an inflamed skin). Washing hair too much, twice daily, really it’s bad?? Getting a pedicure (because I get lazy to go to the salon, and I’m much lazier to do it myself. I don’t know how). So far, those.

  • Coucou Lisa,

    En France, ces mauvaises habitudes dont tu souffres s’appellent: être cra-cra :p
    Bon courage

  • Exactement !

  • Le triturage des boutons et points noirs, ça c’est ma spécialité! ;) Par contre je ma lave toujours le visage avant d’aller me coucher, j’aime me sentir nickel avant de dormir.

  • Le triturage des boutons et points noirs, ça c’est ma spécialité aussi! Mais je me douche avant de me coucher, j’aime bien me sentir propre pour m’endormir!

  • Ahaa I thought I was weird for picking my lips, glad I’m not the only person who does that… although I made them bleed last week during a hacking session, REALLY not attractive!! It gets worse with stress (and in winter)… also pulling out eyebrow hairs, anyone else do that? xx

  • Chouette une fille normale!!!

  • waltersteph September, 4 2015, 5:19


  • I used to be inconsistent about washing my face before bed, but then I started Caroline Hirons’ skincare blog and became a total convert/Hirons evangelist. Now I not only wash once, but twice– first with a balm cleanser and then with something lighter. Then I sweep an acid based toner over my face and follow with something like Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Oil. I think the reason why I stick with it is because it feels like more of a ritual than a chore. Also, my skin looks fantastic.
    Now if I could only find a method for getting rid of my other bad habits like picking my cuticles…

  • Me too!

  • Thank god I’m not the only one! I always feel so guilty when I read or watch videos about ‘my morning/night skin care routine’ because I honestly can’t be consistent enough to even try to develope a routine so I end up going to bed without washing my face as well. Ooops!

    I also pick at my cuticles which I really need to stop doing cause it makes my fingers look awful but as you said: it’s disgustingly satisfying! Gotta work on that one though. Amazing post!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier September, 3 2015, 10:31 / Reply

    I was in the habit of falling asleep with an unwashed face for years until I realized my 40+ year old skin was looking sluggish, my lashes spare and thin, my lips chapped. So my solution is to try and get off all the makeup and grime of the day when I get home for the evening, rather than just before I hit the sheets. If you’re headed to Paris for fashion week (or know someone who is) get them to buy a few packets of Bioderma cleansing face wipes and keep a pack in your bedside table for those late nights when you can’t pull yourself away from Samantha et co. They’re pretty brilliant. Oh, and invest in a SaveMyFacePillow(.com) It’s shaped like a stretched out Chanel double C logo and when placed on your pillow, it keeps your face from smoothing into your pillow, hence wrinkle-prevention! Sweet dreams, gorgeous girl!

  • C’est un canular ce post j’espère !

  • Katherine September, 4 2015, 4:55

    Pourquoi tant de jugement?

    Perfect post !
    Thanks for making me feel better about all my bad habits !
    Merci !

    Anne from Paris

  • Céline (theblondpowder) September, 3 2015, 10:47 / Reply

    Bon ben à la lecture de ton post Lisa, je crois bien que je suis maniaque ! ahahah
    Je me lave le visage tous les soirs, j’utilise des mouchoirs en papier pour l’essuyer, je mets de l’huile sur mes cuticules, je m’hydrate le corps après chaque douche, je ne me ronge pas les ongles et mets de l’huile sur mes cuticules !

    Mais je pense que tout est une question d’habitude car rien de tout cela ne me semble être pénible ou une corvée ;)

  • I never wash my face either–or my makeup brushes! Sleeping with my contacts on is one bad habit, and oh yeah, i need to drink more water.

    Analog House

  • I love this post — it’s so honest and such a refreshing change from the barrage of perfection we are subjected to every day. I am guilty of a lot of the same habits, including skin and lip picking. A friend of mine — a therapist who also struggles with skin picking — once told me it’s rooted in anxiety and control. As though we can instantly make ourselves look perfect if we could just extract/remove every perceived problem. I’ve heard of a couple of tricks to help. One is enlisting your partner to holler at you if you spend more than five minutes in the bathroom. Another is to leave a note for yourself on the mirror (also, get rid of any magnifying mirrors). The same friend also paints her nails anytime she gets the urge to pick. It’s a good way to redirect some of that energy!

  • I am a 47 year old woman and I have ALWAYS WASHED MY FACE BEFORE I GO TO BED! And because of it, my skin looks great! It´s never too late to get rid of bad habits. I have my share of them- so I am not one to preach- but, you gotta wash your face in the evening. Imagine all the grime of the day on it!!!! And, the plus side is that you don´t have to change your pillowcases more than every OTHER week!!

  • I wish those Korean spot covers were a socially acceptable thing to wear in public because they’re the only that stops me from picking at my skin

  • I also pick and pop! I can’t help myself it’s kind of fun (in a sick way). I’ve tried to be better but it’s hard.

  • C’est crade quand même … c’est le b.a-ba !! A quoi ça sert d’acheter des supers crèmes etc … venant de quelqu’un qui habite New York et qui travaille dans la mode encore plus !!

  • Does this mean you also go to bed without washing your hands? Same gross-ness: the face gets as much dirty and covered in bacteria as hands. This is really bad. Not just bad for yur skin as you seem to believe reading the article but plain Un·hy·gi·en·ic.

  • Thanks for the belly laughs this morning Lisa! When my 10 year old daughter showed me the “beauty” app that includes plucking hairs and popping pimples, I realized that this all must be more common than we think. Like the apes and chimps grooming one another, the picking and squeezing and popping must serve some primal need (to rid our bodies of things that could ultimately hurt us perhaps?). For the apes it is also social, so its interesting that we’ve evolved to consider it all icky and something to hide (except when you pay for the service in a mani/pedi shop). I find tweezing the odd hairs from my neck to be very satisfying, but yes I do it in the privacy of my bathroom haha! Thanks again for the (over!) sharing! :)

  • Marjolaine September, 3 2015, 12:02 / Reply

    J’ai un problème avec la beauté ou disons la mise en beauté. Je me lave seulement pour aller au travail ou quand je sors, avec un simple savon Dove. J’hydrate mon visage seulement, avec la crème pour le corps Nivéa (oui pour le corps) après la douche, pas à d’autres moments. Je me lave les cheveux une fois par semaine ou tous les dix jours car j’ai la flemme, avec un shampooing lambda à 3 euros, le reste du temps ils sont souvent attachés. Je mets du mascara parfois, tous les 36 du mois. Je me lave les dents quand j’y pense. Je perce les boutons et gratte les poils sous peau. Je n’ai jamais fait de manucure, de pédicure, je ne me ronge pas les ongles et je les garde courts et sans vernis. Je vais chez l’esthéticienne pour l’épilation, donc les 3/4 du temps c’est la repousse et ce n’est pas très doux. J’ai 28 ans, je fume beaucoup de cigarettes mais j’ai une jolie peau, je ne fais pas de sport, je ne bois pas d’alcool, je mange ce qui me tombe sous la main et ce n’est pas toujours sain. Voilà c’est tout ce que je fais, je me sens bien la plupart du temps et me trouve jolie. Donc sorry Lisa je n’ai pas de solutions, je voulais juste partager cela avec vous.

  • A la lecture de certains commentaires, en français, je comprends beaucoup mieux pourquoi on se tape une réputation de crados… Sérieusement, se laver les dents quand on y pense ? Au delà du fait que ce doit être un véritable calvaire pour votre entourage, pensez bien qu’il s’agit ici d’hygiène et non de mise en beauté ;)

  • Bad habits is what makes us human!!!
    Yael Guetta

  • OH MY GOD, washing make up brushes is just something I can’t bring myself to do!! The worst: I didn’t do it for 1,5 YEARS ….. didn’t notice anything though. Is it really that bad…??

  • Et dire que je pensais (a force d’articles, editoriaux, photos, etc..) que la New-Yorkaise etait la fille la plus parfaite niveau hygiene !

  • Lisa avez-vous participez a la redaction du petit editorial sur le parfum que je viens de lire il y a 3 minutes w?????????bien a vous

  • I can not go to bed dirty–I was my face, my hands, feet, brush teeth, pull back my hair. So maybe that’s being soooo good that it becomes bad?! However, I’m always examining and pinching at my pores. Changing room mirrors with their bright lighting is the best for this bad habit!

  • Wahhooo, un mythe tombe! On peut être cracra au pays qui a le plus peur des germes et bactéries. J’ai pas lu le post en anglais pour voir si c’était une question de traduction mais franchement, là, je me sens propre, très propre même. Est-ce qu’il s’agit seulement de mauvaises habitudes ou est-ce juste être (très) négligée?

  • Holy cow! Just get up and wash your face!! Or you could keep a package of wipes by the bed of you are really that lazy.

  • Oh my goodness. I have a lot of those horrible habits, however through MUCH repetition I have kicked a few. I used to bite my nails (ok… I occasionally still do) but I’ve noticed I will only bite them if I don’t have polish on, which means I have mandatory manis every week. The dirty pillow is a total lost cause. Who is going to wash their pillow cases that often? Loved this post!!!

  • J’aime cette auto dérision ! Très drôle et tellement humain !


  • That’s a really bad behaviour indeed!!!

  • I have plenty of bad habits, but not bad hygiene! Sorry, but this grossed me out so much I had to stop reading.

  • I’m a picker too! Awful habit but it’s so weirdly satifying to pick and squeeze stuff… My bad habits are also not washing pillowcases often enough (there are people who change them every day…), notoriously forgetting to do body or face scub and apply a cleansing mask weekly. Oh and I never do my nails unless theres some big event (I only cut them regularly but no filing and no nail polish ever). After all, although I love beauty products, there are far more interesting and fun things in life than spending it mainly in the bathroom getting ready… Being imperfect is rather healthy than bad, I feel like many people kind of forgot some important values and instead are focusing just on looking as perfect and physically attractive as possible ;)

  • dear lisa
    your post made me laugh but it also made me realize that you sound like you’re still in your 20’s or 30’s! it’s all the things i used to do as well…
    but once you hit those other decade landmarks, it’s harder and harder to pull it off.
    your honesty is charming ;-)

  • Genevieve September, 3 2015, 3:26 / Reply

    This was very funny, thank you!

  • Please post a photo of yourself, a close-up of your face…


  • Pas de problème de maquillage pour moi, mais je ne jure que par le Lait Onctueux Capital de Joëlle Ciocco pour me nettoyer le visage le soir. En plus l’odeur au néroli me rend complètement dingue !

  • kelebogile September, 3 2015, 5:35 / Reply

    I wash my face religiously every night, irrespective of the time I get home. If I don’t, I can never fall asleep! In my mid fifties, I have a great skin. My bad habit, yech…picking dead skin off my small toe corn and, wait for it, chewing it!!!

  • Je trouve ce post très sincère. Merci Lisa. Et les réactions diverses très intéressantes.

  • Oh sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Please wash your face! I can’t even…

    Love and Hyperventilation,

    A MUCH Older Version Of Yourself xxx

    PS. save yourself!!!

  • I’m a picker/popper.. CANNOT leave a pimple alone… But I am a washer – I ALWAYS have a shower before I go to bed.. I have to feel clean! (I also have horses and lots of dogs, so I am usually pretty filthy by the end of the day..) But I just hate that feeling of the day on me when I get into bed!

  • It’s always nice to hear that I’m not alone in my bad beauty habits! I’m totally the “buy another lipstick” kind of person and have racked up a whopping 30+ lipsticks and don’t know if I’ll ever finish them all before they expire, haha! I also pick at my nail polish – I can never keep a nice manicure on for more than a day!

  • Lisa is my second favourite writer in this blog, after Garance of course! Her writing makes me laugh every time!

  • Yessss1 I don´t wash my face wenn I go to bet either wenn i weak up. Ich think that´s too much for my skin and that makes my skin thinner. I´m sure! ;) …it´s enouth with the cosmetic products.

  • Spot picking is one thing but not cleaning your face when you live in a city thats as polluted as New York city is mega gross… Aussi les taies d’oreillers beeerrrk
    pour la creme hydratante sur le corps c’est une question d’habitude……

  • I’d worry more about drinking alcohol right before going to sleep, as the liver will spend all it’s time and energy on getting rid of the alcohol before fluhing out other toxins from your body, which the night really is meant for.

  • Damn.! I did it, I mixed up “it’s” and “its”.


  • It’s so amazing to see the comments on this post (especially the American ones)!
    I found the post honest and funny. And not washing your face every evening isn’t a crime against hygiene.

  • ça fait du bien de lire un post si spontané !!!!
    Don’t pay attention to the negative reactions to your post. You’re just normal and everybody have bad habits! Good luck with yours! Maybe the best way to lost them is to focus on one of them then when you lost it to focus on another… You could try a “september I’ll wash my face” month then find another habit to loose in october :)

  • Francesca September, 4 2015, 5:49 / Reply

    It was so much fun reading this post! Still, as tired as I was, I force myself every evening to stick to my beauty rut!

  • Dans mes bras :)

    Bientôt 42 ans, et je n’ai jamais nettoyé mon visage le soir. Trop la flemme.

    La taie d’oreiller : crade.

    Les serviettes de toilettes différentes . non mais puis quoi encore ??

    et bien je ne suis pas pire ou mieux qu’une autre, …enfin c’est que je vois dans la glace et ce que je me dise les autres (ils sont sympas). Et je me triture aussi beaucoup le visage (appelons ça se faire des massages, non ??)

    merci pour ce post décomplexant…:)))

    PS : mince, serai je mimi cracra ?????

  • Haha, certaines personnes devraient descendre d’un étage..
    “but this grossed me out so much I had to stop reading.” : pas un peu l’impression d’exagérer? Autant en France qu’aux Etats-Unis (bien que ça me semble venir plutôt des US cette manie là!), on a une tendance actuellement à être très “hygiéniste”. Trop.
    Je ne prends pas de douche tous les jours. Et je ne pue pas la transpiration, merci. (limite je suis un peu plus écolo!)
    Les microbes et les bactéries, c’est pas tous nos ennemis! Renseignez vous sur la quantité de bactéries présentes dans notre corps. Dans notre bouche. Oui, la bouche. Et arrêtez de vous laver les mains toutes les 5 minutes…
    just relax :-)
    (et surtout, ce mépris total face à un post se voulant “libérateur” et marrant, c’est plutôt malvenu! Personne n’est parfait, right?)

  • Katherine September, 4 2015, 5:05

    Je suis tout à fait d’accord!! Il faut arrêter d’obséder avec l’hygiène, et le mépris face à ce post honnête est désolant. Bravo pour avoir osé aborder le sujet, justement sur un blogue comme celui-ci, et honte à celles qui jugent!

  • Tu exagères! C’est too much, change au moins UNE de tes mauvaises habitudes. Au moins UNE

  • If u every went clubing u fell asleep with someone and washing your face LOL ….I don’t think it ages u ….

  • I think it’s even more important to brush your teeth before you fall asleep. You don’t want to end up with bad teeth!

  • Have you tried face wipes? Burt’s Bees makes an excellent one for sensitive skin. It won’t take out waterproof mascara but it takes out everything else. You can leave a packet on your bedside table and just wipe away while you’re in bed.

    I grew up with problem skin and not washing with water at night is the only thing that cleared my skin up honestly, maybe there’s actually something in the water.

  • I am definitely not a beauty freak like many of the girls in this blog, but whoa! Girl! You are quite something!
    I have a shower in the evening, so I’ve always washed and moisturised my face in the evening, and I could never go to bed without brushing my teeth.
    Touching my face? Nope. My skin is so sensitive, I can only touch it with very clean hands. And I don’t have pimples…maybe because I don’t touch my face?
    I leave my cuticles alone, I just ‘push them back gently, because ouch! Cutting them like you do must hurt!

    But this is a funny post though, on a beauty blog!

  • 9 times out of ten I do not wash my face either.. whoops… my friend told me that every time you don’t wash your face before bed it ages your skin SEVEN DAYS ! I try and get into the habit of doing it but then always end up breaking it, sometimes washing your face just seems like SO MUCH EFFORT (even though its not)… I try to exfoliate extra every now and then to make up for it. Also guilty of picking/splitting the split ends of my super long hair even though I go to the salon at least once a month to get hair treatments.. what is wrong with us ?!

  • Love it, love it, love it! Thank you! How refreshingly normal! I wash my face before bedtime even when we stayed with bedouins in a tent, never pick a pimple (really, never), but some of my makeup dates back to 1984. Yes, you read it right – nineteen eighty-four. And no, I’m not ashamed; I’m actually proud :) And I love it – the eyeshadows are excellent, and the mascara is still black. No, no funky smell or whatever.

  • ah voilà enfin un post nerveux, drôle, pertinent…qui change de l’ensemble de ce blog devenu tellement insipide.
    Bravo Lisa…

  • Oh, I know those late nights, Lisa! For example, I just came home after a long day in the city. I’ve changed myself in some shorts and t-shirt, watched Gilmore Girls (for fifth or sixth time) and I’m jumping from one blog to another. Meanwhile, I am well aware of the make-up I should be removing instead of postponing it… but I’m a major procrastinator. Besides removing my make-up, I can add to my bad habits skipping body lotion after shower (yes, then I complain my legs and arms are so dry), rarely using a toner and picking those blackheads even if it leaves me with scars. I’m helpless :))))

  • I wish I could get away with not washing my face at night, but unfortunately, my face then gets very angry and turns into a pepperoni pizza. And not the yummy kind. I finally relented and got makeup wipes that I keep next to the bed, for when I’m exceptionally lazy. Which is often.

    My dirty secret is that not only am I a total popper as well, but I love to watch other poppers on YouTube! The amount of zit videos on there is staggering. And disgustingly satisfying to watch. Feels to admit that!

  • Thank you for the provocative post and thank you especially to all the people who commented in a very exasperated manner. What a great laugh. Yes, we are all cracra somehow and even you, who wash your face and brush your teeth every night (I am one of those) are dirty somehow. Perfection does not exist and this is what makes people interesting.
    now, good luck to you as a team at the studio to process the comments on this post and figure out whether you wish to pursue that editorial line. Lisa, you should get promoted !

  • Tu es parfaite Lisa!

  • I swear to God that the Clarisonic brush is the deal. Ready in 1 minute! sans makeup and dirt. Your face is the way you present yourself, not your outfit, hair, job, weight….Think about is and think about the fact that it needs to breathe…so WASH.

    pd. 3 liters of water a day…FYI

  • Having grown up in an East Asian household means I’m so used to showering twice daily, morning and evening, every day of the year, otherwise I feel grimy. Taking a shower means taking my makeup off beforehand, so I’ve never had the chance to develop this particular bad habit of not washing my face nightly. Face wipes make face cleaning so easy anyway, it literally takes only seconds, you don’t need to perform your hour-long complicated oil cleansing ritual when you’re drunk and tired, but please at least wipe your makeup off… that said, I’m so amused by the really judgey comments above. Not washing your face daily is not *that* gross, ladies, definitely not as gross as kissing your butt-licking dog or lying on park grass saturated with bird poop.

  • Jane bien rigole... September, 5 2015, 2:06 / Reply

    Post le plus drôle depuis un moment. Et le fondement, dis, le fondement ? Tu le laves avant de te coucher ? Je milite dans l’association pour la réhabilitation du bidet. Mais attention, on ne se lave pas le visage avec la même eau ! Surtout APRÈS s’être lavé le fondement ;)

  • Coucou Jane,

    J’ai la solution à ton problème ;)!
    Il suffit d’acheter une petite douchette qu’on trouve dans tous les magasins de bricolage et que tu relies à la tuyauterie des WC.
    (C’est mon mec qui a 2 mains gauches l’a l’installé donc tout le monde peut le faire).

  • De Jane à Sisi September, 6 2015, 2:27

    Merci Sisi, si, si ! ;) C’est le post le plus rigolo que j’ai lu ici depuis un moment :D Je suppose que les vacances communes du studio ont généré ça et c’est top ! Enfin un peu de vent frais dans les sassafras. Et les commentaires de ce qu’on appelle souvent entre nous, lectrices de la première heure, “le chœur des pintades” me met dans une joie proche de celle que peut procurer un double Cosmopolitan glacé devant de vieux épisodes de Sex and the city …

  • Yes, we all have bad beauty habits (mine: face picking and too lazy to put body lotion every day after shower). I am not appalled by the judgy comment, quite the contrary – I am appalled how many people feel compasionate and understanding. Washing your teeth and face twice daily is the foundation of good hygiene (then comes the rest, e.g. the daily shower etc.). That is something children are taught in preschool. Apparently many people are really dirty underneath all that designer clothes!

  • J’aime bien le côté confidence et décomplexé du post mais ce qui est le plus marrant c’est de voir les différentes réactions, certains commentaires valent le coup.
    Là-dessus, je pense que certaines françaises se font un petit plaisir de souligner le manque d’hygiène, en prenant un air choquée, dégoûtée/wow en plus une new-yorkaise/un mythe tombe!/chez nous on appelle ça être cra-cra :DD!trop drôle!!! C’est la revanche quand on sait qu’un des clichés des américains est que les français ont une hygiène douteuse.
    Sur les mauvaises habitudes, on en a tous, que ce soit en matière de beauté ou autre. Par exemple, j’ai la même pour triturer les boutons et pour les petites peaux mortes sur les lèvres, eh oui j’en ai même en mettant du stick tous les soirs (et je n’ai pas encore pris la bonne habitude de me faire régulièrement un gommage maison à base d’amande écrasées ;D).

    A bientôt Lisa, que les commentaires ne te découragent pas à continuer tes posts et ne te vexent pas.

  • This made me laugh (and the appalled judgmental comments made me laugh harder). I wash my face in the evening about twice a month. Generally as a way of making amends for pressing every pore on my face with my unmanicured fingers. Then sometimes i forget to brush my teeth because i have more vital things on my mind, and I’m not proud of it, but so what? It might make me a hobo, according to a number of comments. My lover doesn’t seem to think so. Neither do my friends. And I have a pretty gratifying job, so it seems no HR person ever overanalyzed the ghastly bacteria soup on my face. Also, what’s the deal with the towel apartheid??? Since you’re supposed to dry your body and face AFTER washing, body should be just as clean as face when using the towel, so no use for two.

  • First just want to say, I thought I was the only one who sat up watching old episodes of SITC whilst drinking a glass of vino…such a guilty pleasure. I wash my face most nights. Once in while I fall asleep with out doing this, but NEVER with makeup on. This is a luxury I can take part in, not with fluid retention under the eyes, no siree bob! I have a friend who can drink multiple cocktails, fall asleep with her makeup on and wake looking refreshed, the only thing you notice is her makeup is faded and a little smudged. Me? Oh hell no, I look like somebody punched me in both eyes. Yup unfortunately my body is high maintenance so no slacking off for me.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  • I have a chronic habit of cleaning under my nails in public—in line, in the car, while I’m listening to a friend ramble, while I’m watching a movie. Any time I’m even slightly zoned out. I didn’t even realize it was so obvious until my roommate said it kinda grossed her out. Since then, I try to catch myself in public and sometimes say, “Ah! Sorry! I always do this thing with my nails.” A few of my friends have given me that “I know, honey” grimace. Oh no!

    …But my nails get so dirty! So fast! Even if I wanted to quit, I’m not sure I want to!

    HOWEVER. What has helped is that I bought a nail brush to sit right next to the soap at my bathroom sink. Now every time I wash my hands at home, I clean my nails too. It hasn’t depleted my habit, but it certainly has diminished it :)

  • I have the exact same bedtime routine and “bad habits”. Thanks for sharing! I don’t consider not washing my face a bad habit though, I just don’t see it as a necessity because I don’t wear a lot of makeup and over washing really dries out my skin. I think it’s hilarious the amount of commenter who are so offended by Lisa’s “poor” hygiene. Get off your high horse and her some respect for her having the courage to admit that ‘gasp!’ she doesn’t wash her face before bed!

  • Ahaha c’est drôle toutes ces filles qui tombent des nues !
    Il y a des extrêmes dans les deux sens, à chacun de trouver son juste milieu, non ?

    Et je ris en pensant à mon mec, s’il lisait ces commentaires ! Se soucie-t-il de se poser la question si ses mains sont assez propres pour toucher son visage ?!

    La société nous inflige de drôles de choses.. C’est bien de pouvoir encore en rire !

    Merci Lisa et Garance pour ces articles pleins de bons sens !
    C’est comme quand une copine nous livre une habitude honteuse et qu’on se dit eeeerrrk, mais c’est aussi pour ça qu’on l’aime encore plus !

    Je me ronge les cuticules, je me triture la peau, je ne me douche pas strictement tous les jours et il m’arrive même 2x par année en cas de flemmingite aigüe de zapper le brossage de dents du soir ! Et malgré tout, je me demande encore comment je ne pète pas un plomb en devant penser à toutes ces pseudos règles établies, de la façon dont on doit étaler sa crème de jour, du planning à établir pour ses gommages, être à jour avec ses poils (du mollet au sourcil!), checker ses manucures tout en prenant soins de laisser parfois respirer ses ongles, mais tout ça sans parler qu’on doit penser à manger équilibrer, faire du sport, se cultiver, ranger ses habits, faire son lit, aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!
    Donc merci à ce genre d’article qui nous rappelle qu’on est pas seule à ne pas être ces pseudos filles parfaites, que la vie est bien plus fun avec nos particularités !

    Des becs à toutes (ne vous inquiétez pas, je me suis douchée ET brossée les dents ce matin !!) ;)

  • It’s okay not to wash your face if you don’t wear tons of make-up, it’s okay to watch Sex and The City with wine and fall asleep right afterwards, it’s okay to touch your skin, I can’t believe people being “completely grossed out” about it ! Guys, just chill, seriously ! Life is not just about being super clean and perfect and having the best skin ever, it’s about enjoying the moment, and god knows how much it feels good to fall asleep without caring about anything.

  • I not only had really bad acne as a teenager, but I also wore hard contact lenses, so I got used to having a rather involved routine before going to bed quite early. I think that’s why I still can’t go to bed without at least washing my face, even if I’m camping in the middle of nowhere or sick with the flu. Now, if only I could be just as disciplined about flossing…

  • Et bien moi je ne lave pas systématiquement ma (mon ?) beauty blender et mon éponge konjac après chaque utilisation : un peu chiant quand même !

  • Ohlala les filles décoincez-vous un peu!!Certains commentaires sont un peu ridicules quand même; oui on peut ne pas se laver le visage tous les jours et il sera toujours là le lendemain matin hein! Pareil pour la douche, un jour sans en prendre une ne signifie pas qu’on va se transformer en chubaka dans la minute!
    C’est quoi cette hyprocrisie, personne n’est parfait, on a TOUTES un truc un peu cracra qu’on fait de temps en temps (sans même le savoir parfois!) et c’est ça qui fait de nous des êtres humains!:)

  • This was suggested to me about 20 years ago and I swear I have never gone to bed with a dirty face since…
    Remove makeup and wash your face as soon as you come home at the end of your day…then you can apply your night skincare or a mask before you’re too tired. Your skin will thank you..and your pillow will too.

  • Mon Dieu mais MERCI! Enfin un article qui nous fait déculpabiliser. Qu’il est dur d’être une femme imparfaite aujourd’hui. Quand je vois les commentaires, je ne peux que constater la pression qui s’exerce sur la gente féminine…
    Merci merci merci à l’auteur! Le monde de la mode nous fait assez sentir comme des sous-femmes, c’est un bonheur de voir ce genre de billet sur ce blog.
    Je vous envoie plein d’amour Lisa.

  • It is brave to write a post such as this, in an age of microscopic observation and scrutiny. The amusing aspect – on the part of those replying, not on your post – is that only the those of us similarly saddled with OCD are replying. ;). More pointedly: there is nothing disgusting about your behavior. I myslef have all kinds of incongruities (sometimes, I go to bed w/o washing my face…I also am obsessed with keeping my hands clean- go figure; guess it’s good for my zit popping.). One cannot be sans OCD when replying to this poat because 1) it takes one to know one, 2) Either you’re OCD brings about the same behavior or 3) your ODC “schtick” is opposite in nature from this post and you are horrified. Instead, let us all realize that we are the same – with different manifestations of the ‘circumstance’ (note avoidance of “disorder”) – and that the world would not go ’round without persons such as we. :). ‘Nuff said. Bravo!

  • Pretty component to content. I simply stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to assert
    that I acquire in fact loved account your blog posts.
    Any way I will be subscribing to your augment and even I fulfillment you get entry to consistently fast.

  • Je me reconnais un peu dans ton article :-) On a tous notre “bad behavior”

  • Funny story. Although I like to bit dirty from time to time ;)
    Specially when it comes to bedtime stories!

  • Bon je crois ma m’y mettre aussi lol Malgres ca va etre un peu bizarre de ne pas se laver le visage en soiree mais bon ca merite un essaie. Merci!

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