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When I decided to leave my New York life behind, I knew more or less what I was losing: a comfortable, clear-cut life. An easy city where everything was in reach, where I’d already proven myself and where the red velvet ropes opened to me like magic. A world where, almost everywhere I went, familiar faces were there to say hello.

That was great for a few years.

Then I started to get a little bored. As any artist will tell you, too much comfort ruins being comfortable.

In other words: you end up with nothing new to say about it.

For example. My first fashion show was a cruel and fascinating world filled with semi-hateable, tall, gorgeous women at the height of fashion. By my fiftieth show, there was Sarah to my right who was pretending she’d lost her invitation again, and Anna to my left – sure, she can be cruel, but pfff you don’t know her story (and I won’t share it with you, I just had kale raclette with her last night). I told you at least twelve times about Leila’s weird behavior, the woman to my left there. It was funny at first, but now that I know her, it’s sad actually… not funny. Yawn. Being an insider.

Everyone is way too nice to you.

So, there you go. Good news for my skeptical French mind: in Los Angeles, I’m an outsider.

That’s actually one of the reasons why, with nothing but my own courage, I came to live here.

And also the reason why, with nothing other than my sense of duty, I accepted a few invitations to Hollywood parties where I was the outsider of outsiders from Planet Outsider, from the farthest reaches of the Outsider galaxy.

In fact, last week, I went to one of those parties all alone.
Too outsider to even get a plus one. Seriously?

I forced myself to go because Chris was playing there, and also because the number of celebrities per square inch promised to be Golden Globe-esque, and even though I’m incredibly cool and not impressionable in the least, I do come from a little lost island in the Mediterranean, always remember.

This wasn’t the first time that, by the magic of my New York connections whose tentacles reach all the way to Chateau Marmont, I’d found myself invited to a fabulous Hollywood party. But that doesn’t mean I’m used to it yet.

So what happens is that in general, I’m more or less alone, slightly lost, and everyone finds me incredibly chic.



That’s how you learn two things you forget when you work in fashion, where we end up forgetting what’s chic and venerating whatever is conceptual or flashy:

1/ When nobody knows you, being chic really helps you make an impression.
2/ Being chic is terribly easy, unlike what people would have us believe.

You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Don’t leave just yet, the name dropping is on its way and it’s pretty SOLID.


Let’s talk about the surroundings, because I have a tendency to forget (I’ll end up forgetting this completely and you’ll get annoyed with me, because that’s just the way it goes) that not everyone lives in LA with their own personal shaman, driver and plastic surgeon.


Palm trees at night, a long drive that feels like an artsy slow-motion scene, Venice, the freeway, Beverly Hills, palm tree palm tree palm tree, Bel Air. The further you go into it, the more the houses start to look Disney-esque, the more the lawns look like they’re made of plastic, each blade of grass standing perfectly straight. Nighttime in LA is a dream for a voyeur like me. The lights are on and you can see inside all the houses. I could spend hours just observing it all.

I was invited to a Golden Globe party and it wasn’t my first rodeo. And let’s not minimize my pretty astonishing career – I’ve seen my share of super-star celebrities. And besides, if Chris hadn’t been playing that night, I probably wouldn’t have even gone. Because once you’ve seen one celebrity, you’ve kind of seen them all.

Not to minimize celebrity, though.

Well actually, yes, I do want to minimize meeting celebrities (a little). Meeting a celebrity is often disappointing. Like 99% of the time.

It can go three ways:

1/ The celebrity is normal and cool. When that happens, they just become a regular person, and in two seconds, all the glory of having been in the presence of a celebrity is gone. I think that’s the effect I have when people come up to me in the street. Sure, my level of celebrity is arguable. Plus, with my Labrador personality, I don’t even play the role of the nice person who is way too busy to pay attention to their “fans” (such a stupid word, “followers” being worse)(but that’s another conversation, another post). Me, I talk, I tell my life story, I ask questions. Sometimes it ends up being my fans who don’t have the time for me “Oops, sorry Garance, I have an appointment…”

2/ The celebrity is totally insecure and uncomfortable in their own skin (it happens more often than you think) and is in some kind of distress (you’re constantly in distress when you’re insecure and uncomfortable). In this case, the celebrity will use you, the unknown chic person, to dig themselves out of their solitude in that moment until a famous producer or someone more famous than your celebrity comes into the room. At which point the insecure celebrity will toss you aside like a teenager’s cigarette when their mom comes into the room (with shame, basically), and they’ll forget about you entirely (they didn’t take a second to ask your name anyway) even though you’re going to keep running into them at every Hollywood party you are invited to. Yep, the insecure celebrity has a tendency to go to too many parties. FOMO is a problem at every level of society.

3/ Or, the celebrity is a diva, in which case, YES. All she has to do is lay her eyes on you and you feel touched by grace. Which is exactly what we expect from a good, solid celebrity. Let me tell you, selfies with celebrities are overdone. But that feeling of grace is exactly the effect I felt when I met Jane Fonda for half a second.

So, where was I? Ah yes, Bel Air. Bel Air, where the houses get bigger and the cars get flatter (how are you even supposed to get in a Ferrari, how?) and my driver tells me we’ve reached our destination.

My driver. My Uber, I mean.

I’m in a Toyota Prius, because I care so little about what people think of me, I didn’t even think about switching to Uber Black.


My driver is so thoughtful, he asks me nicely if I’d like him to do a U-turn to drop me off right in front of the entrance, the entrance surrounded by Maseratis, Porsches and Ferraris…


I arrive, confident and humble. I go into the party.

We’re at a big Hollywood Chewing Gum house. It’s enormous, with lots of art (in Hollywood, art is measured in square feet) on the walls, big tables overflowing with food, and little groups of powerful people surrounded by little groups of less powerful people, surrounded by even more little groups of people who aren’t powerful at all, surrounded by a little group of servers with champagne. And outside of all those groups, SINCE I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HERE, and no one knows me, there I am. Chic, of course, but so alone.

I take a few moments to scan the celebrities. The little island I just described. There’s Joan Collins, who hasn’t changed since Dynasty, which satisfies my curiosity. And yeah, there are plenty of other celebrities, but Joan!
I can go home now!

For my American friends, just know that Dynasty was the American show that glued French people to their TVs starting in 1982. And yeah, I realize that dates me, but I don’t mind, because…
Another troubling Hollywood fact:


I’m so YOUNG, I can’t even tell you how fresh and new I am, like a baby chick.

Because one of the hidden secrets of Hollywood is that there are lots of old people, both men and women.

It’s not like New York, a city of young people, where everybody disappears after they turn fifty. Where do they go? Is there a vacuum for old people in New York? Where is it? Its LA the vacuum for old people in New York? Was I vacuumed up myself?

In LA, there are lots of old people, and not only are they old (sometimes really, really old), they’re still invited to parties and they seem to be having a great time.

So I’m walking around with my freshness and youth and New York chic (it was super hard too, all I did was throw on my John Patrick Organic slip dress and it’s that dress’s fiftieth rodeo)(at least) with a Stella jacket (thousandth rodeo for that one, and I’m not even exaggerating) and my Mansur Gavriel heels, which, okay let’s put it out there, it was their first rodeo since I spend my life wearing yoga pants in LA, which is absolutely deplorable since I don’t really even do yoga.

So my New York chic just comes from the fact that Hollywood style is kind of a mess, as the most Us Weekly among you have probably noticed.

Faded cocktail dresses for the non-celebrities, and dresses borrowed from Hollywood designers for the celebrities, which are always a lot prettier in photos than in person (the dresses, not the celebrities)(WELL, ON SECOND THOUGHT…)(except Jane Fonda) so, coming from the fashion world, I’m forty steps ahead, even though I haven’t been shopping since Trump was elected (not in protest, BUT ON SECOND THOUGHT…anyway, it’s just because of moving to LA and the whole yoga pants thing.)

So I’m walking around gracefully and as you might expect, I end up talking to a charming man who is relatively small in size, which doesn’t take away from his charm.

I say to him: “I don’t know anyone here and I don’t have a Golden Globe at home.”

He responds: “Ah, well I hardly know anyone here, and I do have a Golden Globe.”

And right then, we kissed and disappeared into the sunset in a Maserati.

OK, just kidding. I just looked at him and said, “Really?”

And he answers: Yes, really.
So then I start digging myself into a hole without realizing it “Why did they give you a Golden Globe?”
He says: “For a TV show I made, but it was a long time ago.”
And me, overly curious and making it awkward: “Ah, you’re a director?”
“No, I’m an actor.”
But then I came up with the perfect way out: “Sorry, I’m French and there are huge parts of American culture I’m not familiar with. The only person I recognize here is Joan Collins (LIE, because Leonardo DiCaprio just showed up in sneakers and a baseball cap because when you’re Leonardo DiCaprio you can go to a party wearing yoga pants if you feel like it)(give me a few years and I’ll be in sneakers, yoga pants and a baseball cap at the Oscars).

Anyway, after insulting an actor (that’s the problem with actors, a lot of times they are way smaller than we imagine them and it’s REALLY hard to place them)(that’s why I never could have been an actress, I am full size, people!!) I hurried back to the cheese platters to help destroy my breath.

And that’s where I met Sarah (I think her name was Sarah?). I could tell right away that she was extremely rich, just by the way she immediately treated me like her best friend, and a servant at the same time.

“Oh my god, you’re so cute and chic!” (like I said, based on the average age in Hollywood, I’m just a child, so people talk to me like a child, and unlike a real child, I LOVE IT)

I couldn’t respond because of the huge piece of parmesan I still had in my mouth, but that wasn’t a problem – on the contrary. Sarah (?) started telling me all about her sex life with a very Hollywood sense of ease. Since I could do nothing but nod, I soon became her best friend. We both had a little cheese plate, which relaxed the atmosphere a bit, and we went to sit by the fire so she could finish telling me her sex story (which was pretty basic, all-in-all) about a social-climbing man who was just using this beautiful, nice, funny woman who, unfortunately for her, happened to be extremely rich.

The proof? He was sitting two chairs down from us with his tongue in the mouth of a less beautiful, less rich producer who happened to be much more powerful than Sarah (?) according to Sarah (?) (I discovered the full extent of her richness when she said, “Oh, you’re French? My fleet (= my four yachts) is in Monaco, but it’s been at least five years since I’ve had the time to go there).

If you know your yacht math, that means she’s pretty much extremely rich.

She talked on and on about her bad luck, and I kept nodding, while enjoying the view from my chair.
And at that point, I have to admit a certain sadness started to come over me.

Most of the women there had the strange faces of people who don’t want anything to do with the years passing by. And I have two things to say on that subject.

1/ I have no judgment about it. If it’s done well, that’s great. And long live Jane Fonda who makes no mystery about having a little work done here and there.

2/ Is the pressure on women so strong, they just can’t accept looking any older than thirty? Because there’s a real difference between helping out nature a little bit and trying to make everyone believe time has no effect on you whatsoever.

What I saw around me weren’t strong women full of experience and beauty and maturity. I saw women who were trying to pretend they were young, with their attitudes, facial expressions, clothes – there was an air of desperation around them.

I shook my head to move on to something else, but I kept thinking about the work we still have cut out for us to create a new society where self-love and acceptance aren’t just for the modern heroines – the ones who know how to inhabit their own power, and know their value only increases with the passing years. That strength and confidence should be a right for all women.

The right to no longer live under the degrading gaze that society extends our way.

Before I left, I ended up running into my friend Laura Brown, editor-in-chief of In Style, on her way to the Golden Globes. She is just as comfortable in Hollywood as she is in the front row at fashion shows, or gobbling down a plate of pasta at Barbuto and bursting out laughing. She was with Laura Dern, two modern heroines, basically.

Laura had saved me many times before at fashion shows with her sense of humor, her anti-snobbery and her permanent advice, which is now my mantra: UNDERTHINK IT. She says I think too much and she’s probably right. She gave me a big hug and then took off in a Ferrari (or so I imagine).

I decided to cut my evening short after a conversation with a Hollywood blogger, who, like Hollywood person living in the Hollywood bubble, knew absolutely nothing outside of Hollywood.

He spent forty minutes mansplaining his job to me (“So, you see, I take photos of myself with celebrities and brands pay me for it. What matters isn’t how many followers you have, it’s post engagement, because you see, what brands really want…” etc. etc.) and he didn’t listen to a word I said (“Yes, yes, I’m familiar with the job, because, well…”)

I looked at his Instagram. Photos with celebrities.

That was pretty much the bottom of the barrel for me, especially because Jon Hamm, the man I tend to run into at every celebrity party, but who never recognizes me, even though he’s always a gentleman, still wasn’t there. It was time for me to leave.

Especially because talking to that blogger made me start wondering about my place in the world.


About the crazy amounts of money I could make (“because what brands want…”) Underthink it.

And what I could have done with the options that presented themselves to me. Become an “influencer” and tell myself that was my job. Listening to outside advice, I actually tried to do that for a minute, but it felt soulless.

Underthink it.

I respect people who do that, living for the right photo. Being an insider and making a job out of it. But that wasn’t for me. My humor, grace and joy don’t stem from that life. I guess I had to learn it.

Underthink it, just follow your heart.

I preferred to distance myself and leave that comfortable world behind. Put myself at risk, let go of the easy way of doing things. And sure, sometimes it scares me! But…

Now I have new things to write to you about. Things that make me think, make me laugh, and make me feel alive. Posts that are too long because they just pour out of me all at once. Moments where my discomfort makes me do things that are totally stupid, but human and funny and real. I have new fears to overcome, new worlds to discover, and so much to share.

And honestly, I couldn’t care less about being in photos.

Once again, I’m the one behind the camera. With my words and my heart. Yoga pants or not, we’re going to have a great time! So, there you go. Have a wonderful day, my “fans”!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • This was fun to read! It’s so weird but my friend moved out to LA and said the same thing…. that a lot of celebrities are really small and in some cases have large heads. Why? The camera must love those proportions or something.

  • What a nice, fun story… It’s so interesting to get a view of the LA lifestyle! It sounds like you really enjoy your outsider status there, so maybe we won’t get so many tales of Golden Globe parties, but that’s ok – you’re living an authentic life!

    What you wrote about women who don’t want to look older than 30 reminded me of something Carolina Herrera said recently, that there’s nothing that ages a women more than dressing too young. Aging gracefully is more elegant than pretending it’s not happening.

    Here’s what Carolina says:

  • Ça me fait tellement plaisir de lire tes textes. Merci de nous faire partager ça, cet autre monde par tes yeux et par tes mots!

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira January, 16 2018, 9:51 / Reply

    You crack me up , Garance ! *_*
    Beijinhos e Abraços de Lisboa !

  • This was such a wonderful post. This is truly the content I love best, although it is exactly the kind of content that takes time and inspiration, so when it comes, I’m grateful. In the meantime, I’m amazed by the editorials, day after day of beauty. The good thing about having fans and followers is that you have a platform to help women rejoice in their beauty and chic, even as the years fly by (of course they fly, we’re busy being amazing!). Thank you!

  • I love this. Your description of Hollywood people is right on.

  • Well this was fun! It sounds like you still have your feet on firm ground. It also sounds like there’s lots of excitement in Hollywood but not much happiness.
    I don’t think I’ve ever bought something because of a celebrity or an “influencer.” It doesn’t require overthinking or underthinking but just plain thinking.
    Did you get to talk to Jane Fonda?

  • WELCOME BACK GARANCE!! Quel plaisir de lire ce post plein de joies de craintes et de mansplainer! Je te comprends à 100% quand tu parles de confort, j’en suis là aussi dans ma vie. Born & raise à Montréal, bon travail en galerie, bon réseau, mais je sens qu’il est temps que je bouge un peu, que je me fasse peur, que je trébuche! C’est si inspirant de te relire comme avant, j’ai hâte à la prochaine fois!!

  • Virginie attal January, 16 2018, 10:30 / Reply

    Hâte !

  • Thank you Garance. I love posts like those, where we can see you are always the lovely Garance we knew since the beginning. Sometimes this site seems to be too much advertising or hidden advertising….but I love those genuine posts, which remind me why I stared following you.

  • Agree.

  • I agree too! We love you Garance!

  • Stephanie January, 16 2018, 7:00

    Piling on my agreement. Enjoyed this post, thank you!

  • Yep, true

  • agree. the only reason i still come to this site is for garance. i cannot relate to the other content. (have been here since the beginning as well.)

  • Même sentiment – Je ne lis que les posts de Garance, pour le reste je ne m’identifie pas au contenu. C’est joli mais un peu plat ? C’est très propre, carré, esthétique, mais ça manque d’âme à mon sens.

  • Pareil. Je suis là depuis le debut du blog mais je ne lit que les posts de Garance, le reste manque d’âme.

  • Same here! Xoxo

  • I agree too! There is some great content on the new site but most of all your illustration/writing combos are just the very very best.

  • I agree with M as well, been a reader from the beginning and now only come to the website once in a while to check if there is a new diary post.

  • Thank you! I missed so much writings like that.

  • In a recent Guardian article, I found a truly inspiring role model for aging – Michele Perrot, professor emeritus of contemporary history in France. Such beauty! And so wise.

    At age 62, I’m looking for these women, for guidance, as well as appreciating others like Garance, and Lisa Eldridge etc. Surface and depth – synthesis.

  • Wonderful post! Your humility, sincerity and humor are all worthy of Golden Globes in my book!

  • hahaha this piece is awesome!

  • Garance signature writing from start to end. Love it!
    Mercedes fan

  • Sunny Side January, 16 2018, 11:22 / Reply

    Mais qu’est-ce tu fais chez ces dinosaures ? Chris a-t-il déclenché quelques infarctus ? Est-ce qu’ils transpirent encore ? Et leurs lombaires, est-ce que Chris y a pensé ? Des slows c’est plus safe ! Et toi baby chic fais une interview de Di Caprio et pique lui sa casquette !

  • I think you still are an “influencer” but of a better kind :)
    With true words, reflection and humanity !
    I used to follow many blogs but yours is the only one I keep coming to, and I like what it has become.
    So bravo! And long live the yoga pants.

  • Very funny and interesting story. I love how there are so many different worlds and environments to visit all over the US. So amazingly distinct with their own culture and curiosities. I’m not even sure I like parties anymore, too many people : ) It’s fun to read about while I dwell in my little corner of the world. However I totally agree with stepping outside your comfort zone and meeting new people! Thank you for sharing your experience, your writing always enthralls me.

  • Ton texte m’a fait tellement rire.
    Bon, j’avais foiré ta tenue, je t’imaginais en costume pantalon Mc Cartney… j’ai la veste quoi ;-) mais je t’ai tellement bien visualisée, l’anthropologue gourmande, amusée et bienveillante avec tout ce petit monde. Lost in translation en quelque sorte, mais avec quelques bases de la langue.
    Vivement tes prochains textes!!
    Plein de bises

  • du coup on saura pas qui tu n’as pas reconnu ??

  • Mackenzie January, 16 2018, 11:54 / Reply

    I love this! Thank you for sharing.

  • Merci pour ta sincérité encore une fois. C’est fou ce que tes histoires font du bien! Une petite bouffée d’oxygène dont on a souvent bien besoin;)
    Plein de bisous!

  • Garance je t’aime :’))

    Une fan.

  • Wonderful comedy! This town kills me. Take that eco-conscious uber right to the front door and f*** ’em, I say. Nothing matters more in this town their your own self-confidence, even if its fake. :)

  • Chère Garance,
    C’est toujours un plaisir de vous lire, surtout sur le sujet que vous évoquez. Votre description de cette soirée montre la souffrance de beaucoup de personnes à Hollywood et dans la mode. Je pense que vous préférez le pays de l’être que du paraître. Le premier apporte toujours de l’inconnu et des belles surprises, tandis que l’autre attire les “m’as-tu vus?”
    Il y a beaucoup d’années j’ai eu l’occasion de rencontrer le jet-set international de pics-assiettes et de personnes désespérées d’être au centre du ‘beau monde’, et j’ai décidé de les éviter à tout prix. Je préfère être parmi des gens sincères et réfléchis qui enrichissent ma vie et nourrissent mon âme. Ils sont si rares…! Bonne route et bonne continuation.

  • Hi Garance,
    Reading this was just so entertaining I found myself laughing out loud. I hope to see you in San Francisco, or LA, sometime soon!!!!
    Hugs to you! :)

  • This was my favorite Garance post ever. Funny, charming, moving, insightful. Simply wonderful.

  • Great to have the good old (no pun intended) reflective Garance back!

  • Oui à l’inconfort ! ?

  • Sounds like they need to read your blog to learn how one enjoys themself. Except Jane, I suspect she has always known that secret.
    Don’t worry, I never recognize celebrities and I grew up in L.A. They are smaller and less glamorous most of the time.
    Your posts remind me that confidence and a sense of humor are the best accessories. We are who we are and looks aren’t everything.

  • Enfin de retour, Garance! :)

  • I loved this post so much.
    It made me dream..
    Thank you xxxx

  • Tres bon article qui decrit bien ce monde factice, ennuyeux et triste.

  • Goodness where have you been? Oh how I miss your writing. Totally utterly enjoyable and all too relatable… as I’m a NY transplant living in LA, a complete outsider. Palm trees included!


  • Vous êtes ma préférée Garance, out of space, quel bonheur de vous lire.
    Fan je suis, effectivement!:D

  • Haha! What a perfect reflection on LA life! Yes! I’ve been to those parties and have met those very same people! Though, I imagine I was not nearly as chic as you ;)
    But, under thinking it is even more perfect. In this day and age doing something because it fills you with life, without having to think about it, is wonderfully fresh and new.
    Much love from down the block in Venice. xx

  • Garance, how about calling your “fans” or followers your supporters?

  • Moments where my discomfort makes me do things that are totally stupid, but human and funny and real.

    That line is so spot on Garance!

    Dont get me wrong, I love your brand, your team etc, but I must admit, I always look forward to your own post! I love your writing, it’s so raw and it makes me feel like you’re just beside me narrating this kind of story. :)

  • ohlala quel parcours tu réalises, et comme je n’aimerais pas être dans ces soirées de l’horreur (oui carrément) :)))
    je rejoins l’avis des autres lecteurs : c’est un plaisir de te lire ainsi, tu sembles en forme !

  • Lovechoclate January, 17 2018, 4:31 / Reply

    RAS, c’est extra et délicieusement piquant. Et en bonne liseuse du blog, c’est savoureux, ça remet un peu les idées en place et vraiment si je te rencontre (je suis à des années-lumière de pouvoir le faire) j’oublierai pas ;)
    Bref, je me réjouis de lire la suite.
    Hi! A l’équipe.

    With Love

  • Cet article est absolument délicieux. J’adore cette expression “ces femmes qui n’habitent pas leur âge” et votre recul sur tout cela. Merci ! Mais quand même j’aurais bien aimé avoir un selfie avec cet acteur goldenglobisé, histoire de savoir qui c’était (je suis extrêmement physionomiste)

  • Camille Reddress January, 17 2018, 4:36 / Reply

    “I could tell right away that she was extremely rich, just by the way she immediately treated me like her best friend, and a servant at the same time.” Classic Garance! Such an on the nose observation. I loved this piece!!!

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  • There you are! The woman I understand and identify with. I’ve missed you :D

    I could totally imagine that scenario, thanks to your little window. I think I would have run a mile! I don’t think people can really be themselves in those situations…

  • Very lovely post. And I NEVER comment on any posts.

  • Mon Dieu, LA a l’air tellement… déprimante et vide.

  • “L.A. est-il l’aspirateur à vieux de NY?” Très drôle!!!

  • Always love your stories, Garance! So fascinating…

  • wow! so much sincerity, it really touched me and made me feel in peace, a little bit like a good yoga moment! Amazing to see how you made a shift…again! you are very brave and real! thank you

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    Remarque, si personne ne te connais, tu peux écrire sans risque, héhé!

  • On dirait moi dans ma première soirée rallye :)
    Merci pour ce post, super bien écrit comme d’habitude et très rafraichissant

  • Génial ! Du “grand” Garance Doré, comme j’aime !
    Vos posts, hilarants et touchants, sont devenus rares.
    Ils n’en sont que plus précieux à savourer. Du coup, je tente de ralentir ma lecture pour faire durer le plaisir mais c’est peine perdue …
    Merci à vous. Continuez !

  • ¨Being chic is terribly easy, unlike what people would have us believe.¨ Love this quote !!!!

    Rock Renee Blog

  • Aaaah Garance, je l’attendais tellement ce post de toi!! Je parle souvent de toi avec ma meilleure amie Domi, et on se demandait si tu ne t’étais pas un peu perdue pendant ses années New Yorkaises… La dessinatrice et photographe si talentueuse, toujours vraie, drôle et craquante de simplicité, au sens de l’observation aiguë et sans pareil. La belle Française au milieu des Américains, croquant le quotidien du style et de la mode comme personne, avec humour, lucidité, amour et bienveillance. Cette Garance me manquait tellement au milieu de toutes ces marques, ces placements, ces portraits de stars et entrevues de filles “in”. Les inconnues prises en photo au coin d’une rue me manquaient. Les posts pleins de grâce et d’incertitude, de finesse et de questionnements me manquaient. Ton irrévérence, ta passion, ton enthousiasme contagieux, ton ironie joyeuse. Merci de t’être enfuie, merci de t’être retrouvée. Le voyage est la destination. Le voyage, dans tous les sens du terme, a toujours été ta vraie maison. xx

  • Ouh que c’est chouette de te retrouver ici !!!!! Welcome home Garance !!!

  • un lecteur! January, 18 2018, 8:47 / Reply

    Super article! J’ai ri!

    Belle journée Garance!

  • Jon Hamm is my celebrity crash! It would be a dream come true to meet him in person. But I live too far away, in Greece…. No chance of me meeting him…

  • Chère Garance,
    Vous savez quoi : on est françaises et çà nous sauve la vie.
    J’ai vécu à LA au siècle dernier, j’y faisais mes études (UCLA) et mon stage à NBC Studios. J’ai détesté la mentalité de cette ville, vide, froide, superficielle. Nous, nous sommes des latins, on aime rire, manger, partager, on parle fort, on a le sens du clan, de la famille. LA c’est tout l’inverse. Et de ce que je lis rien n’a changé en 20 ans.

  • I love your long posts and it occurs to me that one of your qualities is that whatever you do and wherever you go you really look (a good quality in a photographer!) and then relate back to us what you saw, but you look more like an anthropologist, like an artist, rather than a celebrity or a celebrity star-gazer, so that what you come back to tell us is so much more interesting and unexpected than the usual reportage.

  • Un excellent récit de notre chère Garance, comme on est heureux de te retrouver pleine de joie et de vie, on le sent dans tes lignes
    Soit comme beaucoup d’entre nous cet oiseau Phénix que j’adore, qui renait à chaque fois de ses cendres. Nous somme là pour être heureuses, quelle que soient les épreuves et évenments, et surtout grâce à eux
    Alors, merci à eux et merci à toi notre chère et tendre Garance que nous aimons tant parce que tu fais partie de nous, et nous de toi
    On t’embrasse fort, à très vite))

  • Christina January, 18 2018, 2:14 / Reply

    Garance, I adore this post. You are amazing and I love the nuggets of wisdom scattered amongst your spot-on humour. I am unabashedly a G superfan. XOXO

  • Oh Garance, comme je vous aime ! Comme j’aime cette Garance là, celle qui me fait mourir de rire et me donne tellement de plaisir à lire ! Merci d’être vous, simplement géniale et fabuleuse sans être un cliché ! Love Love Love !

  • Nathalie January, 18 2018, 6:16 / Reply

    I agree completely! This is why I fell in love with this blog and Garance! *Warm fuzzy feelings, beaming at computer*

  • This post made my entire week- your grace and sense of humor brings me back to your online world time and time again. Merci beaucoup!



  • It was fun to read until it wasn’t fun anymore. It seems you were the one not having fun. Lord, but you have become so serious. We are not going to make a new society “where self-love and acceptance aren’t just for the modern heroines,” because who wants that? Self-love? What a concept! (We are supposed to love our neighbour as ourselves, because self-love is presumed.)

    The old Garance would have at least show us a picture of her outfit, which is what I wanted to see.

  • It was a woderful read as always Garance, thank you for being you!

  • Garance… it feels like you’re back after many years.
    YAY !

  • Yes Garance, enfin ton retour par la petite porte des grands!!! Bon retour!!! Heureuse de te retrouver! De fan numéro 00001234 mais toujours dans le plaisir de retrouver ces échanges uniques qui te rendent gracieuse et formidable!

  • J’ai ri, et c’était bien. merci Garance!

  • CassandraSaid January, 19 2018, 8:56 / Reply

    “The right to no longer live under the degrading gaze that society extends our way.” Oh, this took my breath away. The male gaze and our own internalization of that gaze is yet another hurdle we have to face as women. It is exhausting and it is time for it to end.

  • Geraldine January, 20 2018, 7:07 / Reply

    I love hearing and reading about your experiences. I respect and admire how open, graceful and free you are sharing your stories with us. You highlight how universal feelings are, you make it accessible and ‘OK’ to start these discussion about happiness, unhappiness, growth, surroundings, self-worth and being comfortable with yourself. Thankyou!

  • I loooove your irony, humor and approach to life and people (I am so happy I am not alone :))) I wish I was with you in that party, we could have had so much fun, like outsiders..:) Best vibes from Madrid!

  • Anastasia January, 21 2018, 3:47 / Reply

    Dear Garance,

    I felt that this was one of your best posts yet… Honest, funny and insightful. It comes from a place of internal strength, openness and curiosity about the world, the sort I think that keeps us alive to the mysteries and complexities of life.

    I love your site and, in addition to the beautiful and poised women it features I think its true backbone is your writing and the thought you put into it.

    Much love to you and the other ladies that bring Atelier Dore to life xxx

  • Your stories have become my new favourite read on a sunday, I love them!!

  • Garance, you are the best!

    I rest my case.

  • Annamaria January, 21 2018, 12:00 / Reply

    Thank you, Garance, I understand now why I feel so strange living in CA. I feel like you are one of my closest friends after reading your book and your articles.

  • I missed your posts… So welcome back and thank you for being just as frank and crazy as always

  • Kimberly Myers-Pinkel January, 21 2018, 9:01 / Reply

    I have always described LA as a place full of people, but yet it seems so incredibly empty. Lovely weather, though!

  • I’m just so proud of you for not going blonde and not getting a boob job.

  • Catherine January, 21 2018, 11:52 / Reply

    ça ne donne pas vraiment envie d’habiter là-bas! Mais c’est drôle quand même, tous ces gens!
    On se demande si on doit en rire ou en pleurer, ou alors les deux mais dans quel ordre? Sinon c’est sympa quand même que Chris joue là-bas, non?
    Bises d’une “fan”

  • Stephanie January, 22 2018, 8:03 / Reply

    Ce post est du Grand Garance Doré! J’ai adoré le lire de bout en bout. Garance is in the place ;-)

  • Loved this post and love your voice, Garance! Would love to read more posts from you doesn’t matter if they are long or short :)

  • Thank you, Garance, for being just who you are, and sharing it so sincerely! I follow your blog for years, and I love your posts. You have such an inspiring attitude in the messy and somewhat depressing world of social media. You’re not just a fashion blogger or photographer, you do make the world a better place. Thank you!

  • Merci pour ce texte drôle sur une réalité assez triste. Je rêve que vous passiez à l’écriture fictionnelle. Et de découvrir à travers des personnages, des évènements inventés, votre joli point de vue sur la vie et le monde comme il va, à LA ou ailleurs.

  • You have always inspired me to be my authentic self (we met in Montreal in 2014 two days before I launched) but I cannot tell you how much this was exactly what I needed to read today as I am making important decisions about taking what I built and moving forward. Thank you ever so much for being honest and true. And for the comments about feeling and owning your power and experience during all stages of life.

  • “Chère Garance,
    Vous savez quoi : on est françaises et çà nous sauve la vie.”

  • Chère Garance, quel plaisir de retrouver ta plume vive et alerte voletant sans entraves dans ce post ! Oui, au bout d’un moment, ce qui était nouveau et drôle perd de sa saveur, qui était un challenge devient le quotidien, ce qui était piquant devient lassant. Merci d’avoir eu le bon sens de partir au moment où cela commençait à monter, et le courage de se dire que ces privilèges en forme de prison dorée étaient moins précieux que de garder intactes ta créativité et ta vitalité.
    Au moment où, arrivée à un certain “niveau” dans l’évolution de mon blog, je me pose pas mal de questions sur l’envie de continuer – ou pas -, ce post résonne beaucoup pour moi… et me donne l’envie de continuer à te suivre avec la même passion qu’il y a 10 ans !

  • Que bien un post de Garance!!!!????.
    Es lo único que merece la pena leer y por lo único que sigo aquí. Deberian ser más habituales como al inicio del Blog, entonces si era fantástico leer todos los dias. Ahora el blog se ha convertido en algo sin interes, soso, aburrido…peor que cualquier revista de moda….siempre lo mismo no,despierta interes ni te hace vibrar y esperar el momento de leer el post. De hecho yo ya no leo nada, solo entro a la página para ver si Garance ha escrito algo y entonces lo leo en francés y disfruto. Lo demás es inaguantable…

  • Totalmente de acuerdo con esto :)

  • J’ai adoré cet article, bcp de fraicheur et d’humour!

  • Je prends toujours autant de plaisir à lire tes chroniques, celles qui sont aussi sincères, sensibles… Et tu as le don pour qu’on se sente proche de toi ! :-)

  • Etonnant comme le tutoiement vient naturellement en écrivant ce message. Je ne suis pas dans la mode ni ne souhaite l’être. Plus que tout j’ai toujours aimé dans tes textes ton naturel souriant. Alors voici une idée comme une autre : j’aime réfléchir sur tous les secteurs – perso je suis dans les startup en biotech… – rencontrer des gens qui ont envie d’apprendre, de travailler en équipe, de s’amuser et de ne rien lâcher parce que c’est bien plus marrant ainsi. Donc si un jour toi et ton équipe aviez besoin d’un brain storming élargi sur quelque projet, je serais partante rien que pour cette énergie rafraîchissante que tu transmets, cela jusqu’au dernier mot. Et pardon, je ne suis peut-être qu’une gamine, mais je le pense sincèrement : ton envie et ta personnalité ne sont hélas pas exceptionnelle seulement dans le monde de la mode… Bonne journée et bon vent !

  • Great post Garance, so enjoyable to read and I love your self reflection and overthinking ?

  • Mamavalveeta03 January, 24 2018, 11:34 / Reply

    I love it when you write because you’re so REAL! When someone is inauthentic, you know it right away (ahem…Hollywood). Keep on using your voice, Garance. You touch our hearts!

  • What a delightful fresh read. Great sense of humor.

  • Kristen Lee January, 28 2018, 6:35 / Reply

    I’ve not read your blog in about 8 years. I just read this and it is my favorite post ever!!! MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE!!!

  • Dear Garance,

    What a fabulous essay! womanhood and our attitudes towards the acceptance or denial of aging is a topic I recently addressed in my blog, feel free to read/comment:
    “I know I am not alone. Let’s get visible or invisible as we may please…” Regards from Canada…

  • your posts can never be too long. <3

  • Eva Schnarrenberger February, 1 2018, 3:37 / Reply

    Entre éclats de rires et larmes aux yeux, un véritable ascenseur émotif cet article. Merci Garance, pour cet humour sans détour et ses vérités qui claquent.

  • I’d love to see move photos of you! Living free

  • Ca faisait longtemps que je ne t’avais pas lu. Qu’est-ce que ça fait du bien !!! MERCI ! Une telle fraîcheur !

  • Thanks for the much needed laugh this morning Garance! The pictures I have in my mind of this party most probably top any actual photos that you would have taken. ; o )))

  • They’re older people in New York, Garance:
    And they live above 14 street usually!

  • You know you’re the only blogger that I have followed for 10 years? Love you more and more! Thanks for sharing your brave adventures and encouraging us to age gracefully and beautifully. ?

  • Love this! It’s like the old garance. I used to blog too, and you just lose the will as you get older, I think. Once saw you on Santa Monica pier and wish I’d said hi. ??

  • I HIGHLY enjoyed this! It made me lol at times and reflect as well.. Also, I couldn’t help but hear ur voice with ur French accent whilst reading.. ?

  • j’adore!

  • Excellent cet article !! … au top Garance (underthink it bien sûr ;)

  • This made me REALLY REALLY love you Garance ??

  • That was beautiful, funny and inspiring. I hear you on all of your observations. It’s all about self-love, but sometimes it take years to figure that out.

  • Holala Garance,

    Ca fait tellement du bien te lire ! Parfois je laisse passer 6 mois sans m’en rendre compte et je reviens sur ton blog avec une tonne d’histoires à dévorer.. j’adore !
    J’admire ton courage, ta plume et j’ai l’impression de lire ma grande soeur.
    Ca me plairait de te rencontrer toi en célébrité plus que n’importe qui.


  • Garance, you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for having the courage to not only share the glamorous parts of your life, but also the keen observations about the less beautiful side of things. Thank you for being so authentic in a world where authenticity is really hard to find!

  • py zoey ha ha December, 15 2018, 6:15 / Reply

    last /first time i ever left ay comment here was to compliment you about the short hair cut havent read you since except some nights ago – it seemed ay life time had passed away & yet its heart beats are drumming hell in memories
    but here is the good news piece
    woman are the best of men i
    will read your post for xxmas as the first lines had me in french manner smile keep the comfort in boredom sometimes can be inspirational too
    from ay non recognized artist mind stuck in cold parisian countryside to ay great one in CA USA
    cheers VLG14171

  • lola rivas February, 6 2022, 8:04 / Reply

    are you back with Chris or this post is 4 years old?

  • when a post says “from the archives” in title we are re-publishing from a few years back.

  • Stephanie Concannon February, 8 2022, 12:33 / Reply

    So glad to read something from you again! I’m not a feminist nor a fashionista (albeit I read Vogue magazine in high school and dreamed), I do try to keep my style chic at the lower price point, ha ha. Your gift of writing is just fantastic.

  • Love your thoughts, please write more

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