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Garance’s NEW Newsletter!

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Garance’s NEW Newsletter!

Last week Garance sent out her first NEW newsletter. We decided to re-post it below because we know some of you missed it!

But we will not be making this a habit so to not miss any of the upcoming newsletters subscribe HERE. Enjoy!

Thank you very, very, very much.

Yesterday I post on my Instagram my new idea of publishing a newsletter. I didn’t know any of you would be that overjoyed. Relax! It’s just me. Sometimes I am very funny, sometimes I am very deep, like way way way deep and I get on my keyboard like Alicia Keys on her piano I and create little literary miracles. Nothing to get too excited about.

Or so I thought, I mean.

But then you got all excited and I got an overwhelming response and a million followers on the first hour, Barack Obama texting me and Gal Gadot singing Imagine she was so excited about the news, I re-read the newsletter I was about to send to you and you know, it felt like when you go out and you’re like, OH SHIT, WRONG OUTFIT?

I mean right now it’s more OH SHIT, WRONG SWEATPANTS, but you know the feeling.

So as I used to do in my fashion week days, I turned around on the spot and got back to my closet to change. Aka I am writing a totally new newsletter that’s more shiny and ironed than the first one. It will prove in the end to be a terrible choice but it will be too late, Tommy Ton will have published my photo and it will be recorded on the web for eternity. I know. SO bad.

So thank you for challenging me with your love and grandiose expectations, it made me feel so important this could be the moment I send you a message of hope for the human race being in this together. From my LA mansion.

But I’ve got a plot twist for you.

I am NOT in my LA mansion cooking perfect meals while saving the world through my charity work while doing a kundalini chant to raise our vibration and HIIT class because this body won’t stay hot on its own. Nope!

You won’t guess where I am.

I am in New Zealand.

Why, G, why.


Why again.

Can’t you stay in one place.

Can’t you stop.

We were just getting used to being in LA.

You had a HOUSE for fuck’s sake. It was NICE!


Are the questions I ask myself. And here is the answer.

That’s because I thought, is there a place where I can get further away from my family?

Naaah kidding mom I love you (and I know you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet).

Event though my theory IS that anybody that lives that far from their family IS practicing a sort of healthy self-isolation that’s not a bad thing per say, it’s just A THING that’s interesting to note and to write in a very small font in text that has nothing to do with that. Raise your hand discreetly if you agree.

No, but HERE is the real reason :

I am going to try to say this very fast so we don’t make it a thing cause I am worried in the past I overshared some stuff and it came back to bite my in the butt what with all my life crumbling and all in the recent years (it was a beautiful disaster, and gave me a book that’s on the verge of exploding off of me, cue image of Alicia Keys on her piano et all, but still a disaster) so I promised myself that I would observe discretion —> in two words I met someone and he, well, he lives in New Zealand, sorta.

Of course I wanna tell you everything about how we met and how awesome he is but NOPE, G, hold on to your newfound principles of privacy. Phhhhh, phhhhh, phhhh. It’s hard. Gah!

So he had told me he lived in LA but then I discovered it was all a manipulation and decided I was cool with being manipulated by him, which, Esther Perel would agree, is basically the definition of love. How’s that for a short explanation?

I don’t live in New Zealand at all, but I’ll sure be isolating there long enough to wonder. Lulu’s good, don’t worry. I miss her but she is in loving hands.

WHERE WAS I GOING WITH THIS. Oh yeah, I am in New Zealand, well, in a house in New Zealand, with two children and a man and I am happy as can be in these trying times.

I haven’t seen any parts of that beautiful country except for the lovely front yard with a view. I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking extremely rich foods, those foods with lots of cream and butter and love in them, and then trying to offset the cream and butter (but not the love) by doing yoga and running like my life depended on it.

Kiwis, if you’ve seen a crazy woman running up and down the islands, don’t worry, it’s me.

Keep your distance!!!

My anti-fattening plan is not working by the way, so I am going to have to move to plan B (maybe let’s make plan B another newsletter cause I have no idea what plan B is yet) and please do not tell me to accept my curves because of body positivity. I respect body positivity, and I accept my curves very well, it’s my curves who don’t wanna accept new curves, they’re like hey we were here first so we’re on lockdown. What can I do?

I have many thoughts about this new virussy world we live in and many thanks to give to all of us who do something else than sitting on their asses freaking out, watching the news raising our hands in the air, saying it’s the end of the world while sharing our workouts on Instagram.

I almost did share my workouts on Instagram and be careful, you could still be attacked by a video of me in my Lululemons anytime, we don’t know what these weeks of quarantine will make of us. Maybe YOGA TEACHERS?

So. Get a grip, people (=me). This is not the moment to freak out.

This is the moment for chocolate cakes* and the moment to applaud the health workers who are out there and have no choice but to NOT freak out.

And I think if there is anything I can do for us today, as a community, is to say that, well – we are a community. So, we are not alone.

And that is the primary goal of my newsletter. Kinda tell you where I am. Get together with you. Just me and you. Like in the old days, but without my terrifying heels or Anna Wintour** looming in the background. Support, love, soothe each other in a loving way.

And as I feel that this quarantine is going to be lasting a liiiiittle bit longer than our mental health is able to withstand, and as you know that mental health is my number one preoccupation since I lost mine a couple years ago (I think I found it again, but I’ll let you be the judges), I don’t want to give you advice because I trust you’ve got this shit, but I want to tell you I am here.

And I’d love to get with you on a chat, maybe on Instagram since it looks like we all are there. There, if you want, I’ll give some advice, take some from you, share cream and butter recipes, have a glass of wine (though my time zone is SO FAR OFF that if I really wanna have a glass of wine at the same time as most of you it would be wine for breakfast)(I am considering dear reader, I am considering) and, I don’t know, get together.

Main idea : fend off anxiety, feelings of loneliness and of end of the worldness.

How is Monday at 3.30 EST? I’d love to. I have done that very rarely so it’s going to be maybe messy, but that’s how I like things. In case you forgot here is my Instagram page.

In the meantime, have a lovely quarantine, do not freak out, we WILL ALL end up 10 kilos heavier, broke and crazy but who knows, maybe we’ll be happier for it?

Big kiss,

PS : By the way, you can write back to this newsletter it’s me receiving the emails (I KNOW!!!) so BE NICE***

PPS : It’s just me here, I don’t have anybody editing or translating or sending or doing whatever (okay Emily might have seen the draft but that’s it) so just remember that when you see typos or very weird use of the english language.


* Here is my dad’s (his name is Louis, if you insist I’ll post a photo of him next time) chocolate cake recipe, it’s so easy and fast its ridiculous and dangerous.

200 grams chocolate (sorry we’re French idk how many cups that is)(BUY GOOD CHOCOLATE)

200 grams butter (the man is not afraid)

200 sugar (to be honest I’d but less, like do 150, or even 100 if you like to suffer your chocolate like me)

100 grams flour.

4 eggs and bake for 25mn and don’t be scared to take it out of the oven before it feels cooked.


** Yes absolutely she was looming. I liked her looming. It gave the whole thing gravitas.

*** Only kind things by the way. I want this to be a place of peace where I don’t get attacked whatever I say or do (Yes I am looking at you Instagram comments) leaving me terrorized and small and politically correct and boring. I will be very very very clear on that, meaning unsubscribe anyone that is not friendly because I have a strong feeling that one of the reasons I stopped writing is because of the insanely awful comments I was getting)(we all get them, they’re part of life, it doesn’t mean they’re not painful and crippling). All right, got to get back to my cauliflower gratin! Big kiss!


Add yours
  • Hi, I subscribed multiple times, and with two different e-mails, and still didn’t get it. Thanks for re-sharing

  • Prisca April, 1 2020, 5:15 / Reply

    So good to here from you ! Enjoy the quarantine with your love (as best as a quarantine could be) and in this new and wonderful country ! you’re right, we need to let things be and being quarantined with good health is not the work thing, some people are facing hard times by being ill or by having to work outside. So I will enjoy this time as much as I can ? I hope we will read you soon !

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira April, 2 2020, 5:46 / Reply

    Congratulations , Mulher Linda, i Mean it !!! *_*
    Rest , Have Fun , Catch some Waves…Stay Happy !!!

    and , pardon my french but … FU*K frustrated and poorly resolved people !!!

  • So glad you are well, G! We have missed your voice! I’m so sad to hear that a main reason you’ve been reticent is that people were tearing into you and being nasty. Yeah I’ve stayed off social media cause I can’t/don’t want to handle that (though I know there’s a lot of good that happens there, too). I don’t comment much but maybe I should so the trolls don’t win – there’s a lot of quiet support out here for you. Stay safe and thanks for sharing your funny, awesome light. xo

  • Vicky Law April, 3 2020, 12:53 / Reply

    I’m a Kiwi by birth but have lived in Australia for almost 40 years and if I didn’t have my little house near the beach here in NSW, I couldn’t think of anywhere nicer to be “holed” up than NZ….Wellington mmm, not my most loved NZ spot but certainly it’s a city of weather contrasts and that’s energising. And to be with a new love in NZ, that’s like eating hokey pokey ice cream. Enjoy. And thanks for being you.

  • Wow! As a chocolate lover, I will surely try your dad’s chocolate cake recipe! Thank you for sharing. Hope it’s so easy and fast its ridiculous and dangerous, just like you say!

  • Hey, good to hear from you! Its good to hear you have someone(s) special to quarantine with. Take care.

  • Charikleia April, 3 2020, 11:26 / Reply

    So happy to hear from you again Garance and to see that you sound happy too!!!

  • India Reynolds April, 4 2020, 6:12 / Reply

    YAY Garance – so awesome to have you back and writing about you. It has been hugely missed. PLEASE get that book done – by the time this crazy is done it will be perfect timing. xxxx Enjoy NZ and your wonderful love bubble x

  • So happy to hear from you and that you are HAPPY . I have also subscribed multiple times and did not receive this , so am very grateful you re posted. Take care.

  • Jody Gardner April, 5 2020, 11:15 / Reply


  • Harmony April, 5 2020, 11:23 / Reply

    My instinct had told me there was a man behind that move to New Zealand. Good for you ! Enjoy it while it last.

  • Missed you! Can’t wait to hear your voice again. I started reading you when I lived in Toronto (10 years ago) and now I’m settled in Australia. Down under is the best way to see the world anew :)

  • sandrine April, 6 2020, 1:04 / Reply

    Lovelovelove. You made me smile, you made me laugh, you made me feel friendliness.
    Welcome back Garance. So eager to read from you !

  • sophie mccoll April, 6 2020, 8:48 / Reply

    Kia ora,
    Amazing, Wellington!! My home town! I hope those kiwis are looking after you well!
    I am going to bake this for sure, thanks for sharing! xxx

  • As a long time silent fan, I am coming out of my cave to just say YES!!, THANK YOU, and PLEASE keep writing. We need your humor and grace in these times. I’ll be patiently waiting for the next newsletter. LOVE.

  • Ah en voilà une belle newsletter qui fait du bien !
    En ce temps de confinement pour tous, partout dans le monde, j’ai l’impression que tu es au bon endroit, au bon moment… Tu suis le/ton bon chemin !
    Se laisser porter, ne pas trop calculer, suivre son instinct, ça fait du bien.
    Stop à la pression sociale / sociétale , vive la vie.
    Ce contexte inédit remet beaucoup de choses en perspective, nos besoins, nos envies, c’est le moment de lâcher prise !
    Et merci pour cette délicieuse recette, je n’arrête pas de cuisiner depuis 3 semaines, de jardiner, de respirer !
    Cat’ , de Barzhel

  • Michelle Grant April, 9 2020, 11:04 / Reply

    NZ is a lovely safe place to be at the moment! I’m missing our planned travels but feeling very happy for the safety of Australia right now. Stay safe! Looking forward to your newsletter. ps. I signed up for it and didn’t get it in my inbox either. Thanks for posting here.

  • julie Kling April, 10 2020, 9:06 / Reply

    well done

  • Kathryn April, 12 2020, 7:37

    Thank you Garance for your words ! I missed you and I am so happy for you ! Keep writing. You inspire me do do the same. I think that writing helps people to find their own path in life. I admire what you do. Thank you for being what you are and sharing it with the world. I am hoping to read you again very soon ! I wish you a lot of happiness with your new love and your Quaranteam !

  • Lisa Walker April, 10 2020, 7:09 / Reply

    I love everything about his! I’ve been to Wellington and the people and place are lovely as can be! And lamb… I ate so much delicious lamb! XOXO

  • This is making me so happy in so many ways! I read your blog back in the day (must be well over 10 years ago now), but lost touch when you got HUGE on t’internet, and reading this I’ve realised how much I loved your voice, and how nice it is to hear again. I will definitely sign up for your newsletter, and really, thank you for making me chuckle just now! Bisous!

  • Kathryn April, 13 2020, 8:19 / Reply

    Thank you Garance for this inspiring newsletter. I’m so happy to read you again. I wish you a lot of happiness with your new love and your Quaranteam. I hope to read you soon again. Thanks for everything. Your words are a real balm.

  • So good to see you are writing again, and from New Zealand too!

    Once lockdown is lifted you will be able to see just how beautiful my country is! If you love the NZ bush and the coastline then, once summer comes, can I suggest a trip to Queen Charlotte Sounds. It will involve a trip on the interisland ferry to Picton and then a boat ride to the Sounds. When I think of what heaven must look like I imagine it’s just like that.

    I’m interested to read your impressions of NZ fashion. Of course we have the chain stores with clothes that all seem similar, but we also have some great kiwi designed fashion often run by the designer themselves.

    For now, enjoy your bubble!

    L x

    (I tried to sign up for the newsletter but it’s not loading properly???)

  • Another long time silent fan who wanted to wish you all the happiness in the world.
    Thank you for your words and Thank you for being so “authentique “.
    Cannot wait to read more from you!!!

    PS: I subscribed multiple times, and still didn’t get it either.

  • Hi Garance.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what you wrote. I’m so sorry people chose to be mean to you. How awful. How demoralizing. How cruel. I would absolutely remove myself from their reach. But, also, I want you to keep writing because you seem compelled to communicate with people and I enjoy your voice.

    As for sharing your life with your readers, consider this: you are brave and full of love, optimism, and joy. Is that stupid? I suppose some people think so. But, truly, would you switch places with those people?

    I’ve felt the same way on occasion. I’ve lived boldly and people saw me do it. When things changed I felt way too vulnerable and almost ashamed of my behavior. But, truly, I would never bend or wilt in order to diminish my style of life. I am capable of big love. I am capable of adventure and whole-hearted living. So are you. Share as much as you want with your audience; I’m not trying convince you to do anything you don’t want to do. I am saying: forget anyone who suggests you ought to be embarrassed or ashamed of living a life full of LOVE. I mean, come on, get lost people. Love is full of adventure. Love is brave.

  • All the continued best to and for you. One should not need to have reasonings, to feel responsible or to have to lay it all out there for others to understand, for life itself is something we make along as we go, every day. Keep your face to the sun (with sun block of course) and know those who love you do not judge and those who read and admire you know, we are all just humans, doing our best. Keep it up. xx PS so happy you’re happy.

  • Well, I tried. I tried to be French and throw it all into a cake pan and bake it – but it was a disaster, LOL. I melted chocolate and butter together, dumped it into eggs, flour, and sugar. And baked at like 350 for 25 min. I think the eggs scrambled. I so wish it had worked. For now, I keep dreaming of being that cool French girl who throws together a chocolate cake in two minutes.

  • Cauliflower gratin? Could you please share the recipe? PS So happy to read your newsletter again!

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