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I love lingerie. I love being super comfortable. I love being sexy. I love being casual. I don’t like it when you can see my panty lines under my jeans. I love wearing a black bra under a white shirt. 

You see the contradictions I have to deal with day after day? 

Yeah, I know. You too.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore a matching bra and panties. But even so, I’m a fan of matching sets, it makes you look like you’ve got it all together. Like Fanny Ardant! 

But between the hassle of not washing your bras as often as your panties (right?) and the little negotiations with reality, sooooo uhhhh if I wear white skinny jeans with a white shirt, I want people to be able to see my bra but definitely not my panties, dear god! so you end up with a flesh colored Commando (perfectly named) on bottom and a black lace Agent Provocateur bra (also a great name) on top. And when you get undressed, your boyfriend thinks you’re schizo.

Nope, that’s just real life, man. This isn’t Playboy here.

As for comfort, let’s be honest. I don’t know even one friend of mine who can stand to wear super sexy underwear for more than thirty minutes. Not to mention thongs, which are instruments of torture–so 2002. And ever since I discovered bras without underwire this summer (there are some that work super well even if you have boooobs! They’re from Fortnight, and Cosabella makes some really good ones too) it’s been hard for me to go back to wearing French style bras. It looks like I went down three bra sizes, which doesn’t bother me at all, except that bras without underwire seem to go hand in hand with a pesky “boob distribution” problem.

”boob Distribution” Interlude
In a few words, without making you a drawing, when you have boobs, depending on where the bra places your chest, you can end up looking five pounds heavier or five pounds lighter. 
+ flattened on the sides (like with a sports bra or any bra without underwire): 3 pounds heavier from the front, but amazing from the side. 
+ pushed forward (like with a balconnet bra): great from the front, +5 pounds from the side.
+ flattened in the middle and on the sides at the same time (like with a bandeau bra): uniboob, and you risk pushing your boobs down – yeah this happens even to the perkyest boobs, just a question of bra ! It doesn’t make you look heavier, but 20 years older and toothless hahahahah 
+ pushed up (like a Wonderbra): Kim Kardashian

But honestly, from now on, I see my bras with underwire like… Well as if I were wearing armor. 
I still wear them because it’s great for chest distribution, but I have a hard time. 

Lingerie struggles are infinite, but for your reading pleasure, ladies and ladies (I doubt any of our male readers are still with us at this point)(yes, one exists! I met him! He’s beautiful and stylish but he’s NOT single)(guys who read Garance Doré have great awesome girlfriends) let me give you a few examples of what drives me crazy. 

If I wear a very thin sweater, I have to wear a bra without lace to avoid weird mini-bulks that aren’t chic, so I wear a tulle bra (Wolford makes some great ones!) Ok, but it doesn’t protect you from the pointy nipple) And honestly, this flesh colored tulle bra, I have to say: it’s not sexy. 

If I wear low rise jeans (ok, we all know that’s a problem of the past, low rise jeans are awful,  who still wears them?? Ew!)(just kidding, I still wear them)(but ok, not the low rise jeans of 2002 with the micro-zipper so small we wondered why it was even there, remember?) and I don’t want panty lines, so I wear a thong, I run the risk of showing the top of my thong every time I sit down in public. Ew. Not sexy.

If I wear thigh highs and garters, I….Hahahahhaha, I NEVER wear thigh highs and garters pffff! (ok, I have some in my drawer, like all girls who let themselves be talked into it by some magazine that was out of ideas so they said it was THE thing to have and wear on special occasions)(the only time I ever wore them, I…..yeah ok, I don’t want to tell you because my mother in law Bobbie reads my blog, I believe – Hehehe, Hi Bobbie, we’re just talking about cooking for Thanksgiving with my friends, whats up ?!) but let me tell you right away, it didn’t go anywhere. Not because I didn’t look amazing in them, of course. But just because nothing could be of less interest… Anyway. Bobbie. 

Long story short, don’t cry, because I have an amazing conclusion :
Ultimately, no one cares if our underwear is more functional than sexy: everyone knows this, guys couldn’t care less about the lingerie we wear. They like us naked!!! 
(so do like all girls do and just toss your awful-looking Spanx under the bed with a fast but discreet little gesture while distracting your guy with the magnificent Garance Doré poster on the other side of the room.) 

Yeah. I should have started there.

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  • Rose Tree November, 12 2015, 9:28 / Reply

    I’ve resorted to all black, all the time. No matter how comfortable, I swear ALL black underwear is inherently sexy! And when it’s all black, it always looks matching. I can’t wear white jeans anyway (they sausage me like you wouldn’t believe and I’d get them FILTHY).

  • i like variety in color, cut and materials! :)

  • Martine January, 9 2016, 4:10

    I wear white a lot….so my undies are always either white, black or skin tone. Usually skin tone, maybe. And none of it matches. All the panties are high waisted and cotton, and all the bras are unpadded, and sporty. If I want to look sexy, I take it all off….besides, people look sexy in comfy not matching underthings, because its the body that looks sexy. Its complicated enough getting dressed, why add another layer of weirdness? Beige doesn’t show.

  • Salut Garance,
    Oui, les hommes nous aiment toutes nues …
    mais heureusement que il y a des dessous parce que là, après ce que je viens de lire …
    je suis carrément MDR et pour un bon moment!!!
    Gros bisous Petit Soleil
    PS : Sympa de prendre ton book en foto où tu vas … moi, je prends mes fils en foto LOL

  • I would say that even in Lingerie it’s a question of culture..there is a big difference between American/French vision about how your “boobs” should look …..French girls has no problem with nipples American girls do!!
    we must need to admit that there is moments in life we wants to look sexy and moments we just want to be comfortable and stop being schizophrenic about it …just accept it and enjoy the choice we have taken in the morning/evening..
    Yael Guetta

  • pfff, j’aime juste trop… tout… ce que tu dis!!

  • et bises à Bobbie :-))

  • Quel barre de rire ce post!!!!!! Cependant tout est vrai…je parle pas de la distribution poitrinaire (?) connais pas, j ai une poitrine minus!????

  • Très bien les dessous sur la photo. Un lien please?

  • Eh bien moi, j’aime la lingerie! Je suis un peu chauvine, la corseterie française est quand même dotée d’un vrai savoir faire. Quand je suis allée aux USA, à chaque fois, on me vendait Victoria’s secret comme LE truc à acheter. Alors j’ai compris pourquoi les américaines n’aimaient pas la lingerie, ce n’est pas confortable, pas adapté, et c’est souvent moche (ou hors de prix). Aubade, Lejaby… Je n’ai plus aucun souci à mettre des strings!

  • C’est criant de vérité, et j’approuve la conclusion à 300% !!

  • 3 words. Mother in Law. ^__^ (happy clap) (heart eyed emoji). This post made me smile despite me going cray cray for my final exams. It’s 1:30 am here in Australia. I’m reading this ‘early’ coz I want to focus on my study sesh when I wake up at 9:00 tomorrow.

    Garance please put emoji in the comment box. I rarely comment but if I do, I feel the need to put emojis. :) :)

  • Haaaa Garance ce post est plein d’humour et tellement vrai !
    Quel casse tête d’assortir le haut le bas, et l’été que dire des bretelles de soutient-gorge…

    Il n’empêche que c’est tellement beau de la belle lingerie et puis ça donne (un peu) confiance en soi.


  • Pareil, j’ai abandonné les soutien-gorges à armatures il y a longtemps. Et ce qu’on gagne en confort compense largement la perte de “sexy”. Et encore, ce n’est même pas totalement vrai car il y des modèle sans armatures très jolis, même si ça reste, il est vrai, plutôt sobre! Personnellement je me fournis chez Uniqlo :-)

  • yes yes a great post! these are thoughts that have been plaguing me forever. And also I would like to ask who else gets a really ugly shaped front boob from these no wire bras? I love them so much, ever since COS copies the VPL ones, comfy and all but then we took pictures on the street and I wore a tighter jumper… it was so hideous.

  • Et pour les culottes Shorty invisibles, je suis abonnée à la marque Intimissimi (depuis d’ailleurs que j’avais lu ici il y a quelques années qu’Elisa Nalin ne jurait que par eux! ;-)

  • Tellement vrai…. trop drôle je vous adore Garance

  • That is so true that they don’t care! My husband would rarely notice new lingerie on me, he’s usually all about taking it off of me and throwing aside. So I buy only basic comfortable pieces and don’t care about them matching.

  • I love little lace bralettes — I’ve never done extravagant lingerie not sure I have the confidence to pull it off yet

  • Apres avoir tout essaye, je m’en tiens aux basics, culottes sans coutures et soutifs a doublure couleur chair ou noir. Mais que j’ai ri en lisant “distribution poitrinaire” !!! C’est vrai que certains modeles ne “contiennent” pas ladite poitrine en place et qu’elle deborde soit sur les cotes, soit devant genre “gorge de pigeon”.
    Quel plaisir ce genre de post, drole, leger et qui me met de bonne humeur. Merci Garance !

  • Made me laugh so much. Yeh! Guys don’t care what we wear underneath! Hey, you get married? Happy for you.

  • mother in law!!! yayyy, congratulations : )

  • Wait! Did anyone else catch mother in law??? Garance, I believe you have something to tell us, no? :)

  • Two words: vanishing edge. You won’t find them on net-a-porter, but the silicone on the ass is a game changer. My dermatologist saw them when I was face down during a full body check and exclaimed, “Those are genius!”

  • Oh no I don’t agree, I think men dó care! Not as much as we may think, but in my experience they do notice & can appreciate it.
    I feel uncomfortable wearing ugly lingerie, so I tend to go for lace things & adjust my wardrobe. This is, however, one of the reasons that I never really wear white t-shirts.. (only with a camisole underneath).
    Might be time to get over myself and just buy a flesh colored tulle bra. (but then, people will knów I’m wearing a flesh colored bra, because they can’t see it = it means it’s there, so they will know, and: not sexy.. what to do?)

    Also: when will all the padded bra’s and bikini’s leave the stores? It’s going in the right direction (at least here in The Netherlands, wireless bras have also made their entrance, etc.), but I still had such a hard time finding a good bikini without padding the past two summers.

  • Mother-in-law?!?! Much happiness to you.

  • ahaha!!! j’adore ce post! Je l’envoie à mon mec – ça va l’aider à comprendre ;)

  • Anyone out there wear thongs besides me!?! I wear super minimal cotton thongs from American Apparel b/c I can’t even entertain the possibility of having a panty line. I totally don’t rock the circa ’02 micro rises though, so it’s not hanging out the top, college style.

  • Oh ton article m’a vraiment fait rire!
    Pareil pour moi, je n’arrive pas à coordonner la culotte avec le haut (pour des questions de fréquences de lavage différentes).
    Après, pour des questions de transparence (je porte souvent des tops en soie ou faits dans des matières fluides) et pour ça, je ne peux pas mettre de soutiens gorge en dentelle …! Bien dommage car c’est ce qu’il y a de plus joli!
    Sinon, les culottes à coutures invisibles sont top quand on porte des jeans près du corps! Etam en fait plein, dans plein de coloris différents, avec des paillettes etc. C’est super confortable et c’est une bonne alternative au string!
    Belle soirée

    Petite and So What

  • I would love to have matching sets all the time. It is almost impossible to pull off but does feel great when you do.
    I am a thong girl. The new versions are much better than the floss of years ago. I can’t even where bikinis anymore too uncomfortable. I guess there is on plus for being flat, I don’t have to worry about the uniboob. Too funny. I am always trying to just make sure they are there.

  • J’avoue moi aussi j’ai abandonné les coordonné. En fait des fois en plus je trouve que ça fait un peu trop lisse…
    En fait en ce moment j’ai développé une super technique d’achat : je prends tout dans des couleurs assorties corail, poudre, avec des motifs ou pas… Du coup mes souris et mes culottes s’assortissent pas mal. C’est toujours ça !

  • While I do adore matching sets, I don’t have a lot of them. Lingerie makes me feel extra pretty even when I have on casual clothes. Being small chested makes me very happy! I wear underwire bras just to give some shape but do not want padding- 32A bras with out it are a rare thing, I suppose bra makers assume you want to be bigger than you are. NOT SO! And now I am just going to say it….undies? No thanks! Unless I have a dress on and no stockings. Can’t take thongs and panty lines look trashy, so commando it is for me!

  • So much truth! I totally commiserate with the boob distribution issue. Bras have a huge effect on how the rest of you body looks, it’s astonishing.

  • I see the reference to “mother-in-law” in this article. Did you get married Garance, did I somehow miss that?

  • Garance, tu es trop forte, trop marrante, trop tout ! Club de fan Garance Doré ça existe ? Sinon je propose de le monter de suite ! Ce post : c’est tout à fait vrai. Un de mes plaisir à la fin de la journée c’est m’enlever le soutien-gorge à armature….ah… quel soulagement ! Et ce commentaire sur le “pointage de téton”… tellement réel. Ça existe pas des cache tétons ?
    Il y quelques semaines je marchais dans la rue, une dame s’est stationné devant moi, est descendue de sa voiture et s’est penché pour prendre son sac… String des années 80 en pleine face (taille haute bien large …argh!). Ça me fait super plaisir de savoir que je ne suis pas la seule à ne pas supporter la torture des strings, en plus je trouve ça pas du tout hygiénique (pas besoin de détail, hein?)

  • Culotte Petit Bateau une taille supérieure <3 pour la vie !
    J'ai jeté mes soutifs aux orties en terminant le lycée, j'en mettais juste parce que je sentais une pression sociale.
    Depuis je suis libéréee délivréee !!!
    Et puis si on voit trop de marques sur mes fesses sous une jupe du genre crayon en simili cuir, beh… je n'en mets pas ;-) (mais jamais avec des pantalons sinon, bonjour la vulve-nérabilité !)
    Sous les t-shirts blancs, je porte un top beige assez court à bretelles fines et mais surtout, qu'il soit ample ! J'adore sentir ma poitrine vivre son indépendance sous mes vêtements, je me sens comme en pyjama…
    Ami-e-s, unissons-nous, un jour le vêtement confortable vaincra !

  • “vulve-nérabilité”… ouloulouh que c’est bien trouvé ! Vive les GaranceDoréistes ! ;)

  • Boob problems aside (34D – and most sexy bra sizes only to to 34C – waaah, why God, why?! :) ), all my low rise pants problems were solved with the lace trimmed bikini bottoms from JC Penney. I know, not the sexiest of places. But they are well made, comfortable (no bulges), sit very low, and zero panty lines. I’ve abandoned all lingerie stores where it comes to panties.


  • Tellement vrai et tellement drôle, Garance !


  • Submareen November, 12 2015, 4:16 / Reply

    Garance, je te recommande le modèle Manuela chez Intimissimi, pas d’armatures mais d’intelligentes coutures qui résolvent d’un coup d’un seul le problème de distribution de poitrine, un miracle (en plus j’ai toujours eu une trouille d’enfer de me faire perforer le sein par la baleine!)
    Ah, et vive la belle-mère ;)

  • Ma belle Garance, tu m’as fait hurler de rire ! J’adore j’adore j’adore trop ce texte !
    Au plaisir de te voir demain à Georgetown pour la dédicace de ton livre !

  • Underwear, schumderwear… You have a mother-in-law?! Or is that a French thing to refer to her that way? Of course, this is absolutely none of my business and I’m supposed to be working but to cover all bases, huge congrats to you! xx

  • Great post! Such a women’s dilemma. I love matching sets but struggle to find ones that work. I have two amazing French brand set and I adore them, but you are so right the underwear is not extremely comfortable for all day wear and I cannot wear the bra under most of my clothes it’s leaves little ripples or edges under the top that makes me look as if my clothes don’t fit or I have weird boobs, no win. But I feel extremely sexy in these sets…sigh.
    I have started to find a few pretty bras that work for me and aren’t complicated. I would love to hear more about your non wire bras they sound amazing and I wouldn’t mind a little less boob, no giant in your face push up for me.

  • Excellent article !! j’ai bien ri encore une fois ! Et tu as mis le doigt sur un sujet dont il fallait parler ! Et ça fait du bien de lire qu’un string c’est vraiment pas confort et pas beau, que c’est galère de porter tous les jours des dessous coordonnés et la distribution poitrinaire OMG!! terriblement tordant!

  • Yeah, I saw that too. Way to sneak in the Mother In Law Garance. Did I miss something? Congratulations!

  • Boob distribution hahaha. But I hear you, under garments can certainly be challenging sometimes. In the winter months sometimes I just do camis underneath so much more comfy but more well endowed women probably can’t do this. I will check out this line for sure.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  • I used to do the whole buying a bra here and there, panties here and there and the result was an eternal struggle of miss-pairings. Now it’s all about simplification (and consequently sophistication). I am loyal to a few brands: Simone Perele for everyday, Calvin Klein if invisibility is needed and La Perla for the evening.
    I love wearing beautiful lace lingerie, and even though nobody is going to see it and my boyfriend doesn’t care too much, it lifts my mood and makes me feel more confident and sexy.

  • I love lingerie and would be the happiest ever if I wore a matching set every day, but I usually just try for coordinating colors. I love sexy lacy bras, but I can never wear them under clothes–I hate when you can see the lace or detailing of a bra looking “bumpy” under a shirt. And I love thongs–can’t believe anyone could find them uncomfortable! Maybe try different sizing/materials–most of my panties are thongs because then I never have to worry about panty lines. I just splurged on some gorgeous panties from La Perla–by far the most I’ve ever spent on lingerie, but sooo worth it for the quality. But I like lingerie more for myself–like you said, men just want to take it off you haha.

  • I quite literally was having this conversation with my husband. I’m living in Asia and it’s hard to find skivvies that match up with my shape here. I was talking about how excited I would be to shop for lingerie when I get home during christmas and he said, “Wow! You really care a lot about this!” and I had to say, “You have no idea how many micro-decisions getting dressed is…”

  • Every once in awhile I want to be inside one of these shots. This is one of those times. Everything here for me spells peace, tranquillity and style.

  • Now that there is what they call…………..pure style!

  • Si drôle j’adore :-)
    Merci Garance
    PS: Je ne supporte plus non plus les armatures et ouf les strings c est du passé ! C est marrant d’y repenser!

  • This is all true :) i love the text and your sense of humour :))


  • Comme je te comprends… En tout cas les sous-vêtements en photo sont superbes!

    Bizous, Christelle

  • Love the post!
    True! Guys like us naked! But maybe WE like lingerie and that it what really matters, I think. And again, maybe that’s why guys get to see us naked?
    I never buy lingerie thinking about my guy, if he will like it or even notice it. I buy lingerie thinking about…ME!
    That is pretty much my sense of style about lingerie.
    About nipples…guys have them and their nipples – like ours – get like “Hi!” all the time and nobody cares about it. Or maybe, except for me. I think it is hot!

  • Je portais des soutien-gorges push up et avec armature. Maintenant, je porte que 90% des bralettes. Ils sont généralement tous noirs simplement parce que c’est confortable à 2000%. Je me sens nettement plus sexy, que des push up. Je les porte de différents tissus par dentelle, cotton, mesh etc. Je n’ai pas peur de ponité sauf si je travaille. Génial le poste! C’était un plaisir de le lire. :)

  • J’aime toute la sincérité qui émane de ce billet. Question quotidienne que celle de la lingerie, les dessous. Dotée d’une fort généreuse poitrine, j’ai toujours préféré les modèles avec armature, sans me poser de question à vrai dire. Mais je me laisserais bien tenter par un modèle sans… quoi que cela m’ôterait sans doute un peu du plaisir le soir en l’enlevant. Qui me fait dire que c’est le meilleur moment de la journée :-) !
    Pour l’oeil averti de ces messieurs, je dirais que de mon côté monsieur ne remarque pas les améliorations, mais mais pousse des hauts cris devant les pièces défraichies ou franchement peu sexy. C’est déjà cela me direz-vous !
    Allez, haut les seins et bon week-end !

  • Ahaha merci Garance pour ce fou rire, on se reconnaît toutes dans ces prouesses. J’ajoute la galère du body, la pièce féminine qui te complique toutes les situations… Ps: je n’ai pas reçu mon calendrier et no News…

  • Tellement vrai – le dilemme est infini.
    Les SG à la français sont magnifiques mais rajoutent du volume et le confort n’est pas toujours là. Et la plupart des fabricants français qui font des super sans armature (Chantelle, Simone Pérèle…) s’arrêtent au C. Quand on a de la poitrine, la quête d’un SG sans armatures est une aventure sans issue.
    J’ai essayé le Cosabella = il est joli mais il ne tient rien et cette dentelle élastique se voit sous les tops fins
    J’ai essayé le SG de sport seamless de chez Under Armour = pas mal du tout côté silhouette mais dos nageur donc se voit au niveau de la nuque. Et il faut virer le rembourrage…
    J’ai essayé le tout nouveau Triumph en tulle noir imprimé dentelle velours = pas mal mais le large élastique qui fait le tour roulotte au bout d’un moment.
    Je vais aller voir le tout nouveau Sloggi ces prochains jours et on verra…
    Je cherche encore la solution idéale…
    Merci Garance pour un super post.

  • I used to wear underwire all the time but recently I found a great Warner bra that does not have underwire and it is comfortable, pretty, and flattering as well. (I was quite surprised when I tried on my sweater over it and saw quite a nice profile.) And it was on sale! I bought in black, white and beige.

  • That bra I just mentioned is Warner full figure wire-free bra. Do try it.
    Even a thin sweater looks good as there is no lace. And it will shape you nicely. Around 30 bucks.

  • We do exist! (Men that read your blog). It was a pleasure to meet you!

  • Oui, il y a des hommes qui lisent ton blog. J’en fais partie depuis 3 ans maintenant.
    Au début ce sont les illustrations qui m’ont accroché. Elles dégagent une telle énergie tout en restant sobres; j’adore quand subitement tu fais ressortir une couleur vive, comme des lunettes rouges.
    Mais j’ai rapidement réalisé que le blog était plus que des illustrations. Je suis quelqu’un de naturellement curieux et j’ai fait une infinité de belle rencontre grâce à toi: Nicolas Ouchenir, Rei Shito, Corinne Bailey Rae, Pamela Love, Philip Crangi. J’ai beaucoup voyagé, découvert plein de restaurants et d’autres endroits fabuleux. Ah aussi… je suis très heureux de constater l’apparition de Style Stories mettant en vedette des hommes.
    Je suis devenu accro. Et je me retrouve à lire en détail des posts que ma femme comprendrait mieux que moi (celui-ci en est un bon exemple).
    Bref, quand j’ai appris que tu passais à Montréal pour ton livre, je n’ai pas hésité une seule seconde à me réserver une place. J’aurais préféré la version française, mais n’étant pas sûr que tu viendrais une seconde fois dans ma ville, je n’ai pris aucune chance. La file était longue, et quand, pour la première fois je t’ai vue, au loin en train de dédicacer, le temps m’a paru encore plus long. Soudain l’instant fatidique: je suis assis à côté de Garance Doré en chair et en os! Je lui serre la main, on échange des propos. J’ai été très satisfait de retrouver la même Garance du blog. Ma femme a pris des vidéos et des photos que je regarde encore pour être sûr que tout cela est bien réel.
    J’ai dévoré le livre d’une couverture à l’autre. Tellement inspirant, tellement fascinant, tellement beau. Bonne continuation Garance. Continue d’être toi-même.

  • Just wanted to say that I do have an amazing Garance Dore poster in my bedroom :)
    Equally loved by me, my husband and my 2 year old daughter (seriously, she loves it!). X

  • J’adore la lingerie sexy!!
    je porte des string tous les jours!? et suis très bien avec, je suis plutôt mal à l’aise en culotte, et porte souvent du noir, gris ou bordeaux
    J’adore les guêpières, les bas à la place des collants, les porte jarretelle! mais pour les plus grandes occasions quand même…
    Je mets des soutien gorge pigeonnants presque tous les jours, et je me sens mieux si je ne suis pas “trop à l’aise”… ça parait bizarre et du coup, mon chéri me répète souvent “tu es une vraie femme”…Je ne sais pas si ça veut dire quelque chose, (l’amour sûrement…)
    C’est ce que je trouve très subtil et sensuel avec la lingerie, tellement secret et intime…
    Parce qu’en mode, mes gourous sont plutôt Lemaire, Comme des ou Nehera… ;)
    Des bisous :*

  • I am currently pregnant with my 2nd and in my third trimester. Ever since the birth of my first daughter I completely gave up in the underwear department. It is so impractical to add the pressure of matching underwear to your list of things to care about – not to mention you’re nursing and can easily ruin bras. I am currently pregnant with my 2nd and in my third trimester and I don’t care how I’m going to do it, but I have made a real resolution to try harder after this baby is born (and I have my body back). No more grannie panties from Costco or Target that DON’T match the sad beige bra. I’m not committing to being uncomfortable but I am going to embrace pretty, matching, expensive undergarments. I’ve been married almost seven years and at this point, IT DOES MATTER. Men don’t really care, but any effort you make into looking feminine, pretty & desirable is appreciated by them. Oh, and nice looking robes too. No more sweatpants. I told my husband I was making this change and he perked up, looked so happy and said, “that’s a really nice idea!” I think it matters more to them than we care to admit.

  • In my opinion comfortable is sexy. I hate weird fancy bras and panties. Sporty is sexier, and nice well fitting,. higher waisted cotton panties look good, leave no lines, and an unlined cotton bra that gives support, but doesn’t do anything to change your shape is perfect.

  • Charlotte November, 14 2015, 1:38 / Reply

    Ma chère Garance,
    Comment ne pas rire et se mettre dans ta peau, face au dilemme mono-seins des fortes poitrines. J’ai comme toi une poitrine assez développée, j’inspire même mes copines pour leurs petits travaux de rénovations (ce que je déconseille fortement).
    Mais quelle galère !! Les soutiens gorges sans armatures ne me satisfont pas, je vais essayer de suivre tes conseils… Pour moi, les soutiens gorges à armatures les plus confortables sont les Wacaol. Je ne sens plus ces petits poignards (baleines) qui essayent sans arrêt de te crever un sein ou une aisselle.
    Merci de ce post qui m’a fait beaucoup rire face à cette situation en France.

  • Ton post m’a fait vraiment rire!!! J’ai un problème de distribution poitrinaire avec mon 32D et honnêtement, je n’ai jamais trouvé une bralette qui m’aille vraiment bien… Les tailles S, M, L, ça ne marche pas sur moi. Et pourtant, je rêve vraiment d’un modèle sans armature!!! Quel modèle as-tu? Et mes salutations à Bobbie! ;)

  • Jane B. Root November, 15 2015, 2:41 / Reply

    Heureusement qu’elle ne s’appelle pas bOObie la belle mère …

  • La belle lingerie c’est un truc de filles. Les mecs s’en moquent un peu en fait tant qu’on reste dans un registre disons sans culotte superman (vécu) ou lundi, mardi etc…(celles qui on eu 10 ans dans les années 80′ savent). il y a bien longtemps que j’ai déposé les armes pour des soutien gorge triangles. Monop en fait des supers, à prix abordables au point de pouvoir acheter deux dessous pour un dessus :)

  • breevandekemp November, 15 2015, 8:52 / Reply

    Mais qui porte encore des strings???

  • You are going to have to issue a statement about your mother in law…remind me how long you have been in the US ?? Don t you know you can t joke about in laws !!! Or casually just call you boyfriend s mum your belle mere. Otherwise I am still wearing strings, the comfortable kind ( they exist) my number ONE issue with lingerie is that they become gray after too many washes… Solutions ??

  • I’m lucky to be small-breasted. I can go without bra as long as my activities don’t involve jumping or oter vigorous sports. I don’t care about nipple outlines, I think they’re sexy, but not overly so. I wear soft cotton bras under white t-shirts, but otherwise I go without. All they do is make me sweaty.

  • I really liked, laughed and saw myself in this article! great as always! It’s so true everything you say! sold! haha Have a lovely day Garance & Team! xoxo

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  • My boyfriend has no interest in my underpinnings beyond how much money I have spent on them. Ouch* He definitely finds them all–no matter how casual or fancy–to be in the way!

    P.S. What is this “mother-in-law” speak??!?

  • Eléonore November, 18 2015, 7:51 / Reply

    J’ai adoré cet article! Merci garance tu écris si bien <3

  • :))))…..

  • Your website is really beautiful. I was wondering what font do you use?

  • ahahah :)

  • Julia Cosimi Cannata March, 10 2016, 3:10 / Reply

    This was a hilarious post!
    I’m still in the search of the perfect bra and still can’t find it… All of them comes with push-up and that’s the last thing I need, I end up feeling like I have pillows in my boobs :P
    At least it’s funny to hear we all have struggles with underwear!

  • I simply love your post. Admitting about wearing not the matching set of lingerie is like ..omg.. is like being banned from the society, condemned and etc. It is like a true coming out. Luckily I am so happy about my bras, the brafitter I love did simpy a great job and I have stuck to her advises ever since. And luckily I live close to the place where majority of all bras in Europe are tailored, so that my 65F is easily available

  • Regarding wearing white shirts, you ladies do know the old French trick…. wear a red bra. Two great things happen… it shows as flesh coloured through the blouse, and it ever the top button pops, it’s a sexy red bra ! Oui, ca marche vraiment !!!
    But in my case, I HAVE to have an underwire. An E cup on a 34/85 bra size is not forgiving without a wire. :-(
    And I do the same thing… The bottom MUST be comfortable and invisible. The top… there’s room to play ;-)

  • your blog about lingerie sets is fabulous we are also online seller of lingerie sets with complete variety.

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