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Small Boobs

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Small Boobs

For the majority of my adult life I hated lingerie. Even buying a simple, everyday bra was the worst shopping experience for me.

I have small boobs. Barely an A cup. And whenever I walked into a lingerie store the sales associate would hand me something with a padded cup and an underwire to milk my small A cups for everything they’re worth.

Most of my adult life, I begrudgingly wore those bras.

They were always uncomfortable, they never looked good under my clothes (the cup of the bra always made that line across my chest that basically screams, “my boobs don’t properly fill out this bra”) and the bras just didn’t feel like “me.”

Then I had a huge revelation.

It was in a barre class where I had befriended one of those woman that roam the streets of New York and also happen to be amazon models with the limbs of a giraffes. She too had small boobs and saw the bra I was changing into after class in the locker room.

She actually ripped my bra from my hands and handed me hers and with her charming Dutch accent she insisted I put it on.

You don’t say no to gorgeous Dutch women who are handing you bras in locker rooms.

So I did. And voilà. It was like putting on a perfectly sized glove.

It was a bralette with no underwire and very thin black straps that went over my shoulders. I felt like a prima ballerina.

Guess what? I hated lingerie this whole time because I was buying lingerie for the body I thought I wanted instead of the body I had.

All of those bras were trying to make my breasts bigger and in the process they diminished me as a person.

Ironically, I had the body I wanted all along. I just didn’t know it because I was betraying it by trying to contort it into a shape that it could never be.

Sometimes I still wonder what it’s like to have cleavage. But then I remember how much I like to sleep on my stomach and a want for big boobs quickly passes.

Bralette, The Great Eros

Photo by Karolina Kaczynska


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  • YES.

    I too have smaller-than-A-cups, and the decision to abandon padded, underwired cups brought me such relief and peace. I inherited my small boobs from my mother, who (after breastfeeding two children) got breast implants when I was a teenager. This, and being a teenager, made me think for a long time that in order to be beautiful and sexy, that I needed to have breasts large enough to fill padded cups, which never happened for me. Then, I discovered bralettes- no underwire and no padding- which look and feel great! The styles range from sporty to lacy, too! These days, I feel so lucky to have small breasts, which will never be the cause of back pain and will stay perky forever!

  • I’ve always wished I could wear a bralette! Alas, a bralette would do nothing to contain my boobs. The grass is always greener…??

  • I am a D cup and sleep on my stomach all the time. ;)

  • Helena June, 8 2018, 5:25 / Reply

    I feel exactly the same way!!

    I also barely fill an A, and for a long time had been buying these massive push-ups bras (think of the add-2-cups bras by Victoria’s Secret…crazy).

    In part, I must admit, that was to content my boyfriend, who (I guess as many other males), didn’t mind a little bit more volume (I do feel sort of shocked/ashamed now to think that I was driven by those kind of reasons).

    However, at one point, I got tired of trying to pretend. And I agree, those bras did not even look pretty! but rather unnatural and awkward.
    I realised that was not even the body that I wanted. Big boobs (or the illusion of them being there) did not suit me. I liked better how I looked with what nature gave me (or didn’t).

    So I stopped being driven by what I thought my boyfriend preferred and also decided to go for bralettes. And I love them. I feel so good wearing them, and ironically, much prettier and more confident than I did wearing those huge cups. And my boyfriend did not complain at all and even agreed that the other bras did not look as good in the end.

    To end on a philosophical note (boobs and bras are such a deep subject!), I think this is a good lesson in order to learn to love our bodies the way they are (beauty is also about confidence!). And stop making decisions based on other people, but rather check with ourselves to find out what we really like and want. <3


  • Same thing here. For a long time, there were no other options… I’m so happy the bralettes are everywhere now!

  • I know both states as, due to hormonal mess, I changed in my early forties from small A to big C.

    Let’s be frank : I regret my A cups ! Well naked by C boobs look good, but getting dressed with boobs is a nightmare : you need a cinched waist or you look like a big rectangle, blazers look bad on you, loos dresses, no waist tunic look awful, a boyish look makes you boxy.

    The only option is sheath dresses and pencil skirts, well the womanly look, and I don’t really like it.

    Let alone the way men look at you breasts, the year I cha,get bbob size, I became an object and men began to stare, I mean you can’t hide them, they are not legs you ca cover !

    So I would give a lot to be able to go back to my bralette years, especially with all this nice lingerie trend for small breast.

  • Jeanette June, 9 2018, 2:02 / Reply

    I have large, firm boobs and I’m happy with them. But I would’t mind having small boobs: that looks girly, sportive and can make you look younger. You are so right to choose to let them be how they are and not disguise them in a padded bra! Being Dutch to I always envy the women with small boobs that fit in the Love Stories bralettes and bikini’s. Check this brand out, I love it!

  • I hear you Veronica! But I always wonder what people wear under a white t-shirt?

    I love bralettes too but always switch to padded bra when wearing a white t-shirt coz let’s be honest, showing nipples is still not welcomed in some work environment/parts of the world.

    Not here to discuss the movement but really the practicality aspect of it :)

  • Marianne June, 10 2018, 1:24 / Reply

    Hey Ren, you can actually wear these very lightly padded bralettes, they work for t-shirts and for the office if you don’t want to show nipples. I actually got mine at H&M ia few months back.

  • Oh how I would love to wear a bralette. I’m accepting of my D+ cups (to a point)… but if I could change anything about myself, it would be to have the sort of boobs that don’t require heavy duty underwire just to be comfortable.
    The idea of a bralette is underwear nirvana to me…..

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  • Small is beautiful.

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