A Street Style with Yasmine Eslami

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Describe what you’re wearing and how it is reflective of your personal style.
This outfit reflects my personal style as it has some elements from the masculine wardrobe which I always like to mix in…

I’m wearing wide pants, wool from Céline. I live in trousers, especially well cut ones with a masculine edge. The boots are also Céline, a lovely burgundy with a heel. I love all beige and brown colors, a warm mix is my favorite.

The bag is my favorite from Pierre Hardy–I take it everywhere with me. It goes with everything and everything fits in it, it’s the perfect size and I love that it is shiny!

The cap I just bought at Christmas from Westwood–it’s Andreas Kronthaler for VW. It’s the perfect shape and brings a touch of red that I love, and is made from Tweed.

The scarf is Hermes–a very soft and comforting feeling with a lovely print in tons of browns and greys, which is one of my favorite color combos and also gives a masculine touch.

This jacket is from the U.S. Army–the U.S. Army surplus store had this special copper color.

yasmine eslami atelier dore paris street style

How has your style (both your own and your brand‘s) evolved over the years?
I think I used to dress up more, wearing more dresses and also more makeup. I used to wear eyeliner. But now, I’m just doing a lip and/or blush. It’s rare that I will do eye makeup.

Most of the time I wear trousers, jeans, or more wooly pants, loose ones, depending on the weather. I also always love wearing knits in Winter and shirts all year long.

I think also it depends on where you live. I dress so differently now than when I used to live in London, than Paris, or NY.

I always wore heels and I always loved scarves–from skinny scarves to chunky ones, depending of the season.

And for my own brand I always stay close to the same styles, just that I’m able to propose more styles now than at the beginning. And I wish to do more!

How does your environment–Paris–affect your style, identity, and design ethos?
Paris affects my style in a way that I’m running around, walking a lot, or on my bike, so it influences the way I dress–that’s probably why I mostly wear pants.

Where do you find inspiration for your line?
I find inspiration in my friends and other women I love. I think inspiration can be found everywhere. A lot of ideas can come from travel, too. I also love colors.

Your lingerie feels both comfortable and sexy. Are you thinking about the interplay of both of these emotions when designing?
Not really, it’s just natural. When I was designing clothes it was the same– I always wanted women to feel beautiful, and at the same time, feel great in the clothes.

What do you love most about designing women’s lingerie?
I love that lingerie is a piece to be worn under, it’s like being backstage and one can decide to whether to show it or not, which is nice. And it’s intimate–it’s more about a one to one encounter, rather than a group, and that’s suits me too.


Yasmine Eslami is the Founder and Designer of her eponymous lingerie line. You can shop their products here and follow along with them on Instagram here. Before launching Yasmine Eslami lingerie and swim in 2010, she worked with Vivienne Westwood in London, styled for a bunch of publications, and acted as Artistic Director of swimwear at Eres. Now, Yasmine is based in Paris and has her own boutique in the 1st arrondissement.


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  • What an inspiring interview, though (surprisingly for this site) a little tone-deaf to be featuring red baseball caps…

  • Veronica McCarthy February, 7 2019, 10:13

    Hi Kalina! So glad you enjoyed the interview. The hat she is wearing, while red, is not at Maga Hat, which I believe is what you are referring to. Maga Hats say “Make American Great Again” on them — hence the acronym MAGA. This is just a red baseball cap we loved with the outfit. While I have seen Maga Hats on the streets of New York, you will never see one on this site. That’s my promise. x Veronica

  • She has my dream life- a designer living in Paris :)

  • I adored this little piece – the way she describes her style (“warm,” “soft,” “comforting”) is so unique. It made me want to think about texture and feel, and not just appearance alone. And she looks amazing to boot!

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