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In Partnership with Lingerie Francaise

We’ve been wanting to do a lingerie story at the Atelier for awhile now.

Nothing seems more French to us than lingerie. Even the etymology of the word, lingerie, is owned by the French as the word is taken directly from the French language, “lingerie” meaning undergarments.

French undergarments (or lingerie) were so superior to the American version that we began using lingerie to describe an elevated, sophisticated, more luxurious undergarment than what was found under our everyday clothes. To the French, this elevated elegance is simply the standard.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were to partner with Lingerie Française, an association who knows all to well about the unique and rich cultural heritage of French lingeries as they represent fourteen different brands of French lingerie! Obviously we had to try on all fourteen flavors ;)

And we couldn’t do a lingerie story without involving our French, patron saint, Garance. She gamely answered a few of my naive American questions all in the hopes that one day I can master the French allure of lingerie.

Lingerie Française
Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Black Sheer Set, Implicite.

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore
Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Beige Lace Set, Lise Charmel.

Garance, you have impressed upon me, multiple times, that the French are just outright better at making lingerie. Why do you think that is?

We have a lot of different brands that offer a lot of beautiful options at different price levels. Usually the stores are pretty welcoming, there is a whole atmosphere that works.

And as far as the lingerie itself, I have never found anything comparable in the world, be it for the fit or the quality of the fabrics and cuts. It’s like everything is considered – the look, the fit, how you feel, how it makes you look when you’re naked, how it looks under the clothes…

When I go back to France, I jump on lingerie!

What was your first lingerie purchase? Did you purchase it for yourself or with someone else in mind?

My mom bought me my first bra, telling me it was very important to wear one everyday if I wanted to keep my boobs up. So far, I am happy to say she was right!

I always buy my lingerie thinking of me and of my boyfriend, even though I have never been with a man who really cared about lingerie, they want to take it off!

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

commissions_fashion_lingerie_francaise_atelier_dore_9 (1)

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Black Sheer Set, Maison Lejaby.

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Yellow Set, Simone Perele.

Biggest mistake you’ve ever made buying lingerie?

I think I learned too late that when buying a bra, you always have to try it with a white t-shirt on to see all the flaws, and how it makes you look. When you have more generous breasts like myself, an ill-cut bra can add a few pounds to your silhouette! So to me, I believe you always have to try and be ruthless. Comfort and looks are non-negotiable.

Can you wear the same lingerie with two different partners — or should you buy new lingerie with each relationship? What are the rules?

Weird question, but funny! I guess I naturally change pretty often. Usually, I just decide a bra is over and I throw it away. So I have to replace it. Trying to stay away from the ratty lingerie look (come on, we all have a few skeletons in our closet!!!).

Lingerie Française

Blue Sheer Sleepwear, Lise Charmel.

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Nude Set, Epure.

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Quartz Lace Set, Empreinte.

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

White Lace Set, Chantelle.

What is a style or piece of lingerie you would never wear?

No, I like to try everything.

What pieces(s) of lingerie should every woman own?

I think a few beautiful pieces, a full body piece, something a bit more sensual than the everyday look is good to own.

Who benefits more from lingerie? The woman wearing it or the person she’s trying to impress?

It’s a question of taste. As with everything, it is how lingerie makes you feel that’s important.

Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you while wearing lingerie?

I guess it’s the classic, making a huge deal out of it, trying on a million of ensembles to find the perfect one, going on a hot date, and realizing the man didn’t even have a chance to see it.

Lingerie Française

Bodysuit, Lou Lingerie.

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore


Black Pattern Set, Lou Lingerie.

Lingerie Française

White Lace Set, Aubade.

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

White Embroidered Set, Louisa Bracq.

Solid or patterned?

Black or navy.

Thong or brief?

Depends on the mood!

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore

Black Graphic Set, Antigel.

Lingerie Francaise Atelier Dore



Magnolia set, Antinea.



Lingerie Française

Black Set, Passionata.


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  • Catherine May, 21 2018, 9:48 / Reply

    This is so beautiful, I love french lingerie and love Garance’s take on it — thank you for this wonderful post!

  • Go check, 2 young and french girls creating exquisite panties :)

  • Just lovely!! Quick question–are all of the above only in France– can you find any in NYC?

  • Hi Donna!
    Yes, French lingerie is sold in Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC!

  • I really WANT to like lingerie like this, but all that lace makes me itchy just looking at it. Give me big cotton granny panties anyday……:)

  • Tres belles photos comme d’habitude mais la premiere (et surtout le modele) est sublime !
    Beaucoup de jolis choix en France et j’aime les culottes assorties. Aux U.S. je trouve quelquefois des soutiens-gorge Wacoal sans padding ni underwire.

  • Helena May, 21 2018, 1:35 / Reply

    Great post!

    Does Garance still work here? When you refer to her as ‘patron saint’ it sounds like she’s moved on. I hope that’s not the case! But I never see her posts. I would love to hear more from her.

  • Veronica May, 22 2018, 9:53

    Don’t fret, Helena, Garance is still here helming the ship! x V

  • Beautiful lingerie and models, but it would be nice if you actually included a diverse range of body types, just saying…

  • Kimberly May, 23 2018, 7:32

    YES! This! Women of all shapes and sizes should be represented!

  • Fabienne May, 21 2018, 4:00 / Reply

    Bonjour, sorry but I don’t know what is an ill-cut bra. But I agree, la lingerie française has an endless creativity, sensuality and elegance.

  • I know Atelier Doré has been attempting to work some body positivity into their posts, featuring models with bigger or plus-size proportions. I was a little sad not to see anyone outside the model size in this beautiful lingerie post. Those of us without flat tummies can also look stunning in lacy bras and panties, and I would have liked to see someone beyond sample size lounging around in something luxurious.

  • Veronica May, 22 2018, 10:15

    Hey Kirin! We try not to define anyone as “model size” because I hope we’re moving into an era where there is no such thing as “model size” as any body type can be a model. While it might be visually deceiving, only one of the models above can fit into sample sizes and they’re all really proud of their bodies at the sizes they are.

  • Sascha @saschaandtheboys May, 22 2018, 2:42 / Reply

    I can’t stop looking at the photos- the light make them so stunning…I find it so difficult to buy lingerie- I can’t wear ubderwired, push up, thongs…but then I’m left with M&S pants…brrrr. So I’ve settled on soft cup CK and their “sports” pants and so far I’m very happy with it. I still love lacy scraps and would love to own a set!

  • Beautiful, but what about women who don’t have “generous breasts”?! I agree with some of the comments here – where’s the variety?

  • Veronica May, 22 2018, 9:55

    Hey KY!

    The models pictures are sizes B, C, and DD. So while there is not someone as small chested as myself (barely an A) we tried to include a range of sizes within the three models. Thanks! x V

  • Christelle May, 22 2018, 5:48 / Reply

    les mannequins et les photos sont superbes

  • Very nice layout… Love the lingerie!

  • I really liked this photoshoot but I was wondering if the dessous shown are from recent collections or old ones or are they not out yet? I am interested in the white lace set by Chantelle but I cant find it anywhere online.
    I hope you can help me.
    Thank you

  • Hi Kim!
    Chantelle set will be available in June 2018

  • Quelle coïncidence! Je viens d’acheter les pièces de Lise Charmel avant hier. Je les adooooore

  • Amber Jackson June, 5 2018, 2:21 / Reply

    Hi Donna!

    You can find Chantelle and Passionata on the brand’s US website (, and also at Saks, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.

  • Do you have a newsletter?

  • Linne Halpern February, 5 2019, 10:17

    Thank you for asking, yes we do! If you scroll down to the bottom of our homepage, on the bottom right side, there will be a text box where you can enter your email to sign up.
    Hope you enjoy!
    xx Linne

  • Wow! That’s so beautiful. I simply adore lingerie in all its variations. Silk and sexy, vintage or comfortable. Anyway, the aim of it to make the women feel the goddess, confident and relaxed in every situation. The only thing that if you don’t have such body as these models have, you have to spend some time to choose the right type of lingerie suitable for your figure type.

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