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The Great Backpack Debate

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Garance and I don’t always have the same tastes when it comes to fashion and accessories. Our most recent difference of opinion: backpacks.

I decided this fashion week, I wanted to be a backpack girl. Why?

1. The recent pre-fall collections— they were full of cool backpacks (check out Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim).
2. Laurel’s super cool Meredith Wendell backpack.
3. The fact that I’m sporting a camera this fashion week (eek!) and am looking for ways to be as hands free as possible (aka I can’t take a photo and hold a clutch like Garance does, I’m just not there…yet…)

A few weeks into my quest, I’ve discovered that I can, indeed, be a backpack girl. I love the convenience of having everything on my back and not in my hands. A lot more fits into a backpack than a clutch (duh), which means I can easily carry my laptop, snacks (very important), and a pair of back-up shoes (most important) with total ease.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to make a full time switch to the backpack, but it’s made fashion week a breeze!

Now, Garance on the other hand…

“No and no, I am no BPG (backpack girl).
First, sorry but listen: I have boobs – and I don’t need any straps to come under my shoulder and highlight that fact.
Second, sorry but I have to say it: after 25, you have to be reaaaaallyy cool (think Stella Tennant cool, the utmost cool in the levels of cool) to pull that thing of. I’m no Stella Tennant, LET’S BE HONEST THERE.
Third: Really? Practical?
Have you ever tried to find something in a backpack ?
Have you ever needed something very fast and just grabbed in in your handbag? Well forget about that: with a backpack, you have to take it off your shoulder, open it, look for the thing, close it… There, you just gave 5 minutes of your life to your backpack.
Have you ever knocked down someone with your backpack? No?

That’s because you never wore a backpack. And you know what? You were right.”

So there you have it, our great backpack debate. What are your thoughts?

PS : On my backpack days, I’ve been carrying the Mercer backpack by STATE!


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  • Non au sac a dos en ville.
    Oui au sac a dos en randonnee.

  • NO! Unless you’re reaaaally cool indeed. Otherwise, leave it to tourists visiting Paris and 55 year-olds. Not cool

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    Xoxo Cory

  • a backpack can be cool: find one from the rick owens x eastpack collection :)


  • Alex, I’m with you!! I find myself turning to my old trusty backpack more and more often. No more pain in my shoulder, I can finally take a lot of stuff without overstretching my poor leather handbag and I have two hands to use :) Ok, I’m not wearing it all the time, but for certain occasions, it’s simply perfect.

    Garance, I’m sorry but I have to disagree. 1.a. When you wear a coat, nobody will notice your boobs. 1.b. You really don’t look like Lolo Ferrari :) 1.c. Maybe you shouldn’t wear a backpack with a summer dress, ok, but in winter, why not? 2. Maybe you should focus on feeling good about yourself, instead of looking cool to others… Sorry, I don’t want to preach but this is such an open door! Why would you care about looking cool? I’d much rather look happy and relaxed with a shoulder that doesn’t hurt and a bottle of water within reach, than ‘cool’. Cool is not trending! ;) 3. Try it. No, but really: try it.

    I’m hoping to see you start a new trend!

  • I’m with you on that E.
    try it Garance… ;)

  • What?! I am with Alex on this one. I was anti-backpack because they were just so damn ugly, but I since found my favourite backpack of all time – the Duluth Pack. They are large, utilitarian, and just cool. When I’m having my weekend city field trips, I love my smallish leather satchel backpack for carrying my essentials, plus a small homemade lunch and a flask of tea!

    There are so many great choices now – you don’t have to walk around looking foolish carrying around a grade schooler’s nylon monstrosity. Vive le backpack!

  • moi, comme Garance: à cause de la poitrine d’abord et de tout ce qu’elle dit ensuite, et puis parce qu’en randonnée, ça me suffit comme ça, le sac à dos!

  • Garance, I’m on your side of the backpack debate…for the most part. I used to be vehemently anti – backpack for anyone who’s not still in high school. (Personally, I was a totebag girl from age 12) Especially on a college campus, I can’t stand seeing a cute outfit ruined by a giant, ugly Jansport with white-out all over it. However, I do like the high – end backpacks I’ve been seeing lately. I think some of the leather ones, or the State one mentioned in the post can be rocked with the right outfit. I am in agreement with you on the organizational point; trying to find one thing out of the 50 that you’ve crammed into your backpack is a struggle. Salut!

  • Echidna March, 5 2013, 11:01 / Reply

    If it alligator and it The Row. I’m sure it will work alex.:-)

  • Complètement d’accord avec Garance : NON au sac à dos ! Sûrement pas en ville, et même pas pour transporter mes affaires de sport. Ce n’est ni joli, ni pratique, et ça me ramène systématiquement à mes années lycée où c’était super cool d’avoir un gros sac à dos bien défoncé ! Mon alternative pour le côté pratique : un sac de bonne contenance en cuir souple, qui peut se porter de deux manières – à la main pour le style ou sur l’épaule / en bandoulière pour dégager les mains (le SC de Vuitton est parfait !).

  • Lectrice fidèle March, 5 2013, 11:09 / Reply

    Encore un post-pub, rien que ça…

  • J’ai un sac à dos Bel Air entièrement en cuir noir avec une grande anse! Double fonction! Soit sac à dos ou sac à main! Parfait non?

  • Jane with the noisy terrier March, 5 2013, 11:13 / Reply

    I am SO on Team Garance here! Yes, I’ve been clobbered by a backpack, had some take up two seats on a subway because you can’t sit properly while wearing one. And who really wants to look like a hunchback/ camel? In the city, particularly in crowds, I think you’re a target for pickpockets. When I see someone beyond school age with a backpack, I just assume “tourist.” Alors, non, non et non!

  • I love the comfort of a backpack and these days there are plenty of really cute ones… the issue for me is that whenever I wear one, I instantly feel like I’m 16 again!

  • Je n’ai pas porté de sac à dos depuis le lycée !

  • Pas des sac a dos. Une pochette ou rien (??). Moi j’ai des sacs fourre-tout dans lesquelles je ne trouve jamais rien!!!

  • I live for knocking people down with my backpack! It is the best =)


  • I really hated backpacks until I decided that I wanted my bicycle to be my main mode of transportation. It’s much easier to carry everything on my back. Of course, I couldn’t make the transition with a chic leather bag. Nothing else would do.

  • I use a backpack to carry my computer—because it is too heavy for one shoulder—and for day trips, like a hike, but not anywhere else.

    Also, some friendly website constructive criticism: centered text is pretty difficult to read in long forms like above.

  • Well, I’m with Alex. I still wear a backpack – a mini Fjällraven – sometimes even if I’m in my thirties. It might look a bit regressive but it makes me feel free… and that’s cool, in my opinion.

  • Alex, je crois que Garance essaye de te faire passer un message subliminal: tu l’as peut-être assommée avec ton sac à dos pendant la fashion week!
    :D (joke)
    Sinon je n’ai plus de sac à dos depuis le lycée (mon eatspack chéri, encore que j’avais un bandoulière kipling pour varier). Je ne le ressort que pour les jours de randonnées et autres voyages longue distance..

  • Denisse March, 5 2013, 11:35 / Reply

    I am on Garance’s side on this one. I use a backpack for college, and whenever I need something from back there, so much has to go into it: opening it, shoving my hand in it trying to get what I need, then closing it, and throwing it back onto my shoulders. It’s a pain in the butt, and I am trying to find the perfect tote bag. I pretty much stopped wearing backpacks when I was in middle school. Backpacks are only good on hiking trips and perhaps on long flights.

  • Je crois que tout dépend du sac à dos, de comment il est fait, du style etc..je ne pense pas que les sacs à dos soient tous pareils, un Eastpack ça n’est pas un sac à dos Philip Lim ou Alexander Wang hein !
    Bon cela dit, ça fait une éternité que je ne porte plus de sac à dos, en fait depuis ma seconde je crois, mais je crois que c’est dû au fait que je n’ai pas encore trouvé sac à mon dos :).

    J’apprécie ces posts qu’Emily et Alex font, il y a une nouvelle perspective et c’est intéressant de voir vos “confrontations”, comme ce post en est l’exemple. Bref la team Garance Doré est toujours intéressante !

    Shug Avery d’Incognito


  • The best when you have to carry a heavy camera is a big, large shoulder bag. The problem with the backpack is, that you have to take it off, open it, grab your camera, put it back on your back, and to do it again when you want to put back your camera in it. If you wear a thick coat, it’s double hell to do this operation again and again. Plus, at the end you have to ask your friends to open it and search things for you because it’s so exhausting to do it all the time…

  • Apart from the nicer camera rucksack that I mentioned in my first comment, I also have a more functional one, which can be worn as a rucksack and as crossbody bag. Actually you can pull it from your back to the front to get your camera, without having to take it off. Don’t know if Garance and her team like “advertising” brands here, but I have mine from probably the biggest camera bag brand and have seen similar ones from other brands, too. I normally take that one for the countryside and the nicer (and bigger) one for city trips, even though I have to take that one off. xx

  • Backpacks just aren’t flattering, sorry. (No matter the age) I saw a Fashion Institute student wearing one with a skirt the other day and the skirt was all bunched up in the back because of the backpack, it was tragic! The only time they look cool is when you wear it over one shoulder, and if you’re going to do that you may as well just carry a satchel, tote or purse.

    On the other hand, I just think this is all part of the 90’s being back, plus I really like the story behind State’s bags. I will cry if backback purses come back though. That was a low point in accessory history…

  • No backpack after collage!

  • severine March, 5 2013, 12:03 / Reply

    le sac à dos est interdit par la fashion police ! No way pour moi, mêmes raisons que citées ci-dessus, posture, no look, risque de tuer des gens (en tt cas je me suis déjà pris des sacs à dos ds le métro), moche, moche, moche et re-moche, rappelle le lycée, beurk !!!!

  • I really do love the backpack, I even saw a really cool quilted one. But I do agree with Garance while I don’t have boobs, I am not cool enough for a backpack.


  • J’adore les sac a dos mais pour moi c’est un truc d’été, pour se promener a la cool en faisant du tourisme. Ca donne l’air insouciante…Mais pour la vie de tous les jours…uhm, je ne sais pas…

  • The last time I carried a backpack was in highschool. By college, I made a full switch to a large handbag. I agree with Garance that backpacks don’t even seem practical, but I’m sure certain lifestyles or transportation modes call for them. I just don’t see myself going there….ever.

  • pah! And pah! I say again – a backpack is like wearing a ruby instead of a diamond! I will confess – and throw out all my street cred in one fell swoop – to wearing a bumbag (affectionately known as the fanny pack..which makes us Brits laugh) in my hour of need..and I am still very drawn to the mulberry belt…there are times we needs just must! Xxx

  • Jacqueline March, 5 2013, 12:29 / Reply

    I think Alex and Garance both bring up good points but it comes down to geography and function. Living in New York, I don’t have a car. Usually I’ll carry a clutch when I’m out or a more professional looking tote for work. But, if I’m going to be running around the entire day and I need to carry my breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, laptop, gym clothes, etc., then there’s no way that I can comfortable fit it all in one tote. I’m then faced with the question – carry three totes or one backpack? Since I think it looks awful carrying a bazillion bags around the city looking like a donkey, I elect to carry a backpack occasionally with some adorable booties and a beanie. In this case, a backpack does look cooler than looking like a donkey.

  • i love garance. but alex i’m with you on this one. i carry my backpack as a laptop catchall. official laptop bags are not lady-friendly.

  • Carole b March, 5 2013, 12:38 / Reply

    Mon 1 er sac à dos, j’avais 14 ans et j’ai économisé à bloc pour me l’offrir…… Blanc grainé il était!!! Bon d’accord mais c’était la mode en 1987…. Euh maintenant never et encore never! Le sac à dos est juste pour moi synonyme de voyage.

  • Totally pro backpack, sorry Garance. I tend to get a terrible pain in my back after carrying too much stuff, and seriously (another preacher, sorry ;) ) my comfort and health are soo much more important to me than looking cool. I remember all those city trips, where I just wanted to die or have a massage immediately, at some point… Especially when I have my camera + equipment with me, my camera rucksack (not from one of those very functional camera bag brands) is such a relief! And in the end I don’t think that a rucksack ruins an outfit thaat much. Then again
    1. There isn’t really that much to highlight in the boobs area…
    2. I’m over 25 but still get IDed occasionally (Scottish laws have a “look under 25” thing – not 18, of course)
    3. I spend hours on trying to find things in my huge longchamp handbag, there really is no difference to the rucksack!


  • Ha, great post and I like backpack too.


  • I was given a beautiful Brahmin backpack a couple of years ago and I love it. I love it because it was a gift from my daughter and husband ~ given with much love and I love them. It’s a beautiful piece. And I don’t care if I’m too old (I’m 49). I’ll keep it always and wear it whether it’s in fashion or not.

  • Kate Z March, 5 2013, 1:03 / Reply

    J’ai un sac à dos Sonia Rykiel depuis 15 ans et que je sors régulièrement en cas de besoin. Il ne passe pas inaperçu et c’est ce qui fait qu’il reste indémodable. Je l’adore. Les autres ausi… et je n’ai plus 25 ans depuis longtemps !

  • I’ve started using a backpack more and more for school instead of a side bag because it just feels easier to not worry about it sliding off my shoulder. However, it definitely takes up a lot more of your time trying to find something and then getting it all back done up and on your shoulders without having your top all bunched up. I love carrying one though.


  • I love a good back pack, but then I end up carrying more stuff than I need just because I have room!

  • Last year I came across the same dilemma, but mine had more to do with how to carry the weight of books. One shoulder or two shoulders? My body gave me the answer, it was two shoulders!! So I got a backpack from Jansport, a navy blue one with fucsia dots.
    When you are in college, sometimes comfort is more important than looks!!

  • I already commented on this on Garances post but I’m with Alex! I loooove backpacks. I love that I have enough space to shove my sweater in there when I get hot, and a book for when I’m on the train. But most of all I love having nothing in my hands. FREEDOM! I’ll just admit that I haven’t hit 25 yet thougth (almost there!). I also admit it’s hard to find one that doesn’t make you look like a tourist, but I found a brown leather one a few years ago that has been serving me well all this time. It looks great with my winter coat ánd with my summer dresses. I love the Herschel & Co ones as well, but those are a little more sporty. Ofcourse, some outfits call for a regular bag, but often backpacks work perfectly fine. And right now you can find cool backpacks everywhere. And I never had any problem with my boobs haha, but maybe that’s because I only have a small b-cup. Yay for small breasts! Oh and as for organisation, look for a backpack that has a small pouch inside, that helps lots. And as for knocking people over – just get a smaller backpack. It might all seem like a lot of hassle, but that feeling of absolute freedom is all worh it. Wearing a backpack actually gives me energy! Weirddd I know but hey whatever works right? Ok I’ll end my rambling now, but just so you know, backpacks are awesome. Garance should give them another chance!

  • ahh I knew you had a photo of a really coolg girl with a backpack! my backpack that i described looks pretty much exactly like this one. i know i know i know, she is not 25 yet either. but i defenitely think you could make a backpack like this work at any age:


  • Your posts are always so timely for me. I just switched from carrying a tote to a backpack for work. I found with the tote, I was worried about my posture. I’m pretty sure I was always hitching/tensing up my right shoulder when I walked around and I noticed in my Dailey Method class that when I was testing my balance, I tended to lean toward the left. The tote gave me easy access to my stuff, but I also felt that it was kind of bulging out from all the crap I carry around. So I bought the Everlane backpack and feel like I’m in high school again! Yes, it is a little cumbersome and I feel sorry for the people behind me when the train is crowded and I need to turn around, but I like how roomy it is for all my stuff. Plus, it has external pockets for all the little things I need access to quickly (keys, badge, pen, etc.). I have boobs as well, but I found the backback better for my posture and helps me to remember to always keep my core engaged. I’m not worried about my chest sticking out. People will look regardless, and I don’t bust my ass in my exercise class only to walk around all slouchy.

  • Lilena March, 5 2013, 1:52 / Reply

    OK, Garance, une question : quand tu fais du velo, tu fais comment ? Parce que j’ai essaye plusieurs options, du sac a l’epaule (l’horreur, tu roules un bras crispe contre le corps pour eviter que le sac ne tombe, ou alors tu accroches le sac au guidon et ca te desequilibre) au sac en bandouliere (comme tu l’as si bien dit dans un de tes articles, pas forcement recommande quand on a des seins si tu ne veux pas avoir l’air coupee en deux…) et finalement, le sac a dos s’est avere l’option la plus pratique : ca ne bouge pas, sa ne te desequilibre pas, et quand tu roules en velo, a priori, tu n’as pas le loisir de fouiller dedans de toute facon :)

  • i have to say i’m with garance on team nbg on this one. boobs and backpacks just don’t mix.


  • I own a leather backpack and I’m over 25. It just has to fit your style. I don’t wear it on my back though, more over one shoulder. But it’s true it isn’t practical. I never had so many stress moments (where is my phone, where is my wallet, where are my keys?!?!?!?) since I have that thing. But still, I love it ;) xx


  • Comme toi j adorerais porter un sac a dos parceque tenir une pochette et prendre des photos, moi non plus j’arrive pas! Cependant cest vrai que le sac a dos ca fait perdre du temps, on trouve jamais rien dedans et on s enflamme trop vite pousser par le cote pratique et on finit trop souvent avec un sac trop gros pas stylé du tout! Donc meme si cest pas pratique je vote pour la pochette,
    Cest un peu comme les chaussures a talon cest pas pratique mais faut souffir pour etre belle ! ( et oui malheureusement meme un tout petit peu!)

  • Backpacks, just no. I cannot.
    Anything in technical nylon gives me the fits, too. (Unless I’m camping, then it’s a different story)

    I love a stylish messenger bag.
    My favorite is an all leather mail bag that I got at the hardware store. It’s gorgeous, sturdy, and only gets better looking with age.
    Definitely worth the lopsided shoulder pain!

  • Moi je ne suis pas contre les sac à dos, mais à certaines conditions.. Déjà, il faut qu’il soit beau, et cool! Je me souviens d’une très belle photo que tu avais prise Garance, un grand sac à dos à sangles et une fille superbe avec une longue jupe.. Elle avait une attitude nonchalante, et le sac à dos ne me choquait pas du tout..! Rien à voir avec nos sacs de lycées!

    Mais surtout, ne pas porter le sac à dos avec les deux bretelles. Horreur! Non le sac à dos il ne faut pas le prendre si facilement, si confortablement, il faut le porter lancer sur une épaule, négligemment..

    Et là, ça peut être assez joli !

  • I wear a backpack. Very convenient for shopping and carrying. xoxo KJ

  • I’ve seen some super cool ways of people in their forties or so wearing backpacks in a super chic way. But then again you need to be sophisticated in a simple way. I think it depends on a person and is not definitely defined by age. You just have to rock your inner coolness


  • Sorry girls, I despise backpacks! They should only ever be worn by birdwatchers and trainspotters, and those under the age of 13. No, make that 8.

    I can’t believe they’ve made a fashion comeback, they make my skin crawl nearly as much as unpainted toenails…..maybe it’s because I was there in the 90’s when they were floral print, fabric and hung nearly down to your backside. I’m trend-traumatised.

  • I’m with Garance. She’s totally right. I don’t care if some designers brought backpacks back (Gucci did it some seasons ago before Wang and Lim; I wasn’t convinced then and I’m not now), I don’t like them at all. First of all, they’re not flattering, most of all if you’re not all (and I’m not). Second, they’re not practical, I totally agree with Garance. Third, backpack reminds me at the time I went to school, so, in my mind is about homework, boring lessons of maths etc.
    Said that, I think clutches are beautiful but not practical if you’re working and cannot contain many things, so I think that shoulder bags are the best solution, most of all the ones with the cross body strap (is it the right way to call it?), which I usually don’t like, but leave both hands free and it’s more practical if you ride a bike. I set my eyes on one by Borbonese, one of my favorite brand.


  • Sorry Alex, I agree 100% with Garance on this one. Backpacks are for college, hiking, and long distance cycling only. Unless you are Stella Tennant, in which case you can make a large black garbage bag look good.

  • Backpacks all the way but only if you’re a) hipster b) snowboarding c) travelling. To be honest even though the girls featured on this blog with backpacks always look amazing the backpack still looks like they’re wearing it for the sake of wearing a backpack – not because it just naturally became a part of their outfit because of necessity = trying too hard = not so cool. Alex while I’m not sure that the back pack you linked to is that great (haha sorrrryyy! There are just some incredible backpacks out there) the fact that you NEED to wear it (to a degree) and don’t really give a shit if people love or not makes it so cool. X

  • Michelle March, 5 2013, 4:11 / Reply

    I grew up on backpacks, when most middle school girls switched to shoulder bags, I was a very happy camper with my le sportsac, then kiplings, that progressed to colourful north face and acg’s by Nike. Any great backpack needs to have lots of compartments!!! For the essentials lip balm, hand balm, wallet, glasses, phone, iPod and a keyhook. I was lucky enough to inherit my older brothers and sisters way Cool leather backpacks from their college days. Which I used into my 20’s. Black, burgundy and tan that aged nicely to a rich cognac. They mean more to me than any high end bag, because of the memories and history. I’ve evolved into a real hand bag girl. Today I mostly carry totes, satchels or a nice doctors bag. With an a cross the body strap. The backpacks come out once in a while but they mainly hang inside the hall closet. You give me hope that one day my nieces and nephews will think there cool too and I can pass them on to them.

  • Backpacks are for children. Period.

  • MelissaCD March, 5 2013, 5:21 / Reply

    i have been looking for a backpack for my trip to Comic Con this summer!!! the STATE backpack is perfect! thanks for sharing!!

  • I love backpacks. I think there is something really fresh about them. . . but it has to be the right one. I am also 49 years old. I could not take the weight of all my stuff on my shoulder. I also walk a lot. Sometimes 3 miles a day. It balances out my body. Also it leaves my hands free to deal with my daughter who is 6. My favorite is JanSport Heritage Off Trail. I have it in black gray and orange and it weights nothing. Bought it at Steven Alan. I don’t wear my backpack at night. I wear only clutches for night.

  • Let’s face it: it’s not really a matter of ‘Yes!’ or ‘No’; rather it’s what suits the situation and purpose – even on a question of fashion and/or style. There are many situations where a backpack is just crass and others where they are the only practical solution. I think I’d prefer to select a stylish backpack ( good material; not looking like a student’s bag; without obvious sports logos etc) and use it when appropriate. I have 2 which I use on occasion – one in black/khaki canvas for more sportive use, the other in tan leather which looks more handbag-like and can be carried as a bag. I do agree that even with a backpack you shouldn’t be tempted to stuff it full just because you can!

  • why carry any backpack when you can have an UPLA??

  • Emilya March, 5 2013, 6:02 / Reply

    2 words: fjällräven kånken))

  • I almost always carry a small leather (vintage?) Lisa Jenks backpack that has jewelry-like hardware. I would like to trade for the perfect bag — but — then I’d never be able to have my hands free. But — I get Garance’s point about boobs…I don’t have much so they never get in the way.

    Find me another bag that let’s me carry things and work with my hands? I’d be all over it.

  • No! I agree with Garance, it looks okay if you are wearing a fashion backpack when you are young, otherwise, you just look confused. I used to wear a leather backpack back when I was in high school because I was too cool for school, but now? It is so difficult to get small things in and out. Also, if you are wearing a backpack and standing next to some teenage punk wearing one as well, well, there is going to be a weird glance between you two.

  • Il y a 15 (20 ?) ans, c’était ultra mode. J’en ai encore un de Rykiel !

  • I’ve never been a BPG, not even in school. I used to carry my textbooks in a wicker handbag in the warm months and a leather shoulder bag in the cold.

    Backpacks aren’t even cute for the gym, are maybe acceptable for hiking, but nowhere else.

    Wow, I didn’t realize how strongly I felt about them until just now, but it’s true: they’re gross.

  • I used to snub backpacks once I was done with highschool in favor of the messenger bag, until some years ago for Xmas, my cousins gifted me with a Longschamp Le Pliage. It has a separate pocket for keys, telephone and other “must-unearth-now” things and I have been carrying it non-stop for a while. For someone like me who relies on walking for things like groceries and such errands, distributing the weight equally on my body is a great thing. Plus it is a smaller size which makes for a better proportion.

  • It can be cute to wear a backpack but it definitely is not chic!

  • Sorry, Garance, I don’t have boobs, so I’m with Alex :) I have problems with my spine, so a heavy side bag is not an option. Backpacks can be cool, and chic also – just imagine quilted Chanel BP.

  • Oh, and I am 32

  • Melanie March, 6 2013, 2:26 / Reply

    The Hester Van Eeghen store in Amsterdam has some great backpacks. How has this shop not yet been mentioned? I do have boobs and can wear these packs no problem. The “Drop” pack will convert to a cross body as well. I have a Drop in dark brown and black and it is my go to bag for travel. I should really just shut up about my love of these packs because so far I have never seen anyone wearing one yet I get compliments on mine all the time. I am well over 25 and sometimes you need hands free and a healthy back. I could not have afforded these packs at 25 anyways… Team Alex!

  • J’ai 27 ans, je suis un FSD… Mais je suis universitaire et no look^^
    Donc: ça passe.
    (Et j’ai pas de boobs!)

  • Tout dépend du sca à dos! Et de toute manière moi je ne trouve JAMAIS ce que je cheche dans mon sac – petit ou grand- Tous les jours il faut que je déballe ma vie sur le capot de la voiture d’en face pour trouver mes clefs. Bref le mieux- si on y arrive – c’est de n’avoir aucun sac, prendre l’essentiel et se limiter à ses poches pour ne jamais se trouver dans l’embarras. Comme Carine Roitfeld!

  • I’ m on Alex side! the backpack is not dead after 25 , because if yes…my back will soon be ;)

    I loved the state bag but still, because my back is really hurting now I was thinking:
    We shall find THE PERFECT HIKING BACKPACK FOR A CITY GIRL…really it’s a must! Ah and you need a belt associated with it or it will hurt! …I know it’s ugly , but I’ m pretty sure the creative minds can create something unique and wonderful!


  • claire March, 6 2013, 4:18 / Reply

    sinon il y a toujours la possibilité de garder un MecSD à ses côtés…

  • Camous March, 6 2013, 5:23 / Reply

    Alex I completely agree with you! I think backpack can look really cool!

    I have a very ugly one for work (I work on shoot better be comfortable and practical) But I would like to find a nice one a bit like the one Meredith Wendell have!

    I think Garance would look cool with one as well but maybe she doesn’t know it ;) I understand her point too!

    Plus it’s better for your back than any handbag!

  • I am a convert. I used to hate backpack with a passion because I see so many people wearing ugly ones and they don’t take it off on the bus/trains etc and knock you over with it -___- but a couple of years ago I changed my mind. I still hate the ugly ones but I think nice backpack can look cool and you’re right it is so practical when you travel and carry around a lot of cr*p and try to juggle 10 things at once, really appreciate not having something heavy occupyig my hands/arms or have something sliding off my shoulder.

  • Bien sûr Back pack! QUoi d’autre pour avoir les mains libres? ceux en cuir de chez Fossil sont beaux

  • Cohiba March, 6 2013, 9:17 / Reply

    100% d’accord avec Garance : le sac à dos, c’est NO WAY !
    Oui, ça fait ressortir les seins, c’est d’ailleurs pour cela que dès que j’ai commencé à en avoir à la pré-adolescence, j’ai abandonné les sacs à dos.
    C’est affreux, le sac à dos, sur une adulte, vraiment. Et même sur les mecs, c’est horrible. Ca me fait le même effet qu’un adulte en grenouillère.
    Une bonne fois pour toutes : le sac à dos est un accessoire pour enfants.

  • LOVE! They can look so easygoing and cool and 90s, or completely prim proper. Mine’s more the latter – a butter soft vintage Ferragamo that I throw over one shoulder. But like someone else mentioned, I’m really dreaming of the Row’s alligator one… though I’d take this too:


  • I chuckled when I saw this entry…I am trending ! Can’t wait to scooter my way into spring with my hands free :)

  • Leanette March, 6 2013, 11:46 / Reply

    So on Garance’s page!! Boobs backpack belly bad taste…… Until I saw Lpois Vuittons cute backpack! Seriously want one! Practical and stylish!

  • I’ve never been a lover of backpacks, sure they serve a purpose but I just always feel so school girl in them. Fjall-Ravan packs are the norm here in Copenhagen and many of the girls manage to look chic carrying them, but not me. I always feel like I’m going on an adventure, or to school or something. So for me backpacks are for some one else I guess…

  • jackie March, 7 2013, 5:04 / Reply

    Après 15 ans d’abstinence, je réenvisage un backpack. Il y a des nouveaux modèles sympas, classes. On peut mettre bien plus que dans un sac porté à l’épaule, et la distribution du poids est bien meilleure. Je n’ai pas trouvé mieux pour les city trips pour ne pas finir avec d’horribles douleurs dans le creux de la nuque et contre les lacérations (oui oui !) que laissent les lanières des sacs portés d’un côté. Pour être safe à vélo c’est le top également. Malheureusement pour elles, les dames à forte poitrine doivent passer leur chemin!

  • Meredith March, 7 2013, 5:29 / Reply

    Ok le sac à dos peut être sympa, surtout si il est en cuir j’aime beaucoup. Mais le principe de payer 225$ un sac à dos en toile! Non là ce n’est plus cool du tout.

  • Martina March, 7 2013, 12:38 / Reply

    Yes and no. I have a leather Calvin Klein backpack that’s totally handy and nice looking, but Garance is right…when I wear it, I’m constantly flinging it off to find stuff inside. And I’ve had my cellphone stolen out of the front pocket while wearing it! I prefer messenger bags, which are equally comfortable, distributing the weight across the body rather than on one shoulder, sleeker, and easier to find things inside.

  • Wouhaaaaa un backpack issue – moi aussi je suis comme Alex, une pro. Seulement, une jupe à godets + top encolure bateau ne dit pas bienvenu au sac à dos. Mais bon la magie de la vie c’eest que l’on peut être (se croire en tout cas) Audrey Hepburn le lundi, Stella Tennant le mardi, Kelly Slater le mercredi.

    Merci d’avoir soulevé ce débat Alex

  • Nicolas March, 7 2013, 1:45 / Reply

    Le sac à dos est un traitre, car il vous donne un effet tortue pas très gracieux!!!!!!
    Mais un mini sac à dos porté comme une pochette ça c’est cool!!!!!

  • I feel so free with a backpack…when I’m with my kids and am constantly bending over pushing them on the scooter, I hate that my bag always ended up around my wrist dragging along the floor.
    The downside is I also love wearing my cape….my husband told me to wear the backpack underneath!??

    Favourite packpack footage: in Anna von Hausswolff ‘s music video for Track of Time when she slings it off into the snow.

  • I’ll have to stand by Garance on this one !! can’t do it…


  • I have been having this debate (albeit internally) myself and I finally bought a backpack yesterday. I haven’t had one since I was a kid.

    Now I don’t know if I can actually bring myself to wear it!
    It makes sense because I carry a laptop and tones of weight around but then I catch myself thinking ‘Really, really? Is it 1996? Are you a school kid? If the answer is NO to either of these questions then you should not be wearing a backpack!’ And no Garance, I am no Stella…

    It is tan and white and with great finishing touches. A grown up backpack to go with my beatiful coat. That what I try to tell myself…

  • I’ve been living for my baggu backpack in a neon yellow shade. So easy breezy for long NYC days. And I’m a couple years past 25 but I think it’s all how you put it together! Abd wear it well of course :)

  • I side with Garance on this one…buuuut…I am currently struggling to find a chic yet comfortable bag for my urban bike rides. I admit I have been looking into leather backpacks, much to my own horror. Maybe Garance, the anti-BPG, can suggest some good alternatives?

  • J’ai depuis des années un sac à dos en veau foulonné Longchamp, le grand modèle noir. C’est mon sac tout-terrain que je n’employe que pour les vacances – nous sommes plus vacances itinérantes que vacances plages. Il est un peu râpé par endroit mais aucun dégât structurel. Une poche contre le dos où je mets passeport et argent. Une anse pour le porter à la main s’il le faut. Pas d’une élégance folle, mais il fait le job. Mais à la place d’Alex, je n’utiliserai pas mon sac à dos, car là ele est en train de travailler, et pour moi travail signifie choix attentif du sac.
    Par contre, hormis les voyages, je n’utilise jamais de sa cà dos: j’aime les porté mains, les pochettes, les porté épaules, es grands, les moyens, les petits sacs, bref, j’en ai une petite collection.
    Belle journée

  • When has trying or working at being cool ever cool? Backpacks are great and so much easier when going through an airport especially when not checking a bag. One hand for a wheely and the other for your coffee. AND when has the LV backpack ever not been “cool”?

  • Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while
    but I never seem to get there! Cheers

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