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On Location…Dallas!

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On Location…Dallas!

7:00 – “Alaaaaaarmmmmmmmmm!!!”

7:15 -“ALLLAAAARM!!!” – ok, ok, getting up! I pull my pants on, spray my face with tap water (definitely not looking as happy as those girls in ads), put some non-fussy makeup on. Almost ready.

7:25 – Time to prepare for the day. In my case, that means not sitting down to meditate and have a green juice, but making sure my bag contains my whole life, yet does not explode. Lucky for me, my Senreve Maestra bag is sturdy as heck AND has dedicated pockets to keep everything organized! So I load it with a camera, a second lens, 4 batteries, 6 memory cards, a wallet, a chapstick, hotel keys (GOD I’M IMPRESSED I REMEMBERED TO PACK THOSE), notebook with a to-do list (if the list is in my phone, it’s not getting done), laptop, aaaaaaand a reusable coffee cup (I’m telling you, it’s not every day that you find a bag that won’t explode considering how much stuff I carry at all times).

Artboard Copy 3

7:30 – PACKED! Now I can stop writing in caps lock and go meet Carie for breakfast.

7:55 – Dragging my caffeine-deprived body, and my Maestra bag containing my life, to the cafe downstairs.

9:45 – Me and Carie, having bonded over black coffee and toasts, head out to shoot a style story with a local fashion/ business star – Kristen Cole. I convert my Maestra bag into a backpack so my hands are free for my camera!

11:30 – We wrap up the shoot. Veronica meets us at the location when it’s just about time for a second coffee. Ha! Reusable coffee cup to the use!

12:10 – Veronica, Carie, and I finish our drinks and share a chocolate chip cookie. Now, I have to make sure my bag is as organized as it was before I pulled out the camera, spilled out the memory cards, and crumbled bits of cookie.

12:17 – My life is under control. THANK GOD FOR STAIN-RESISTANT LEATHER.

12:20 – We have a little bit of time to explore local gems, so Veronica decides to take me and Carie to a famous vintage store. “IT’S THE BEST VINTAGE IN THE COUNTRY”, her emails said before we even took off for Dallas.

12:45 – I’m browsing the shelves at the Dolly Python with all varieties of cowboy boots imaginable, when I hear a woman gasp. “Lucky shopper found a vintage jack-pot?”, I thought. “AHH, THE DREAM BAG!” – she said looking AT ME! She was looking at MY bag, at my Maestra bag, she was looking at my LIFE!
I replied with an understanding nod, as if to say, “I get you”.

12:47 – “VERONICAAAAAA! What have you done?!” me and Carie scream simultaneously as we pull out our new-found treasures: a Ralph Lauren blazer (me) and a 70s patterned blouse (her). Needless to say, I bought the blazer, as you can see in the opening image.

13:30 – We have a couple of hours now to eat lunch and rest before our next mission, so now Veronica takes us to the Pecan Lodge to get real-deal BBQ. Well, I’m having a gigantic baked sweet potato because I don’t eat meat, and picking at Veronica’s pickles.

16:30 – In 15 minutes we’re all meeting downstairs to prep for the event we’re hosting with Women and Whiskeys at a local dive-yet-extremely-cool bar. Quick outfit change. Yes, I’m wearing my new Vintage RL blazer. Grab my bag and off I go.

21:30 – Fast forward, after 1 event, 967 photos, 4 Instagram stories, 6 conversations with Atelier Doré readers, 2 craft whiskey cocktails and 5 lentil canapés, I’m ready for a big, family-style dinner!

21:55 – While Carie and Veronica pick the restaurant that’ll finish up our quick stay in Dallas, I go back to my hotel room to unload the bag, only keeping the essentials.

23:30 – Thank goodness we decided to remain near the hotel. All I need right now is a good night of sleep before the flight. But before I do that, let me pack my life back into my Maestra bag.



Senreve is a handbag company inspired by the women who do it all! Their beautiful products are hand-made in Italy exclusively from 100% Italian leather and are sleek, functional, and purpose-built for the modern woman’s multifaceted life.


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