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Roommate Etiquette

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Roommate Etiquette

I wish there was some sort of handbook because there are too many people that just don’t get it.

I’m talking about roommate etiquette.

Here are my top 5 no-nos that I run into way too often. Do you have any others to add? I’m sure I’m leaving some important ones out!

1. When you’re washing the dishes from that big dinner you made, DON’T skip over the one coffee cup your roommate left in the AM. Leaving that one dish seems petty. Don’t you think?

2. DON’T treat the common area like it’s your room. By all means, leave your own room messy but I don’t want to have to sit in your filth as well.

3. After that long luxurious shower, DON’T just pull your hair out the drain and leave it in the corner of the tub. Pick it up and trash it. I don’t want to pick up the hair that came off of a mysterious part of your body. Gross.

4. So your boyfriend lives in a broom closet and you scored a great place downtown. DON’T have your boyfriend over every single night. Your roommate signed up for one housemate not two. Plus that’s another person using up all the toilet paper your roommate just refilled. Am I being ridiculous?

5.The Aesop body wash your roommate just got is just calling your name. Ask to try it once or a few times, sure! But DON’T be the roommate that uses a tiny bit every day cause “no ones gonna notice”. You use it, you replace it.


Add yours
  • lmao this is perfect as I’m going to be living with 1-2 roommates for 10 weeks while I take a course in Toronto. I actually plan to take my bathroom stuff into the bathroom when I use it and take it back into my room when I’m done. Is that crazy? As for dishes, I feel like that’s something you can ask your roommate right away – how they want to deal with dishes. Everyone does their own or what? I know my Airbnb apartment has pots and pans but I’m bringing my own just in case we have to fight over same-time use. Am I nuts? lmao


  • Thuy, my thought is that 10 weeks isn’t very long; knowing that you will be living together for a limited time, it isn’t really worth it to overthink things or go into the living situation anticipating problems.
    Leave your products in the bathroom, what’s the worst that can happen? So what if someone ends up using your toothpaste? No need to pack pots, some kitchen minimalism could encourage some new friendships by forcing you to cook together; you can buy cheap new pots in Toronto if you find that you really need them. You’ve got an opportunity to make some lifelong friends, but it will be more challenging if you start out the relationship by signaling that you are standoffish or don’t trust them.

  • C’est clair !! Faut faire appel aux compétences de Sheldon Cooper en matière de règlement intérieur ! ;))

  • TV volume in the living room that makes the whole house shake!! Headphones!! Go to the cinema!!

  • As they each left for college, I encouraged my nieces to have an initial meeting with their roommates, create guidelines, and then arrange a monthly meeting to address any problems. Young people today understand more than ever the benefits of working together.

  • 1. Everyone needs some time alone, so if you realize you haven’t left the house in over a week make a point of spending an evening or afternoon away so you’re roommate can dance around the living room for five minutes.
    2. If the kitchen is a small space, as they often are in shared houses, try not to make elaborate cups of tea every time your roommate is cooking or cleaning or whatever.
    4. Be mindful of mould or mildew growing in your room. This effects the air quality in the house for everyone and your roommates do not want to have to admit they’ve been snooping around in your room trying to find where that weird smell is coming from.
    5. Last but not least, if you have guests staying overnight or over the weekend or such be sure to give a heads up and not leave an I expecting roommate to supply towels, breakfast etc. If you’re hosting someone please be a host to them!

  • The not leaving the apartment thing is pretty real. I live with some boys who don’t leave the house and it makes the apartment feel a bit claustrophobic. In my last apartment, my roommates were out of the house a lot and had significant others and I would dance around to beyonce while I cooked alone. Really miss that now!

  • Un rappel constant de pourquoi je n’ai jamais eu, ni voulu de roomate. Et la maintenant je vis avec mon fiancé après 8 ans de relation et on se partage les tâches, c’est moins “chacun pour soi” comme dans une collocation.
    Bonne chance!!!

  • – try not to watch hour long episodes of animal doctors
    – pay the rent
    – if your clothes are on the clothes horse for 14 days it’s safe to say there dry
    – don’t drink 16 pints of Guinness and forget to close the toilet door when your bladder screams for the love of god safe me.

  • The post college roommate experience is pretty hard, I feel like you often live with friends and don’t have enough conversations about expectations. Most people I know have gotten more blunt with expectations as they got a bit older and more set in their ways.

    1. Clean off the counters/stove/floor if you are messy cook.
    2. Don’t leave your random tinder dates here.
    3. Don’t leave moldy science projects in the fridge.
    4. Don’t abuse my expensive kitchen knives!
    5. Don’t be that person that uses all the paper towels/toilet paper/soap and never replaces them.
    6. I am excited about your dinner party or get together, but clean that shit up and take the recycling out!

  • Becky Simpson August, 25 2016, 12:48 / Reply

    I love this! All so true. To add to the list: no crumbs on the kitchen counter and no toothpaste in the bathroom sink.

    Funny you write about such a topic because I have a book about this that was *just* released late June. It’s called The Roommate Book and it’s an illustrated guide to making the most of roommate life. I normally don’t link to my work in comments, but this feels appropriate. ha! http://www.beckysimpson.co/books

  • Si un problème survient, essayer d’abord de le régler avec le(s) colocataire(s), NE SURTOUT PAS APPELER EN PREMIER LIEU LE PROPRIETAIRE. Sinon, bonjour l’ambiance et le rapport de confiance…

    Et puis ces règles s’appliquent aussi aux Air’b’n’b et autres partages d’appartements il me semble.

  • Hahaha, this is so perfect! I had to explain to my current roommate that “recycling” actually means taking the stuff out instead of simply piling up paper and plastics in the corner of our pantry. I think at one point the pile was 3ft tall!

  • The struggle is real.. And a few more points from my previous and current experiences:

    1) if you have a cat (or two) make SURE their poop is scooped out regularly and your roommates don’t faint from the smell as soon as they come home
    2) through away the old food from the fridge and cupboards, pretty obvious
    3) put your make up on in YOUR room, not the bathroom

  • J’ai des histoires terribles sur mes collocations à Londres pendant 10 ans ! Genre la fille qui oublie sa serviette hygiénique sale et bien en évidence dans la salle de bain ou le gars qui ne nettoie pas la cuvette des toilettes après son caca … L’évier pas rincé et plein de détritus, le colloc sonore quand il fait crac crac la nuit, ou le couple qu’il fait en plein jour et on entend tout , l’amoncellement de vaisselle sale qui s’empile le week-end: super le petit déjeuner dans la crasse. Les produits périmés qui moisissent dans le frigo jamais nettoyé … Bref je suis heureuse d’etre chez moi et de ne plus vivre en colloc !

  • You are way too nice ! They shouldn’t be using your AESOP soap at all, hands off! I have now started to keep my soap, shampoo and toilet paper in my bedroom – still considering whether or not it would be worthwhile to also hide laundry and dish washing detergent.

  • Ha ha ha ! Terrible and true!! I would add:
    1. Don’t get high ten times a day in your room. Its a bummer to be in rhythms of stoner when one one is not.
    2. Don’t move your girlfriend in secretly .
    3. Don’t say you have a job then hang around the apartment all day as your parents support you.
    4. If you CLEAN, put the cleaning supplies AWAY. If others have to clean up after your cleaning up it means your cleaning up is not cleaning up,
    5. Before you share tell stories about bodily functions , emotional trauma, relationship drama – ASK. Your roomie may not be in the mood — so be mindful of the energy you spread.
    6. Buy your own food, eat your own food.
    Phew! All this crap is why I do air B and B now in preference to having a roommate !

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