The Diner at The Standard Hollywood at 6AM

11 years ago by

I was totally jet lagged, woke up at 4AM, feeling all alone and then…

I walked down to the Standard Restaurant and immediately felt better.

It’s open 24/7 and the atmosphere is warm and soft, with a really cinematic soundtrack.
I saw a few nightbirds but mostly people like me that couldn’t find sleep. You smile to them and go back to what you’re reading. You look out the window, it’s 6 o’clock in Hollywood, you get another cup of coffee, the sun rises, everything’s cool.

The Standard Hollywood, 8300 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood California, 90069


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  • First of all, welcome to LA!!

    Second of all, am I the only one who is finding your blog kind of surreal this week? Since you’ve been in the US, you’ve mentioned the superbowl and commented much on cultural attitudes in NY (vs Paris)…but what about the thing that EVERYONE has been talking about this week?? I know, you probably think it’s safer to avoid discussing politics, and I totally get that…but it’s like you’re living in a bubble detached from reality. Obama has been re-elected! This is amazing!!!! It’s the ONLY thing that people are thinking about.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say it, because I keep waiting for a reference to it on your blog. A drawing of the first lady…or something…!!!

    So proud of America today :-))

  • I’m not american at all, but I looove your comment! I was waiting for a word or something from “Garance the New yorker” ;))
    Just wanna say: well done America!


  • Diane : Ahah, I am very happy ! I just don’t know how to express it – I am not very comfortable talking politics in public. I do it with my friends a lot, though :)

  • I love this place !!

  • It’s a great post, like every one from you- I love your writing style.
    But I always wanted to ask, what camera and lens do you use? I’ve see it on an older photo and it looks absolutely huge.

    Thank you!

  • Ça semble parfait !


  • Est-ce cet hôtel où il y a une fille ou un gars dans un aquarium derrière le/la receptionniste?

  • Get the Mac and Cheese – outstanding!

  • Being alone in a beautiful restaurant til the sunrise is very romantic G.

  • Looks like a wonderful place and the benches look so comfortable! xx


  • LOVE the decor!! Hope you got some rest. :)

  • l.hidalgo November, 9 2012, 4:27 / Reply

    hi garance.
    so exciting you are on the west coast. i am an avid follower in oakland, ca. just 6 hours north of l.a. maybe one day you may visit the bay area….we have a lot to do…. wine country, golden gate bridge, the best FOOD…. and fashion…. well, we are working on it. but, for now, enjoy the sun and relax in l.a.

  • Mde Mazzini APPROVES. !!!

  • Discretion, discretion….

  • Was able to imagine you sitting there at dawn in such a fabulous spot…aaahhh.
    Thankyou Diane and Gigi for mentioning Obama…and of course thankyou for answering in such a sweet way Garance.
    Here in Perth,Western Australia, my friends and I are absolutely deeelighted with Obama. Everyone is kind of feeling more at peace. What a very special man he is and such wonderful, genuine thoughts.
    If this is a glimpse of things to come…well this old girl is sticking round :)
    Wishing you ‘sleep of the Angels’ Garance.

  • Garance!! I live in LA! Let me know if you are ever in downtown. I know you are super busy, but if you have time for a fan it would be great to meet you! I would love to share a conversation over coffee and my favorite spots in DTLA. I live in the Fashion District in Santee Village. Enjoy the sun!!

    If you see me say hi! I and a small asian girl that wears red glasses =P


  • I remember some previous comments in another post about how your trip to L.A. was very SATC. The Standard is straight outta SATC! ;) How was the trip?

  • Danielle korneliussen November, 10 2012, 1:10 / Reply

    I have to say this… When we Are visiting Garances’ world ( ei. Her blog), it is like we are in her home where She invites us into HER world. To pressure her to comment on issues outside the realm of fashion And style is quite impolite ( in my humble opinion) and self indulgent. Politics And religion… Not everyone wishes to share their opinions on those subjects to total strangers ( we, her blog followers). To accuse Garance of “living in a bubble” And being “detached from reality” is just beyond rude!

  • I totally agree. Thanks for this comment


  • that’s so American-cute Garance :)

    watching the birth of the day is promising, even if you were jet-lagged and feeling a little lonely…how Echidna (commentator above) positively put it, it is quite romantic :)

    and i can’t wait to visit a Standard hotel one day…especially the one in Miami!

    xo dina

  • J’adooore cet endroit j’y descend depuis près de 10 ans. J’aime l’ambiance, l’atmosphère cool qui s’en dégage et la déco pop design.
    Mais il faut bien reconnaitre que mis à part les pancakes qui tuent, le reste de la bouffe et pas top top …:-( on se rattrape avec la vue sur downtown et les rencontres cool qu’on fait au bord de la piscine …
    Bon séjour à L.A ma chère Garance :-)

  • C’est chouette à lire ce petit post :)

  • Aaron Lee November, 10 2012, 3:03 / Reply

    Personally, I ENJOY visiting Garance’s so called “bubble!” : )

    Like the other poster said,”EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT POLITICS & the re-election of Obama!!!”
    And I find it refreshing to go somewhere that for once isn’t about politics & the President being re-elected.
    I’m here to get insight on BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES,PLACES,PEOPLE,the INDUSTRY,etc!

    I have to say THANK YOU Garance for NOT talking about politics haha This is MANY PEOPLE’S GREAT ESCAPE from the usual daily drama, news, and nonsense that EVERYBODY & their mother FILLS OUR HEADS WITH ; )

    Thank You Garance for what you do, your AMAZING BLOG, and ALLOWING US INTO YOUR WORLD…..and for NOT talking about political issues or figures!!


  • Garance,

    I just want to say that I truly hope that I didn’t seem rude (mentioning Obama’s re-election); it was 100% not my intention! I think I’ve just been so emotional (and joyful) this week; it feels like something huge and beautiful just happened in this country. I love your blog, and often look at it (and have done for years…), and I don’t why, I just really thought I would see something on it, so I became increasingly puzzled that there was no mention of it. Like there was an elephant in the room…

    Anyway, obviously I totally respect that it’s your blog, and that you must follow your passions and intuitions, because that’s what will always keep it authentic. And I thank you for it! Your lovely spirit is a true joy, and it’s beautiful of you to share it so generously.

    Blessings to you

  • about the only place where 24/7 exists in abundance on the west coast :)

  • I don’t live in the US and do not care about politics. To me, Garance is not a New Yorker but an international women, and I appreciate a lot that she does not bother us with comments on politics but writes about topics where her point of view brings something I cannot read elsewhere… I like to live in my own bubble without politics nor news nor television, thank you Garance for not breaking it! Keep it beautiful! Would like to be at the Standard right now!

  • Ohhh, such an inspiration…) Like the post!

  • In truth this IS a lifestyle blog. More importantly it IS Garance’s blog! Secretly I am in awe of the American election, simply for how everyone gets involved. Very very different here in South Africa… Google our first lady(ies) and see what I mean!

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