DIY Embroidery?

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DIY Embroidery?

When it comes to life, I consider myself a minimalist.

Minimal makeup, black/white/grey clothing and even with my food – I prefer simple ingredients. But recently, I have been infatuated with embroidery on tee-shirts. Simple little hand drawn designs that just add a touch of sweetness to my minimal look! I can’t really decide if it’s because my wardrobe seems to be lacking variation or maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90’s when it was (SUPER) cool to have smiley faces on everything – but I’m loving these simple embroidered tee shirts.

So much so – that I want to start embroidering my own shirts. A bit of DIY. I always love learning how to do new things and this is my most recent obsession! Only one thing though, I have NO idea where to begin…

Do you guys have any tips for learning how to embroider tee-shirts? A good starting place seems like finding the right fabric that will take to embroidery. And then, well, I guess I need to learn the basics of sewing? Could it be so simple as a needle and thread? Impossible, right?

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  • Personalizing items with DIY embroidery can be so much fun to do and it can add personality to a piece that may otherwise be ordinary.
    Most fabrics, as long as they are of substantial weight or heft, can handle embroidery. For knits, however, you’ll need to use stabilizer webbing on the backside to keep the fabric from puckering. You can find it on Amazon in all sorts of versions: tear-away, wash-away, permanent. An embroidery hoop is also helpful in keeping your fabric corralled and keep it from slipping while you work.

    Happy stitching!

  • this is a very cute idea! :)


  • I consider myself lucky as I learned to sew and embroider (and knit and crochet…) at school. And of course my Mom taught me.
    I think that all kind of handicraft is really relaxing (once you’ve got over the rough start :)). I totally recommend.

    As for tips – I think that an embroidery frame would be useful. And good fabric and a good needle.

    https:// sofaundermapletree.wordpress.com

  • So weird…I just pulled my embroidery out from years ago this weekend. I do it by hand and love the idea of updating a plain t-shirt.

  • You need a needle, thick embroidery thread and an embroidery ring, a small wooden ring that holds the fabric stiff. Embroidery used to be part of growing up, along with sewing (and I do know how to sew and have been doing it all day, in fact. Not that I enjoy it, but it’s terribly useful). I like your initial and think I’m going to do this on some T-shirts to jazz them up (without “bedazzling” anything). However, it would be FAR easier to embroider the pocket BEFORE it’s stitched onto the shirt.

  • I’m The Expert at embroidering ANYTHING on my clothes, it gives it the special touch that I need when I don’t feel my clothes that much, or when it’s getting older and needs a reboot, like I’ve this dress that I was so tired of and added my touch to when I wanted to wear it again on another weeding, here: http://www.fashionparadoxes.com

  • Tu peux regarder sur le site internet Artesane qui s’intéresse à tous les loisirs créatifs ! Il y a deux articles sur les différents points de broderie et le matériel basique et deux motifs pour s’entrainer.

  • Monika April, 6 2016, 5:50 / Reply

    I love this idea!

  • Complètement d’accord avec toi Garance le détail brodé fait toute la différence. Comme conseil pour les tee-shirts il faut que le coton soit épais et tissé serré, sinon tu risque de faire des trous. Je serai ravie de te donner d’autres conseils, je brode sur tous supports, tu peux découvrir mon univers sur la page Facebook Linette Paris https://www.facebook.com/linette.paris/ ou Instagram Linette Paris https://www.instagram.com/linette.paris/

  • Love it! ;)


  • I had the same impulse last year and it’s super easy. You can buy needle, thread, and a loom at the dollar store (!!) and follow a Martha Stewart how-to on her site. Then just practice on a handkerchief different little designs (an excellent thing to do while watching re-runs) and you’ll get the hang of it. Now I buy plain totes and give them sweet little details. It’s also a handy skill for homemade gifts. Good luck! x

  • J’adore ce genre de détail ! Un peu comme les si beaux T-shirts de la Maison Labiche !



  • Do it! It is so much easier than you think. Get some embroidery needles, a nice thread (I like silk – Trebizond Silk 3ply is great). Google how to backstitch and running stitch and just start having fun on a piece of fabric. A frame is great but not necessary to start just have fun.

  • Thank you for a great explanation. I was looking online for a similar idea and really appreciate it

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