When I ask my friends in New York what they’re missing most right now, usually numbers 1, 2 and 3 are eating at their favorite restaurants. Going out to eat is what you do in New York, and...

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5 places paris garance dore

5 Places to Eat in Paris ASAP

Five places we’re looking forward to trying as soon as our next trip to Paris is planned...

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garance dore new potato

I’m Crazy and I’m Owning it.

I finally made one of my dreams a reality and I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner....

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root and bone squash spaghetti recipe restaurant food garance dore photo

Root & Bone’s Squash Spaghetti

You could say I was an “early adopter” (guys, I am so in on the tech lingo, just ask G ;) to...

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megan bowman gray hero paris restaurant interiors garance dore photos

At Hero

Being from LA, I’m no stranger to street food (taco trucks specifically), but the rise of...

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egg shop nyc spandex breakfast bowl recipe garance dore

Egg Shop’s Spandex Bowl

I love Egg Shop in New York…

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rosemarys spaghetti carbonara recipe restaurant food garance dore photos

Rosemary’s Spaghetti Carbonara

My ultimate weakness is pasta. I could give up cake any day, but pasta? Never. Can’t, and...

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flinders lane watermelon salad recipe food garance dore photos

Flinders Lane’s Watermelon Salad

This looks almost too good to eat, but I promise you it’s even better once you take a bite. I...

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viviane sassed black or white garance dore photos

Black or White

Does it matter? This is NOT about race. It is about clothes.  I was at a restaurant the other week...

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acai bowl recipe food two hands garance dore photos

Two Hands’ Acai Bowl

One of my favorite places for breakfast is Two Hands, a really cute café that’s pretty close...

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table for one jerry hall vogue garance dore photos

Table For One

Dinner and breakfast – yes, just me! Do you ever eat by yourself? And by that I do not mean in...

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tiny's restaurant superfood pancake recipe garance dore photos

Tiny’s Superfood Pancake

I went for lunch at Tiny’s the other day, close to the studio, and ordered something that sounded...

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sketch restaurant london regent street interiors garance dore photos

At Sketch

Have you ever seen so much pink?! It would maybe be a little overwhelming, if it wasn’t so...

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bones restaurant paris garance dore photos

Bones’ Meyer Lemon Tart

We loved our visit to Bones so much that we wanted to share one of their recipes with you! Chef...

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james henry bones restaurant garance dore photos


During their recent trip to Paris, the team visited Bones, a small and beautifully pared back...

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anahi restaurant interior garance dore photos


In Paris, the old and new play off one another in perfect harmony. There is an undeniable...

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navy avocado toast recipe garance dore photos

Navy’s Avocado Toast

I’ve been wanting to bring you a little more from the restaurants we visit, so here is the recipe...

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at navy camille becerra garance dore photos

At Navy

In New York, like in Paris, people love to dine out. One of my new favorite spots right now in...

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