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Stylist Tori Lazar

Getting older is great for a lot of reasons. Staying in shape with minimal effort is not one of them, I am reminded of this constantly within the ebbs and flows of my yet-to-be-consistent fitness regime. In applying my favorite life philosophy of “fake it ’til you make it” to the subject of fitness, I’ve learned that dressing the part is half the work. Ok, maybe not half, have you ever done burpees? But it does help to feel like you look good! And if looking good isn’t a big enough motivator, maybe the money you’ve spent on all this nice gear and your gym membership is. Whatever works right?

Anyway, below is a round up of some really good looking fitness gear – elevated activewear, as we’ve dubbed it. Inspired first by G’s obsession with that printed yoga mat. I mean she’s right, it is cute! Regardless of what you wear or how many burpees you do (15 on a good day), feeling happy and heathy is the most important part.

I'm confident in saying I would comply to just about any fitness related order so long as I got to wear this matching set from Live the Process. If I could pair it with some white socks, trainers, and a scrunchy in my hair, I'm sure I'd understand the true meaning of life.

Expectation: Become a master of yoga and flexibility from the comfort of my own home.

Reality: Spend no time practicing yoga, and all the time taking Instagram photos of my feet on this mat.

Am I the type of person to coordinate my headphones with my outfit? No. Do I want to be? Probably not. But as you may have gathered from my brief psychotic episode over the Live the Process set, I rarely say no to pink. Plus these are bluetooth, so even if you're forced to do 25 burpees (I stop to breathe at 12), you can do them without clumsily ripping your earbuds out as you send your iPhone flying 10 feet across the weight section.

With a little hint of vintage varsity spirit, this Tory Sport sweater is the ultimate cool down accessory. Imagine casually throwing this little number on over the Live the Process set (not going to stop talking about it). Post-workout, covered in sweat, hair a little frizzy. I'm serious, these are my goals.

Doing any number of burpees becomes exponentially easier when you're wearing a light shoe that doesn't weigh you down. This is exactly the quality that these trainers boast. The pink sole goes without saying at this point.

I’m hoping my excitement for this gear will somehow shape me into the morning person I know I can be, deep down. Are you as easily motivated by good looking activewear as I am? Do you successfully wake up at the crack of dawn to hit them gym? Please, enlighten me.

Click the images to shop! Special thanks to our neighbor New York Pilates for letting us shoot in their beautiful Nolita studio.


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  • Oh my gosh I totally agree, getting older is def an adventure. I love the term Elevated Activewear. It sounds much more chic and cool. You have great taste :)

  • Darlings exercise is one of the biggest changes
    as we age ! What once was morning jog has been forced into a brisk walk because of joint impact . Does it help to Dress The Part, always in every way !
    Dress The Part

  • Ah so good… if only elevated workout clothes are not exorbitantly priced…!

  • Alors oui, se sentir jolie au levé du lit pour aller faire du fractionné, ça m’aide beaucoup, et surtout – sur-tout, j’ai adopté Django (parce qu’il est enfin unchainded! :))un Jack Russel que je DOIS absolument faire se dépenser avant de le laisser dans l’appart pour la journée, voilà mon miracle morning à moi, et du coup oui, ça aide à vieillir en bonne santé, voir le soleil pointer son nez, les oiseaux mon pti chien et avoir la sensation de faire un truc bien pour lui et moi.
    Bon courage pour trouver ton truc à toi.
    Il parait que le plus dur dans le sport c’est le 1er mètre, de son canap jusqu’aux running! bises et bonne journée!

  • If this isn’t the truth lol. The older I get the less consistent I am with my workout regimen. I promise to do much better.


  • Great article, Natalie! It made me giggle because I could totally relate! Here at Babe Universe we’re obsessed about yoga. I’m going on a month-long intensive yoga retreat in Bali next month, and I’m starting to feel a bit nervous as I haven’t been exercising at all – maybe I should just elevate my fitness outfit? Would it automatically transform me into a yoga master? Well I hope so, cause that’s my only hope…

    xo, Elizabeth Ananda

  • And what is Remy wearing in the first picture?

  • Nice collection! These workout clothes look amazing and it will be great to wear them during my workout. I definitely need to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love, love the printed yoga mat! Everyone needs a little something to inspire their practice.


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