What a Fashion Editor Buys for Herself

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When Veronica wrote about the beauty products she actually buys for herself, it gave me the idea to do the same thing for fashion. After all, having a well-edited wardrobe is a part of our ethos here at DORÉ.

I’ve been working as a fashion editor for almost 7 years now. Throughout that time, I’ve had the great fortune to meet and view the collections of many talented designers and, of course, I’ve received my fair share of freebies. But honestly, I’ve never been very comfortable dressing (or living) excessively. I favor a very edited wardrobe. In fact, I edit my wardrobe pretty rigorously every couple of months. I’ve found that having a good collection of basics that I love allows me to live more freely and easily.

Of course, like everyone, I still have terrible outfit days and mornings when I’m late for work because nothing fits right or looks good. But after all this time in the industry, I like to think I’ve picked up a thing or two! So, here you have it, the essential pieces that I actually spend my own money on…

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas


If you know me, you know that I am a denim obsessive. I wear jeans almost every day. For me, they’re the easiest way to be stylish and functional at the same time. Jeans fit differently for everyone, but here’s what I love right now.

1. I love these Need Supply jeans like they’re my own children. I wear them again and again and I recommend them to everyone. I have them in black and blue, and in multiple sizes so I can wear them baggier or more fitted, depending on my mood.

2. My boyfriend was actually the one who got me into Wranglers. I like the Western feel of them and the details on the pockets. Plus, they’re super affordable. I bought two sizes of these guys as well.

3. Lately I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect “cargo jeans” (it was this photo of Carolyn Bessette that sparked it). I’ve been lusting after these jeans from Eckhaus Latta and these from LOROD for a long time, and I finally bought both of them on super sale. Pants are essential for me so I’m willing to invest.


Classic blue jeans paired with a simple top is the perfect outfit for me. I tend to collect tops and keep them for a long time. My essentials below.

1. Classic T-shirts, duh. Sweatshirts and tanks too. I love the t-shirts from Need Supply in cream and black and I recently bought this gray crewneck sweatshirt from Entireworld, which has been in heavy rotation. The black tank I’m wearing (above) is thrifted, but For Days, Everlane, Entireworld and Vince have nice ones.

2. If I’m not in a t-shirt, I’m probably in a button down. I’m really loving this oversized men’s version from Entireworld or a classic blue and white stripe, like this. I also wear printed button downs a lot when I want to feel a little more special (everyone in the office makes fun of my “fashion week shirt”). I copped this old Dries Van Noten one on The Real Real recently.

3. I’ll never have enough of a striped t-shirt. This one that I’m wearing is actually a really old Topshop find that I’ve had for years, but I also have a ton from Saint James that I mostly pick up at J.Crew.

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas


Shoes are probably the one place where I have a little more fun. Since my clothing is so simple I try to have a little more excitement south of the ankles.

1. I wear sneakers a lot. As a stylist, I tend to be on my feet a lot, either at photoshoots or at market appointments, so comfort and mobility are key. I love Nike AirMaxes and white Converse. I also bought these Phoebe Philo era Céline sneakers second-hand, and I wear them quite frequently.

2. Summertime also means sandal time. I love low-heeled sandals. Some of my favorites are By Far, Phoebe Céline (I would buy all the Céline shoes if I could) and Maryam Nassir Zadeh. The black pair I’m wearing above is And Other Stories. For flat sandals I have a pair from Newbark (very sadly discontinued), but these are similar. I also want to buy a pair of pool slides, like these.


1. In the summertime, I carry straw bags almost exclusively. I think you find the best ones in the most random places, like little shops on vacation or thrift stores.

2. Lately I’m really loving this tiny crossbody bag from ODP. The designer, Allison, described it to me as the bag Jane Birkin would wear, so I try to channel her when I wear it.

3. My mom gave me the tiny little Prada bag (below) that she bought when she was my age! It’s definitely one of my favorite things that I own (all of my really good stuff was handed down from mom). I keep all of my little essentials in it when I’m carrying a big bag during the day, or I use it as a purse when I go out at night.

4. Baggus are obviously my favorite! I have about one zillion of them floating around the office and my apartment. I use them for photoshoots, groceries, packing, the gym, anything really!

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas


dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas


Gold hoops and gold chains. I wear them I even wore them on my white water rafting trip last month which was possibly excessive, but hey, I’m not myself if I don’t have my jewelry.

1. For earrings I love Tuza, Emily Levine and Jennifer Fisher.

2. For chains, my favorites are vintage or passed down from mom and grandma. Check out your local thrift! Jennifer Fisher and Sophie Buhai also have very nice ones, if you want to invest in something.

3. I got a big pearl from Chan Luu (seen on my friend the statue, above) as a gift recently and I really love it. It’s the perfect thing to add to a simple outfit when I want to dress it up a bit.


1. Not pictured, but I have owned this silk camisole from Nili Lotan for years and I still love it for a hot day or a night out.

2. You may have noticed the lack of skirts and dresses in this post. That’s because…. I don’t wear them! I just feel much more like myself in a pair of pants. I tend to run cold and I work in an air conditioned office, so heat isn’t really a problem for me. When it’s really scorching outside I have two black slip dresses (one long, one short) that I’ll bust out. One’s an old thrift find and one is a couple years old from And Other Stories. I’m contemplating a black slip skirt as well, like this.

3. When I can’t get away with jeans, I usually go for black trousers. Toteme makes really nice ones, and I also have an old pair from Aritzia that I love. Lilli also recently turned me on to these men’s Wranglers.

4. My drawer is full of simple, black underwear from Everlane and Uniqlo. Definitely an essential :)

dore what a fashion editor buys for herself christina holevas


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  • Sympa, le concept….
    mais là, ses conseils sont tellement minimalistes et basiques qu’on n’en tire pas grand-chose. C’est un peu le même problème avec toutes les personnes bossant dans la fashion: soit leur garde-robe est hyper excentrique donc n’appartient qu’é la personne concernée. Soit on est vraiment dans le risque 0 (comme ici) mais du coup, pas inspirant…

  • Caroline July, 29 2019, 5:12

    On est d’accord…

  • Gooooooood basics. Love!

  • Jessica July, 11 2019, 3:36 / Reply

    So it’s impossible to tell that they’ll look good from their website, but the classic Carhartt double front women’s pants are KILLER if you are looking for a cargo pant. I get compliments on them every time if I happen to wear them around my fashion friends.
    I first spotted them on this badass woman farmer I know ( and snagged a pair at a consignment store. I love that I can actually garden/camp/hike/do/be in them and at the same time pull off just a touch of that late-90’s TLC/ giant cargo pants that flatter thing.

  • Christina Holevas July, 11 2019, 4:27

    I’ve wanted to try these carhartts too! I see them looking very cool on other people but nervous about how they will look on me. Might need to pickup a pair!

  • I can so relate to her style. Love it .

  • Love your style Christina! I need to re-visit Wranglers… I’m such a jean girl too!
    And so happy you love the Mini Safari bag! :)

  • Such a good reminder that the basics are timeless. So many messages around trends these days can cloud the judgment. I will keep this post bookmarked for moments when I need to feel grounded! Well done.

  • Hi there – thank you! stylish and accessible. x

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira July, 16 2019, 3:47 / Reply

    Remember last December ( I think ) when i told you that i was gonna try to give my Niece those Céline sneakers for Christmas ? I did not ! Too much $$$ and give her in second hand …you know what i mean ? But aren’t they the coolest sneakers ever ? Love them , and your Style and your *supercute freckles!

    (* With All Due Respect Mrs Style Editor and… i got my niece some all white Vans ,though !!!)

  • Christina Holevas July, 16 2019, 1:39

    your niece is lucky to have you!! xxx

  • Béatrice Akar August, 1 2019, 3:59 / Reply

    I live in Paris and love to be opened and get ideas with a new eye

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