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In the last few months, we’ve shared our excitement around the transformation of the site and studio into Atelier Doré. In a few instances, we’ve alluded that our excitement around the new brand extended into product…

Today I’m very excited to launch the shop we created around our retreat in Marrakech. It’s the first of what we hope will be many opportunities that allow us to bring our ideas and experiences to life, and to share them with you.

Our team has worked to create and curate a selection of products with some wonderful friends and collaborators that bring together a few items from, or inspired by, Marrakech. Everything featured here is sold exclusively in our shop and with our partners.

Stories + Objects Leather Tote

We love Stories + Objects because like us, story telling is at the core of what they do. Jamie and her team have traveled the world, capturing the tales of the best artisans who create beautiful products rich with history and tradition. This leather tote is made in Fes and is the softest, most buttery leather I’ve ever felt. We added our Doré emblem, embossed in gold, to the top of the bag. Because is gold embossing ever a bad idea? (Hint: no).

Marrakshi Life Caftan

When we published Garance’s style story from Marrakech this summer, so many of you asked us about the caftan she was wearing. Well, ask and you shall receive! We collaborated with the very brand who made it, Marrakshi Life, to create one in our signature yellow. It's beautifully (and impressively) hand-woven and tailored in Marrakech by skilled craftsmen, has a luxurious texture, and is packed with potential outfit (and Instagram) opportunities.

Marrakech Poster

A tribute to the babouche, a Moroccan essential that we've long adored. This is our first of what will hopefully be many travel inspired posters.

The Notebook

For all of your musings, thoughts, and doodles, this notebook is linen bound and unlined. Perfect for dreamers, or for writing to do lists. Looks great in aforementioned leather tote.

Marrakech T-Shirt

Come on, we couldn't not make a t-shirt! An essential white tee, infused with a pop of color. Rest assured, a lot of teamwork and product research went into finding the perfect fit and feel.

Stories + Objects Argan Oil

Oil is in. This is a Moroccan harvested argan blended with jasmine and neroli for a soft, moisturizing finish that smells really good. We produced this one with Stories + objects in Morocco, straight from its source.

The Marrakech Tote

In full support of the bag lady look, and because they're so damn useful, we created a classic canvas tote with that yellow pop of color we so obviously love. It's sturdy and has slightly shorter handles for a closer fit to the arm.

Chabi Chic Orange Blossom Shower Gel + Fresh Mist Set

Because we love a good bath ritual, we wanted to produce a set that would help us wind down and refresh. We teamed up with Chabi Chic, a spirited lifestyle brand founded by two French women and based in Morocco, to create this Marrakech inspired product set infused with orange blossom and argan.

Click the images to shop, or browse in our shop page here!

A big thanks to our collaborators, Stories + Objects, Marrakshi Life, and Chabi Chic


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  • Breevandekemp November, 9 2017, 9:30 / Reply

    400€ le caftan ??? À ce prix là, je m’offre et billet pour Marrakech et le caftan. Plus ça va moins je me retrouve dans ce blog. Dommage…

  • Hi Bree,

    When considering the price of the caftan it’s also crucial to consider that it was hand made by local artisans in Marrakech using high quality fabrics. Unfortunately, when products aren’t produced en-masse, the price tends to be higher. It’s important to us that we support small, local business that embody traditions that have been around for hundreds of years. Especially when those business are in places that are welcoming us into their culture and community, as Marrakech is for our retreat next week. We also understand that not everyone can afford products such as this, which is why we’ve included items here at a range of price-points. We are happy to be able to celebrate creatives through commerce which helps them sustain a living. I hope you can appreciate that, too!


  • Would be fun to have a shopping event for the launch :) Congrats team!

  • Congrats on this launch! The products are amazing. Wish I could be there for your retreat in Marrakech.

    I may have to put that travel poster in my shopping cart!

    On my page, I’m reviewing a miracle broth for the face!

  • WOW!!!! So excited!!!! Can’t wait!

  • Il n’y a pas grand chose que je peux me payer, mais c’est vraiment très bien “curated” pour votre retraite, tout est très tentant!

  • Ç’est chouette mais malheureusement pas accessible à tous……

  • La premiere photo est in vrai coup de soleil !
    Bienheureux ceux qui iront a Marrakech.

  • Laurie Wilson November, 10 2017, 5:42 / Reply

    I would really liked to have purchased a Tshirt but was very disappointed to not see any larger sizes. As a “normal” size woman, a medium/large just won’t fit. Please remember that not all of your readers are thin French women.

  • Hi Laurie,

    We hope as our brand presence grows we will have the resources to expand our size ranges. For the moment we are working with limited resources and have produced small runs of all of the products included here to gauge initial interest. We are not interested in expanding widely into apparel, as we agree that sized products–from clothing, to shoes (like Garance’s size 41 feet!)–can be a challenge for many reasons. We appreciate your feedback!

    x Emily

  • I have been a fan of this blog since 2009 and have watched its growth with interest. I applaud your stated commitment to work towards showcasing more sustainable and ethical fashion. So I do understand why the caftan, for example, is at such a high price point. I do wonder, however, how much of the profits actually go to the local artisans. That would be something worth knowing, because labor practices are a crucial part of ethical fashion. Also, on a slightly different note, I’d love to know the provenance of the T-shirt. Where was it made? And what is its fabric content? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Hi Judith!

    The t-shirts are 100% cotton and are produced in Egypt and finished in Los Angeles. The factory they are made in is in compliance with the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct and is certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, a non-profit team of global social compliance experts. We have included product details and specifics for each product on their product pages.

    As for the caftans, you can learn more about our partners for this caftan, Marrakshi Life, here.


    x Emily

  • How tall ia Garance? I am wondering because you say her footsize is 41 but some information sites proclaim her as 5.2”. She looks so tall on photos. Thank you

  • Hi Yulia! Garance is 5’7 :)

  • RachelJoy November, 10 2017, 2:33 / Reply

    Congratulations on the launch of your new shop!
    I think it’s very inspiring, and I love the choice of products. I also love the thoughts into who you are working with for this shop and it’s products; the ethics, sustainability (which I’ve learnt about in the comments). It’s amazing that your readers feel comfortable to voice their opinions, and you answer our queries honestly.! It’s like, we’ve supported you for so long that we feel a part of it and want that reassurance that Atelier Dore still harnesses practices that we love about you. At first I felt a bit defensive with some of the stuff in the comments but I realise, it’s because we care!
    Though the prices do lean on the higher point, I hope that at some point I can treat myself! I’d love to support this new venture and the artisans you are working with x
    Good luck with it all!

  • Thank you so much! xo

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