chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

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Ok, so it’s a little funny to do a post about your boyfriend.

But the first time I met him, before we even spoke, I told myself I’d like to do a portrait of him. I’d seen him play at the Standard (he’s a singer and trumpet player)(I was there having drinks with my mom)(!!!) and I thought he was really great.
I mean, it was perfect — that way I had a professional excuse to call him back ;)

I immediately wanted to capture his presence, and I also started imagining what the world of a jazz musician might be like.

Very soon we started talking and loved being with each other, and, shortly after that, it was too late for a style story on the blog to really be as simple and natural as when we do portraits of guys who inspire us… But aren’t our boyfriends ;)

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

But, this summer I told myself, “You’re being silly, don’t over think it. He’s one of the people who inspires you the most… It would be a shame to restrict yourself for no real reason (which is also what gave me the idea for my editor’s letter last week). You would have done it if he wasn’t your boyfriend, and now you’re not going to do it just because he is?

Anyway, I talked about it with my team, and they were all super enthusiastic.

So there you go. Chris is a musician, he’s beautiful, kind, intelligent, funny, immensely talented, he sings and plays trumpet, he composes great songs… and I’m not at all crazy about him or anything ;)

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

His daily life is completely different from mine. He works evenings and weekends and practices trumpet for hours during the day. It’s a very special lifestyle — a mix between the perpetual discipline of a musician, and a slightly rowdy nightlife. It’s a totally different New York from mine, made up of long nights, incredible concerts (he’s played several times for the president!) and also small jazz clubs. Our two worlds are different, but just as free, creative, and slightly strange — it’s very inspiring.

Chris is from the South, from North Carolina. He grew up in Florida surfing and fishing, and he’s kept the very relaxed, down to earth side of that culture. I’ve gotten back to my roots in a lot of ways with him, the nature-loving part of me that I got from my childhood in Corsica. We both feel a little confined in the city sometimes…

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

During the day, he’s very relaxed and minimalist (white t-shirt, Converse, and black Levi’s) — he tries to keep it as simple as possible, which is probably due to the fact that he has to dress up for work every night.
For the evenings, he has a collection of white dress shirts and all of his suits are from J.Crew and the Kooples. He wears Church’s on his feet and he stole my Barton Perreira sunglasses — they’re gorgeous and I love them, but they were a bit too masculine on me after I cut my hair.

In New York, you can go see him (and a lot of the time, see me too ;)) at the Soho Grand on Wednesdays and at the Standard on Fridays (not every Friday, so make sure to check his website). And this week, he’s going to play a special show for us at the pop-up café I’m opening in New York with Cointreau for three days. I’ll give you the details about the pop-up within the day today. If you’d like an invitation, sign up here. We don’t have a lot of people we can put on the list, but it’s going to be great, especially because I’ve also invited Sebastien Perrin, my favorite DJ, to come spin some vinyls right after Chris.

Come, it’s gonna be fun!

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos
chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos
chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

Video by Daniela Vesco

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

Special thanks to The Soho Grand Hotel and The Standard Hotel.


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  • Beautiful pics!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • the pics look so out of time, right? :)

  • Les photos sont magnifiques, comme toujours ! Ça aurait dommage de ne pas les publier ;)


  • I loved this! The photos are fantastic and dark but still clear and magical. Lovely story.

  • j’adore !

  • Bon ben, le fantasme du musicien de jazz… ????
    Vous faites un vrai couple de cinéma !!! Sublimes

  • I agree: roots are so important to understand each other…

  • I believe it’s great starting a relationship in your 40s, when everybody gets more relaxed, more self confident and less jealous… Both understand each other’s program, work and passions and respect them… It’s a proof there’s still hope for us all! Congrats!


  • Oh my…..I love it!

  • This is so sweet :)

  • Très très beau post ! J’adore cette ambiance nocturne et cosy en même temps :) Tu as bien fait de ne pas te fixer d’interdit et de nous présenter un bel artiste (hum, je n’ai pas encore écouté sa musique donc heu…) ET ton homme, en même temps. :)

  • SUPER! dommage, je ne habite pas New York, sinon je viendrais certainement un soir l’écouter..

  • that’s so sweet that you did one on him and that he inspires you so much. Also, he has such a great jazz voice

  • Mademoiselle Vaness September, 8 2015, 10:07 / Reply

    Alors un mec qui chante Otis en transmettant le même frisson qu’Otis… je n’avais jamais entendu ça! Il semblerait donc que tu aies mis la main sur une perle chère Garance. A quand le concert en Europe?

  • What stunning photos! Very sexy in that old school dark jazz and old fashioned sort of way, like a classic movie.

  • Beautiful portrait of a very handsome and talented man!
    Lucky you Garance!
    But you deserve it so!

  • Wow! You have a very good looking boyfriend! And the pictures are just stunning!

    Analog House

  • What a beautiful story and and a beautiful love story!! This made me sigh with delight!

  • Such a beautiful couple. One of my favorites! How awesome it must be to have a jazz artist around! It’s like a free dinner and a show every night and anytime! You’re amazing Garance!

  • Gracias. Muchas gracias


  • J’adore le fait que les photos sont très éloignées de ton style habituel, Garance.
    Et, je suis d’accord avec d’autres commentaires, il s’agit là d’un “good catch”!

  • Très très bel article! plein de bienveillance, c’est beau à lire!

  • Who makes those beautiful leather sneakers? My boyfriend needs a pair (and I might too)!

  • I believe they are Common Projects. They also make them for ladies a la Woman by Common Projects. xx.

  • kesa senders September, 8 2015, 11:18 / Reply

    great shots! some have a vintage feel

  • Woah, what a voice! Beautiful!
    And I love the neon light photos, just gorgeous.

  • Férue de jazz et de soul depuis …toujours! Je trouve que reprendre du Otis Redding demande de sacrées épaules, et un feeling inné pour la Soul Music qui ne s’invente pas (on l’a ou on ne l’a pas, point.) Je suis super (agréablement) surprise! Je ne savais pas qu’il chantait, et il a vraiment ce supplément d’âme nécessaire à cette musique. Vraiment bien!

  • Il me fait penser à Chat Baker au top de sa forme

  • Swoon!! These photos are gorgeous, and I’m so excited for you, Garance! I wish so much happiness to you both. And please move to California. ;)


  • Bonjour. Je poste peu mais je dois dire que vous formez “esthétiquement” (puisqu’on ne se connait pas) un très beau couple (si je puis me permettre) ! Je regrette de ne pas être à New York pour écouter ce musicien plein d’une belle énergie… J’ai rencontré “mon artiste” à New York et pour moi elle reste la ville de l’amour ! Alors passez une très belle soirée tous autant que vous êtes !!… Et j’ai vraiment plaisir à vous lire Garance ainsi que votre équipe, de mieux en mieux !
    De tout cœur avec vous from Paris Banlieue ;)

  • Heu, Garance, on en parle ou pas que ton mec est une vraie bombe ??

    En tout cas, vous êtes très beaux ensemble, tu respires le bonheur, et ça c’est l’essentiel et ça fait du bien :)

  • Beaucoup plus sexy que le sartorialist….

  • Vous formez un bien joli couple ! En lisant le titre par contre, j’avais pensé qu’il s’agirait d’un Q&R ou bien que Chris parlerait lui-même de son style mais bon, j’imagine que l’exercice n’en aurait été que “plus” bizarre pour toi et/ou lui !

  • it makes total sense to write about you bf–who should inspire you the most! thanks for sharing your life so much!

  • I’m happy that you are happy, and the fact that he’s your muse (and you are his) is the icing on that beautiful cake!

  • So happy for you, Garance!

  • My God! Such a voice <3 Why, I'd fall in love with this man just by hearing him sing… completely understand you Garance! I wish you two all the happiness in the world!

  • the pic with chris in his tshirt, sitting on window sill, so sexy.

  • Gorgeous, Garance.

    Priscilla Joy
    Dutch Caribbean

  • Chris and you are absolutely beautiful, both as individuals and as a couple. Stay blessed! xo

  • J’ai cru voir passer Carrie Bradshaw dans la vidéo !!

  • Clairement j’avais prévu d’aller l’écouter en octobre quand je serai à NY, j’espère qu’il jouera un des cinq jours où nous y serons…
    Tout à fait différent de Jerry Lee Lewis pour qui nous faisons le déplacement (si siiiiiiii….. can’t wait !!!) mais pour nous qui adorons la musique, ce sera certainement une belle découverte !
    Et pourquoi pas t’y croiser aussi… :)

  • Good music brought you together. Thats above my list of ‘good style bringing people together’. How adorable !

    And his music, is really good. ! Now now, I need to get me on that list.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Very nice, Garance! Beautiful couple :)

  • You know, Garance, that you totally inspired my current hairstyle and I’m so happy that you found love! Chris is so adorable and I think jazz is a wonderfull music. I hope you will find a perfect flat soon :)

  • Il est adorable ton Chris mais…vivons heureux, vivons cachés.

  • This is so special and beautiful! So glad you shared! It’s this kind of intimacy to your blog that keeps us coming back. Plus, what a babe!

  • Je comprend que tu as fondue!!Je n’en connais pas de masse qui peut chanter du Otis. Il est totalement craquant!
    Que la vie vous reserve que du bonheur et pleines de belles choses ensemble.
    Merci d’avoir partagé cela avec nous, c’est trop beau et cela nous fait du bien.

  • Wow, what a beautiful man! Your pictures have captured his essence and he is such a great model too! Congratulations to you both on having found each other!

  • Really cute and sensible post!! Chris is a bit sexy and talented!
    I’ll go with my boyfriend at the Standard, a good idea for a date!!

  • You have a cute boyfriend Garance. Glad you found yourself a Carolina boy! They are gentleman and sincere. I know because I’m one as well.

  • Love the b+w photos especially and the video. His sound is amazing!

  • Great story great pictures Vive L’amour……
    Yael Guetta

  • What an interesting person and such a talented young man to boot. Lucky Garance and lucky Chris too!!

  • Your man seems like a really nice guy! You are lucky to have each other:)

  • Judi Dissin September, 8 2015, 3:18 / Reply

    This is “class jazz”. What a cool ebullient couple. Talent begets talent! To the Soho Grand it is for the sound of
    Chris Norton.
    Thanks, Garance.

  • Gorgeous and talented!

  • Garance,je suis votre blog depuis longtemps et je ne commente pas beaucoup, mais je voulais vous dire que je l’apprécie de plus en plus et que cette connexion à vos racines , ce côté terre à terre que vous avez retrouvé avec votre boyfriend y est pour beaucoup. Et bien que vous ayez une vie très différente de la mienne , je me retrouve dans vos posts . ( bon ,en même temps je suis de Marseille et la corse est selon moi ,le paradis terrestre ) et encore bien davantage depuis quelques temps.

  • Magdalene September, 8 2015, 3:25 / Reply

    Love the photos and the story. Would love to hear him live once in NY. Very very happy for both of you!

  • You broke my Internet with this post:))))))

  • Stunning shots…and he really is beautiful! Thanks for the great style story.

  • Oh Garance I’m so happy for the two of you! However, I have some advice. DO NOT dress that man. He looks great the way he dresses on his own. When you start putting bateau striped t-shirts on him and a ‘kerchief…it makes him look the opposite of effortless, imho. Btw does your mom like him too?

  • Canon ton mec et en plus il a l air sympa. Trompettiste de jazz ça me fait inévitablement penser à un des mecs de carrie…the orgasmic man ;-)

  • Come to the Cheltenham Jazz Festival with Chris, would love to meet you and hear Chris perform…..! X

  • You are a lucky lady . . . and he’s a lucky man as well :-).

  • Thank you for sharing your private , lovely life with so many. Love gives us hope and hope is needed in our world .
    He is dreamy and it is wonderful to see people in love. Relish in these moments because this is what life is truly about – relationships .
    The very best to you always,

  • What a beautiful and talented guy! Love the video and his truly incredible smile – thanks for sharing happiness! :)))

  • wow, so happy for you that you are in love with such a great guy !!!

  • Lovely story, lovely couple. Much happiness to you both.

  • Oh my god, you are really in love with this guy, don’t you? Enjoy this special moment in your life!!

  • oh. my. your man is beautiful. he has great style!

  • get marry :)) he seems to deserve you :))

  • Wow, quite a model type and he would fit nicely into some Woody Allen movie too ….

  • Like the style ;)


  • This is a beautiful style story. The pictures are breathtaking. I’m so happy to see you are so in love and he inspires you to tap into a world that is new to you within the city you know! You deserve the best G! Thank you for creating such a fun and inspiring place on the internet for us all :-)

  • y’a de l’amour dans ces photos!

  • C’est marrant, il a le même “type” que toi Garance! On pourrait penser que c’est un méditerranéen…
    Vous faites un bien joli couple!

  • Loved this post, but why is Chris not photographed looking into/at the camera?

  • Love ….

  • CecileMaki September, 9 2015, 7:43 / Reply

    Tu as eu raison d’écouter tes envies, chouette poste!!! Surtout quand on aime le jazz, ce qui est mon cas ;)

  • You know, Garance, I think I speak for lots of us here when I say that it really wouldn’t be a problem at all if you were to feature your man regularly! ;)

    Great piece. I need to go shopping for my man now!

  • Tiens, personne ne l’a dit? Il fait sérieusement penser à la pub Chanel N°5 avec Gisèle. Il serait encore plus génial s’il était pianiste au lieu de trompettiste. Là je serais jalouse…

  • Great style story, your boyfriend has great style and a great voice too, he seems very talented.
    I personally would love to read a career interview of him!

  • Vous devez super bien vous marrez tous les deux! C’est ce qu’on se dit tout de suite en regardant ces photos :)))

  • Il te ressemble , Garance , fin , classe , raffiné…

  • Il est beau ton homme Garance!! Tout comme toi!

  • Very nice artist ! Thats true, how wonderful is the love at 40s…

  • how lucky for both of you :)

  • Garance, Reading this story made me absolutely happy for you! I am thrilled you opted to feature Chris after he became your boyfriend. I need not say because you already know but the keyboard feels really good today …he is talented and handsomely gorgeous with great personal style. I wish you a lifetime of happiness with him! I don’t comment plenty but I am here nearly every day reading, rereading, laughing, smiling, looking at images, imagining, learning and wishing you many, many more successes.

  • kelebogile September, 9 2015, 7:23 / Reply

    Garance; he is gorgeous! Definitely a keeper. All the very best. you must look stunning together; and that voice!

  • Eh, c’est tout l’intérêt
    de DEVOIR
    rencontrer des gens
    pour son boulot!
    les interviewer
    les côtoyer
    les apprécier…
    On n’est pas obligées de tomber amoureuses à chaque fois quand même
    mais bon
    ça arrive…!

  • Il est magnifique votre amoureux ! C’est vous qui l’habillez ? j’aime beaucoup ses baskets cuirs et son petit foulard autour du cou !

  • Chloe Hpro September, 10 2015, 5:09 / Reply

    Oh mais tu as décroché la perle Garance ! Ou alors peut-etre que c’est lui qui l’a décroché ? …. Anyway !!! :-)

  • Bonjour Garance, tu as eu raison de faire un article sur ton boyfriend, il est très talentueux et ça fait plaisir de sentir autant d’amour dans tes écrits. Je vous souhaite bcp de bonheur à 2.

  • Très beau portrait! et c’est peut-être un peu maladroit ou basique de dire ça mais il pourrait totalement passer pour un corse (physiquement)! ce qui se dégage me fait penser à ce que je vis en ce moment avec mon copain :))

  • Ton talent de photographe s’exprime ici en XXL!

  • marjolet benoit September, 12 2015, 5:42 / Reply

    …pas mal ce clip black&white!! Digne d’un scénario des années 50;)
    je viens de lire un article+ photo sr vous et Laurence Dacade. ….
    Vous y êtes radieuse!!

  • What stunning photos and a beautiful write up! It’s easy to that you love this man very much, and you are both lucky to have each other!!

  • melissaleehealing September, 12 2015, 12:43 / Reply

    A very lovely and talented man.

  • Denise Rodriguez September, 12 2015, 7:30 / Reply

    Sexy, talented and southern. good mix. enjoy him and NYC.

  • Mais pure talent ton Chris!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Garance! Your boyfriend is hot and crazy talented. I’m checking out some videos of his performances on YouTube and they’re stellar! I’m so happy for you to be happy, really. You make the perfect couple.

    Much of love


  • …il me fait penser à un mélange entre Mika et Jean Baptiste Giabiconi :)!

  • La trompette, le chant et le sex appeal, même si la voix est très différente, la 4ème photo me ferais presque hésiter à préférer l’original ou l’actuel :) Je vous souhaite une vie à deux plus douce que celle(s) de Chet Baker !
    Merci d’avoir partagé ces belles images !

  • You are right Garance his a beautiful man!!Congratulation

  • Bravo, cet article est d’une élégance exquise. Je ne connais pas du tout le jazz mais il a un talent fou, et une classe folle !! vous êtes magnifiques tous les 2

  • Really nice profile on your love, Chris

  • heeeyyy Garance, does he have a younger brother by any chance? because whoooooo;) il est trop beau.

  • Oh my god he is stunning!!!! You two make such a great couple. J’adore vraiment, lui et son style, et je suis ravie de voir que tu es heureuse avec lui :)

    With love from London,
    A veteran Spanish reader

  • The photos and the story are fantastic! All the best!

  • Chris Norton, truly, the best crooner ?

  • Steve McDowell April, 26 2018, 12:25 / Reply

    Fantastic story. Chris is a wonderful person and excellent showman.
    I enjoyed working with him for a bit in Florida. He has always been a true artist. Amazing story and photos, thanks for sharing!

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