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Ever since I cut it all off, I’ve been living a real love story with my hair… And with my hair stylist, Clyde. And to think I found him on the internet! Ah, Clyde. There should be a Tinder for hair stylists, I think. Apparently there’s some real romance starting on Tinder these days!

Anyway. I don’t know, I never tried Tinder. I was too afraid someone might recognize me. Hahaha.

I don’t know if you remember, but two years ago, I cut all my hair off. And it was REALLY short. I needed a change*, so I went for it. And like all makeover stories, it was super liberating. It was amazing for my mood, my look – everything. As I had had short hair before, I wasn’t too afraid. I knew I could let it grow back one day if I wanted to. I actually loved growing it back out. It’s the perfect opportunity to try out all different lengths, you can take your time with the ones you like more… And cross off (forever) certain styles from your list.

So, that was about two years ago, and it was SHORT, and it was also very dark. Kind of radical. In the meantime, life has flowed its flow (???) and I’ve… softened somehow – and my hair did too. Clyde and I naturally started looking for lengths that would be softer around the ears and neck. We played around with different volumes. We had fun lightening the base color.

And this summer, I felt like growing it again. I talked it over with Clyde and as he always does, he said, let’s try!


garance dore clyde keratin straightened hair photos

Obviously, I had my doubts. I thought back to how much trouble it was, the frizz, the problems with volume, the rebel curls… And my legendary laziness. No blow out for me. No crazy styling, no complicated routines, otherwise we would be headed straight for hair-tastrophe… And a bun.

And if there was one thing I didn’t want to mess up, it was definitely my newfound love story with my hair

Clyde reassured me, saying he had lots of solutions, and a little keratin treatment could work miracles, even on short hair…

So I went back, feeling confident, with lots of missions in mind for Clyde and Mirco, his colorist. We had to redo my color, since it had gotten worn out from the summer, the sun, and the sea. We had to cut off the dry ends, while keeping in mind that I wanted to start growing it out. And, at the same time, we were going to have to do “a little keratin treatment”.

Ok, so I have to tell you right now: all of that AT THE SAME TIME was mission impossible. You have to wait at least two weeks between coloring and keratin treatment, otherwise nothing stays. Two weeks??? Aaaargh.

That’s when Mirco found a solution – and my happiness. We realized I only needed to color the top of my head. The shorter hair underneath hadn’t changed over the summer. And I only needed the keratin treatment underneath. The weird frizz, the strange volume, was coming from the hair underneath. Not on top, where I actually like the movement created by my curls.

So we killed two birds with one stone. Keratin treatment on the bottom half of my head, and color on the top. That, plus a little trim, and we were off on a hair-growing-out adventure.
For now, I want to keep it right around this length:

lea seydoux w magazine hair garance dore

But in a few months, I might get it to here. I think it could work really well for my hair type with a little keratin help from Clyde.

steffy argelich hair garance dore

What do you think?


* And yes, I still remember (and it still makes me smile) your comments: “A woman who changes her hair is changing her life!” – I promise, I had no idea what kinds of changes were in store for me at the time…!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


Interview with my hairdresser, Clyde Elezi

Can you tell us a little bit about keratin, and how it’s used in hair?
Keratin is a protein naturally found in the skin, hair, nails, and adding it to hair is restorative and strengthening. It’s mainly used to help control unruly hair. You begin the process by cleaning the hair of all products and environmental residue, so the keratin is applied evenly onto damp, yowl-dried hair and processed for up to 30 minutes. Then hair is rinsed thoroughly before being blow dried and flat-ironed.

What kind of hair does it work best on?
Hair that lacks luster, needs more manageability, and has a lot of frizz! It’s not a traditional relaxer, so you won’t see any differencar on stick straight hair.
And, as always, consult a doctor if you’re expecting before getting a treatment.

How effective is it on short hair?
Keratin on short hair is great! Shorter hair tends to get puffier and this treatment can really help manage a lot of that.

And maybe you can give an overview of what we talked about during my consultation…
We talked about your styling routine, and how you wear it the same way each day – I love the wave on top, but the undercut was a little frizzy. So I suggested we color the top (and you can’t get a keratin treatment and color on the same day), and just do the keratin treatment on the undercut to make it more manageable as a transition style.

And why can’t you get keratin and color on the same day?
They usually advise a 10-day waiting period in between, to ensure hair is perfectly clarified and the keratin treatment is as effective as possible.

How often do can you get a keratin treatment done?
It really depends on how much you wash your hair after the treatment, but typically every 3-4 months.

And any special advice for those considering getting it done?
Do your research! Ask a lot of questions. Keratin treatments have been life changing for a lot of people. Make sure you consult with a stylist to ensure what you expect from it and what it can do for you are in line with each other.


Garance wears: top, Stella McCartney; earrings, Anna Sheffield.
Hair: Clyde Elezi, The Drawing Room; Photos: Erik Melvin.


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  • Your target style with curls makes me think of Dessange a while back. The model was blond but very nice too on a brunette. Experiment!

  • i haven’t felt the need to cut my hair at all in the last few years. it’s now down to my ass. still no plans for a haircut :P

  • Your state of hair always shows your inner feelings..a great Hair stylist is like a great shrink we have to have the influence all our being…
    Yael Guetta

  • J’aime bien les cheveux courts, mais je comprends tout à fait cette envie de revenir à des cheveux un peu plus long :)
    Moins de contrainte dans l’attitude et le look en général, car quand on a les cheveux court (ce qui est mon cas ) on compense toujours avec le maquillage, les talons… par peur d’être prise pour un garçon (n’importe quoi !). Revenir à des longueurs c’est “faire disparaître cette contrainte”.
    La dernière coupe est très féminine en tout cas et contraste avec l’esprit boyish d’une coupe courte.


  • I just adore this photo of you! You look amazing. Your hair too!

  • Ta coupe est canon!!!
    J’ai toujours eu les cheveux longs et je ne m’imagine pas les cheveux courts… Peut-être que j’ai été un peu traumatisée dans mon enfance. Ma mère m’a coupé les cheveux un week-end et le lundi, à l’école, tout le monde m’avait pris pour un garçon! Depuis, je tiens énormément à mes cheveux longs et je déteste les couper, même si c’est pour leur bien!!!
    Des bisous
    Belle journée

    Petite and So What

  • Garance, j’adore votre nouvelle coupe toute en douceur et la couleur toute en nuance. Et puis j’aime aussi celle de L.Seydoux.

  • Ana @Champagnegirlsabouttown September, 9 2015, 9:57 / Reply

    Garance, you look fabulous. Short hair bring out your cheekbones so well. I heard a lot about Keratine treatment and and as not so proud owner of frizzy hair, I’d love to try it.

  • Ah qu’est-ce-que t’es belle ma Garance!
    Bonne idée cette itvw, mais pour moi c’est fidélité absolue à mes soins nappy girl (j’ai le cheveu crépu) avec farandole de 0% : 0% paraben 0% silicone 0% sulfate…

  • Deux and déjà??? Excuses-moi , mais c’est tellement fort comment passe le temps! C’est comme si c’était hier que j’admirais ton video “the chop”!!

    Et, ça te va tellement bien les cheveux courts! C’est mon rêve depuis mille ans, mais j’ai les cheveuix tellement raides que c’est vraiment impossible.

  • Keep it short Garance. It suits you best and highlights your pretty face.

  • Nooo… Keep it short. It’s more like a french “chic allure” that you have with short hair… but I know, we, girls with curly hair, we love our curls and love to suffer a long beauty routine trying to achieve a perfect curly hair… but it seldom happens, except when we have just been to the coiffeur….
    love xxx

  • yea, one thing I do not understand with keratin- my hair is so curly. How can it look normal when the hair growing in is all frizzy and curly, and the bottom is smooth?? Do you put product on the roots and different on the rest? I picture smooth ends and fuzzy scalp.

  • Chère Garance, grâce à toi (et je ne te remercierai jamais assez car comme toi je suis passée du très long-frisoté-chignon au très court-kératiné-parfait), Clyde est devenu mon coiffeur depuis que j’ai emménagé à New York et je vis moi aussi une véritable histoire d’amour (enfin véritable…unilatérale quand même…) avec lui!
    Merci à vous deux!!

  • I’ve always had so many questions about Keratin treatments — I kind of want to do it now

  • ninotschka September, 9 2015, 10:33 / Reply

    Hah, great!!! The second hair style (from the Mango-Campaign) was my and my hairstylists inspiration for cutting my long and curly hair. I guess, it’s structure is not so different from yours… It came out great and I love it! The best thing: You don’t have to do anything with it… Just air drying. We just decided to find a different solution for my bangs, because that’s usually not so easy with my curls, but now (after 4 weeks) I think, we could have done the whole thing with the pony, too… It’s interesting: Obviously my hair structure changed since the last time I’ve had this kind of hair style (it used to be my go to for years, but three years ago I decided to let my hair grow for the first time in my life – it just takes it’s time with curls…). Now I could pull of this kind of bangs, I think, and that’s just a great experience, because I dreamt of this all my life… You are right – it can be just a great experience to cut your hair or to change hair styles. What I loved the most: Finding out my hair offers some unexpected possibilities…

  • Jane with the noisy terrier September, 9 2015, 10:35 / Reply

    My hair was cut similarly to your “a few months from now” photo when I went for my annual haircut from David Mallett in Paris who cut it to a pretty similar length to Lea’s. Since I have narrow shoulders and wide hips, wearing my hair in a triangular shape only emphasized that and in his words “dragged me down.” I had a keratin treatment in April which saved my hair from becoming a frizz-ball in the heat and humidity of coastal South Carolina and steamy Paris this summer. I’m a big fan of Sienna Miller’s wavy short hair. I think we like a lot of the same hairstyles for our wavy/frizz-prone hair (though mine is frizziest around my hairline) so check out my Pinterest board for haircuts. I think your haircut is on it!

    The noisy terrier is having surgery today to remove some cancer cells. Please send him some positive energy from the studio! Bises!

  • Oh! Poor noisy terrier! Hope he is ok.

  • I love this length on you! You look so happy and content with life xo

  • MOI JE DIS: RESTE COMME ÇA, À MAX comme Lea Seydoux, à mi chemin entre le court court (qui te va bof) et le carré (qui te va, mais moins bien que le court bordelique) c’est ce qui te va le mieux!!!

  • How do you do it? You seem so warm in the photos, when blog photos can so easily become contrived and pretentious. Lovely! It is difficult to maintain super-short hair for years. I had a pixie for years in my early 20’s. That’s how I managed, I was in my early 20’s. When you are older, if you have an amazingly delicate face and piercing eyes like Stella Tennant or Tilda Swinton you can do it. But after a while with a pixie you usually want some softness. And so does your man. I’ve got a bob going now after getting a Garance cut barely more than a year ago. I just need the length, and I have fabulous straight thick hair so why waste it on a short cut. I say grow it out, you can always cut it again. Most women I know have the same hairstyle for ages but I like to change my hairstyle a lot, ever since my first pixie in France when I was 21. I took a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow from Sliding Doors to the hairdresser back then! I love searching for photo inspiration for a new cut

  • I recently cut my hair and colored it after 10 years. I LOVE the feeling and the look, but I don’t know if I’m ready for a giant chop. I love the hair at the bottom photo.

    Analog House

  • Garance, forgive me, I think I am your hair stalker! Every since you cut your hair short I have wanted to have my hair look like yours. I brought photos to my hair stylist in San Francisco for inspiration but I never felt the cut was “soft yet edgy”, if you know what I mean. Last spring I went to NYC to visit my daughter and decided it was time to go to the master, Clyde. Wow! I loved what he did to my hair. Of course, he knew exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately I can’t fly to NYC every time I want my haircut but I am so tempted! Thank you for sharing all of your hair stories with your readers, but most of all, for introducing us to Clyde. xoxo

  • Your hair looks marvellous on you. A great hair stylist is worth their weight in gold.

  • Charikleia September, 9 2015, 11:05 / Reply

    Sine you ask and brought it up and although one has to be discreet,I cannot help but say I prefer you hair exactly as it is now.shorter ok,longer hummm.I think your character really comes off as it should with this strong assertive cut.

    Bit it’s your head,your choice :)

  • Salut Garance,
    Yeap, le thème des cheveux.
    Alors, moi, j’aime la couleur et la longueur actuelle = pas trop foncé et pas trop court
    Je trouve que court c’est mieux, basta le chignon et au secours les brushing et les frisettes, non ?

  • What I am about to say may sound stupid, but I think you are more feminine than ever before with the new length. Congrats on being daring on this one, and not just a follower. Beijos from Angola.

  • Once again an authentic narrative on an all important topic! I love your hair a little longer, you are right it is softer and more playful and certainly offers you more styling options. I love the story of the relationship with your hairdresser, I am in love with mine and the best ones are problem solvers like Clyde is. That confirms that he is an artist, as are you!

    Accidental Icon

  • Natural beauty! You look happy and healthy and beautiful…and I love your hair!

  • Im really jealous of you, Garance!! I would like to find a lovely hairdresser like Clyde, someone with whom I could to talk to and be able to explain what I really want to do with my hair but it is so difficult! Last year I went through the process of short hair, experimenting with different lengths. But right now Im on my period of “let it grow”. The problem is that as I got used to play with the lenght of my hair, I think my lob wont last so long… we will see… BTW, I adore your haircut!

  • mademoiselle mauve September, 9 2015, 11:41 / Reply

    j’aime bien cette évolution. et tu as un visage tellement fin ! qu’est-ce que t’es belle !
    rien à voir mais j’espère qu’on retrouvera vite des petites vidéos style pardon my french !
    belle journée !

  • I seriously think that now all of us want to go to Clyde as well :)

  • J’adore ta nouvelle longeur de cheveux! I really like the shorter layers as it really brings out your bone structure.
    You are lucky to have found like the perfect hairstylist! I’m still looking and I really need a change from this lob that I have. Does anyone else have ideas on how to change from a long bob?


  • Delores DeMay September, 9 2015, 12:26 / Reply

    I also have curly/wavy hair, always trying something new, my hair is white; I really really love the length of the photo of you Garance; thinking about the keratin treatment…..for myself…….keep it…… that length and off the forehead, to show off you beautiful face and smile……..your new changes are wonderful, congrats on a inspiring relationship of love……

  • Forgive me when I say this, but you never looked better. I mourned a little when you cut your hair. Just a little. But your new eye makeup and hair looks very good on you. Looks like a total makeover.

  • I love your hair and your choices. About the Keratin treatment, I have hear it has very heavy chemicals, what do you think?

  • Yes, it is! It’s very far from a real treatment for your hair. It’s more like makeup for the hair, i.e. it hides the crap but it does nothing to actually treat the hair.
    I’ve done one keratine treatment this summer because I live in Dubai and the sun, the UV rays plus the humidity had ruined my hair but even if I’m happy to have softer and more manageable hair, I really hate the sides effects.
    My scalp is super sensitive and itchy and my hair greases super quickly. Not impressed! :/

  • I’ve been following your hair (a hair stalker!!), because I have dark wavy / curly (read: unruly) hair. And I prefer it short. So your makeover was a great inspiration in how to take care and style my hair :)

  • That is so funny because I just went through the same thought process a few weeks back!!! I had the chop almost a year ago. Went from middle-of-the-back long frizzy hair to hop! hop! the chop “a la garconne!”(okay I totally admit, you were 100% my inspiration!). I loved it! I felt good about it! (and I am hopeful for the big changes :) After all the year is still young!) Now, I am growing them back, experimenting with length. We’ll see in a few month…

    I really like your length right now! It’s soft and playful with tons of movement. The second picture, with the longer length, looks really nice with all these curls (Not sure about the bangs though).

  • Perso j’aime bien la coupe et la couleur que tu as maintenant … la repousse ça s’annonce toujours compliqué (à mon humble avis, je n’ai jamais eu les cheveux aussi courts. Honnêtement j’aimerais bien tester mais bon … complexescomplexescomplexes) mais si tu es entourée de gens compétents, ça ira bien :) !

  • Jill, Glasgow September, 9 2015, 1:54 / Reply

    That is a BRILLIANT idea! I need Clyde in my life. But unfortunately on thinking about it, the wavy/frizzy part of my hair is underneath at the back, And that is also the bit that needs coloured…. But I’m going to discuss it with Russell, my hairdresser. Who might just be as good as Clyde… You look fab btw – it’s the love glow ha!! xxx

  • You inspired me to cut my hair short…right before I got married! Hair changes definitely coincide with life changes. Right now, I’m pregnant and I have to grow out the short crop. I take so many naps (thank you third trimester exhaustion) and short hair is just too vulnerable to crazy bedhead!

  • Keep it just as it is in your photo. It is perfect for you!

  • Caroline Dé September, 9 2015, 2:14 / Reply

    Garance, tu es rayonnante ! Je rêverai de pouvoir trouver une coupe qui m’aille en toutes circonstances et sous toutes les formes… Mais je ne suis pas assez aventurière pour tenter.

    Je serai dans 2 semaines à New York pour un peu plus d’une semaine, j’ai toujours dans l’espoir de te voir en pleine conférence ou brunch avec tes lectrices, moi qui te suit depuis 6 années maintenant ;)

  • Garance! I love that you tried the keratin again. It’s so important to have a stylist that knows exactly where to apply to your hair! I don’t need it everywhere usually just on the top of my head/roots – haha we are opposite!!!!

    It’s been so humid here that I got it all over and it’s amazing for the lazy hair girls :)

  • Lindsey R. September, 9 2015, 3:24 / Reply

    I cut mine in a style very similar to yours in the “super short” stage, and now I’d say the grow-out length is about the same as well. But – and I’m making an assumption, here – my hair is thin, wavy and flat all at the same time, while it looks like yours is nice and thick. Any advice from Clyde on getting more volume? Product only tends to weigh my weaksauce follicles down.

  • Ah, je ris aussi, j’avais écrit “le début d’une nouvelle vie”! On me l’a dit après mon accouchement, quand j’ai tout coupé “tiens, le signe d’une reprise en main” et c’était si vrai.
    C’est très joli, ces boucles légères et la couleur est effectivement très douce, superè

  • I love your hair posts. I have similar hair but I think mine is a little more coarse, unruly and less frequently coiffed. I have the same thing with the texture of my ‘under-hair’ , its a bit frizzy, a bit kinky and the stuff on top is a bit straighter and easier to deal with. I like the idea of doing split treatments of keratin.
    Thanks for the blow-by-blow!

  • J’aimerais essayer le même genre de coupe que toi car ayant les cheveux frisés je passe mon temps avec des chignons, comme toi avant, et ça lasse ! Mais tout l’entretien que ça demande d’avoir les cheveux courts me fait un peu hésiter !


  • Grace, you are a natural beauty! You look magnifique in short hair, as I am sure you will in mid to long as well. We all have these complicated relationships with our hair (lol). When I was young, I experimented with every color, every length and style, including dreadlocks (from a perm experiment gone awry) I think I rocked them all, but now in my fifties, I am just trying not to look unkempt, crazy or older beyond my years. It’s challenging!!!! Can’t wait to read more about your hair journey and pick up any tid bits I can. Yes, we all need a Clyde in our lives. Oh, and that hairstylist relationship can also get really complicated too! Like clothes to the body, your hair to your face – it’s good to really know yourself, what works & what doesn’t. And most importantly to love yourself, no matter how frizzy or frantic a hair(y) day can be.

  • Comme ce post tombe à point nommé! Ce matin je me suis rendue chez le coiffeur et j’ai demandé exactement la même coupe que GARANCE DORE, la coiffeuse à sourit et m’a dit que c’était une coupe parfaite pour mes cheveux bouclés. Résultat: TADAAA je n’ai jamais été aussi ravie de ma vie, passer du long au court c’est une délivrance finalement (même si j’avais peur avec mes boucles).
    Cette coupe/couleur te vont à la perfection, finesse et élégance, je pense plutôt facile à coiffer ne change rien tu es superbe!


  • Coucou,

    Mon site internet est spécialisé dans les produits lissants et soins à la kératine, il en existe pour tous les types de cheveux et “toutes les problématiques”. Nous mettons à disposition également de nombreuses information sur ces produits.
    Il est parfaitement possible de le faire soi-même à la maison (avec l’aide d’une amie ça fatigue moins les brais ;)).

  • alors ça je m’y attendais pas, à ce que tu laisses déjà pousser ! Et à la fois je t’imagine très bien avec les coupes que tu montres, quoi que je trouve que voir ta nuque est très gracieux, subtil et sophistiqué.
    Et tu es ma-gni-fique sur les photos, j’adore ta photogénie !

  • Garance I’ve been there with your hair journey. And I’m so into it! I’ve always wanted short hair but have never done it in fear that I’ll look too manly. But honey you have nailed it. Your hair has never looked better. It’s so chic. Your hair now looks waaaay better than the other two images. You’ve had your hair like the second one. And the first one is too light for your colouring. I think you could grow it a little bit longer but keep that soft ‘I just got out of bed and look like Sophia Lauren’ thing.

  • Jessica van Nuys September, 9 2015, 8:23 / Reply

    Most “keratin” treatments contain formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic.
    You look beautiful, but chemical treatments are toxic to your health.

  • I love your hair short, the way it is right now but I’m always for any kind of experience, as long as make you happy. So, let it grow and decide after witch length you prefer. No matter what, you always be pretty!!!!

  • Ana Carolina Sabadin September, 9 2015, 9:22 / Reply

    You are so beautiful!

  • I love your hair short and your willingness to play around with it!

  • Dear Garance,
    I remember the first time we met at the Sandro launch, you complimented me on my bun (aka pile of hair on the top of my head), and you lamented upon the fact that you too used to be able to execute the same style before you had cut your hair…
    Well, I can wholeheartedly say that since the day I saw you wear that short cut with such elegance and style I’ve been the one with complete hair envy. However, my face and body is not as sculpted as yours, so I will most likely continue to hide beneath these long locks.
    With all of this I say do what makes you feel most confident or most adventurous or most beautiful with your hair length, because I have not seen one style thus far that hasn’t been 100% you, which is 100% fabulous!
    xx Jen

  • Noooon !
    Comme les filles, au max comme Léa Seydoux mais pas plus long, ce serait une erreur !

  • Bonjour Garance,
    J ai le même problème que toi avec mes cheveux et j ai trouvé deux produits miracle qui font tout pour moi car comme toi je suis une grande flemmarde de l’apprêtage.
    Le premier je le fais en salon à Paris mais tu vas devoir trouver à New york, le soin Tokio Inkarami, soin d’une heure qui passe par plein d’étape étrange mais qui change la vie.
    Et deuxième bien plus simple Elsève Huile-en-crème Cheveux Très Secs ou Frisés.
    Bon courage pour la repousse, tu es très joli à l’étape intermédiaire.

  • Dear Garance,

    I have always enjoyed your blog. However, it seems that it is becoming a blog of self absorption. What happened to clothes? Between hair and showering, etc. the blog is becoming more about the bloggers and less about fashion. I did respond earlier to your hair dilemma (a weak moment on my part.) I am not trying to be unpleasant but your blog has changed and I am not sure it is for the better.

  • Et bien, je n apprécie pas trop, et me permets de l écrire , puisque, d’une part la liberté du commentaire est encouragée, et que d autre part, j avais trouvé la première coupe tellement réussie. Considérée dans ce post comme un peu trop courte, mais qui ” tombait” si bien. Les longueurs côté, ici, me semblent “plomber “un peu la coupe, et la rendre moins “dynamique”. Reste, quoiqu’il en soit, une beauté lumineuse…et un sourire idoine

  • Life is all about experimentation, isn’t it? You look gorgeous with both short and long hair.

  • la longueur actuelle te va super bien!

  • I went to back to your post from 2 years ago, and you look like a different person now! Much more relaxed and happy. Wishing you all the best!

  • I believe this cut suits you better than long hair, makes you look younger and playful, and yet more professional… Anyway, it’s great to find the perfect stylist, as I believe good hair makes 90% of your daily look.
    And the most important thing is for him/her to find the perfect cut in order for you to reduce the styling time to…zero. I hate styling my hair, I’m too lazy for that, especially since my hair is pretty long now. I deeply regret my bob/lob, but my boyfriend hated it, says it made me look too young… What does that even mean?!?! lol…


  • Hairdresser here…I followed your earlier hair journey…..I like Mica Ganaraz….or grow out your hair….long….find someone to blow dry your hair … I love having a great timeless look….u can tweak ….not do anything radical….it’s freeing when u look back at hairstyles ….American England ….alway has radical looks…the French timeless….for ex…Anouk Aimee…

  • Liscio …is the best and safest way to relax your hair…it’s a service …it doesn’t mean dead straight unless that what u prefer…i have been doing it since 2001 every six months…It’s not a fad it’s a service to help u achieve the look u want

  • Your nail and hair r made of keratin… process hair…there has to be a agent to allow the hair shaft to open and accept the change….as peroxide…used with hair dye…..Brazilian ..use formaldehyde….and when the u use a flat iron to adhere the product the fumes and dangerous if inhaled…Allure mag….did a honest article on the pro and con The Japanese straighten is the safest…done by a hairdresser that took a class from Milbon…i reccommend …there r so many Keratin product on the the market u have to do your research

  • Je voulais juste te dire que j’ai beau avoir à peine 23 ans, je flippe déjà de vieillir. Mais quand je vois ces photos, je me dis qu’on peut avoir 40 ans et être belle et rayonnante. Donc, merci Garance !

  • J’aurais tellement peur je pense, de couper mes cheveux aussi courts… Mais à toi, ça te vas si bien, c’est parfait :) !

  • Your hair looks gorgeous at this length! Very dreamy and cool!
    The second inspiration photo is really lovely too – it’s great to experiment when growing out and trying new stuff. And suddenly bangs aren’t as daunting, because your hair was already short before, stuff like that. It’s fun! I’m enjoying a straight bob (at the height of my hair border in the neck, if that makes sense), that’s my current inbetween haircut. Makes me change up my make-up and earrings and sunglasses too! I like the variation.

  • Je me suis coupée les cheveux très très courts il y a un peu moins de deux ans. Je suis passée des cheveux au milieu du dos à la coupe de mon petit copain.
    Ca n’allait pas du tout dans ma vie. J’étais angoissée, je me sentais nulle dans tout. J’avais pas mal de crises d’angoisse, et je ne pouvais plus me regarder dans la glace dans me dévaloriser.
    Je me souviens qu’en sortant du coiffeur je me sentais forte et hype sexy (paradoxalement, je ne me suis jamais sentie aussi féminine qu’avec une coupe “à la garconne”). Pourtant c’était un énorme pas pour moi : je suis la fille qui a toujours refusé d’aller chez le coiffeur pour garder ses cheveux longs. Je suis la pro des tresses, des chignons et tout et tout. Mais là fallait que je ne me reconnaisse plus dans la glace pour enfin aller mieux. Ca a été hyper libérateur. Et niveau entretien, j’avais la paix royale : ne pas avoir à se sécher les cheveux, LE REVE !!!

    Deux soucis néanmoins :
    1) mes cheveux poussent à une vitesse… donc à moins d’avoir les moyens de retourner chez le coiffeur tous les mois… En même pas 8 mois j’avais de nouveau les cheveux quasiment aux épaules.
    2) la repousse : globalement 85% de la repousse était top. Mais j’ai eu un 15% bien chiant. Et je pèse mes mots. Ca partait dans tous les sens. J’ai jamais autant consommé de barrettes de ma vie que pendant ces 15 %.

    Aujourd’hui, j’y repense beaucoup. Je pense (re)sauter le pas d’ici la fin de l’année.

  • I bet that you’ll cut it once it reaches the next stage. :-) Because 1) you look better in short hair; your features were not meant to be hidden behind heaves of hair 2) it looks cooler with short hair 3) you’ll get tired of wasting hours trying to style it, because let’s face it – there will still be dry winters where your hair will be dry and frizzy or it will be a hot humid summer where all curls will stick to your sweaty neck or you’ll get stuck in the zipper of the wetsuit. 4) once you pull it up in a bun, you’ll notice the bun is not as stylish as a cool short haircut.

    But hey, give it a go and let it grow out. :-)

    …and yes, I have short hair…tried long for a couple of years until I saw old pictures of me in short hair… :-)

  • emmanuellelila September, 11 2015, 7:51 / Reply

    Bonjour Grance,

    personnellement, j’aimais bien la coupe plus courte du début mais comme dirait votre maman, vous êtes belle, tout vous va !


  • I think this length looks stunning on you! I always loved your longer hair and have never been a big fan of short hair on most (!) women – in general! – but I did like the short ‘do on you. I look forward to seeing more hair transformations over the next months… who knows what length you’ll decide on in the end! It’s a fun process :-)

  • Tellement inspirante… concernant la coiffure et le changement de vie :-))

  • Pour les Parisiennes, voici le meilleur coiffeur pour les soins à la kératine sur la Terre:

    Ces deux brésiliens adaptent le produit à votre tête et jouent les chimistes pour matcher exactement le produit appliqué à vos cheveux. Il y a des blanches aux cheveux secs et frisés, des maghrébines aux cheveux indomptables et des blacks comme moi qui désespéraient de trouver un jour un coiffeur digne de ce nom malgré les folles sommes que je suis prête à dépenser pour ma tête. Je n’ai pas encore trouvé d’égal à ce niveau de service et de qualité ailleurs sur Terre. Adriano is the best. Ni à Philadelphie (où pourtant les coiffeurs blacks ne manquent pas), ni à Montréal où je vis depuis un moment.

    Ils ne font rien d’autre que le traitement à la kératine mais le font tellement bien! Ils sont devenus mon salon officiel sur Terre! En plus ils sont sympas :) Do Brasil! Une bonne raison de venir à Paris plus souvent en ce qui me concerne.

  • Noooooo! Your short hair is so perfect (both the first cut, and subsequently)! Please don’t let it become the same old boring blogger lob.

  • Oh, I liked that short curly bob you have about two years ago!
    But this current style is also very, very nice and youngish .. just don’t go for the bun again ;-)

  • Resplendissante Garance ! Vive la quarantaine avec Garance, tu es une source d’inspiration, un modèle, MERCI !

  • Wow, you look radiant! The softness around your face and those uneven lengths are incredibly elegant and feminine, versatile and so “you”, especially against the simplicity and precise cut of all your clothes.

    I think you’d be able to do the bangs for sure! You’re very lucky – your happy face and the slight slant of your beautiful eyes mean you can get away with that second cut you posted. Having said that, bangs may a bit of a hassle for you to maintain regularly – especially when it starts to warm up and if you don’t like the feeling of having hair on your face (the only reason why I’ve never had bangs since I was fifteen)… but you should go for it anyway, because while it lasts, you’ll look so good in it! And, it seems your hair grows very fast – so you can always change it if you prefer something else.

  • I think short hair suits you best. This long short hair is very good. I have seen you with hair to your shoulders and it’s not quite so good on you. Never mind. Fun to try. It grows on its own.

    I had my hair cut a few years ago, and I cannot stand when it grows in now. Sometimes I think I will let it grow a little, but it gets on my nerves and I have to mess about with it too much, so I just get it cut again. I always feel fantastic after a cut.

  • Emmanuelle Martinez October, 5 2015, 11:13 / Reply

    J’en suis exactement au même point! J’avoue: je vous aime vraiment beaucoup avec vos cheveux courts, vos mèches caramel et vos boucles souples qui donnent du mouvement et beaucoup de naturel à l’ensemble. J’aime beaucoup le modèle carré flou et bouclé du dessus mais le modèle de carré flou et bouclé du dessus est super joli! Ça se tente :)
    En 2014, je vous ai interviewée au téléphone, juste avant votre venue à Montréal pour le Festival Mode & Design. Évidemment, on a parlé de votre nouvelle coupe. Et vous m’avez dit ceci: «Bien sûr qu’avant de le faire, j’avais peur de ne pas savoir quelle tête j’aurais, que ça ne m’aille pas du tout, d’être moins féminine. Mais je trouvais ça pire de ne pas savoir du tout!»
    Words of wisdom. J’ai tout coupé 2 semaines plus tard! Avec cette photo de Léa Seydoux comme modèle en plus !!!! Je ne le regrette pas une seconde. Là, je m’approche du carré… Déjà, je me sens plus «banale». On verra si je tiens ou si je décide de raccourcir. En tous cas, merci!

  • Bonjour Garance !

    Je suis toujours aussi fan de ta coupe de cheveux, les cheveux courts te vont à merveille !
    Je me permets de te poser une petite question ici : Ayant les cheveux TRES frisés, je pense me faire un traitement à la keratine. Seulement comme toi, je ne veux absolument pas que mes cheveux deviennent lisses, mais seulement plus souples, et avoir des boucles plus faciles à dompter (plus légères, un peu comme quand je sors de la douche finalement!). Du coup quand tu parles de soin à la kératine, tu parles de lissage brésilien ou c’est encore autre chose ?
    (Y a pas un autre Clyde à Paris ? Ce serait quand même bien pratique …:))


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