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Dude, What’s Beauty?

Sometimes you need a man’s perspective. Especially when you are posing the question, “What is a man’s beauty routine? Is it different than grooming? Or merely the same of a different...

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Style Story / Brook

Meet Brook, a man who wears Redwing boots and confidently keeps a pink couch in his living room. If...

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It’s mens fashion week and beyond the obvious boy candy on the runways*, there’s so much...

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Style Story / Chris

Ok, so it’s a little funny to do a post about your boyfriend. But the first time I met him,...

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Thanks, Boys

In the spirit of menswear, I thought it was worth sharing some of the best style advice I’ve...

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Les Hommes!

When I first heard we would be having a full-on Mens Fashion Week here in New York, I was a bit...

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Style Story / Philip

I’ve been a fan of his jewelry for a long time. To me, Philip is a true artist — he...

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Masculine ou Féminine

I’ve never been ultra femme when it comes to perfumes.

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Style Story / Morgan

Style Story / Morgan

Men dress so great in the fall, it felt like it was time we toured a man’s wardrobe for a...

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Hot Guy Collage Photo

Who’s the hottest of them all?

The nominations are in…

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G Lorenzi Comb Photo

The Comb

In honor of our men’s week, I asked Scott to send me something he noticed this week, and this...

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Greg Arams Photo

Greg Armas at the National Arts Club

I ran into Greg this morning at the National Arts Club where he was doing a walkthrough for his fall...

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Lara Hemingway at the Marlton Hotel Photo

At The Bar

Loving this men’s suit simply worn with a vintage blouse and a fur collar. [I photographed...

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Calvin Klein Mens Fall 2014 Collection Photo


Obsession indeed.

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Jon Dyer Facial Hair Chart

The Beardizers

My friends are crazy, CRAZY about guys with beards.

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Garance Doré Man Illustration

How do they do it?

No, really, you’ve never wondered how guys do it? For us ladies, it’s easy: we have it all. We...

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The Heart Of Men

The Heart Of Men

What I love about the men Scott loves to photograph is their soft, confident virility. I remember...

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