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Our dream girl goes … Upstate.

I love when designers tell you about their inspiration for a collection. I love when they start talking about an imaginary girl.
She’s usually the mix of a movie character, a real woman they have in their life, and a bit of just imagination. In order to design a whole collection, they like to imagine who she is, who are her friends, what movies she goes to and what she eats. They put together a mood board and let their imagination flow.
Of course not all designers are like that. But if I was a designer, that’s definitely how I would proceed.
It’s literally like creating a character.

We were talking about that the other day at our editorial meeting, and we started imagining who would be our dream girl. The one who inspires us, and how we would would dress her up and what she would read, and all that. It’s a little bit funny, bordering on weird, but here is what we came up with.

Oh, and for this outfit, we decided she was going on a weekend Upstate.

By the way, if you think about it two seconds, it’s obvious she’s our girl. Who else would put on a white pair of shorts to go for a weekend Upstate ? No other.



The New York Times in the morning, Saturdays Magazine by the lake and a Renata Adler novel in the evening  (After the Tall Timber) — because she’s interested in the odd beauty of America, and also trees ;)

Hot dogs on the wood camp fire. Fish she’s fished on the campfire. S’mores on the wood camp fire. Coffee on the wood camp fire.
And some trail mix, for a snack. To roast on the campfire, okay?

Her favorite exercise
Tree hugging. She found out it’s a sport if you run fast enough between trees.


A jam session in the barn. She might also grab the microphone to join in, cause she’s fun like that.
Beach House? Fiona Apple? Bon Iver? And a little Crosby, Stills & Nash — for the boys.

Fried Green Tomatoes and The Blair Witch project to get really really scared if the weekend gets boring.



A super cool printed parka (borrowed from the boys) and rain boots for fishing, with her boyfriend. She finds it a little boring, but so romantic.

She’s carrying
Reflective sunglasses, an eco-water bottle to stay hydrated , and a scarf to protect from the mountain breeze

Her only problem
She put on white shorts ‘cause they looked cool but now she has to sit on damp trunks. She pretends it’s funny. Then she ends up finding it funny.


What does a bear bring on a weekend ? The bear minimum!

Her tee shirt says 

We are the flowers in you head. Of course.

All right, that was for our dream girl Upstate. What do you think, she’s cool, right ?


Bag, Mansur Gavriel;  Scarf, Turnbull & Asser; Sunglasses, Westward Leaning; Coin Purse, Baggu; Shirt, 6397; Shorts, Clu; Parka, Penfield; Bracelets, Bauble Bar; Rain Boots, Hunter Original; Lip & cheek tint, Tata Harper; Waterproof mascara, Clinique; Water bottle, Zobha; Magazine, Saturdays.


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