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Erik Melvin

A trip to California wouldn’t be complete without heading to Malibu and going to one of the places that actually feels like a welcoming home, Malibu Farm. Deemed the “Queen of the Pier,” Helene Henderson turned what was once just a pop-up into what is now a thriving, thoughtful restaurant and cafe, bookending the historic landmark.

malibu farm garance dore photo

malibu farm garance dore photo

malibu farm garance dore photo

I’m absolutely crazy about fresh seafood and really fresh ingredients in general, so when I heard about Malibu Farm, it felt like destiny. They serve only fresh organic foods sourced from local farms – so it’s about as close to eating on an actual farm as it gets – but maybe better? You are on the ocean … looking out into the blue abyss .. under the warm sun watching the tide come and go.

malibu farm garance dore photo

malibu farm garance dore photo

malibu farm garance dore photo


Malibu Dream
Malibu Dream

malibu farm garance dore photo

malibu farm garance dore photo

But also, everyone knows Malibu Farm – and everyone’s reactions are about the same: “Soooooo good! Did you try the cauliflower crusted pizza? Incredible! … Oh, and the surfers ;)” … Enough said.

malibu farm garance dore photo
malibu farm garance dore photo

malibu farm garance dore photo

malibu farm garance dore photo

malibu farm garance dore photo


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  • Great photos!


  • Thank you! :)

  • this looks like a summer dream: are you sure it really exists? :P

  • Ce lieu est magnifique et parfait pour passer un petit moment de détente! <3
    Et ces photos sont juste sublimes!!!!
    Bises, belle journée

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • I love fresh seafood as well. None of this frozen nonesense!! Beautiful photographs….certainly somewhere I would like to visit. ;)

  • It really looks perfect! I wish I could go there today! :)
    Such summer feeling!

  • La cauliflower crusted pizza me fait tres envie et les photos sont, comme d’habitude, sublimes (surtout la deuxieme qui me rappelle tant de souvenirs californiens….) Bravo au talentueux Erik ! :-)

  • Merci beaucoup Sevan! Et le pizza était DÉLICIEUX!!

  • It lives up to the stereotype of beautiful, laid-back Malibu in the best way!

  • Gorgeous photos. I’m a huge fan of the bright and white.

  • Thank you!! :)

  • Great pictures like always!!!
    i am just wondering why all the places looks almost the same it’s very nice but it’s clean design that i love but nothing very local or traditional…it could be so many places in the world..
    with the same trend all over … the world looks almost the same in all the fashionable places…i always love to find the authentic..the details that makes the place unique …the personal touch..the unforgettable…
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta

  • @Yael, all the places probably look the same because they’re focusing on the beachy. elite Westside. I live in a nearly 100 year-old house in Northeast L.A., and there’s a completely different vibe here. LA is a very diverse city. Some parts are downright grungy, gritty and ugly, but it’s difficult to get a multidimensional look of the city because there’s such an impulse to portray LA what Hollywood says it’s like compared to what it actually is.

  • Shana May, 20 2016, 4:19

    After cruising down PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) on a beautifully sunny day and shopping at the Malibu Country Mart, Malibu Farm is peeeerfect. You eat a healthy meal while surrounded by peace and beauty, you talk about, look at and bond with your new stuff you just bought. The thought of “I’ve seen this kind of place before” doesn’t even occur to you because it is traditional beach style that’s been copied by the world over. It’s nice, it’s paradise forchistsakes.

  • I love it out there! Only the casual cafe though; the other side has massive issues getting meals out to guests properly.

  • Malibu farms semblait magnifique!! Et la nourriture semblait delicieux

  • Marianne May, 20 2016, 3:29 / Reply

    Cet endroit à l’air tellement chouette ! Tout donne envie d’y faire un tour.
    Belle photos comme toujours, bravo Erik : )
    Même si certains lieux sont à l’autre bout du monde, merci de les faire partager, c’est inspirant.

    Bon weekend !

  • Merci Marianne!

  • Great images that capture the spirit…I always make a stop here when lucky enough to be out west- wrote it up in my LA favorites blog!

  • Delightful photography!!! Looks like a summer dream! :)

    Vietnamese Cooking & Lifestyle Blog

  • Such nice pictures, I’m in awe!

    This place looks amazing, I’ll definitely have to stop by someday x

  • Those pictures makes me wanna run to this restaurant right now and take my own pictures!!! seems perfect and yummy food! write it down to my Malibu must visit places ;p

  • Que ces photos donnent envie d’y être …là maintenant tout de suite ;) Merci Erick!

  • Whoua ! C’est magnifique ! Tes articles sont vraiment beaux et donnent vraiment envie d’aller là-bas !

  • Lovely photographs! Bright! Clear! Colorful! Cheerful! Cant wait to go to Malibu Farm. Xx

  • Cristiana May, 21 2016, 10:50 / Reply

    Great pics.
    I have to agree with @Yael though: yet another non-place.

  • I really adore your pics. They make me dream

  • Oh my God,

    I got married at El Matador beach (very close by) and we had a small reception at Malibu Farm. Last September!
    This takes me back to my wedding day! I didnt expect to see this on your blog…
    Thank you for bringing me those beautiful memories <3

    And the photos are perfect, as always, Erik.
    Thank you!

  • Prudence May, 21 2016, 6:26 / Reply

    J’y suis allée il y a 2 ans. C’était plein à craquer! Commander un café nous pris 45 minutes, l’attente pou manger était interminable. Mais, on a vu un pêcheur prendre un crabe immense. Mon conjoint a fait du surf et on est reparti sur nos bicyclettes vers Venise Beach.

  • J’ai failli partir vivre à L.A il y a 10 ans,
    cette ville a donc une place toute particulière dans mon cœur.
    L’attrait du Studio par la bas m’enchante ????
    Erik, tes photos retranscrivent parfaitement la lumière si intense qu’il y règne. Elles sont superbes !
    Et pourtant trop de soleil n’est pas toujours l’idéal ?

  • Such gorgeous photography! You really have an eye for crafting a story. And I have to say, your blog design is quite unique…never seen anything like it!

  • Don’t lie to us: that’s a Pinterest moodboard, not a real café ;)
    Thsoe pictures scream Summer!

  • These images take my breath away, leaving me craving the ocean air and the taste of salt on my lips. J’adore.

  • Xenia May, 3 2017, 4:47 / Reply

    The photos are so dreamy!

    May I ask which which camera and lense have you used?

    Thank you in advance.

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