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How often do you exfoliate? I like to think I do it once a week, as recommended by most beauty experts, but it tends to be a step I skip. To be honest, I don’t even own a body scrub. Sometimes I buy the bars of soap with small beads in them, but I find that to be too abrasive for an everyday cleanser. And now that my winter clothes are back in their storage containers for the next six months, I am reminded of how badly I need to exfoliate my body.

My skin is far from soft; it’s dry and a little dull, despite my juicing and healthy eating. So in an effort to rejuvenate my skin, I set out to find the best products for the sensitive areas that really don’t need too much exfoliation such as hands and stomach; a product for a good all-over scrub; and products for the heels, knees, and elbows, areas that could always use a little more attention. I’ll save facial exfoliators for another day, because today it’s all about the body, baby.

For those sensitive areas

Darphin Perfecting Body Scrub
Application: Apply on dry or damp skin and rinse off – 1-2x/week
Key Ingredients: Apricot seed flakes for exfoliation and skin circulation, coconut oil for hydration, and shea butter for moisture.
And the verdict is: I liked this product! I felt like the apricot seed flakes were gentle enough to use for sensitive areas like my hands on a pretty regular basis.

Susanne Kaufmann Body Scrub
Application: Apply to damp skin and rinse off – 1-2x/week
Key Ingredients: Pumice powder to cleanse and promote circulation. St. John’s wort and black-eyed susan derivatives promote a soothing effect. Honey to nourish the skin.
And the verdict is: Such a lovely product. I enjoyed the whipped cream texture and the small exfoliating beads since I have sensitive skin.

For an all-over exfoliation

& Other Stories Madapollam Body Scrub
Application: Apply on damp skin and rinse off – 1x/week
Key Ingredients: Cottonseed oil – high in vitamin E.
And the verdict is: This was a fun product to play with! I liked how dense the texture of the product was because I could really spend more time in certain areas that needed some extra attention. My skin felt very hydrated – I would use again!

Grown Alchemist
Application: Apply on dry or damp skin and rinse off – 1x/week
Key Ingredients: Aragonite and conchiolin proteins gently remove dead skin cells, Ylang Ylang and Geranium oil improve texture of skin, and peppermint and sandalwood create rejuvenating scent properties.
And the verdict is: I really appreciate how natural the ingredients are in this line – makes me feel better knowing there are no artificial fragrances, paragons, paraffins, skin-aging toxins (the list goes on). And I really liked how my skin felt afterward, healthy and radiant!

Susanne Kaufmann Detoxing Oil Scrub
Application: Apply on dry skin and rinse off – 1x/week
Key Ingredients: Apricot kernels used for exfoliation and to help the skin retain the natural pH of the skin, poppy seeds to invigorate the skin circulation, sesame oil as a base for soft skin.
And the verdict is: This was my favorite! The different size beads were super stimulating and my skin felt very velvety afterwards. I applied this all over my body and woke up in the morning with baby soft skin that felt nourished!

For those rougher areas

Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub
Application: Apply on dry skin and rinse off – 1x/week
Key Ingredients: Packed with 5 biodegradable exfoliants including Himalayan and Hawaiian Sea Salts, Cranberry Fibers, Organic Sugar and Apricot Seed Powder (I am noticing a trend here..)
And the verdict is: Another natural product – free from synthetics, toni, fillers, artificial fragrance and colors! I liked this one – it was dense and best for tougher areas.

Aromatherapy Brush
Application: Start at the base of the body, brushing in an upward motion towards the heart – every day
Key Ingredients: Cactus Sisal bristles (all natural!) intensely stimulate, tone, and even skin.
And the verdict is: I was skeptical of this brush at first because the bristles are pretty rough, but much to my surprise, my skin wasn’t irritated by it at all! It stimulated my skin and got the blood circulating, and I’m sure it took off an initial layer of dry skin. I’m open to trying this more… I hear people love it!

Frank Body
Application: Apply on wet skin and rinse off – 2-3x/week
Key Ingredients: Roasted and ground robusta and green coffee bean blend for exfoliation, brown sugar and sea salt to cleanse and clarify, vitamin E and aloe vera to soothe and moisturize, sweet almond and olive oils to hydrate, and peppermint to rejuvenate muscles.
And the verdict is: This was such a fun product – I loved the dark coffee bean color and had a blast spreading it on my skin. It turned my bath water brown, so I’d recommend using this in the shower. Once the product was rinsed off my skin, it left a bit of silky film and the water ended up beading up on the skin after, which definitely made me laugh.

After a few nights of experimenting with these products, my skin felt refreshed, hydrated, and even. I’m convinced that I should invest in an exfoliator this season! My favorite product was definitely the Susanne Kaufmann Detoxing Oil Scrub, which felt like it catered to my sensitive skin and balanced my pH levels. I love taking the time to care for my skin and love anything that’s an excuse to take longer baths! Plus, having silky smooth limbs is worth the extra effort.

Now, I want to hear from you – what exfoliating techniques do you like?

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  • The best peeling for your body and face are product from the Dead Sea that has only Natural Mineral ,the Dead sea is known as the spa of the world for all kind of skin problem..and they have great products on different labels like -Premiere
    and Arianna skincare or Ahaha…..use only natural minerals and vitamins….
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta

  • I used to exfoliate regularly but I’ve been so lazy recently. Maybe I haven’t found the right product, too…

  • The only thing I use is the salux “bath cloth”, a japanese washing cloth. It’s amazing and beats everything else I have ever used before AND you can reach your own back with it! (I use it with Aleppo olive soap which is nourishing and good for sensitive skin and develops a very creamy and fine foam). It’s by salux Feel like freshly hatched every time after having used it : )

  • Same. I cut it in two and my husband uses the other half.

  • eastvillagesiren May, 19 2016, 5:07

    Yes, this is the best, and most sanitary way to exfoliate. And yes, I also cut mind in two!

  • interesting list! thank you! :)

  • Caroline May, 19 2016, 10:53 / Reply

    De nombreux dermatos sont très opposés au gommage, surtout quand on a la peau sèche. Pour n’en citer qu’un, le Dr Planté (que Garance voyait à Paris) est contre…

  • So important, especially on spots like elbows, that get a little rough AND sometimes a bit dark.

  • Mumbai May, 19 2016, 11:09 / Reply

    I know what I’m saying is against what you want to achieve but the cheapest and also the best is the rest of grounded
    coffee (do you call it dedoction?), still a bit wet. Your skin is like from a baby

  • michelle May, 19 2016, 11:15 / Reply

    I think exfoliation is best accomplished by using tools, not products, however luxurious and yummy-smelling. Dry brushing, salux cloth, exfoliating gloves, maybe some homemade sea salt with oil scrub. I would rather put my money into face products or body moisturizers.

  • tatite May, 19 2016, 11:21 / Reply

    I don’t buy scrubs anymore since I know how to make a very good one myself: coconut oil (melted), a little bit of honey, lots of sugar, done! Scrub everywhere (not on the face though)! pure bliss, love the smell, skin ready for the day, or to go to sleep, or to be kissed… It doesn’t replace a good moisturizing milk everyday but once a week is a must whatever the season (althouh I admit that in winter I am too lazy) xx

  • I definitely don’t exfoliate nearly enough for my face AND body lmao.

  • I wonder with Salux cloths, is it best to buy new every couple of months? Or how do you wash them? I’m definitely going to try that out as I am def in need of a new exfoliant!

  • Hey Aydan, they dry so quickly that I don’t think you have to worry too much about germs. I have had mine for a year now… I wash it with a desinfecting detergent at 50 °C ( that should be around 120 ° in Fahrenheit ; ) in the washing machine every 2-3 months or so.

  • I’m not exfoliating enough that’s for sure! These products might help me get started x

  • I make my own sugar crystal/honey scrub. There are hundreds of recipes for homemade exfoliants on the internet. So much cheaper, fresher.

    Janine Claire

  • We all need to be aware of beauty products that contain “beads”. They end up in the ocean and cause great damage to our eco-system and to the fish.

  • Bobbi Derkson October, 26 2018, 9:55

    This article is now two years old and there is great news! Microbeads have since been banned in the UK, France, Canada, and New Zealand. Several other countries are banning them in the near future, like India. The USA is phasing them out but bans are by state so some Americans still need to check their products.

  • Also a homemade option that is brilliant (and, um, yummy) is mixing brown sugar, coconut oil and adding a drop of vanilla extract. I re-use Bonne Maman jars and make it all the time! xxxx

  • Homemade coffee peeling is the best so far (add cinnamon for more gel-like texture and essential oils if you fancy), also salux cloth and dry brushing are great too! And for those with really thick skin, keratosis pilaris etc. probably some acid action will be needed (glycolic/salicylic or lactic acid though).

  • eastvillagesiren May, 19 2016, 5:10

    In the U.S., Eucerin make a good cream with lactic acid that comes in a big bottle and lasts for at least six months. It’s actually labelled for Diabetic skin, but works well as an all-over body smoothing lotion at night. And since it has no added parfum, it’s good for all but the most sensitive skins. With this lotion and the Salux bath scrub towel, my skin is very happy!

  • Tellement facile de le DIY..
    Huile de coco + sucre ou marc de café + mélanger = done ! C’est prêt ! Pas la peine de surconsommer..



  • Janette May, 19 2016, 3:42 / Reply

    I am really enjoying the Cleansing Body Polish with Active Charcoal from First Aid Beauty. All of their products have great ingredients, nice for sensitive skin, and this particular product feels like it does the job without ripping/cutting your skin :)

  • Nice list dear!


  • Paula the Pilgrim May, 19 2016, 7:34 / Reply

    A loofah is the best – it exfoliates, rejuvenates, invigorates the skin – I use it every morning in the shower – no need for fancy schmancy jars – easy peasy ! Used ever so gently on the face is oh so good too but only once a week or so …

  • I adore Herbivore rose/coconut oil/sea salt polish, smells gorgeous & my skin is very soft. Very pretty packaging and not so messy either.

  • Ai-Ch'ng May, 20 2016, 1:25 / Reply

    After using my hands to briskly and firmly quickly soap myself, I dry off by patting gently all over (probably a reaction to my grandma, who used to rub me so hard after baths as a small child that I almost fell over with her intense dry-off towel rubbing!), then follow with really firm (masseuse firm), brisk motions to massage in a generous amount of a deeply moisturising body lotion after my shower, that also contains ingredients that naturally exfoliate. It seems to work, as people frequently ask me what I use on my arms and legs. I’m not into scrubbing my body – just my face!

  • Marc de café et huile d’amande douce bio !
    Et c’est tout!

  • Ça décape des fois un peu trop la peau à mon goût. Je n’en pratique sans doute pas assez mais bon…

  • Bonjour et merci pour les conseils.

  • Indispensable le gommage et encore plus en vieillissant (je sais de quoi je parle !!!) et surtout ne jamais oublier le cou et le décolleté ;)

  • Et sinon il y a le marc de café. Riche en vitamines et antioxydant. C’est ultra efficace et écologique (si on boit du café). What else ?

  • crabtree and Evelyn make a wonderful hand scrub… No microbeads, just natural pumice and oils. You use it dry and wash it off . It is called Gardeners Hands and it is sublime.

  • Best to stick to loofahs or mitts to exfoliate. Many comments here also recommend home made exfoliation potions made from natural ingredients.
    But NEVER use lotions with plastic beads as they stay in the water system and never disintegrate. Very bad for the environment.

  • Poplab May, 24 2016, 3:00 / Reply

    En tant que marocaine le gommage du corps le seul l’unique: savon noir et gant de crêpe. N’ayant pas le luxe d’un hammam à domicile (bientôt quand je serai riche donc bientôt tôt ). Je trempe dans ma baignoire emplie d’eau chaude pendant environ 10 mn. Je passe le savon noir. Important : je rince. Puis je passe le gant humide pour le gommage appuyé. Attention ni shampoing ni savon autre que noir avant cette opération. 15 à 20 mn. Puis je rince et recommence jusqu’à ce que plus rien ne “sorte”. Je vide tout et finit par une douche classique. A la base chez les marocains et autres c’est un bain tout court. Donc aussi pour les enfants. Je n’ai compris que bien plus tard que ça pouvait être aussi “esthetique”. Bref ma peau est très très douce. Vous sentirez la différence déjà sous la douche après, en passant le savon classique et la crème hydratante ensuite. Temps total de l’opération : 45 mn une fois tous les 15 jours.

  • Bonjour,

    Merci pour ses conseils et ses produits, moi personnellement j’ai une peau sèche et déshydratée et j’ai vraiment besoin de ces astuces.

  • Merci POPLAB pour les astuces de beauté, j’ai entendu parlé du savon noir et j’ai hâte de l’essayer, vous pouvez me dire svp ou je peux trouver ce savon?

  • I like Spiezia Organics Restorative Body Balm after scrubbing my arms and legs with exfoliating gloves from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is 100% organic, smells good and incredibly penetrating and smoothing. Great for dry feet and elbows.

  • salut garancedore , j’aime tous les sujets et les astuces de votre blog, s’il y des savons pour la peu sèche j’attends ces genres de styles

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