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It’s happened. The 60’s and 70’s bell bottom shape have found their way into all of our lives. It comes and goes in fashion, but I’ve been seeing it more and more lately, mostly because of a certain cropped denim with a kick flare – which I believe was brought to you by Alexa Chung and her collaboration with AG.

Girls everywhere swarmed to get their hands on the style that would assuredly be the answer to all their questions. But what makes this flared situation so cool is that it works at so many lengths and in so many fabrications. Cropped it shows off your ankles, whereas it elongates in a style that hides the heel worn under said pant. But as Brianna pointed out , the regular length is also great for calf conscious girls alike. The perfect solution !

So, will you dare to flare ? Or is life best kept on the straight and narrow ?

brianna lance garance dore photo

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Brianna : Pants, Vintage; Top, Basic Rights; Shoes, Gucci ; Bag, Louis Vuitton / Derlyn : Top, Vintage Saint Laurent; Pants, Edun; Shoes, Altuzarra; Jacket, Alyx; Sunglasses, J.Crew


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  • I think it looks good on tall skinny girls. I personally don’t really do this style…

  • i don’t. i didn’t skinny and i don’t flare. there is still life outside of all that though! :)

  • Josiesephine April, 28 2016, 1:53

    I skinny, and I flare, and I straight leg, I even bootleg!!!….I do everything, except low rise. If its more then half an inch below my bellybutton, it goes in the trash pile. Too unflattering. But I don’t mind cropped, or long,

  • Over my dead body. Je n’aimais pas cette forme dans les seventies, je n’aime toujours pas ce morceau de tissu qui pendouille tristement.
    Belle journée

  • YES TO FLARE! I love my pinko slim flared pants:

    I am so glad this style is back in our lives, I find flare pants so flattering especially when it hides the heel worn under the pant, it elongates the legs so much! I mean when Karlie Kloss wears flared pants with heels, she look like an alien with her 10 ft tall legs!!!

    Have you done an edit with flared pants? I would love to see that by the studio! :D

  • I had some amazingly gigantic bell-bottoms in the ’70s. It was cute because I was a kid. It seems that the flare look comes along every few years and fails to take root. I think completely straight looks slimmer on most figures–more flattering than second-skin skinny jeans. If you look online for DIY tailoring of pants, you’ll see the before and afters that show straight beats flare for being flattering.
    When I was into Argentine tango several years ago, the cool girls wore flared pants in soft fabrics, hemmed exactly at the floor based on their dance shoes, and the material would swoosh beautifully as they moved.

  • I think it looks good if it’s long. I think the cropped ones just look like highwaters.

  • Josiesephine April, 24 2016, 6:41

    As long as the shoe is visible. The ones where you can’t see the shoe are really kind of we, like you wonder if the person is going to step on the back of the pants, if they are low rise, then you wonder if they will step on the back of the sjoe, and pull them down….

  • I love cropped flares. I’ve been into them since MIH came out with the Monaco like 5 years ago. I was hesitant then, but rocked them anyway. Now, there’s more to choose from and I couldn’t be happier!

  • Jeans looks great on tall skinny girls!!!!
    and the 70 are always back to fashion …nothing really new on planet fashion….
    Yael Guetta

  • I mostly skinny. They’re easy, almost any shoe works with them, and so do most of my tops. I do occasionally flare bu t not going to do the “above the ankel-crop-flare” that’s making the rounds currently. If I’m flare-ing, it will be flares that go all the way to the ground, with the tallest heels I can manage. Just like in “the old days”. ;)

  • I don’t flare just yet but I want to !
    Sans dec, je suis accro à mes skinny 7/8 ème et je m’aventure déjà dans les eaux troubles du “mom jean”, on va attendre un peu pour le look claude françois revival !



  • Définitivement la version qui cache les talons! La meilleure option pour allonger la gambette, surtout quand on fait moins de 1,70m ! Baci, Ali

  • I´m not sure about the flare thing, but I just cut my jeans and now it´s a kick flare one. So maybe I try to wear it soon. I think we just have to see this trend for a while like it was with the skinny jeans too. Kisses form Germany Neele from

  • J’aime beaucoup le flare, il donne une allure incroyable!

  • I personally don’t own any flares–yet. I’m considering in investing in a mid-rise, dark rinse pair, but only if the bottoms skim the ground when I’m wearing heels.

    The flares that are cropped look terrible and awkward to me–the sort of thing that fashion people wear because they’re trendy, but that everyone else laughs at. To each their own, of course, but I just don’t think it’s a flattering look. The striped pants in this article look beyond awful to me–like they’re highwaters that don’t fit right–and the only pair that looks right is the third photo, since the flares are long enough to skim the ground.

    I want a straight-leg pair (so far, I wear all skinnies) but all the straight-legs I try on look terrible, so the hunt continues.

  • I find the cropped flare to be most intriguing! Although, I haven’t really worn flared pants in years either. It brings back so many fun memories, and the playfulness of the flare is great for the breezy weather that will be coming in soon.
    Likely By Sea

  • Martine April, 24 2016, 6:38

    Cropped flares are awesome. Longer ones are good, but the ones that eat the shoe are silly.

  • I love this trend, especially the cropped version :) But now I just need the courage to actually wear it.

  • Je suis plutot skinny ou coupe droite 7/8eme, le “flare” est depasse pour moi qui l’ai vecu dans les 70’s !

  • The cropped flares are fun and so fashion forward. Cut off above the ankle or about 4″ higher. Loving this 70’s mood!

  • Great post :)


  • Martine April, 24 2016, 6:35 / Reply

    I definitely do. I think it looks good on everyone. I like a high waisted loose but tapered cut as well. Really, anything but a skinny jeans. I reserve skinny jeans( always high waisted) for tucking into boots when its cold. Mid rise skinnies belong in the trash can. High rise flares are so flattering.

  • Le retour du flare n’est pas pour me déplaire! J’y ai d’ailleurs consacré un article dans mon blog

  • Ai-Ch'ng May, 19 2016, 12:19 / Reply

    Yes, I flare – and have loved doing so for the past four years. I get mine (jeans, cords, leather, velvet) from Etsy – even men’s vintage flares and bell bottoms, and cut and hem them to just above my ankle (I can’t wear long flares except for night, when I don’t walk far). The shortened look works best for me when walking, and although it shortens me further (I am just 165cm – pushing it at 5’4″), they’re super comfortable.

    With my last two pairs of skinny jeans (all the rest have been given away), I’ve cut the outer side seam up about five inches and cut the bottom hem to cropped ankle length, so they now sit – and look – like a slim, kick-flare jean. This looks more in proportion with my wide shoulders, and flat, slim-fit ankle boots and sneakers, and I prefer how the little flare – or big flare – look against my longer-length, boxy army and denim jackets. I can also put on chunky socks with flat lace-ups with a cropped flare pant and still feel “right”, or balanced; but with skinny jeans, the thicker socks and boots/lace-ups all felt a bit too Jennifer-Beals-Flashdance-eighties for me.

    So, yes, flares in all its forms – from slightly cropped, kick-flared, and longer (but never floor-grazing), to just below mid-calf (are they culottes then?) – for me.

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