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A Walk in the Park

You know what I love most about NY when warmer days are upon us? Well, besides stumbling on the ideal multi-occasion dress during the current summer retail sale season – it’s the...

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Do you Flare?

Do you Flare?

It’s happened. The 60’s and 70’s bell bottom shape have found their way into all...

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Labor of Love

Leaves are falling and it’s finally denim season again. That time when every woman can pull...

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The Summer Look

It’s Memorial Day! A day in America where we take a moment to remember those who have served...

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Bang Bang

Bangs. The boldest fringe option on the menu. I’ve been thinking, are they back? It’s the fringe...

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Break the Rules

It’s like an old no-no in fashion, but I’ve always thought it works.

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