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Today on Pardon My French, a fascinating conversation with two… Pretty cool men. Curtis is the wonderful artist whose ‘love me” work you definitely know. Jerome Jarre is… How do you say? An internet celebrity maybe? Who has an incredible and dedicated following through his skits on Vine and Snapchat. Both of them work from the street, both of them are incredibly creative and have a really modern point of view on what it means to connect with people, and on how to keep evolving your art when you’ve been so lucky as to capture the times. We sat in Curtis’ beautiful studio, had coffee and juices and this, my friends, is a great Pardon My French!

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curtis kulig jerome jarre podcast pardon my french garance doré

curtis kulig jerome jarre podcast pardon my french garance doré

On how growing in life transforms your art
Curtis: In my head, I have a proper track that I want to go down that makes sense to what I am transferring into and what type of work I am going to create.
Jerome: To keep improving and growing in life, you need to constantly detach from the present or past story and keep re-inventing yourself.


On making their own rules and being proud of their work
Jerome: I worked on a collaboration with a sugar water company that I would never usually promote usually but they accepted my rules. I told them I wanted to do something that would be proud of doing and something my audience would really love and would love them for it! So we worked with a non-profit company in the Philippines that installed led lights with plastic bottles and solved light poverty with people. I felt this worked really well!
Garance: Exactly, it’s about choosing your projects!
Curtis: Whenever I can I try to incorporate a charity into my work. As far of New York, I support Free Arts, a big art charity, that I try to incorporate them into my projects to have them put money into their projects as well.


On understanding the interests of Generation Z
Garance: Is it true that they don’t care about products so much?
Jerome: The only thing someone from my generation needs is a smart phone.
Garance: Yes, they just want to share their experiences through an app.
Jerome: And now social media is about spreading love.
curtis kulig jerome jarre podcast pardon my french garance doré
On taking Bob Marley’s advice of not chasing numbers
Garance: I just feel like with the movement of social media right now it feels so desperate. I would probably love it without the race of popularity but I don’t know what to think!
Jerome: This is the problem with social media that makes us chase all the numbers. I think it was Bob Marley that said, if you keep chasing numbers, you will never be happy. The numbers never end. He was talking about it for money but now we are talking about it for our likes and followers. You could ask any kid in the street if they would rather have $10,000 or 10 million followers and they would tell you 10 million followers. The positive is, I have seen how social media can do something beautiful! [check out the audio to hear more]


On finding inspiration on and from the streets
Jerome: I used to go to the streets to create and look at strangers. Before people know who I was, I would spend 14 hours a day in the street just looking for inspiration from the streets because to me, everyone is an actor. Everyone is convinced they are something. Convinced so deeply of their life, who they are and what they are doing with their life. And what is interesting is playing with it and making them actors in my script. But the truth is, we should all just be a bit detached.


On taking a creative break and loving it! 
Curtis: For me to stay in a positive mindset during those times is knowing that you come out better on the other side and you need those!
Garance: I’ve always been on it and never have taken a year off so I am the one that needs to learn from you because I have never done it!
Curtis: Yeah, it’s an important time in your life!
Jerome: And you can let go of the past.
curtis kulig jerome jarre podcast pardon my french garance doré

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  • Ooh J’adore Curtis Kulig !!!
    Très inspirante cette interview, surtout pour quelqu’un comme moi qui bosse en freelance ! C’est dur de ne pas passer sa journée à s’inquieter de ses stat.. Il faut toujours essayer de se recentrer sur son inspiration et sa créativité!



  • cool interview! thank you! :)

  • This comment is coming before I actually listen to it and I am excited from reading the snippets. Also, Jerome est tres mignon.

  • Listening right now! So interesting and inspiring!!!! Garance please keep these up, hope to hear more from artists as well, maybe fashion illustrators:)

    I’m an aspiring fashion illustrator and I love discovering the process that other artists have!

    Maria x

  • It’s lovely to hear about so many different people. I honestly hadn’t heard of these two.

  • Margaret April, 21 2016, 2:20 / Reply

    The talk is really captivating. But what also captured my eye – has Garance always been the most beautiful woman ever? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought she was beautiful, but lately she seems extra vibrant, radiant, happy, glowing, full of life, energy, health. She has always been my confidence, happiness and vibrance goal, but lately I’m really just amazed by every single photo. Is it just me?

  • Nice post ;)


  • Such a good episode ? Absolutely inspirational and full of love.

  • I had read about Jerome and of course then had to see his Vines. But it’s so fun to hear these guys chatting together. Your formula of having two people really creates a dynamic, a kind of creative energy. Brilliant.

  • ros maudite April, 21 2016, 7:38 / Reply

    ahhhhh j’ai adoré, c’était super intéressant ????????????????

  • I’ve always been a fan of Jerome for his wonderfully happy and silly videos. They always make me laugh out loud. This podcast reveals a deeper, more earnest Jerome that I didn’t realize existed. Wow! What an amazing young man. I’m an even bigger fan now! Thank you for this!

  • Je suis étonnée de voir Jérome Jarre ici. Je sais qu’il cartonne , mais bon, le succès est-il un bon baromètre ?

  • I always look forward to these!


  • Amazing! I love these podcasts, keep them up x

  • It’s so Wonderfull to do something you love and you believe in…but sometime on the way in order to maintain the level of benefits..and continue to enjoy from all that the new money and new life that it gave accept things that you wouldn’t accepted before and you make yourself believe that it’s good….bla bla….and here is where the problem start!!!!!
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta

  • Mon podcast préféré depuis le lancement ! C’est intéressant de voir comment il faut créer ses propres règles, ne pas se mettre de limite. Bref s’écouter un peu plus et ne pas toujours regarder ce que font les autres !
    Merci pour l’inspiration, baci, Ali

  • Love this episode!

    Just fyi, the Outnet customer service team said that promo code is not valid :( I tried to use it to no avail.

    Keep making sure great PMF episodes – I look forward to Thursdays.

  • Anonymous April, 23 2016, 10:32 / Reply

    Interesting to hear so many people say how social media is overwhelming them. To be frank….social media is here to stay. Its helping so many people further. So, I see that as a positive. You can move from one social media platform to another NEW TRENDY Social media platform…its still going to be “social media”. I say embrace it. Post what you see fit to post. I look or interact when I like and when I don’t…I don’t. Its a tool, not a toy. True many people use it like a toy and get burned. But you can say that about ANYTHING…like driving. Drive too fast with your car and you could hurt yourself or something. ( I say driving…beacause someone hit my cat today and I found him on the side of the street). People are careless, sometimes. Besides Garance…you and these gentlemen….as MANY millions are…are poster childs of social media furthering their careers. To each his own. Great podcasts, Studio Dore!

  • It was so nice to see so young people that in fact can mentor us, even that we are much older. Very nice interview once again!! I love this fresh overview of life that these podcasts bring to us! Once more you have tried something new which really works!! Thanks a lot!!

  • Clémentine May, 18 2016, 10:13 / Reply

    Merci énormément pour ce podcast! C’était très, très, très intéressant! J’adore le format podcast car il nous permet de se concentrer sur votre voix et prendre le temps d’écouter et réfléchir à ce que vous dites. Le point de vue qu’apporte Jérôme est “rafraichissant” et il a une façon de s’expliquer qui rend les choses tellement simples. Vraiment inspirant comme entrevue!! J’espère que vous pourrez continuer à en faire encore pendant encore longtemps!

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