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Levi’s are a true blue classic.

The original denim jean, first becoming popular with cowboys in the 1920s and then worn by women since the 60s… It’s an Americana staple that’s been embraced around the world, and they’ve definitely been having a renaissance.

After years of ankle-tight skinny jeans, the dream jean is a pair of vintage Levi’s that hugs the hips and drop to a straight leg, or a little wide and cropped. But finding the perfect pair is not easy, so women are looking to redone and updated vintage pairs for a more modern fit. (These were altered at the leg by Reformation.) A little of the old, a little of the new; and to be worn a million different ways. With a heel or an everyday sneaker, a simple white tee or something a little more embellished… It’s that ease and versatility that makes them a classic.

Do you own a pair? What other classic jeans do you love?


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  • “501 button fly” est mon prefere, j’ai longtemps porte celui de mon copain (devenu mon mari) baggy, roule dans le bas avec un sweat UCLA. C’etait il y a longtemps !

  • i have never worn this model: it doesn’t fit me. but i did own a tapered leg pair, i don’t remember the number of the model though… :)

  • Je me suis jeté dessus ! Trop heureuse de retrouver la bonne vieille toile inusable (100% coton) du 501. Depuis, je le lave aussi souvent que possible (encore plus beau délavé naturellement). Je l’adore :)

  • I was looking for the perfect 501 for a very long time and recently I found 4 pairs at my local thrift shop for very cheap, their colours are perfect and they are all different sizes. I kept two for myself and the other two I gave them to my daughter, they are all perfect. I don’t know where they came from but I am very happy to finally finding the perfect jeans.

  • would love a pair of 501s

  • The original Levi’s were invented in mid-19th century by Levi Strauss, who figured out how to make tough twill canvas trousers with rivets for the prospectors in the California Gold Rush. He imported the best cloth from France, by the way.

  • Levi’s 501 are so unflattering on me, my legs look awful, so no, they’re not for me!

  • Actually my grandparents cotton farms in west Texas produced cotton for Levi’s denim (and still do) It’s always a full circle moment when I buy a pair.

  • I have been looking for the perfect pair of jeans for forever, but in the end, I always return to a good pair of Levi’s! I have yet to buy my own pair of 501 jeans, but I would love to one day!

  • C’est vrai que trouver le jean idéal n’est pas simple.. Surtout avec mes longues jambes!
    C’est à tenter!

    xo, Christelle

  • Miss Annie September, 7 2015, 12:54 / Reply

    I love straight legs levi’s as the fit my skinny legs and behind. However I wish they had a little more stretch in the waistline!

    Then they would be perfect!

  • OOO que si, et pas seulement une :) il est vrai que c’est très difficile de trouver le bon jeans et surtout le jeans confortable. J’avoue que j’ai une préférence pour les slims :)
    xo xo from Paris

  • Wear them every day!!

  • I’ve never had the courage to even try on pair of 501, as I am very petite and have a curvy bottom, while my waist is pretty tiny… But I’ve seen the 501 CT and I might buy a pair, as they have a more modern cut. At the same time, I still love the skinny cigarette model, that end just above the ankle, they make me feel more Hepburn-ish.


  • i had a pair…now i wear Frame… the fit…many different brands in-between fashion is forever changing ….not interested i paying a fortune anymore

  • I’ve always been a Levi’s girl. My pick was the men’s 501 button fly. Do you guys remember the commercial? “Fly button. Check.” :D

    In any case, I’ve had to throw some out when they finally ended up biting the dust. I still have a couple 501s button fly (still in good shape) left though, from back in the 90s. :) I used to go buy my 501s at an outlet center in upstate NY. I’d get some pretty sweet deals on perfect 501s with just some minor, hardly noticeable defect.

    I’ve always loved the 100% cotton, no stretch, as I’ve always found it more flattering on the figure. You make the jean, the jean doesn’t make you. Over the years, as jeans without any stretch have become hard to come by, I’ve come to tolerate those with 2% stretch max. That way, the jeans don’t stretch out never to return to their true fit (hate that).

    So far, the only other brand that I get and that fits me is Melting Pot. Their denim is pretty sturdy, at least for the types of jeans I choose. Other than that, I’ve always been faithful to Levi’s (and my husband too).

    And to think some called me ‘uncool’ for still wearing Levi’s. And, now the very same people are buying Levi’s cuz they’re ‘in’ again. Ha!

    I’ve always been cool. ;)

  • J’ai deux «501 cut offs» un bleu et un noir délavé ! Les deux on été achetés usagés à petits prix et comme neuf. Je crois que c’est les seuls shorts qui me vont bien et les Oneteaspon. Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais le reste ne me va jamais bien. Le tombé n’est pas pareille alors que les 501 c’est parfait et tout le monde me compliment lorsque je les porte.

  • Hello Neada,
    I really love this article, it would have been really cool if you have added pictures of the jeans worn by you or Garance and not folded..
    Thanks for sharing,



  • Oh, yeah.

  • LEVIS is my brand, too! They simply fit perfect, especially the 501 CT and the skinnys. but I also like the fit of MiH Jeans a lot!
    x. Mirjam

  • sarah elisha October, 13 2015, 2:29 / Reply

    J’ai un vieux 501 que je porte depuis 20 ans et un jeans en toile japonaise selvedge de la marque Renhsen que je ne quitte plus.

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