An Ode To… Denim

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Bury me in denim.

That is my motto. But, come to think of it, that should also be the name of a country song. Wait — is that the name of a country song?

[please hold for a quick google]

HA. There is a song called Bury Me in Blue Jeans by Granger Smith.

So, apparently, me and this guy Granger have a lot in common, outside of his 4 million YouTube views and my relative obscurity, we both want to be buried in denim. And rightfully so.

Denim, particularly blue jeans, are still the thing I reach for when I’m at a loss. Not just at a loss for what to wear in the moment, but a little lost in life because denim is not just the backbone of a good outfit, it is the clothing that makes me feel the most like, me. It simultaneously reminds me who I am and who I want to be.

Denim makes people feel eternally cool because it can cater to everyone’s style without trying too hard. To have a fabric that allows you to be active and rugged, but also chic is extremely freeing.

– Danielle Ribner of Loup

But the true beauty of denim is that (I would argue) it’s the sole fabric that is able to appeal to such a mass audience. It’s quite impressive for one type of fabric to be so universally accepted as the thing to wear by all.

Denim is so democratic that both Granger Smith and Freddie Mercury can have a moment in it. I believe Princess Diana looked best in her off duty denim looks while Ralph Lauren takes the opportunity to accept awards in his iconic denim/tux combo look. (Full disclosure: I have copied this look many times — but with loafers or heels — and people always go gaga over it.) Dare we forget the moment Brittany and Justin coordinated their denim usage to all of our collective swoons.

There is so much trend-driven fashion thrown at women that it feels very grounding to wear something as timeless as denim. My favorite jeans will always have a spot in my closet [and] buying a good pair of jeans makes me feel like a genius. I know I’m investing in something tough and repairable that will be my ride-or-die for years.

– Molly Spittal of Decade

In the recent Vanity Fair issue, Lisa Bonnet was asked what the sexiest thing a man can wear is. Her response, “is there anything better than old ripped jeans and a white shirt?”


I personally like it paired with cowboy boots, but I know that’s not for everyone. I also like a sock-less loafer–I know, my taste in men really swings. I’ll take someone who can line dance, or an off duty banker in St. Barts, and nothing in between.

Last week, temperatures finally dipped enough in New York that I was able to slide into my trusty winter blues. There was no more “what am I wearing today” malaise. It was just my perfect jeans and a t-shirt. And life was as it should be.

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