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I’ve always found it fascinating that the best ideas always come from a personal need. Linda didn’t find anything satisfying for her skin on the market so she created her own oil, started giving it to friends, and a couple of years later demand was so high she had to open a business. Doesn’t it sound like a dream?? It does, it does. And that’s when the story becomes really interesting! Nothing seems to phase Linda less than a fairytale. Since her brand became a success, she stayed very much herself, didn’t change her way of life, and she seems glowingly happy. Today on Pardon My French, we get to hear about her secrets…

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pardon my french linda rodin garance dore photo

On the influence of her mother…
She was a sculptor, she made things. She did all these kind of art classes and decoupage. She was the first person I ever saw with a French manicure. I mean, just things where my sister and I would go ‘oh, what’s she doing now? Why?’ But when I look back she was so creative. I have photographs of her in jeans and a turtleneck sweater on a bicycle, which is how I named this lipstick, ‘Billy on the Bike’. You know, I think when I was growing up, it was subconscious. I didn’t realize that I was getting all that from her. I really didn’t. And when I think back, I think, ‘of course it’s who I am!’

On her business….
Well, I’ve never been motivated by money, so that’s one thing. Of course it’s nice to have – I’d be lying if I said I don’t love being independent. And I’ve never gotten married, I never had a rich father, so I’ve always taken care of myself, which I love. But I think as far as making products, I really want to make things that I believe in, that I need or I want. So I think that separates it. Not just to make gratuitous products to get tons of money. That’s never been my goal.

On how social life has changed…
In my life, I’ve had friends that are younger and friends that are older…I never had a problem with the age, it doesn’t matter. I think what’s funny now when I’m with a lot of younger people is I feel like I have so many stories that they find incredulous, “how could that have happened??” – Well when you’re walking down the street and you’re 20 and you bump into Harvey Keitel and… it’s just things that could never happen anymore! Everything today seems so scripted, and “how are you going to get to that party?” or “how are you going to meet that person?”

pardon my french linda rodin garance dore photo

pardon my french linda rodin garance dore photo

pardon my french linda rodin garance dore photo

On perfecting her oil formula
I’ve always liked little bottles of little things. I was in Morocco and I discovered argan oil. I used primrose for years if I had a rash… I just kind of had all these things and one day I decided to mix them together, see what it would do. I just thought, why not? I loved to mix things together. Even clothing – I like to buy a shirt and cut the sleeves off. I like to customize everything. I thought, why not make an oil that has all the oils I like? And I did! It was trial and error, it took about 6 months to get the perfect version.

On the benefits of aging…
Medicare, cheap movie theaters, AARP privileges [Laughs]. No, health is wealth. That’s all I care about, is being healthy.

On being yourself…
I’m very opinionated, I always have been, but I feel like now I’m not apologetic for my opinions now. You don’t have to agree with me, I don’t have to agree with you. We’re just not the same, that’s the way it is. I think you feel less apologetic about being who you are, and I think that that’s a big relief. Because you’re not trying to please other people. You’re just trying to be yourself, be as kind as you can, be as perceptive as you can about other people. I think if you’re perceptive about yourself, it goes a long way. You just see it better. And that’s the lovely part about getting older.

pardon my french linda rodin garance dore photo

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  • What amazing sucess story! <3
    Love what Linda does, thanks for this interview! Xxx

    Julie, Petite and So What?

  • That’s the big different from someone who tries to be in trend and someone who stay authentic!! there is a moment when what you do in a natural way because this is who you are …will be discovered to the big world and you will be successful
    just don’t try to be something or someone you are not!!
    when you love something and it’s organic will succeed!!
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta

  • Words cannot express how I excited I am to listen to this. Linda Rodin is iconic.


  • I want to be Linda Rodin when I grow up. Lovely to hear how articulate she is.

  • I think this is my favourite interview of yours yet! So inspiring x

  • J’aime bien l’accord fauteuils, table basse, tapis … une idée pour savoir ou les trouver ?

  • I always thought she was so cool, but now I appreciate her even more.

  • ashley July, 21 2016, 1:27 / Reply

    garance – i love your earrings! care to share where they’re from?

  • She’s so so lovely and really such an inspiration! I have to say I feel the same way about driving. I always say, I’m a lifetime passenger, not navigator, lifetime passenger and I’ll bring the conversation (and maybe the snacks)! I just want to have the ability to think and have my mind wander, which is also why I love walking to commute (NO HEAD PHONES) to just let my mind wander in the most beautiful way!

  • Kathleen July, 21 2016, 2:27 / Reply

    Brava! Being yourself, unapologetic AND kind, is a true sign of a well adjusted human being. Sometimes folks like this don’t get noticed in the world, amid all the shouting and hustling and LOOK-AT-ME. Nice to see her success. :)

  • Finally! My dream post! Thanks, Garance & team. I want Linda to know that I just turned 40 and I’m not handling aging so well. It is older women like her that I look up to to get me through the particularly rough times. XOXO

  • Alexandra July, 21 2016, 3:14 / Reply

    Garance — I just listened to the podcast and it was amazing. SO inspirational. I am only 27 but have lived my life, thus far, much like Linda, kind of trying something out and then moving onto the next thing, never with a big goal ahead of me. I’ve always wondered if this is an “OK” way to live, and this podcast has confirmed that there is no “right” way to finding your path. Linda has just followed her intuition and taken opportunities as they’ve arrived, and she has become incredibly successful! Thank you for this! I want more! P.S. Your voice/accent is adorable. :)

  • Scottie July, 21 2016, 4:01 / Reply

    Hi Garance,

    Where are you earrings from? They are the same that Poole woman was wearing in a post about nails awhile back. I don’t think the question was ever answered though. Thanks!

  • Natalie July, 21 2016, 4:20

    Hi Scottie,

    Garance’s earrings are from Double Disco, which we also featured a little while back! x Natalie

  • J’adore aussi les fauteuils et la table, ou est qu’on pourrait les trouver?

  • A beautiful, inspiring, life-after-60-affirming interview. Thank you!

  • Leigh Sinclair July, 21 2016, 11:43 / Reply

    What a beautiful representation of two different generations of beautiful ladies…

  • Dear Garance, I love the podcast, Linda is so inspiring. Just one thing hit me – the story about your cabdriver. It hit me because I, most probably like him, do not have the job of my dreams, nor any soon future prospects thereof. In that way, I can completely understand and relate to him wanting to be done with his job by certain age. And I don’t think it was meant to mean that he wants to be done with life and doing something, but rather freed from the obligations that not necessarily enrich him on intellectual or any other level. When someone has a job like you, amazing and talented creatives do, it’s easy to forget that there are myriads of soulcrushing jobs people do just to make ends meet.

    Thank you for your work.

  • Such a refreshing outlook on life! Garance, the interviews with Linda and Esther have by far been my favourites, so much wisdom and knowledge passed on from two inspiring women!

  • ingrid July, 22 2016, 4:09 / Reply

    Linda Rodin, such a beauty inside and outside.. she has it.

  • I am floored by this interview! I just LOVE how surprised I was by her — she is so simple and humble, a homebody (and as you say, so unapologetically herself)! Complete opposite from what I would have thought she would be given her outfit choices and very colorful apartment. I thought she would be overtly vivacious and loud (which would have been lovable and interesting, too). Just not what I expected. I am so pleasantly surprised! Bravo!

  • Courtney July, 22 2016, 3:34 / Reply

    ADORE this interview. What a wonderful brilliant woman.

  • Silvia July, 22 2016, 5:02 / Reply

    Thank you so much Garance, for sharing this interview. What a beautiful & inspiring attitude towards life! Makes me really happy that there are such free, original & refreshing spirits out there, we need more of these. My best wishes go to both of you!
    PS But you know what – I think I might have to stock up on my sunglasses ;))))

  • Donna Klein July, 22 2016, 5:08 / Reply

    Loved this interview so much! I am 60 and have the book The Lotte Burke Method which did come out in the 70’s, so I had to laugh when she said no one would remember it. I love her authenticity and just everything about her, thank you so much!

  • Maryanne Burke July, 22 2016, 8:23 / Reply

    Great interview… being an older person myself [late 50s] was nice to hear someone of her age with a similar attitude to life!!!

  • Look at her beautiful rich dark high waisted jeans. So perfect, and so sexy with that white hair.

  • Wouaaaa elle est tellement classe…
    J’adore tes interviews, surtout tes entretiens Carrière, super détaillées et super longues, vraiment intéressantes, que l’on trouve nulle part ailleurs. Tu poses même des questions que personne ne pose mais qui intéresse tout le monde. J’adore et j’attends les nouvelles avec impatience !

  • This is one of my favorite PMF podcasts yet! Linda Rodin is an inspiration, and I now have a huge girl crush on her!

  • Vanessa July, 27 2016, 10:00 / Reply

    Perfect! Thank you for introducing me to such an inspiring role model. My favorite episode yet.

  • Ainhoa July, 27 2016, 3:00 / Reply

    merci Garance, chouette Miss Rodin et l’interview du post, j’irai entendre peut-être le pardon :)

  • belinda July, 29 2016, 12:04 / Reply

    Oh please Garance, will you let your hair down, I’m sure it looks just fine.
    Thanks B

  • Ai-Ch'ng July, 29 2016, 12:38 / Reply

    Loved this interview – my all-time favourite!

    Linda’s advice to listen to her body – I really hear that; and Garance’s admission that she doesn’t always been know if she’s tired/hungry – I’ve done that far too often, as well. Hearing Linda has really encouraged me to make time to sleep and rest and rejuvenate (something even my poor husband has never yet been able to encourage me to do)

    Such and elegant lady on the inside and out, I loved her honesty that’s tempered with such courtesy and gentleness. This interview was such a delight to listen to – thank you, Garance xo

  • It was great to hear and SEE the woman behind this oil I have used, great story! thank you for spending time and sharing

  • Linda Rodin is a dream! She’s inspired me to do what you love.

  • Garance, I enjoyed this interview with Ms. Rodin.
    I would have very much liked a video. Missing your
    videos…what can say.
    Many thanks for being you.

  • She’s so cool. Would love to know the brand/style of her glasses. I am 62 and wear multi focals. These wld be so cool!
    Also agree w LJ..a video would have been great! Prefer the videos to podcasts. Nice to see a face. ????

  • thats it, I’m going gray .

  • C’est une femme belle intelligente et inspirante dont le plus beau message à retenir pour bien vieillir et être heureuse: rester soi-même.

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