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Erik Melvin

Here’s the thing about beauty: we’re all striving for perfection when it really doesn’t exist. We go to great lengths to have perfect hair, teeth, bodies, even feet! But the truth is, we all have imperfections, and whether you shout them from the rooftops or try to mask them in the privacy of your own bathroom, they’re just part of our identity.

So today in the Studio, we’re getting down and dirty and extremely real about the beauty issues we all struggle with in an attempt to make light of the pesky problems.


Garance – My beauty “impossible to fix ever” problem is, and I’m VERY SORRY TO SAY THAT, a problem that most the women I know have even if they don’t know they have it. It’s sun damage on my chest. Not my boobs, just the throat / chest area, the place that’s so sexy when we leave our white shirt ever so slightly opened (did I use “ever so slightly” right ? First time I use the expression!) – And I’m not talking grown women like me, even women in their 20s have that, because we’ve all learned to protect our faces from the sun, but we always forget our chests. And hands.

I didn’t even know it was sun damage (I thought sun damage could only take the shape of dark spots, OH was I wrong) until I showed it to my dermatologist: “why am I constantly blushing from the chest?” and she broke the sad truth to me.

So, my second question was “how do I fix that?????” And the even sadder news is that there is no real solution. There are many fixes, laser, AHA, but the problem is, at the first ray of sun, the problem will come back. So, I’m learning to live with it, and sometimes when I want my chest to look perfect, I even use a bit of foundation. And I’m telling you, little sisters, SPF the hell out of your chests!!!!

Brie – Just after my problematic teenage skin, would be the beauty problem I’ve had my whole life: under eye dark circles. Not bags, but the darkness. In fact, even my eyelids are darker – I had my makeup done once on a shoot, and the creative director said “I think no more color on the lids” to the makeup artist, when in fact, there was nothing on them at all.

Over the years I’ve learnt to just sort of embrace it – mostly as whenever I have makeup on my eyes , I have a tendency to rub it off. Also, its kind of like French heroine chic right? Like I’ve been smoking since birth without all the health side effects? I do use concealer sometimes though, even I have limits to the fictitious romantic shadows eliciting a perceived smoky effect.

Emily – Ok so you already know that I’m a hairy person. So it’s no surprise to anyone that the beauty problem that plagues me is managing my bikini region. I’m part Italian and part Russian—my ethnicity has no mercy when it comes to the thickness or darkness of any body hair. I’ve shaved, I’ve waxed, I’ve Nair-ed. The only thing I haven’t tried is laser because it’s expensive and frankly I’m scared of how much it will hurt. But my hair is dark and I swear it grows faster than the speed of light. A wax is nice for about 3 days and then you can forget wax #2 because there is no way I can be seen in a bathing suit in-between and in the summer that’s just not possible to do!

When I go back to shaving I end up with wicked razor burn. I would literally have to shave down there every single day for it to be smooth and hairless. So basically my options are crotch-gorilla (Miranda in the SATC movie anyone?), or I have red bumps that scream “look at me!” to everyone within a 50 feet radius at the beach. Decisions, decisions…

Alison – Water retention is honestly THE WORST! A week and a half before “that time of the month” I feel so bloated and gross. Nothing fits, my bras are too tight and I basically feel like I need a whole new wardrobe. I’ve tried water retention pills, drinking loads of water and even avoiding salt in my meals, but nothing helps! And during the summer months, the swelling only intensifies. I’ve learned to accept the minimal jewelry look because all my jewelry stops fitting during these bloat bouts. Clearly, it’s a work in progress!!

Carie – They can make or break your look. Their shape and maintenance can define your face for a decade. They can also be a huge pain in the ass. Eyebrows.

Having been born with dark brown eyebrows and white blond hair, people asked my mom if she dyed my hair. As a small child. Throw in a unibrow and it made for some seriously tragic beauty moments. I hated them as a kid and while I’ve embraced them as an adult, I hate dealing with them. Which is every. Single. Day. I can’t bring myself to pay for laser because I’m terrified I’ll want to change their shape someday, or someone will screw them up and they will never grow back. Which is what happened to my grandma when she took a razor to hers. Lesson learned. If I don’t pluck them everyday, I look like I have flecks of dirt around my eyes. People have actually tried to wipe them off my face, assuming it was an unattached piece of city grime.

I fully recognize this is a problem many people would love to have, but it’s the thing I think about if I ever were to be stranded on a desert island. That and all the other facial hair maintenance.

Elle – I still haven’t found my groove with most things beauty! But if I were to choose just one issue it would be my skin. It’s been a 16 year battle. I have adult acne and even the slightest change in diet, hormones, or weather can send my skin into full on teenage mode. Right now I just wash my face at night and in the morning with good ole’ h2O because it can’t handle much more then that. I know it sounds insane but literally everything gives me acne! Helllppppp!!!!

Natalie – Where do I even begin? Apart from certain unwanted hair and what seem like resident black heads on my nose, the biggest problem I’ve always struggled with are the tiny, little red bumps on the back of my arms. I’ve had them for as long as I can remember, and while I don’t notice them all the time, like the spider you’ve trapped under a cup in the corner of your apartment, I know they’re always there. Exfoliating everyday would help but really?? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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  • Elle, j’ai trainé une acné d’adulte très récalcitrante pendant des années, si je compte en plus l’adolescence, je pense bien avoir essayé toute la pharmacopée française. Et il y a des choses bien. Mais un seul et unique produit a “guéri”, j’insiste sur ce mot (c’est-à-dire quelque chose qui permette une fois le produit terminé, de ne pas se retrouver avec les mêmes problèmes qu’avant. Certains produits font même ça avant qu’on les ai terminés), c’est la lotion P50 de Biologique Recherche, qui entre autres choses (myriade d’extraits extrêmement efficaces) contient du soufre, arme fatale contre l’acné. Ce qui, à long terme, est aussi son point faible… Car le soufre, renforce et stimule… le poil :) Néanmoins, elle est irremplaçable. Je ne l’utilise maintenant que de temps en temps (à cause de ce que je viens d’évoquer, sinon j’en mettrais tous les jours comme je le faisais auparavant), et si “un” bouton pointe le bout de son nez, j’en mets directement dessus. Elle sert à tout et guérit n’importe quel problème de peau, prurit, cicatrice… J’en mets systématiquement après chaque épilation, cela désinfecte et apaise malgré les légers premiers picotements, et éradique tous les possibles boutons rouges post épilatoires qui voudraient s’incruster. Pour contrer l’effet “boost poils” du soufre, tout de suite après j’applique de l’huile de souchet, qui freine la pousse, affine le poil et permet d’hydrater et de rendre la peau douce et soyeuse après l’épilation.
    En espérant vous avoir aidé…
    (PS: BR fait une lotion sans soufre, c’est celle que je compte acheter une fois que j’aurais terminé ma deuxième bouteille de P50 (dans mon cas, efficacité optimale sur l’acné au bout d’un mois (miraculeux, je n’y croyais plus :D (10 ans d’acné adulte) mais résultats au bout d’une semaine déjà, je dirais même dès la première application en fait. Même si l’acné ne “guérit” vraiment que sur le plus long terme)

  • We all have our struggles, in fact I had more than a few from your list but I solved my “Emily” problem with laser, amazing results, totally worth the pain. Would recomend Lotion P50 body to Natalie, exfoliates, balances your skin and very easy to use. The face one is also great. But there are still two things I can’t avoid, eyebrow plucking every other day and water retention, wich its only getting worst since I turned 40.

  • I LOOOOOOOOVE your honesty…all of you! It’s so refreshing. Made my day. xo

  • Laser hair removal = worth it. And it hurts less than waxing. It is expensive though, I’ll give you that. If you ever do go for it, just be sure to do your research on the procedure, places in your area (especially what machine they are using), and maybe go in to a few places for a consultation. They may have deals that they don’t advertise. Make sure to go somewhere professional, not some spa with a 15-year-old machine and an untrained technician. Also keep in mind that its really more like laser hair reduction, not permanent, 100% removal. Wherever you go should be upfront about that too, and tell you to expect about an 80% reduction in hair, with possible touch-up sessions over the years. Carie though, I haven’t heard of any place that does laser for eyebrows because it’s way to close to the eyes, and I’d personally be wary of any place that said they do that.

  • Charlotte July, 23 2016, 9:37

    Hi Alice! I completely agree. I have been struggling with hair removal for as long as I can remember. Do you have experience with a specific type of laser? I have been saving the last couple of years (studying is expensive!) and I have been looking around. I read about the Soprano Laser which is apparently for all skin types and hair colours (I have extremely pale skin and fairly dark hair, but I think it does say something about the machine). Anyway, I would love to hear what worked for you :)

  • I’m no beauty and never was, but I used to be pleased with my hair, my eyes, my good skin, toned arms and small waist. Never mind the crooked teeth (parents couldn’t afford braces and by the time I could on my own I felt too old), big hips, short height, round face….it’s important to have a couple of positives to focus on.
    Sadly, the years have thinned my hair. My eyes hide behind very thick glasses. My good skin is wrinkled. My arms still have muscles but also bat wings. And my waist has thickened, despite gaining very little weight over the decades.
    On the other hand, now all I care about is being healthy. At a certain point, beauty is impossible, but one can always try for elegance and grace. Being healthy and fit help a lot, for both body and mind.

  • Yes, elegance and grace are more important than any other concerns about our looks. If you don’t have these the rest won’t matter.

  • Oh also Natalie if you don’t already know those bumps are keratosis pilaris. There is an over the counter lotion with lactic acid (forget the name) that might help. Didn’t help me much, but I know people that it did. I use tretinoin cream (prescription) that helps but doesn’t completely get rid of them. But then again I forget to use it about half the time, so maybe that’s why!

    And Elle, the only thing that worked for my adult acne was prescription topical cream and birth control. Maybe that seems obvious and you’ve already tried going to the doctor, but I didn’t realize that was an option till I was in my early 20s! Nothing and I mean nothing over the counter worked for me: not the scrubs, the masks, the benzoyl peroxide…

    Ok, I’m done being the nosy aunt who gives advice that no one asked for! I just really feel you on the beauty problems!

  • Natalie July, 20 2016, 12:01

    We love nosy aunt advice! Thanks Alice x

  • Caroline Dé July, 20 2016, 6:13

    Thanks! I finally found a word for those red spots! I already tried a treatment with acid but it’s costly and needs to be done regularly… Not really convenient for a small budget. I visited 4 dermatologists and all said that this will never go completely. I also have that on my legs and it is a real complex for me. I’ve already been told (by someone who had no idea) that it was some kind of allergic reaction!
    The thing is to learn how to live with it, that is the most complicated part…

  • The lotion for those bumps is Lac-Hydrin. It works!

  • ohh where do I begin, something like large pores with BLACK HEADS! I sometimes forget about them, well when I don’t look at the mirror times, but it’s always, there since I can’t remember and I tried so different method but the one who actually worked with me is the Isotretinoin but I got scared from it and I didn’t continue the course so it came back again. And my hair is so long sometimes (these days) It’s uncontrollable so it gets so dry and I’ve to maintain it every 2 day with oils to get back to shape!… what else… nothing, more than skin craziness after shaving, a big spot on the center of nose that never goes away! so yea… great post!

  • Clotilde July, 20 2016, 10:56 / Reply

    I am glad to see Erik has apparently no beauty woe ! Prenez-en de la graine les filles.
    Je compatis seulement au souci d’Alison, qui n’est pas du tout du genre “complexe” un poil futile (sans jeu de mot Emily et Carie), mais du genre physiologie emmerdante. Lorsque le PMS dure une semaine et demi (!) on peut prendre une petite supplémentation de progestérone, à voir avec son toubib.

  • … or just too many for ONE post ;)
    Get ready for “Erik’s 75 Beauty Woes” …

  • I have dark under eye circles, a red chest, bloating, dry hair and a thickened waist (after age 40 it just wouldn’t stop).
    OMG – I must be hideous! LOL….just kidding…thank goodness for make up.
    Thank goodness also for your honesty and great ideas on how to “soften” the blows of Mother Nature.
    Overall, I’m healthy, strong and fairly attractive, so I guess I’m more than the sum of my parts.

  • Over the long term laser is no more expensive than waxing. And the results are incredible especially for those of us with fair skin and thick dark hair thanks to my Southwestern french gene pool.. I started by having my hairline done. It was very low in the back and I wear my hair short. Then my forearms and full legs. It’s been life changing. It is expensive but if you can find a laser tech who charges by time and not the body part then it’s well worth it. I now go in 3 or 4 times a year for touch ups. Also there are lasers that work with a cryogenic blast of cold so there’s virtually no discomfort.

  • Natalie you’re suffering from ” kératose pilaire ” , I have no idea how to say this in english, pilaris keratosis maybe ?
    This means your skin is fragile and dry. Exfoliting every day would actually make things worst. Try body brushing and use a body cream with salicylic acid in it.

  • Natalie July, 20 2016, 12:00

    There is so much I don’t know! Thank you Macha! x Natalie

  • Lee Ann July, 20 2016, 11:19 / Reply

    Thank you all for this! Sometimes I look at the photos and feel like everyone involved with this website must be perfect in every way. I appreciate knowing that my issues are your issues, as well!

  • Natalie, I also used to have the problem on the back of my arms but I’ve found that using exfoliating gloves 2 or 3 times a week makes it pretty much disappear.
    And Elle, look up Caroline Hirons’ blog. I was like you having flare ups and just as everything was getting better id have a whole bunch of new pimples appear ???? someone actually commented here on garance’s blog about her so I looked her up, read a tonne of stuff and put into place a proper routine. It was about a year ago and after following her advice, routines, using different/new products my skin is so much better!! I’ve had people comment on how good my skin is but I always tell them it wouldn’t be like this without treating it properly. I’m not sure what you’ve tried but I was on the pill for a while and not even that made as much of a difference as simply caring for my skin properly. If all else fails go and see a hormone specialist. I went to see one recently about some congestion in a tiny area of my face that I couldn’t get rid of and he was amazing! I’m sure they’ll be able to help! Good luck!! Let us know if anything I’ve mentioned works for you!
    Now, if only I could get rid of my dark under eyes…

  • For EMILY: Agree with one of the above comments on Laser Hair Removal. I did it 10 years ago and worth every single cent and it’s the best beauty decision I’ve made in my life.

    I did my bikini,, both full legs and underarms. I have even forgotten the words shave or wax. Now I can’t imagine what it felt like to have a hairy body. I truly notice it and appreciate it every day.

  • Natalie, for those red bumps (I used to get them in the summers only) use AMLACTIN. Works like a dream but for the summer be sure to use sunscreen on the area and use the Amlactin only at night as it’s lactic acid based and makes your skin sun sensitive., My dermatologist recommended it and in one week mine were gone.

  • Natalie July, 20 2016, 11:59

    Hi Ellen,

    I’ve never heard of that but am DEFINITELY going to give it a try! Thanks so much for the suggestion! x Natalie

  • I tried that too- at first I thought it got better, but here’s the problem: I’m a nervous picker- so as soon as I see the nasty little spots on my arms (mine are white), I pick at them, which obviously makes it worse aka. red and bigger than before. I exfoliate, I tried coconut butter, but it seems to be a lost cause… I sometimes hate wearing t-shirts and tops. #thestruggleisreal

  • Elle, your battle is my battle and it’s a real doozy! For nearly 20 years I have been dealing with varying levels of blemishes, be it one or many at a time and it is a real bummer. While I have tried almost everything and have never found the “cure,” I have however found some things that help… I take tons of vitamins: beta carotene drops, folic acid, lots of buffered vitamin c, good fish oil (about 8 to 10 thousand mgs per day). I wash my face every night with a gentle oil based (I know this sounds scary, but it is really good) set of products by Tu’el, the Detox Cleansing Oil for acne skin, and the Balancing Act Herbal Toner for oily/combo skin. I follow this with an exfoliating product called Clear Skin Ultra Gel made by Skin by MaryWynn. It feels a little sticky at first but boy has it changed my skin for the positive! In the morning I rinse my face with water and put on more of the exfoliator (I noticed a vast positive change when I began using this both morning and night, my skin has not been this good since before I went through puberty and I’m 33 now), wait a few minutes and use Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution sunscreen; I have tried so many and this is the only sunscreen that does not break me out or make my skin feel suffocated at all. I don’t use a moisturizer as I probably should but I just haven’t found one that my skin will abide, still on the hunt… And finally I love Shiseido Pureness Blemish Clearing Gel for blemishes, whether I notice them before they are a problem or after they are very noticeable, this is the best spot product I’ve found hands down.

    Face wash and exfoliator are sold at:

    Sunscreen and spot treatment are sold at Nordstrom online.

    I hope this helps because dang, bad skin is so frustrating to deal with and can really wreak havoc on one’s self esteem.


  • Natalie, for the arm bumps try taking vitamin a everyday and giving them a nice scrub once a week. Worked wonders for me and even if I forget to take the vitamin for a day or two it’s ok. Hope this helps!

  • Brie, I have tried every undereye concealer. EVERY! And what works, in the end, is Chanel’s perfection correcteur. It does not cover it all, nothing does or would looks much too think, but it blends in with skin and covers about 75%. Also it lasts quite long compared to drugstore brands, so the price is worth it!

  • Thanks Tera! I’m going to look into it – price be damned. :)

  • Justine July, 20 2016, 12:51 / Reply

    @Elle: maybe not THE solution, but something that might help: against acne, you can use geranium water (hydrolat de geranium), that you can find in pharmacies or bio-shops. It costs nothing, and it’s way better for the skin than water ;) approved!

  • Emily! I feel you. I’ve had this problem for so long, and eventually it finally got me to a point when I needed to get Laser. And let me tell you – it’s been great! It doesn’t hurt that much – depending on where you go and the machine they use- overall its very manageable pain. But its totally worth solving the pain and discomfort of the rash burns and terrible bikini line bumps. Imagine not having to shave ever, but just going in for a 15 minute laser treatment. I went to Satori Laser on 14th street and can definitely vouch that their treatment is wonderful. Goodluck!

  • Thank you Kat!! Going to look into Satori! x

  • i love this open and honest piece! by the way, about a week ago, your posts switched from appearing in english to french in my rss reader (i use feedly). i cannot figure out how to switch it back, and i’m not sure if it’s a problem on your end or feedly’s. any idea what’s up?

  • Natalie July, 20 2016, 2:19

    Hi Lindsay,

    Glad you like the post! Regarding RSS – when we made the domain switch to, it created some issues with RSS readers. We are actively working to fix this as soon as we can! x Natalie

  • Margaret July, 20 2016, 5:17 / Reply

    Emily – A few years ago I took the plunge and invested in laser for my upper legs and bikini. I found it to be way LESS painful than waxing. Everyone is different, and they say the darker your hair follicle the more you will feel it, but I was shocked that I found it so much less painful. That being said, it never removed all the hair. I went religiously for a year and a half, and I still get dark hair returning. But it returns much less – it more like a little patch here and there, and it is much more manageable to keep up with waxing and/or an emergency quid-fix shave.

  • Angelina Radden July, 20 2016, 5:25 / Reply

    Elle, I had the same problem! I tried everything and nothing ever worked and I finally found something that worked. I don’t know if it was a specific thing, but I did 3 things simultaneously that helped me enormously! I used the Problems Skin package from Arcona religiously and I would go every 3-4 weeks to get their facials. I also did acupuncture to treat acne 1-2 times a week and took all the herbs they would tell me to take. I know it’s costly, but I did this for maybe 6 months to a year and my acne hasn’t resurfaced (it’s been 10 years). It’s such a battle and I really struggled with it, so I definitely feel you.
    Hope this helps!

  • Dear Elle, Use JOJOBA oil and stop using anything else on your face bar eyeliner. It worked wonders on my angry adult acne. So well I don’t even know what acne means anymore! Good luck x

  • Stefani July, 20 2016, 5:44 / Reply

    Natalie – I swear by DERMAdoctor KP Duty Lotion. You can buy the set from Sephora! It’s specifically made for Keratosis pilaris. The redness doesn’t disappear but the bumps do!

  • Valérie July, 20 2016, 5:57 / Reply

    What a great and interesting post – I love to read all the advices everyone is giving! For Natalie’s keratosis pilaris issue: I mix some argan oil with my body moisturizer and it really helps hydrate and soothe the flare-ups, makes it less apparent and keeps the skin soft. Hope this helps!

  • Garance, je n’ai pas compris le problème du soleil sur le haut de la poitrine, ça fait quoi ? On a le même âge et je me demande si je suis passée à coté de quelque chose ou pas, mais je n’ai pas de trace rouge particulière (c’est comment ?).

    Sinon Alison, mon problème n° 1 rejoint le tien : mes jambes gonflent quand il fait chaud ou quand je suis trop longtemps debout ou à piétiner en ville. Je trouve ça affreux, en plus d’être désagréable (c’est un peu douloureux, faut penser à prendre des chaussures un peu plus grandes pour laisser les pieds pouvoir gonfler et surtout ne pas dépasser, trop moche), et je ne sais absolument pas quoi faire pour ne pas que ça se produise. D’après mon médecin il “suffit” de porter des collant sou leggings de contention. J’ai essayé : ça va un temps mais pas tout le temps et franchement, j’ai mesuré, ça n’empêche pas complètement de gonfler ! Ca soulage juste la douleur du gonflement.
    Comment est-ce possible qu’au 21ème siècle on ne sache toujours pas gérer ça ?

  • Hello, have any of you heard of Ayurveda? This diet and lifestyle health system can address several of your needs: darkness around the eyes, water retention, acne, weight, etc. Dr. Pratima is located in NYC. She is an Ayurvedic doctor that specializes in beauty products (all natural). Check it out. It really helps!

  • Natasa July, 21 2016, 1:29 / Reply

    Like Emily I have a hair problem.It is very common for women who come from mediterranean countries.And my problem is not only at bikini,legs and underarms but also lower part of belly and face(the worst).I tried waxing,shaving for legs,needle for the face and many other treatments and I ended up with lazer treatment for all parts and hair removal with needle for a couple at the face.

    And I have to say here something for laser that I have not known when I started.The hair gets thinner with lazer,true BUT If you have hormone problems, you will not stop having hair, they come back every month AND will go the nearby areas that will be affected by lazer.I had this at my face and underarms. I stopped doing lazer at my underarms and I started shaving again,because hair was starting going to my beautiful breast,no thank you!

    So before you start lazer at hormone affected areas I would recommend an hormone test to see if it is worth it.

    After years of battle with hair and maaany sad days, I accepted my problem and realised there is no way to be perfect,everybody has things that they do not like and this is what I have. This is the longest comment I have ever written here but I think my experience can help other women to decide what to do. :)

  • Pour Emily, franchement, le laser, ça fait mal, mais ça ne dure pas longtemps, et après les 3 ou 4 séances, c’est fini pour toujours! Je ne regrette pas du tout, je n’ai plus à y penser, quel soulagement.
    Pour les jambes, j’ai testé la lumière pulsée. D’abord en institut, sans effet, puis avec un appareil à la maison. C’est vraiment efficace (je suis très blanche et très brune), on le fait quand on veut et la repousse est vraiment ralentie.
    En revanche, moi, mon souci, ce sont les traces laissées par l’acné sur mon visage et les vergetures post grossesse…

  • natalie, i got you! have had the same problem since i can remember. tried everything dry brushing, acids, regular hamams but nothing helped (daily exfoliation won’t help either, trust me). somehow i always thought that if i just try hard enough and put more effort towards it i would succeed and those red dots would disappear. no. never happened. what did help though was Clarins Renew Plus Body Serum. some british beauty guru recommended it for this exact purpose. it really those get rid of the dots in about 2-3 weeks. my life was changed :D!

  • Natalie July, 21 2016, 8:44

    Hi Olga,

    Definitely going to try this one out! Thank you! x Natalie

  • Claire W July, 21 2016, 4:14 / Reply

    @Natalie…. you could also have a gluten intolerance:
    ”Keratosis pilaris: some describe this as “chicken skin” – it looks like little bumps that commonly present on the back of one’s upper arms. This condition is usually due to deficiencies of fatty acids and vitamin A, which can result secondary to a gluten intolerance due to fat-malabsorption in the intestines.” Found this after a quick Google search, but I have heard about the link between the two from many nutritionists. Hope this is helpful! x

  • Natalie July, 21 2016, 8:43

    Hi Claire! I too have heard this theory but I just love gluten!! Might have to try cutting it out for a bit. Thank you for the tip! x Natalie

  • Gisèle July, 21 2016, 5:50 / Reply

    @Alison: J’ai le meme problème que toi, et meme etant plutot mince c’est hyper genant, inconfortable et inesthetique (merci l’effet jambes poteaux).
    Mais en effet on ne peut pas lutter contre la génétique! et c’est certain que juste boire beaucoup et prendre des complements pour drainer et renforcer la circulation ca va peut etre diminuer la sensation de jambes lourdes, mais ca n’aurait aucun effet visuellement.
    De mon coté ce qui a le plus fonctionné, c’est la combinaison massage drainant (ca fait plutot mal, mais pour casser les graisses, activer la circulation, et drainer, c’est top), et acupuncture. Je te le recommande vraiment car les deux combinés j’ai vraiment vu des resultats (notamment au niveau des jambes, chevilles et genous beaucoup plus fins.)
    Ca va sans dire que il faut boire enormement, limiter le sel, le gras, faire du sport ….etc
    Bonne journée et merci pour le post :)

  • Emily, there is hope! Just like you, I have Mediterranean origins and my hairs are dark and thick and I grew desperate of trying all things out there with not much of a result until I did the laser hair removal. It is a bit expensive but really, really worth it and it didn’t hurt. I started at low intensity so my skin had time to adjust to it and then increased a bit with every treatment. I started seeing results after the second treatment and I am now at my 8th but I could have stopped at the 6th and be happy happy happy. Give it a try, you won’t regret it one bit. xx

  • Natalie – I had the same problem from birth until 26 yo when I purchased 2 products that have saved my life: 1. Paula’s choice 2% BHA body lotion (it contains salicylic acid which is the secret ingredients for bump removal, but it has to be in a product with the right PH level) 2. Laroche-Posay IsoUrea fluide lotion

    These over the counter products worked so much better than even what the dermatologist described. The paula’s choice is very worth looking into.

  • Natalie July, 21 2016, 3:12

    Thank you Caro! Definitely going to look into these x Natalie

  • Lucy Van Pelt July, 21 2016, 10:16 / Reply

    IPL for my legs changed my life. Fifteen years on, I still think it is the best thing I have ever done. I have had a few touch ups over the years, but on the whole I’ve gone from having a pelt to feeling virtually hairless.
    For skin, I’ve only used Aesop products for the last fifteen years and while I’m no beauty, at 45 people comment on how youthful my skin looks. I feel the Fabulous Face Oil is what really made the difference.
    For sun damage, acne, and a range of other skin conditions of the chronic, rashy variety that doctors and dermatologist can’t help with, I have found Dr Wheatgrass spray to be amazing. It’s natural and the results are jaw dropping. Don’t be put off by the gross pictures on the website. From experience, the results are not exaggerated!

  • Elle, I had bad skin for DECADES. The two things that cleared my skin up for good were cleaning my large facial pores nightly with a battery powered face brush. I believe any kind would do. Secondly, no more dairy. That included me stopping my beloved lattes and ice cream etc. but it’s been worth it!! Up til then, I’d tried everything, including antibiotics!! Good luck!!

  • Emily,
    I hate waxing AND shaving so alternate between ignoring it and freaking out about it. However, I just discovered a sugaring salon and it has changed my life. A bikini treatment lasts about 3 weeks, with zero bumps afterwards and no ingrown hairs– and it’s all natural ingredients. It really does hurt, but so does waxing, and the results are 10000 times better–especially since you don’t have to do it again for a LONG TIME (comparatively speaking). Good luck!

  • HA! I’m Russian, and I shave my legs once a month. Sorry to say it is the Italian side that makes you hairy, I think. My beauty problem, if it can be described as such is that my legs are not as long as i would like. I avoid low waisted anything, and I seldom wear heels, i thin k they make legs look shorter, actually. But I love flatforms. I am not certain if it is in my head, or in reality. I have an inseam of 32, or at least that jeans with that inseam hit me right below the ankle bone. I am five six. So, you would think they should be normal, but all my friends have super long legs, so I have a complex. I keep out of the sun, and always wear sunscreen.

  • Great article…we all struggle with things that we long to change! To Brie, Elle and Natalie I have found solutions to your problems….Rodan and Fields skin care makes products that actually deliver on the promises printed on the packaging. The multi function eye cream will lighten your eye area, the unblemished regimen clears acne and the am roller erases scarring that acne leaves behind…Soothe #2 and the MDP paste will make bumpy arms smooth as a ribbon. I have never been more exited about products and love to share! Good Luck:)

  • + 1 on Paula’s choice BHA for bumps on your arm / KP
    + 1 on laser hair removal being life changing

  • Lily Rowan July, 25 2016, 5:03 / Reply

    Nathalie, against the bumps, an excellent cream intented just for this problem : – Cheers.

  • Elle, i have the same acne problem you described, i am 34. Recently i learned about a Holland start up, they are called Gladskin, they invented this gel, that very slowly recovers the skin. I use it si ce 3 months and i see the results! Why not to try? Maybe it will be of help also for you! Just google gladskin and order online :) good luck!

  • Camilla Nazeri July, 26 2016, 5:37 / Reply

    Elle, I had a bout of Adult acne with dry skin at 29 and I finally took the step to see a dermotologist/facialist in London who was amazing. She told me that I had been using moisturiser when I didn’t need it….and got me on the ZO medical product line which has been perfect and cleared up my skin (after a medical acne facial!). Done wonders for my skin and confidence. Highly recommend it. Since my teens I had no idea that I was using the wrong skincare and I’ve worked out that it’s actually cheaper seeing a specialist for facials compared with what I was spending – a bit of Aesop, Roche Posay, Malin+Goetz, Avene etc easily adds up! Go get it seen to, you won’t regret it!

  • Emily, try a quick swipe of toner containing salicylic acid (like Neutrogena, or similar, usually formulated for acne) after shaving down there…it stings for a second but then NO razor-burn redness or bumps. Like magic.

  • fanfanbretagne July, 30 2016, 8:18 / Reply

    Bonjour, j’ai le décolleté rouge également , je n’ai pas fait attention à cette zone . je commence un soin à base de huile de coco .Bon on verra !!

  • Marianne August, 1 2016, 9:32 / Reply

    C’est trop mignon tous ces conseils qui s’échangent, je prends tous les bons conseils donnés à Emily parce que j’ai un peu le même soucis de poils, bien bruns…
    Et sinon Eric n’a aucun problème ? : )

  • Alessia August, 2 2016, 5:54 / Reply

    @Natalie: I used to have the spots on the back of my upper arms too years ago and was exfoliating the hell out of them. Actually that was the wrong thing to do as I was told my a dermatologist as the skin produces more the drier your skin is. I started with a moisturizer from the dermatologist with at least 5% urea in it and they went away. since then I just moisturize every single day and they never came back anymore. Good luck!

  • The only hings that really helped me to got rid of adult acne were rosehip oil (always) and coconut oil (sometimes), avoid all kind of products for acne prone/oily skin (they are too harsh for my skin and always give me more pimples!) and stop drinking milk. Seriously! :*

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