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I don’t know at what point in history shopping became its own activity entirely — yesterday I tried to watch The Paradise*, which takes place during the Victorian era in London, and even back then, we see young women swooning over fancy lace and spending all their money** on perfumes, and some are even able to use their clothes to up their social status.

This doesn’t surprise me. There’s a particular pleasure in shopping — it’s both intimate and social. It’s a way to enjoy yourself and communicate something at the same time. That’s especially true today, and it even goes far beyond that…
Today, you can build an entire career based on shopping.

Don’t take my word for it. Careers are rare. But let’s take a look at some recent phenomena…

Personal Style Bloggers

There are more and more of them all the time, they are getting cuter and cuter, and their wardrobes are always overflowing. And also – it’s like a sport : as Alexia said in the comments on Monday — some girls never wear the same thing twice.
They look like they have dream lives*** running from plane to plane, taking three photos of copious breakfasts with Valentino Studs in the foreground and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

They aren’t technically stylists or models. I’m not even sure they could dress anyone other than themselves.
They are…experienced shoppers.

And it works! Most of the time, they’re really good at mixing brands, inspiring, and promoting young, local designers we wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, which is great… Some of them make real careers out of it. Why not?

But at the same time, does this shopping hysteria correspond in any way to reality? The answer is clearly no. I get dizzy just thinking about how all the changes and clothes organizing (getting it, sorting it, folding it, hanging it, trying it on, sending it back****) every day.

But it’s great eye candy, and as long as we don’t find ourselves freaking out when we look at these blogs “but why don’t I have a different pair of pumps every day and the Eiffel Tower behind me!?!?!” I’m totally ok with it.

Victoria Beckham

I love what Victoria Beckham does, and she explains it really well herself: After so many years of shopping, she knows exactly what she wants to find when she goes shopping.

So she created her own brand based on her experience. And she does a great job of it. She puts her whole shopping philosophy to work in her career. When she launches her line of handbags, they’re perfect. You have to admit she has plenty of experience with perfection given her 100 + Birkins.

I can’t wait to see what her stores are like.

Kim Kardashian

I don’t know if we can really call it shopping (But at the same time, she really shops — remember when I ran into her at Isabel Marant? She was trying on clothes and showing everything to Kanye… No stylist in sight), but she’s worth mentioning because she’s the most recent example of rehabilitation by clothes and only clothes (okay, a little bit of Kanye as well) — and that alone turned her from reality tv star (“Boooh!!!”) into a Vogue cover model (“Aaaaah!!!”)

Because really, unlike some celebrities who change their image to mark a career change, Kim didn’t change anything but her clothes. Whether you like it or not, she is using her private life to create an empire, and she still uses her name to sell all kinds of things, chic or not, to her fans.

But now she knows how to dress, and our opinion of her (oh la la, you guys got SO mad at me when I said I liked her new looks!) is going to change.
A year from now, she’ll be on Vanity Fair’s best dressed list, and one day we will have completely forgotten that Kim Kardashian used to show off her booty in Hervé Léger. We’re going to think she’s chic. We’re going to start talking about her irony-free. Without having to apologize or explain like everyone does these days why-she’s-actually-cool-if-you-really-think-about-it.
We’ll start describing her as an experienced business woman with flawless style.
No, seriously! You’ll see!

And all of that will happen just because she is a smart shopper.

It’s funny, don’t you think?

Ok guys, I’ll let you go. I have some shopping to do!


*It’s on Netflix. Not great so far. Have you seen it?

**Well — they spent all their family’s money, anyway. It’s not like women worked back then*

*No, they didn’t work, they plotted. Or at least that’s what all the films would have us believe. All the men were at war, and all the women were sitting around plotting schemes. Pfffff.

*** Ok, I mean, it’s the Internet dream life. Let’s not fool ourselves!

**** No, they’re not all rich, some of them just really know what they’re doing. And, uuuum, sending back clothes they ordered? Which is? Not a good idea. It’s always when you decide to do that, that you end up with a coffee that decides to spill itself (oops!) on your $10,000 dress.

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Ce que j’aime avec les blogs mode, c’est qu’on voit des filles de tous types, des belles, des moches, des grandes, des petites, des grosses, des minces, des normales… Et cela renvoie à une réalité que je préfère pour m’inspirer dans mes looks quotidiens, car il y a belle lurette que je ne me retrouve plus dans les photos des magazines avec des filles irréelles, trop jeunes, photoshoppées la plupart du temps.
    Elles sont trop loin de ma réalité…
    Quant à mes habitudes shopping, elles ont beaucoup changé depuis que je lis des blogs de mode plus que des magazines, j’achète moins, mais plus cher, et des pièces que je garde et que je mets tout le temps. Je suis largement plus inspirée qu’avant.

  • i have been surprised in a very nice way by how great victoria beckham’s career is going. she’s truly talented! :)

  • Oui!!! Je suis tout à fait ok avec Mafalda!
    Je suis très inspirée par les blogs mode moi aussi!!! Les blogs mode, c’est génial. Il n’y a pas un blog mode identique. Chacune a son propre style, sa propre personnalité, sa propre histoire et ça s’en ressent! Une énorme diversité de styles!!!
    Moi au contraire, avec le blog, j’achète énormément!!!
    Après, je suis à Dubaï donc il y a beaucoup de marques anglaises et peu de marques françaises que j’ai l’habitude de porter (Kookaï, The Kooples, Maje (plus cher ici…))!!!! Donc j’achète énormément mais à moins cher!!!
    En tout cas, merci pour cet article très intéressant!!!!
    Bonne journée!

    Le monde des petites

  • completement d’accord avec toi mafalda ! c’est exactement ce que je partageais avec des copains hier soir : les blogs ont radicalement changé ma perception de la mode et me renforce dans mon gout pour de très belles pièces que je garde longtemps plutôt que plein de trucs “tendance” de la saison dont je sais que je me lasserai très vite.

  • Et les Personal Shoppers? Elles aussi ont droit a leur dix minutes de celebritè! They surely have been true serial shoppers before!

  • I don’t really know if you can include the personal style blogger into the experimented shopper as now I feel like they are more walking advertisement than anything else. I don’t think they do shop half of their wardrobe but instead get it from the brands for free… Other than that, it’s true that they can style it pretty well though ;-)

    Regarding Victoria Beckham, she’s my style idol! How does she do to be so stylish, pristine, work and be a mum?? Plus her ready to wear line is amazing!

    Kim Kardashian: No Comment ;-)

    +++ Diary of a Fashion Designer +++

  • I think you have a very interesting point of view about style bloggers… It seems exhausting and pointless sometimes following those people who clearly advertise things through every aspect of their lives…I prefer creative smart girls like Garance…and you dear Valentine!

  • Thanks a lot Yohanna for the lovely comment!
    I am glad to have you as my follower ;-)
    Take care!

  • Tout à fait d’accord, le look joue beaucoup c’est l’image que nous renvoyons aux autres ! En ce qui concerne Kim Kardashian c’est ce qui c’est passée avec Victoria Beckham, elle est passée de femme de footballeur vulgaire à icone de mode et créatrice.

  • Caroline Mt April, 16 2014, 9:32 / Reply

    Totalement d’accord avec toi sur Kim Kardashian. La façon dont elle s’habille aujourd’hui est vraiment top. et je dirais même que c’est un cas très intéressant, car on ne voit les vêtements pointus de créateurs d’habitude que sur des filles filiformes or là elle est vraiment charnue ce qui donne une toute autre dimension à ces vêtements! et ça lui va vraiment très bien. j’ai vraiment découvert avec elle comment les formes se concilient avec la mode.

  • And why not? It recently became obvious to me how much happier my life would be if I shopped
    with some ‘strategy’, and took the whole thing under the wing of my creative self …For years I shopped
    like an idiot , and I am really eager to catch up and learn from these clever blogging ladies. So these blogs are a little like educational resources for women like myself . Yay for clever shoppers I say! And yay for you Garance, thank you for all the fun, and all the important insights:-)

  • Clotilde April, 16 2014, 9:33 / Reply

    Plus les bloggueuses fashion sont inondées de fringues et moins je les trouve intéressantes. Je ne vois absolument aucune créativité dans tout ça, elles deviennent de simples porte-manteaux de millions de trucs qu’on n’a pas du tout besoin d’acheter, ça n’a strictement aucun intérêt pour moi.
    Ce qui m’intéresse c’est que les gens fassent des efforts, qu’ils s’amusent ou qu’ils aient des idées de style qui dépote, un style qui leur soit spécial, avec ce qu’ils ont dans leurs placards, ou avec les quelques pièces qu’ils peuvent éventuellement s’acheter, avec leurs propres moyens et pas ceux de leurs sponsors/annonceurs etc.

    Pour Kardashian, ce qui me laisse froide ce n’est pas du tout la « deuxième chance » qu’on lui donne, après tout, j’y suis assez favorable, c’est juste que j’estime qu’avec l’argent qu’elle a, il ne manquerait plus qu’elle continue à s’habiller comme une cagole niçoise (je me permets car je suis niçoise) sans s’apercevoir qu’il existe de belles choses.

    Beckham c’est déjà plus intéressant comme démarche, plus active (je n’aurais jamais cru écrire ça un jour !).

  • Caroline Mt April, 16 2014, 9:46

    Beaucoup d’argent ne veut pas dire bien s’habiller. Le goût n’a rien à voir avec l’argent : regarde Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, ou de manière générale les milliardaires russes! Dans le cas de Kim Kardashian, je pense vraiment que c’est Kanye West qui lui a appris le goût des vêtements de créateurs et comment les porter.

  • le shopping a commencé à exister avec la création des grands magasins. Le premier, c’est “Au bon Marché”, construit par Eiffel s’il vous plait. Le modèle a été ensuite copié partout dans le monde
    Les femmes ont pu sortir de chez elles, seules, sans chaperons, et trouver dans un seul lieu des articles totalement différents. Boucicaut (le proprio du Bon Marché) avait même installé des toilettes dans son magasin, (une vraie révolution). Toutes les classes sociales se retrouvaient dans ce premier temple de la consommation La maladie du shopping est arrivée à la fin du 19 eme siecle en même temps que la révolution industrielle.

    Les femmes sont sorties de leur domesticité, et ont commencé à se battre pour leur droit, les suffragettes avaient le soutien d’un grand magasin anglais qui faisait de la pub dans leurs journaux !

    Allez, je ne suis pas loin de dire que c’est LE SHOPPING qui a émancipé les femmes !

  • great read….shopping can be theraputic….artistic….a companion….. an event…..socializing….and doesn’t have to be expensive…like looking through magazines…i get many ideas by just walking and observing…and of course always picking up a new tube of red lipstick….which is pretty cheap…off to shop and observe…..have a perfect wednesday everyone XOXOXO

  • Grâce à notre ami arte: le shopping est une activité crée par monsieur boucicaut le créateur du bon marché.il avait pour ambition de créer un vaste magasin ou la consommation féminine serait à son comble……en gros il a offert le premier lieu ou les femmes avaient le choix, elles se sont détacher de leurs maris…bref ambition, féminisme…

  • C’est bien parce que l’habit fait le moine (bon ok pas toujours mais c’est tout de même le 1er truc que l’on voit des gens…sauf dans un camp de naturistes ! :-)) qu’il nous obsède tant !! Alors oui ok, je pense que choisir des fringues c’est un talent (n’allons pas jusqu’à parler d’art !! :-))… et ce que j’aime avant tout, c’est qu’à ce petit jeu, ce ne sont pas les plus riches qui gagnent forcément (je dirai même que c’est plutôt le contraire !).

  • Je ne suis pas tout a fait d’accord avec toi Virgine.
    On me fait plus souvent des remarques positives sur mon look quand je porte mes plus belles pièces, et mes plus belles pièces sont celles qui m’ont coûté le plus cher… Heimstone, Roseanna, Sezane, Gkero…et j’en passe!
    C’est sur que le style n’est pas forcement une affaire d’argent. Quand on sait bien s’habiller, quand on a “du style” ou tout simplement quand on aime s’habiller, ça se voit, mais ça se voit davantage quand on a de l’argent.
    C’est malheureux mais c’est souvent la réalité. La qualité ça se voit, et souvent ça se paye. Bien sûr il y a des exceptions (Zadig et Voltaire par exemple où on paye une marque et pas une qualité) mais la plupart du temps ça se confirme (personnellement, mes fringues H&M ou Pull and Bear ne sont pas aussi bien coupés que mes fringues Masscob ou d’autres créateurs, les matières ne sont pas toujours aussi belles…)

    Par contre je suis très admirative des personnes qui arrivent à s’habiller principalement en dépôt vente ou via des occasions (vide dressing / friperie …). En général, elles possèdent des fringues qui ont beaucoup de charmes, de style et parfois (voire souvent) la qualité est au RDV (sans avoir à se ruiner !)

  • I love following personal style bloggers but I have to agree with a comment above about experimental shoppers. I find that the most famous personal style bloggers do not shop much as they are always displaying their free gifts or their sponsor’s merchandise. They look adorable in their picturesque photos, so I follow them anyway.

    Great post and I love the illustration. I am a shopaholic but would spend money on one expensive quality piece rather than buy 10 different cheap items.

  • Hello Garance,

    Calling all Personal Style Bloggers “experienced shoppers” is more of an insult than a job description considering the fact that an influential personal style has little to do with the amount of shopping a blogger does, and a lot to do with their unique sense of aesthetics and their ability to curate various garments into complete looks, give them a stylistic context, and fashionably assist consumers in the process.


  • I still don’t think KK knows how to dress, but that’s perhaps because I prefer modesty.

    Have a great day, Garance!

  • This is such a great read, I started 2014 with full-on shoppers guilt. I am a fashion blogger and I do wear my clothes more than once. I am not loving the current shopping trends going on right it feels like a trap to me. So this year I decided to shop less and being a blogger I am of course blogging about it. I am doing the french wardrobe challenge read about it here ( At the end of the day I believe that most people really love at most 30% of their wardrobe so why not just limit it to that.
    I do love the comment you made about Kim Kardashian, from her very start I kinda knew she would get where she is now. If she had less haters she wouldn’t be so popular and like you said everyone will forget about the past and call her chic. I also do love her new style.

  • Great post & gorgeous illustration!

  • I think this is such an interesting conversation, especially re: the discrepancy between presentation and reality in style blogs. I think it’s absolutely OK to have posts/outfits that are essentially fantasy (same idea of playtime with makeup, trying out looks you never plan to wear in public), but I do think there is a muddy area where it’s not really clear to what extent the outfit is fantasy (did they change into their sneakers right after they got the shots they needed?).

    But I love shopping. LOVE it. It’s all about hope and the future and identity-building and style-refining. Have you seen the new Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes btw? That’s what I bought this week….

    You really do get better at it, too, the more you shop.

  • Actually, I’m doing a research project for school (not exactly fashion/ shopping related) but from what I’ve read, shopping started becoming a trend during the Victorian era. With the advent of department stores and lack of employment/ meaningful activities for (wealthy) women, shopping became really popular. I thought that was so interesting! I’m not entirely sure what they did before… made their own clothes or paid a seamstress to do it maybe?

  • Lovely illustration! I would be certainly a buyer of your book, a very thick and big one, with dozens of illustrations and cute stories running by. Would you like to do that for us? :)

  • Un bon documentaire sur les débuts du shopping dans les grands magasins parisiens est celui sur le bon marché, c’est réalisé par arte et on y comprend comment les femmes se sont mises à sortir de chez elle et passer leur journées à se balader dans le bon marché en faisant du shopping

  • I love shopping,I love styling myself, but I cannot get myself to follow any really successful fashion bloggers because they all seem to start off as a lovely, talented, fashionable girl and end up as a billboard. I hate insincere advertising and the kind of self-adoration that radiates from most of those blogs. So I very quickly unsibscribed from, for example, Rumi Neeley and Elin King, and now only subscribe to smaller, still-mostly-independent fashion bloggers with actual lives.
    I even had to unsubscribe from “Four months in Paris” because I felt so uncomfortable about the puppy-dog way in which she follows Gary Pepper Girl around and takes frankly idolising pictures of her. I keep up with the beautiful Paris photos via her facebook page!!
    Marketing is such an enormous, rampant racket at the moment, it really disturbs me.

  • Thrift or consignment stores: a treasure trove of vintage fashion. Repurposing. Shopping in a good creative way. Some good ones in Paris where you can buy past season couture for 75% off.

  • J’aime beaucoup la lucidité de ton article.

  • I have developed a whole phenomenon of myself: buying designer clothes at Zara prices. My friend calls it the “greatest mystery of 21st century”. Believe it or not but my small curated closet contains among many a YSL blazer bought for 30 euros, a Givenchy lace blouse for 40 and Prada pumps for 90. Ca-ching!

    As for fashion bloggers, I feel it’s quite sad how buying the next big-thing seems to be their sole goal in life. It’s quite disturbing and scary actually. Of course, when that is your job, it’s hard to realize what is really important in life. Shopping is a fun past-time but it shouldn’t become a necessity or an obsession. As my yoga teacher says: “it’s all about balance (and organic food)”

  • It might be a generation thing, but I don’t like all those style bloggers that shop till they drop. It’s simply too much, too much consumerism, too much of superficial dreams, happiness might be around the corner if I buy those shoes thinking ;-) I love beautiful things too, but I love style way more than fashion and that’s a huge difference! xxx

  • I’d love to hear you speak more freely on the evolution of the fashion blogger as perceived fashionista/stylist. It’s gotten out of hand.

  • Hello
    Entierement d’accord avec ce que tu dis, Kim s’achète une image en faisant son shopping, a priori sans styliste oops j’oubliais le Kanye….ce qui n’est pas rien pour une star(lette) américaine. Les gens ont la mémoire très courte et on aura très vite oublie sa sex tape et ses commentaires bof sur les social medias! C’est surement une Victoria Beckham en devenir! En attendant elle fait encore des faux pas mais apprend vite!
    Your post is my everyday recess!!!
    Thank you Garance


  • Yeah…”The Paradise” is not that great. I don’t think I can even watch a second episode?

    It has nice qualities about it, but it’s also lacking a certain je nais sais quoi. Plus, the owner of The Paradise is kind of creepy and is totally leading that one woman on for the sake of expanding his business. What a douche.

  • Le style n’est pas la mode. Le bon gout et l’elegance ne s’achetent pas. Heureusement.

  • HI Garance,
    I adore your works, I’m sure you know how your illustrations are vivid and amazing and at the same time minimal that empower it’s beauty. Every time I look at the latest one I’m wondering do you use the iPad drawing tools such as paintpro and … or its all hand made. Thank you

  • Garance, Sweet heart
    kim kordeshian on Vouge cover is not Ahhhhhh, I didnt buy the magazine this month just because of that. I cant even imagine looking at her on my coffee table and so do lots of my friends. We all believe vouge impacted it reputation by putting those people on their cover. They shouldn’t do that

  • C’est drôle, ma mère est justement en train de me lire un passage d’un article dans Marianne où ils disent qu’aux USA c’est l’hécatombe dans les centres commerciaux et les magasins, les gens ne shoppent plus , préférant acheter en ligne et comparer les prix. Ils disent que le phénomène est en train de s’étendre en France…

  • Okay, the Paradise..I thought I was the only person ever to watch it..And love it! It is BBCdrama, but made with not a lot of money, okay, but the actors are AMAZING! It was my girl-thing to do when it was on: not something that I was very proud of spending time on, but, like some intellectual gentleman once told me: everyone needs his or her soap-opera;0 Bisous!

  • I second that ! Seen it, loved it, thought I was the only one :)

  • I think being a good shopper is really important, especially if you’re in an industry that judges a whole lot by looks. I’m an opera singer, and while it’s hardly Hollywood, I think image awareness is crucial. I’ve been revamping my wardrobe to reflect my age and experience without getting rid of fun and whimsy altogether; when you know exactly what you want your clothes to say about you, it’s easier to shop. I also am finding that I need a specific list of things that I need or want in my wardrobe, because when I go shopping without a particular goal in mind, it winds up being unsuccessful, or I find myself buying stuff that doesn’t suit me or my chosen aesthetic.

    I also think knowing which stores are going to yield the best results is a skill in itself. I tried to shop at Forever 21 for ages before realizing I was never going to have any luck there. On the other hand, sometimes I get surprised. I stopped into H&M one day last fall and happened upon a perfect 3/4 sleeved burgundy audition dress. It cost $18 and makes me feel like a million bucks every time I put it on.

  • HappyLilly April, 16 2014, 2:14 / Reply

    Une série qui raconte, entre autres, comment le shopping est venu aux femmes par le biais d’un homme visionnaire: “Mr Selfridge”. Avec dans le rôle éponyme, l’over-sexy (ne me demandez pas pourquoi) Jeremy Piven – Ari Gold (Entourage – ah si voilà pourquoi!).
    On comprend comment le shopping a commencé avec le début de l’ “entrée libre” dans les magasins. Cette entrée libre, sans achat obligatoire, sans embarras si on ressort les mains vides, a permis de créer le désir d’achat et de démocratiser l’achat en boutique.
    On y retrouve aussi toute une ambiance victorienne: suffragettes, début du syndicalisme, relations humaines…
    Si le “bon” shopping peut réhabiliter Kim Kardashian, j’ai bon espoir! Je vais bien finir par acheter ce qui me sied!

  • The Paradise is actually set in a town in the north of England called Newcastle. I liked the series but it’s really just fun entertainment, nothing too serious or intelectual. I loved the how they made the store out to be completely awe inspiring and magic.
    I think your right about Victoria Beckham and Kim, infact here in the uk Victoria Beckham was not taken seriously at all and was generally treated by the press just like Kim is today, now look where Victoria is! She comes across as a very good buisness woman and is of course totally chic.

  • Garance,

    The show starts slow-ish. Keep watching!!!! You’ll really enjoy it.
    I did! (See mah post.)


  • Julie Ann April, 16 2014, 3:14 / Reply


    The modern obsession with shopping started during the Victorian era with the creation of the Bon Marche in Paris! If you are interested, you should read Zola’s Ladies’ Paradise (Au Bonheur des Dames). The store he’s writing about is based on the Bon Marche.


  • Hello!! Great post as always, about Victoria Beckham i believe that her real talent was not singing but fashion! :-) I love her style!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  • You are right on with Kim K! Everything you say, is absolutely true. I was soooo shocked to see her on the cover of Vogue this month and soo embarrassed that I couldn’t keep this month’s copy on my coffee table eventhough it has great articles in it. It’s definitely hiding in my bedroom :) But am soo proud of how far she’s come, I think am actually starting to acknowledge her as a celebrity.

    I realized that I tend to shop when I am a bit stressed or when I feel vulnerable. These don’t have to be big purchases, as a matter of fact, when am doing some retail therapy I am only allowed to spend no more than $150, cause that’s a purchase I haven’t really planned for. And I definitely hate shopping in the winter who wants to deal with putting on and off all those layers??

  • I tried watching The Paradise, but it was just too boring. I thought it would be like Downton Abbey but I was disappointed.

    I always think of a quote from Confessions of a Shopaholic: “The world gets better when I shop.”

    Too true. Love this post!

  • I too would love to talk more about the evolution of the style blogger. I agree with a previous statement that it has gotten out of hand….Instagram is chock full of bloggers peddlers and kick backers. It’s awful. The sad thing is that my 21 year old daughter didn’t know about all the freebies given to these bloggers. I gave her a much needed reality check. On this note, I wonder how many other young impressionable ladies are striving for unobtainable? Spending $ on disposable fashion rather than saving….dressing beyond their financial means to look as perfect as the bloggers? It’s smoke and mirrors…..
    P.S. Have you seen the online backlash for an upcoming documentary titled American Blogger? Lots of venom. I think the older and wiser are “on” to the bloggers.
    P.S.S. I can’t stand the favorite poses of the bloggers….look down like it’s just a candid shot. Ugh. Who is the poor soul behind the bloggers taking all the photos? I suppose you can self timer shoot and then It opens another discussion of self absorption ….how much is enough? I could go on for days.
    Agree about V. Beckham,! love her style.
    Thanks for a great piece today Garance!

  • Je ne me suis toujours pas remise du hashtag sur la couverture du VOGUE avec Kim et Kanye. Moi, qu’on mette une femme comme elle en couverture, ça ne me fait ni chaud ni froid (d’ailleurs je suis tout à fait d’accord qu’un jour on parlera d’elle sans ironie en la hissant au statut d’icône et en omettant son passé disons douteux en matière de style), mais un hashtag? Ça donne l’impression que le magazine est désespéré d’attirer “les jeunes”. Ça sonne faux. Et c’est laid. Et c’est… commun. Indigne de VOGUE quoi.

  • Eliza Meldrum April, 16 2014, 5:49 / Reply

    I have never made a comment on a blog before but cannot let a Kim trashian be relegated to high fashion status. She generally looks absolutely awful is famous from leaking a sex tape onto the internet and looks like plastic and it is relentless media that have elevated her to vogue status, you included. My friends and I who are well educated with young children lament that vapid rise of these so called celebrities who endorse consumerism rather than education or bettering yourself to live a rich life that does not focus on money.
    From a reader in New Zealand.

  • Katarzyna April, 17 2014, 8:40

    As much as I love everything else that Garance does, I have to firmly agree with you on this one – Kim K. so far didn’t deserve any praise whatsoever. She represents so many bad things that our consumeristic civilisation caused …

  • I’m always up and down about how much I like shopping. Some days I could easily pass hours trying on clothes and other days I don’t even want to get close to a store. I think my favorite way to shop is just randomly wandering around a city neighborhood and stopping by any shops that pique my interest.

  • Elizabeth April, 16 2014, 6:30 / Reply

    Shopping as a means to an end is one thing, as an end in itself quite another. I don’t like shopping, but I do like to get the perfect things; I do research, then decide. I don’t understand the milling around shopping malls every Saturday, or buying endless stuff.

    There were always markets and shops even in Roman times but it really started to expand in the Georgian era when mass production broke the link between the craftsman and the customer.

    I have had to change my mind about Victoria Beckham, she has worked so hard and has completely redefined her style. Kim Karshardian has so far just bought & worn more stuff, in a non-consistent way; I reserve judgement but do not have high expectations. Putting her on the cover of US Vogue is the apotheosis of the celeb cover trend that Anna Wintour started. Perhaps now we can go back to having proper fashion models on the cover of fashion magazines: please, please, please

  • Raphaele April, 16 2014, 6:53 / Reply

    Ah bon y a des personal style bloggers ??? Ben dis donc ! Moi je lis ton blog ( le seul que je lis) parce que c est un peu comme d ecouter la radio le matin, le point de vue de quelqu un sur des choses un peu legeres pour contre balancer les mauvaises nouvelles sur les autres sites que je lis tous les jours : new york times et libe. Mais passer mon temps a regarder comment s habille d autres femmes… Ca me parait aussi inintressant que regarder biggest loser ou autre telerealite a la con
    Je suis d accord avec toi sur victoria b j aime bcp ce qu elle fait, par contre Kim ben voir ci dessus elle fait quoi d interessant a part depenser du fric ??

  • I’m a huge fan of period pieces, so I have seen Paradise, and was excited to see it mentioned on your blog. I do agree with you though, its not the best one (a little frivilous and boring). Have you seen Selfridge’s (also about early shopping) or Downton Abbey (not about early shopping, but great costumes)?

    A wonderful article!

  • j’ai adore ta facon d’etre moins ‘apologetic’ sur cet article vis a vis de ton point de vue. Moins d’autoderision et plus d’assurance quant a ce tu veux dire ;)

  • Haha such a funny insight on kim.

  • I’m on the other side of the counter and love going to work everyday–it’s so much fun to show my art/work and sell to interested customers. I don’t even mind if they don’t buy–I just LOVE showing my work!

  • I love the Paradise! It’s pretty bad – my sister watched one episode and told me to get a grip but for me it’s the perfect escapism something like watching Agatha Christie adaptions to TV.

    Shopping – I love if it’s for certain things… homewares, perfumes, cosmetics, fabrics, food, wine, flowers, Art – but I don’t really like shopping for clothes – I’ve put on 20 kilos (2 years with Boyfriend who loves to cook highly fattening food and could care less if I got as fat as a mountain – it’s the worst!) because I always think I’ll go on a big shopping trip once I lose weight.

    Also I’m a terrible clothes shopper – TERRIBLE. I always buy the wrong size, shape, colour – always the wrong thing – I can never be bothered trying things on. My other sister on the other hand has a magical eye – magical! – anytime I go shopping with her she insists I buy certain things… I resist and she insists and is always right. ALWAYS. I end up loving and wearing those pieces the most out of anything. Though, my sister can’t really dress herself… I think it’s because she was born on the same day as Liberace – they have a similar style – once she turned up in Melbourne wearing a weird red net skirt like a bordello whore, with a cropped cotton jacket that had a seventies miami palm trees print in green, pink and yellow, with big diamond drop earrings, Chanel high heels (amazing) but with strawberry shortcake socks – she was also dragging around her ancient snaggle toothed whippet dog that snarled at passers by… Well, actually – she did look kind of great in a way only my family can understand but most people think she’s homeless or deranged.

  • how come not more negative comments?
    not a space for debate I guess …

  • now this is what I call irony! I started as a fashion blogger because there were so many things in my closet that I didn’t wear that often, my blog became my online mirror and online walking closet. But something strange happened since I started to follow blogs: I didn’t want to shop anymore! Being a high-label lover I shopt very often with my mother (and that doesn’t make me stupid BTW, as if there is a causal relationship between shopping and stupidity). But bloggers are wearing the latest trends and on fashion week they are wearing stuff that isn’t for sale yet! so this means that from the moment those gorgeous prada heels hit the stores, they are already out! everything became so perishable and consumable! I don’t mind spending €700 for shoes, but I do mind if they are out in a few months! and that is a problem of the online era, bloggers can hype things, but this means that hypes become unhip and uncool and nobody wants to wear stuff that isn’t cool! if I would be the princess of Bahrain, my idea about it would be different, but now I still have to pay for those €700 and I want them to stand the test of time! And BTW are top bloggers really shoppers? do they still shop or do they get their hands on stuff in a different way?

  • Moi c’est l’activité qui me fiche le plus la trouille !

    Je suis absolument incompétente : je me trompe systématiquement, je ne sais pas où aller (du coup je vais toujours au même endroit), je n’y mets jamais le bon prix, j’ai une sainte horreur des vendeurs, des magasins, des essayages. Quand on en est là, le shopping en ligne est une énorme erreur, croyez-moi, c’est pire…

    Je rêve qu’un esprit bien fait, inspiré et bienveillant visite mes placards pour m’alléger du poids de mes fringues sans intérêt et qui encombrent mes cintres et SURTOUT mon esprit.

    Je suis irrécupérable et pourtant, j’adorerai savoir faire. Tragique.

  • Albertine April, 17 2014, 5:17 / Reply

    This post is amazing! I usually like to follow the personal style bloggers for outfit ideas and shopping tips!

  • J’avoue, moi aussi j’ai trop honte de trouver KK fashion et cool! Je pense que ça doit être un peu un mix de plein de choses… elle s’habille de mieux en mieux, on la voit de plus en plus et son mec est cool! En même tps si elle a changé de garde robe, c’est grâce à Kanye et si on la voit partout c’est en partie grâce à lui aussi… Naaaan je retire, c’est pas un mix, c’est juste la résultante d’un cool boyfriend! ;-) Donc elle a intérêt à le garder au moins jusqu’à ce qu’elle fasse l’unanimité…. je n’assumerais pas de l’instafollow si elle revenait à son “beauf” side!

  • Watch Mr Selfridge instead, it’s way better. Victoria Beckham – a massive yaaay! Kim – a massive nay! But then again I live in UK so I might be slightly biased :))

  • Elles font rêver des milliers de filles et c’est ce qu’on leur demande ;-)

  • I disagree about Kim Kardashian.

  • Such interesting points you made, especially the comparison by using Victoria and Kim as examples. Those of us who remember far back to the Spice Girls will cringe about Victoria, but now she’s a complete style icon. It’s as though you can almost erase your cringe worthy past with good style. Reminds me of the movie plot, Sabrina. You know what is interesting about Victoria is that she took on her husbands name, unlike a lot of celebs. In Numerology, they say that you can change your life for better or worse with a new name.

  • Suzanne April, 20 2014, 2:03 / Reply

    Loved The Paradise. But if you REALLY want a “fashion” treat, get your hands on The House of Eliot, also a BBC production. It’s fairly soap-operatic, but the clothes are to absolutely die for! Set in the early part of the 20th century. It ran for, I think, three seasons then simply disappeared, leaving all of us fans out on a limb, wondering what had happened to those characters we learned to love.

  • Lysanne April, 22 2014, 5:27 / Reply

    You should watch Mr Selfridge! I just started watching it this weekend on Netflix and I’m addicted!

  • The cherry on the cake was when I saw a girl I knew sending out ‘like my website’ on facebook when I realised that I am either missing out on the internet world (like you Garance very well put it), that maybe I should also start a blog about my pasion/s (I can start with one at least that would absolutely guarantee me stardom and money-but I dont know which one that is hence never started one-and I know this is the absolute no no reason to start a blog) or I should stop panicking, continue my life the way it is (because there is nothing worng with it-I mean I can still dream about that ‘dream job’ that I still dont know what it is but I know that it will allow me to work from anywhere in the world and not be stuck in an office chair the whole day with colleagues I dont get along and dont want to say bonjour if I dont feel like it…..) and just focus on the 3 REAL fashion/stylist blogs/websites I find that suit my taste and they give me something more than what these girls have in their wardrobe…because this is what it comes down to at the end of the day. An experienced eye (shopper), with a big wallet, and a good taste (not everybody’s cup of it though). Why do I need to know how many pair of shoes someone has in the closet? Is this really I mean REALLY a “reach out” efffort from their side to help girls out there to imporve their style and get ideas on new trends or is it partly a show off, “check me out” “am so importnat” kinda of approach??? or so that they make me feel jealous that unfortunately although I work more than 12 hours a day, I still cannot afford a pair of Manolo???…sad….maybe I should reconsider my working conditions….

  • Dear Ninar…please do your self a favour and DO start a blog! I feel you when you say that you are not satisfied with your job, I am frastrated and disappointed too, most of the day…My blog is the one thing in my professional life that really makes me happy!! And I am not a pro blogger…not yet I hope(!) Sometimes our lives seem well organized and nice but this I how they suppose to make you feel…and if you don’t feel this way,thereis nothing wrong with you! You just have to figure out what suits you best and go out and search for it…Otherwise you will feel miserable and sad…Go for it girl!

  • Intéressante réfléxion sur le sujet et pas évident de trouver l’équilibre d’ailleurs :)

  • I think that everything started during Marie Antoinette era. She was the symbol of luxury living and shopping. She became a queen symbol for many young girls who wanted to imitate her exceptional style, with all those weird details that made her a fashion icon on her days. Even if people think Antoinette was a really spoiled girl that destroyed France, something that’s totally false, that queen had the one and only passion that we all women share all this years. Shopping!

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