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About a month ago, Chris and I adopted Lulu.

I had wanted a dog for a long time, and when I met Chris, it clicked – he loves dogs too, so as soon as we knew we were good together, we started looking for one…

We checked out local shelters and met a few dogs, but no “love at first sight” moment. We thought about adopting (well, buying) a Goldendoodle (a mix between a Labrador and a Poodle that’s absolutely gorgeous and irresistibly sweet). But we really wanted to be able to rescue, and I’ve always liked dogs without a specific breed.

Chris was always saying he wanted a brown, medium-sized dog. I just wanted one that wasn’t too big so we’d be able to take it everywhere. Where to find that? Hmm…

I guess we had an ideal image in mind and we were kind of waiting for it to fall into our laps. That’s the best attitude to have with love stories, right?

Well, one day Lulu did fall into our laps – in the form of a text from Emily, who sent me a photo of Tammy, a little puppy she was taking care of for the weekend. Emily was fostering the puppy until someone was ready to adopt it. I immediately thought “Medium-Brown-Dog”.

“OMG CHRIS’S DREAM DOG!!!” I answered. “Do you think we can adopt her?”

“I think so!” Emily responded.

So we went to meet her, we fell in love, and after five days of anxiously waiting for the shelter to approve us, we had an adorable little puppy, and we had no idea how big she would get or what she would look like when she was grown.

An adorable little puppy…who had to pee every three minutes.

I don’t know if you’re aware, but I live on the fifth floor, without an elevator.

And of course, the day I picked her up was also the day Chris was leaving on tour for 10 days.

Ten days alone with a puppy? Nothing could be less stressful. Pffff! I grew up with dogs. I’m a country girl, I know what I’m doing, none of that scares me.

“Come on, little puppy!!!” (we knew we didn’t want to keep the name Tammy, but it took us a week to come up with Lulu) we’re going on a walk! Come!!! Come, I said!!!”


Bleh. My dog didn’t speak English. Or French. Spanish maybe? She’d been found in the street in Nicaragua. “Aqui!!!” Nope. Nothing. We were going to have to teach her absolutely everything from scratch.

And suddenly, I realized. Having a dog in the city is nothing like having a dog in the country. Nada. I realized that:

– My white jeans will never be white for longer than half an hour from now on. So that’s over.

– The girls who take their dogs out at 6am in unlikely outfits are not necessarily doing the walk of shame. Half-dressed in a silk slip with a puffy jacket over it? Yeah, that works. Totally. Pass-me-my-mug, I’m going out.

– I was going to have to choose my beauty products with a new level of discretion. Have you ever been to a dog park? Your dog has an amazing time and it makes you blush with joy. But you come home covered in dust from head to toe to hair.

– The joy of picking up you know what off the ground. Okay, you learn pretty quickly that it’s just like with babies. It sounds eeeew said like that, but after three times, you’re totally over it.

Okay except when our dog decides to relieve herself right in front of a cafe terrace full of people eating lunch. Or when she’s sick, which happens a lot with puppies.
At that point, you’ve only got one weapon: the big, embarrassed smile.

Little by little, I figured it all out, and I’ve become an honorable dog owner. I’ve started training her a little bit (Chris is the one in charge of training), and I put together a special bag with all her accessories for when we go out.

Yes, because my dog has more accessories than I do.

Between her treats (absolutely necessary for training), her toys (the ball, “come on, go get the ball, come on, gooooood girl, that’s right, good puppy, etc.) her leash, her wipes (since she’s a puppy, you have to clean her up when she drags her extremities on the ground too much) and her poop bags, it’s a real 24-hour bag I have to take with me.

And this winter, I’m going to have to buy her a puffy jacket too. Because as soon as it’s a little bit chilly out, she’s freezing. She shivers!!! No, I swear, and I used to make fun of dog sweaters. I’m going to have to buy her BOOTS!!! Help.

I’m telling you, it’s nothing, nothing like having a dog in the country.

Oh yeah and also, when you adopt a puppy, you’d better be available. The first few weeks, working at home is sort of a necessity. Unless there is a secret I don’t know about. Because otherwise, how could you do it? A little dog needs a lot of attention…So much attention that you kind of forget about yourself, I’ve noticed. Like:

The other day, Chris and I were at a party, a little tipsy, we were having a good time, and we’d just made some super nice new friends when suddenly we looked at each other and with one look, we knew: we had to go home. Lulu can’t wait.

There should be dog-ternity leave, I say.

And I swear, I always laughed when I saw people treating their dogs like they were children. But from day one, Chris and I have been calling each other papa and mama. The RIDICULOUS couple. “Go see papa!!!”

No seriously. From the outside, having a dog, and having a dog in the city, and having a dog in New York City seems completely nuts.

But little by little, I’ve also started learning the strange things that little puppy is changing for me on the inside.
Mostly I wanted a dog because I like dogs, and I’ve always liked dogs. But I’d never thought about the side effects having one can have on us all.

I’ve already realized that with taking her out a minimum of ten times a day (so, 50 floors total) and going around the block five times, and spending over an hour at the park, I’m going to have a butt that makes Kim K pale with jealousy this summer.

I’ve learned what it’s like to walk in the street with a friend way cuter than me. Not that it’s never happened before, but now, when you go out with a dog, it’s literally the entire world coming up to you and saying “Awwwwww” in your face. And many times they only look at the dog, not you. I’ve said, “Thanks!!!” into the air more than once.

And strangers talk to you like you’re already friends. Even our neighbor (Tom Hardy’s doppelganger) with his sweet pit bull that looks just like him. Best dog friends!

(Obviously, like any good, normal, anxious girl, I immediately turned it around and imagined my guy falling under the charm of a gorgeous Goldendoodle owner not covered in dust, and then I immediately mentally turned this thought into a piece of paper, I wadded it up and threw it in the trash, because seriously what was I thinking)

(I’ve been getting into visualization; can you tell?)

I also realized that oddly, I’m less hungry. Or maybe less nervous. Or more occupied with my hands. In any case, I noticed I’m snacking less.

I also realized that no matter what my dog does, she never annoys me. The same things kept happening. Whether she would pull on the leash, chew on my headphones, or go to the bathroom in the wrong place, I’d say: “It’s not her fault. She didn’t do it on purpose.” Suddenly I’ve become the queen of patience and kindness.

Finally, and most of all, when she comes over to cuddle in my arms, when she greets me with crazy joy 12 times a day as if I were the messiah, when she falls asleep in my lap with that air of total peace and trust – I get butterflies in my stomach, and I realize how much I needed her.

Even though at first, I said to Chris: A dog will be good for you, you’re so stressed with your job. It will be great. You really need one.

I realized, how condescending I was being.

I realized the one who needed a ball of fur to love, it was me.

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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  • Ready for being a mother!

  • C’est la 1ère chose que j’ai pensé. Il est temps, tu es prête (si tant est qu’on puisse l’être ;-) )!

  • euh à mon avis c’est quand même pas tout à fait pareil…. :-)
    On peut se sentir capable de s’occuper d’un animal de compagnie et pas du tout d’un enfant…et inversement d’ailleurs. Moi je dirais que c’est simplement autre chose

  • hahaha I’ve thought the same!

  • Ho Garance moi qui rêve d’avoir un chien cet article ne m’aide pas !

    En tout cas il respire l’amour et le bonheur, cette petite Lulu a bien de la chance !

    Amelie – Charles Ray and Coco

  • What a sweetheart! I can see why you fell for her. Those eyes are so cute and sad and loving. Sometimes I love animals so much I can’t contain it and squeeze them too much. We need more pictures, please.

  • Orizaba July, 6 2016, 9:46 / Reply

    ???????????????? Profite bien de ces moments délicieux Garance. Toutes mes félicitations!

  • Bienvenue dans le club des 2-pattes!!
    C’est ainsi que nous nous surnommons mon amoureux et moi par rapport à notre chat. Parce que “papa” et “maman” ce n’est pas possible… donc “va voir ton 2-patte”/”va voir ta 2-patte”.
    Et oui c’est dingue les doses d’amour que diffusent et génèrent ces petites bêtes, ça fait un bien fou.
    A quand le compte Twitter ou IG de Lulu (Shali tweete, si si. Et elle y est odieusement drôle)? ;-)

  • Nous, c’est (moi, ou Mr Jicky) les deux “bons gars” qui s’occupent d’un “bon gars” (la chatte, parce qu’adorable… donc on est “trop” gentils avec elle! :-)
    et elle est d’ailleurs sympa avec tous les “bon gars” de la maisonnée…

  • Je suis pire que toi depuis 8 ans et je pensais pareil, et oui il m’a non seulement aidé pour les belles gambettes, mais il est mon lucky charm dans toutes les situations et m’apaise. Ils comprennent la vie mieux que nous. Tu vas plus pouvoir te passer de lui, en tout cas c’est mon cas ! yoiu have now a happy family :)))

  • Kazuko Yokoe July, 6 2016, 10:05 / Reply

    Congratulations! Adopting a rescue – that’s the way to go! Well done!

  • Just like with a baby. But kids grow up. Dogs, even when they’re old, stay like babies.

  • Love it. We can pick up our puppy on saturday !!!!! 9 am. I now already know for sure I won’t sleep fridaynight !! So excited! His name will be Otto.

  • So glad you have found Lulu!
    It’s crazy how quick they become part of the family. (enjoy the cuddles)

  • How wonderful to read this. My husband and I have rescued 3 dogs in our 17 yrs of marriage. Our current rescue Carlos (Chihuahua/Minature Pinscher mix), we got 2yrs ago. In his first 3mo of life, he had 3 owners. And I don’t know why. He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t bite, he doesn’t pee/poo unless he asks to go out. He just likes to cuddle and lick you like crazy. He is ALWAYS happy to see us. I truly believe he was waiting for ‘Us.’ I work from home. One of his beds is on my desk in front of the window, so that he can enjoy the sun and the view. And at times he walks on my desk over to me at the computer, when I’m stressed out, to lick me and remind me that he’s there. And then my heart melts! Enjoy Lulu, she will continue to bring you both unexpected joy!

  • This is so sweet! I am getting a puppy for myself in September. I can’t wait :)

  • Alors pour les pantalons blancs, c’est exactement pareil quand tu as un enfant :-)
    Beaucoup de ces petits détails que tu décrient si bien m’ont fait penser à mes situations quotidiennes avec notre bambin de 20mois!
    Bienvenue Lulu :-)

  • Sounds like an amazing experience you embarked on! Would also love to have a dog but I am not sure what I would do when traveling for work..

  • lytanie July, 6 2016, 10:57 / Reply

    Pareil avec mon chat à part les étages, j’habite au 8ème quel dommage pour mes fesses!!!
    Et on a pris un congé charental….
    Chouette vie à Lulu, le blogochien

  • Violaine July, 6 2016, 11:03 / Reply

    Un de mes posts préférés je pense, beaucoup d’émotions … Et pas parce que je suis vétérinaire

    Enjoy !! Bisous


  • My baby Barrett is 12 yrs old. He’s my “Chusband”-part child, part husband…sounds nuts but he’s one of my best friends. He has diabetes and can’t get up the stairs without help…I never thought I’d be “that” pet owner-I am! This is love. It saddens me to think of life without him, so I don’t. Enjoy every moment with Lulu, the time goes quickly.

  • Teresa July, 6 2016, 11:53 / Reply

    I like the comment of V, that is so funny, “chusband”.

  • Cette illustration est vraiment belle, pleine d’amour <3

  • DeeDee July, 6 2016, 1:01 / Reply

    Dog love is so fulfilling. I always say my dog brought me the greatest joy and sorrow (when I lost her). They change your life but are so worth it. Can’t wait to rescue a good one in the near future.

  • Tres joli post plein d’amour. Mon mari et moi avons eu deux chats, la premiere recueillie a Paris dans la rue et que j’ai emmenee avec moi lors de mon demenagement aux U.S. et un autre (Lulu !), un magnifique chartreux recueilli dans un foyer. Il y a bien longtemps que ces chats nous ont quittes mais nous en parlons encore………

  • Sophie July, 6 2016, 1:22 / Reply


  • Nívia July, 6 2016, 1:32 / Reply

    Qu’est-ce qu’il est mignon ,ce chien.
    Oh Mon Dieu!

  • Christine July, 6 2016, 1:48 / Reply

    Congratulations to you Garance! Pets change lives for the better, and I’m so happy that you chose to adopt a dog in need. We have had several shelter dogs (well, one was dumped down the street from us, so she’s a street dog) and foster for a few local rescues. There’s nothing quite like when a family meets their forever dog and everything just clicks. It brings me spectacular joy when our foster dogs find the perfect home.

  • Garance, I feel like you and the peeps at the studio will LOVE this webseries!! It’s currently being adapted into a show for ABC:

  • mademoiselle mauve July, 6 2016, 2:00 / Reply

    il arrive à prononcer Lulu, Chris ? :)

  • Dogs are seriously the best! They make life so much better – I’m so so happy you got your fur baby! My beautiful medium-brown(red)-dog that I found on the street as a damaged, scrawny puppy and that grew up to be the best, most beautiful, wonderful dog in the world left us last August. He was just the best companion and helped shape my life in so many ways for the better. He left such a hole in our lives and I miss him everyday but once we get back from our honeymoon (: D) we will find our next dog love. Can’t wait to meet him or her!

  • Vraiment chouette rencontre avec Lulu, toute belle ! Un chien ça change pas mal de chose, c’est sûr, mais ça vaut tellement le coup en retour ! ça fait du bien aussi de se lancer, “si on fait rien il ne se passe rien…”.
    Et un chien abandonné en plus !
    Nice ^^

  • c’est super que tu aies pu arriver à concrétiser ce rêve ! :D
    J’ai aussi une chienne (Poune, le diminutif de poupoune, on a été inspiré) et 2 chats, ya forcément toujours des poils qui trainent partout, je ne sais plus avoir des fringues/draps/etc impeccables (ben oui on dort tous ensemble non ? avec mon chéri aussi, ca fait jusqu’à 5 sur le lit haha), mais j’aime tellement être avec eux.
    Ma chienne, elle vient d’une ferme, je l’ai élevée depuis ses 2 mois, elle a 3 ans, c’est toujours mon bébé :D
    Mes chats sont des sauvetages aussi.

    Les cours d’éducation, c’est obligatoire pour les maitres de chien en Suisse et c’est vraiment super pour les chiens, ils se socialisent, ils apprennent avec des chiens de taille différente, ils se défoulent, ça créé un lien fort avec le maitre, c’est génial, je te recommande chaudement !
    Et oui j’ai toujours une petite boite à friandises de chien dans mon sac, 1 sac à crottes (il y a des distributeurs partout ici), et une mini serviette microfibres au cas où il faille essuyer des gouttes de bave ou de pisse hahaha.

  • anna-déborah July, 6 2016, 6:39 / Reply

    <3 so cute

  • caitlin July, 6 2016, 7:55 / Reply

    This is beautiful, made me cry a little. Moving. I’m about to start volunteer work for a doggy shelter and live in the city, think something like this may happen to me soon too. X

  • 1 read,laughed and cried ???thank you,G,Chris and Lulu

  • More dog posts! And pictures. I love their pure, furry little hearts.

  • magali July, 7 2016, 3:41 / Reply

    Merci pour cet article Garance, je sais encore mieux à quoi m’attendre car mon petit “chien brun de taille moyenne” adopté à La Réunion arrive en métropole dans une semaine !

  • Lulu is so sweet, she could seriously have her own blog

  • Oooh elle est très mignon! J’habite dans un petit Townhouse ici en Australie et je rève d’avoir un chien. Très bien choisit Garance et Chris!


  • J’aime pas qu’on compare chien et bébé ! Ce sont deux amours tellement différents et géniaux. Je viens d’avoir un bébé et j’attends impatiemment qu’il devienne best friend avec mon petit Bambi de 10 ans, c’est tellement chouette d’être élevé avec un animal doudou.

  • je suis d’accord: ça n’est – tout simplement – pas la même chose

  • Superbe dessin. Et très joli billet!

  • Susan Newell July, 7 2016, 7:58 / Reply

    I have been doing home boarding for dogs for quite a long time. There is a website called Dogvacay and you can have Lulu stay in someone’s home rather than a kennel if you go away somewhere. Of course all you friends will probably volunteer! Just a suggestion for training…..I encourage dog owners to use the easywalk halter. It really helps with training and prevents dogs from pulling. Will you take Lulu to your studio? Wouldn’t that be fun! Congratulations for rescuing a lovely dog.

  • shopgirl July, 7 2016, 8:31 / Reply

    :-) :-) love it and approve it!

  • J’adore cette illustration! Je sens l’amour que tu as pour ton chien quand je la regarde.


  • “I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source.” ? Doris Day

  • Paulina July, 7 2016, 9:14 / Reply

    Hahahaha, all of this is so true! I brought out my UGG(ly) boots after I got my dog, how else was I going to survive going out in the middle of the night?

    Wait until she is sick for the first time (nothing bad of course) but seriously all you want in live is that she is fine again.
    It is insane how much you can love a little furball and how they change your life <3
    Enjoy every minute of it!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier July, 7 2016, 9:44 / Reply

    Ahhh, I’m only sorry that Lulu can’t meet Petey now that we’ve moved to South Carolina. (I’ll be back to NYC to visit but I think Petey’s now a beach dog, unless we go out to LA for an extended amount of time). If you’re still within walking distance of the Meatpacking District, consider joining the West Village Dog Run ( It’s a privately managed dog run that’s super clean, all the dogs are required annually to show proof that their shots are up to date, nice people — it’s next to the Brass Monkey so Happy Hour kinda becomes Yappy Hour. There are doggie pools in the summer — think Soho House for dogs (BowWow House?). I’ve met so many people through Petey — you included, if you remember, as my boy thinks all cameras should be pointed at him and he’s never passed a craft services table without thinking he deserved a handout. Have a marvelous life with Lulu!

  • Isa - Lulu the Cat owner July, 7 2016, 10:49 / Reply

    Dear Garance,
    I wish you and Chris loads of happiness with your Lulu. She seems to be such a cute puppy. Lulu is the best pet name ever! I had a cat named Lulu for over 8 years, also adopted her from a shelter. She was the best cat you could dream of (of course!).
    Thank you for sharing those happy moments.

  • Please tell me this is the illustration that you enjoyed making, the most !

  • Dachshund Harry July, 7 2016, 3:12 / Reply

    All that and more, we’re the reason for going outside, and outside of yourself. We never judge, just always there for you. We love being with you and know you feel the same way too. Every day is a new adventure, a partnership, life IS better with a dog…. ????

  • Oh yeah having a dog is a HUGE responsibility and not for everyone and the city can be tough place to own a dog. But it is also so rewarding. I have cat a wee cat that fell in to my life almost 2 years ago and I don’t know what life would be with out her.

    Allie of

  • <3 <3 <3

  • Allison July, 8 2016, 10:21 / Reply

    Aouuuuuuf!! Je me sens tellement moins seule. Avec mon mec on a chacun notre chat mais on vit ensemble ce qui fait deux chats dans un appart dans Paris. Voilà.
    Si tu sais aussi que mon chat obèse prénommé Maurice se prend littéralement pour un labrador, tu peux imaginer ma dégaine quand je rentre du boulot, c’est limite si je regarde mon mec! Ah et puis moi qui haïssait le “papa-maman” sans les gosses qui vont avec, j’ai ravalé mon cynisme, je suis pire. En tout cas, longue vie à vous trois. Elle a l’air de déchirer Lulu (presque autant que sa maman) :)

  • Ainhoa July, 8 2016, 3:28 / Reply

    … ay ay ay que c’est beau tout ça, I understand you … bisous para Lulu :)…
    PS: très dròle les “congés chioternité” :))))

  • Congratulations! Lulu looks so sweet! ?? So happy for you all ???? Can’t wait to see her on Instagram ????

  • Welcome into the club! <3

  • Céline July, 9 2016, 4:13 / Reply

    que ce post est mignon,touchant,… je te lis très régulièrement mais là tu as franchement touché mon point faible <3

    Céline (la nana qui a hâte de rentrer quand elle est à l'étranger pour retrouver ses chiens)

  • Congratulations! As for vacations with Lulu – you don’t always need to sleep outdoors. On a road trip from Vancouver to San Franciso, we stayed at all the luxury hotels on the way with our 18 month old standard poodle, including a spa in Calistoga where she was allowed to eat with us at the Michelin starred restaurant (at the edge of the patio)! She also received a signed welcome letter + gift package from the manager of the hotel in Portland (actually some sort of gift was received at all the hotels)! Although Leeloo’s had a taste of luxury, I am sure she likes the outdoor vacations spent in a tent or on a sailboat best. You’ll have so much fun!

  • Suzanne Nastassja July, 10 2016, 5:21 / Reply

    Bon Dimanche !

  • Valentine July, 10 2016, 4:47 / Reply

    Qu’est-ce que je me suis marré à lire cet article ! J’essaie de convaincre mes parents d’avoir un chien, mais je vais devoir attendre je crois ! ^^
    Bonne rigolade avec Miss Lulu en tout cas ! =)

  • ohhh :) Hé oui on devient gaga avec ces petites bêtes! Mon chat est triste si je ne suis pas assez à la maison alors souvent je rentre le midi pour lui tenir compagnie. J’ai une fois ou deux essayé d’expliquer à des gens que je ne pouvais pas déjeuner avec eux à cause du chat… autant te dire que je suis passée pour une folle ;) Je précise que je suis en couple et que mon compagnon n’est pas loin d’être pareil puisque tous les soirs le chat l’appelle rituellement en miaulant pour jouer jusqu’à épuisement des forces et que TOUS les soirs il s’y colle!

  • You should know about biscuits & bath. There’s probably one in your neighborhood. I moved here from NC & they completely made it possible for me to transition my dog to city life. The most wonderful, loving people I’ve ever met. Also, instead of boots, think about Musher’s Secret. My dog is embarrassed to wear boots. I don’t blame him.

  • Maman37 July, 12 2016, 4:38 / Reply

    Dogs love babies you know!!

  • lmao I always love your banters, no matter the topic. no matter if you’re talking about having a dog and I’ve never had a dog in my life. I have had the pleasure of being around dogs due to the loved ones I have – including my boyfriend, who has grown up with dugs. I went from thinking pugs were ugly to thinking they were cute. I’m still anxious about the idea of having a dog in my future (because my boyfriend sees it in our future and I am indifferent). I’m not the, “I need a dog because I need company,” type. I AM my company most of the time :)

  • I’m disappointed to see the comments of Garance now “being ready to be a mother” and that “dogs love babies”, just because she adopted a dog. Give a woman a break. Her womb is not our business, and as fellow women ourselves we should know better and respect this.

  • Roxanne July, 13 2016, 1:16 / Reply

    C’est tellement beau !!!! Je suis vraiment contente que tu ais finalement un chien !!!! J’en ai un et je ne sais franchement pas ce que je ferais sans lui. Ils sont si merveilleux, nos petits bébés si parfaits !!!!! ^^

  • Garance ta Lulu est merveilleuse! Pour les sweaters pour l’hiver, regarde sur Etsy, il y en a des très bien faits et superbes!

  • Hélène July, 19 2016, 7:18 / Reply

    Trop chou Garance ! L’anecdote de la soirée est top :)

  • All so true! My husband really wanted a dog but I was indifferent about the idea…then I met our little doggy and it was true love forever at first sight.

  • Brenda July, 25 2016, 2:00 / Reply

    Lulu needs her own Instagram account! It’s a great way to connect with dogs and their owners in your city and globally! remy_mila_doodles

  • So glad you found yourself with such a beautiful pup.
    But for those of you here who compare this lively description to being a mother/having a baby…….ummm….how do I say this delicately…not exactly!

  • PICTURES!!! Need to see this pup! Seriously, though, your writing is so wonderfully personal and relatable. It’s quite a gift. I found myself picturing my pup as I read the article and smiling and laughing to myself. Thank you, Garance.

  • OMG this post sums up all of my puppy mama feelings! Was never really one of those super loving dog people but oh how that changed the day this little furball came home with me and my husband. Both have crazy jobs in a big city but are making it work with a 10wk old pup and couldnt have been more surprised by how much i much i LOVE this guy appreciate the responsibility of caring for him.

  • i really love it when someone i follow becomes a dog person

  • Je viens de dire “goodbye” au mien, 15 ans et demi d’amour çà ne s’explique pas… , sache 1 chose; c’est qu’ils ont l’innocence que l’humain n’a pas (dexit mon vétérinaire). Le temps passe si vite et les années défilent, il était et reste aussi important que mes enfants, c’était mon prince.

  • 2nd Best decision I ever made was to get a dog. (First was to marry my husband! But when I travel for work I miss my dog more haha)

  • Susan Jones June, 27 2017, 9:12 / Reply

    I very much relate to your story about LuLu! I have adopted my second rescue Westie after my first one passed away at the age of 16.

    Lilly (funny I considered calling her LuLu -such a cute name) came from a puppy mill in Ohio where she lived for 8 years. I try not to dwell on her difficult life at the beginning as it is all good now.

    We also walk up 40 stairs 3 times a day so I know what a challenge that is. You should be able to cut down LuLu’s walks to 3 a day.

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