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How do I do this?

So yesterday, I took leap of faith and tried myself at some home beauty, and more specifically at coloring my own hair to get rid of those stupid white hairs that decided to grow right exactly where I part my hair, at the place where you’re the most likely to see them. Damn…

So ok, I know it’s only the second time I’ve colored my hair at home, so I knew I wouldn’t be a pro. So I followed the instructions on the box suuuuuuper carefully. The color seems to have worked everywhere…

Except on my $&@#%%¥ white hair!

Guys, do you know what’s the problem? Is it the time I left it in? Is the color not strong enough? Whaaaat? Help!

PS I used L’Oréal Healthy Look Créme Color Gloss.


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  • Les couleurs ne couvrent pas toutes les cheveux blancs, c’est marqué sur la boîte normalement. Et si c’est le cas ça doit être à cause du temps de pose!
    Bisous Garance!

  • i have never done it yet but i may need to start soon…:)


  • ha ha ha I feel related! I am not as brave as to color my own hair, buy I tried cutting it and the next day I went out with a hat on, straight to the hairdresser´s.
    I think the cosmetic brands make those products so you buy and use them once and then become convinced that the money you spend in the salon is a great investment so you never buy a home product again!
    Maybe it had to do with the brand or color,… if you are going to persist in the attempt I recommend you buy the same product that your professional guy uses and follow his/her instructions!
    Otherwise, remember that beanies are a wise move this season!

  • You probably just needed to leave it on a little longer.

  • Hi Garance,
    This hair dye says it blends away white/grey hair not covers, perhaps that is the problem?Also unfortunately because this hair dye is nice and free of chemicals it might not take as well as some other dyes will.
    Also if the colour is too red, then it can sometimes make the white hairs go orange instead of brown too-a tip I learnt from my mum.
    Hope we can help you.

  • Ah, okay. Can you tell us what colour you dyed it? Is it a red-based brown? Your hair is usually a rich chestnut colour, I believe, no? Also did you start at the roots or the ends? And, lastly, when you say the white didn’t dye at all do you mean really nothing – or did it pick up a bit of colour?

    x Ursamare

    (We must try and be chemists and like all scientists ask a zillion questions.)

  • Ok, I’m a professional colorist (who previously worked for L’Oreal Professionnel) and DO NOT EVER recommend that anyone do this at home but I get that you need to cover those white hairs :)
    That being said, you may want to either apply heavier on that area or choose a 10 minute formulation (stronger pigments to get the job done in less time)
    Good luck!

  • Lisa why you wouldn’t recommend anyone to do it at home?.. it’s the easiest thing to do if you know your color… I’ve been doing it for years and never had any problems… it’s NOT rocket science… I won’t do highlights though :)

  • I know that there are certain kinds of dyes that are formulated differently to guarantee grey hair coverage – they usually have a special announcement on the front of the box to that effect: “Guaranteed 100% Gray Coverage!” – and if the Loréal doesn’t have that specific phrase it might not be the most effective dye for you to use. I think Clarol Nice and Easy is supposed to be the best at-home hair color for gray hair coverage.

    Bon chance!

  • Kristina November, 5 2012, 5:49 / Reply

    I colored my hair by my own since 12 years old. I didn’t had the problem with white hair, but I think you should probably buy a special color for white hair.

  • Was it professional dye? If not, go to the beauty supply store and get yourself the real deal (I use Clairol Professional Soy 4Plex Liquicolor Permanente). You’ll also need to buy developer (I use #20), an applicator bottle and some rubber gloves, but it will cover that grey, girl! (And you’ll only spend about 30 bucks…..)

  • Oh I have the same problem and have been doing my color for years and yes, the secret is in the product you use. I retouch my roots in between hair salon visits (I do only my roots, every 10 days, and go to the salon every 2 months) and the secret is in getting a professional color + a developer (for your shade, which is similar to mine, you will need a 20 volume developer). The hair color you get at the drugstore won’t work. If you know your exact color do just your roots and leave the product for 35 to 40 minutes (not less). Also there’s this product called Gray Magic which is key. I asked my colorist what I could use at home to help with the little “problem” and that’s what she told me to get.. and It works!

  • I had the same problem. I’ve been coloring my hair on my own, but one day the color did not take anymore! I went to a hairdresser and even she had to do it twice as to do it properly. I am not sure what the trick is. I think it’s good to have the hairdresser to do it at one point in your life – they will do just to roots touch-up – much faster.


  • Well the problem is that the more persistent greys you have the less the semi permanent ( the one you are using) color will work. I have the same problem now and I use garnier herbashine. works well when colored with the darkest shade but then lasts maybe 2 weeks….such a pain! and I leave it on for 20 minutes…..I think sadly it may be time for a permanent color, or root touch up….I just hate what it does to your hair. great at first but then really dry hair and scalp.I so wish we could do something about the grey hairs and make them disappear forever! At least you look good either way :)

  • What I do when I want to learn some beauty trick is to pay once. Go to a salon, watch like a hawk how they do it, what brands they use, how they apply the color to your hair, how long it stays, how it is rinsed. Then go and buy the supplies and try at home. You pay for the salon to teach you how to color your hair, mostly.

  • It’s because you chose an ammonia-free hair color. Grey or white hair is very resistant to pigment so you do need the ammonia if you want the color to take. And leave it on longer. In the happy days when I only had a few gray hair to cover, I would buy the color and the developer separate, mix it myself and only apply to touch up the offending grey hair. It worked well between trips to the salon.

  • La mousse Nice ‘n Easy, c’est le top. Je viens juste de faire mon couleur d’hiver (brun foncé rougeâtre) et, comme magie, plus de cheveux blancs. J’adore, c’est trop facile!

  • Gray and white he is very resistant to accept color you must leave on for at least 35 minutes to cover gray. A permanent color would work better than a semi- permanent, which does not last as long and rinses out with each shampoo. That said treat yourself silly go to the salon! Have a glass of wine and a consultation with a hairdresser because you are worth it ;)

  • My mom went to cosmetology school back in the 80’s. Though she no longer does hair, we still get to shop at the wholesale store where they buy the products used in salons, so I get to buy the real stuff at a discount and I have a free hair stylist! I use Redkin Shades semi-permanent color, because I’m not ready to commit to permanent hair color. (I’m 22 and I’ve had greys for years!)

    I have thick, wavy, dark hair (like you!) so I leave the color on quite a bit longer than the instructions give, up to 45 minutes. Also, because my hair is so dark, I have to use a darker shade than my natural color. The only option darker than my hair is onyx/black, but that is darker than I want to go, so I mix it with a lighter shade, which is almost exactly like my natural color. I use half black, half dark brown. It is usually a little darker than I like 1 or 2 days after I color it, but it fades and then I love it.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!

  • Victoria Mashkova November, 5 2012, 6:38 / Reply

    Just follow Scott’s advice and embrace your grey hair. You have earned them and should be proud of the wisdom they represent. And leave that stupid idea to color your hair every single time you see a new grey friend pop up. And please don’t damage your hair with a high street coloring product. After all, you don’t know how your hair and scalp might react to it. Kisses! vm

  • I have dark blonde hair and over the years I realized that if I want to color my hair darker, I have to choose a REALLY darker hairdye. Once, before the ombrèe era, I asked the hairdresser to colour just the back-lower part of my hair black, but she refused and tryied with a lighter brown: after 3 dyings (and 3 hours) my hair was still its natural colour, so she agreed to dye it black. That said, you probably have the same problem: try with a darker shade first, and then lighten it with the next hairdye…it’s kinda tricky but it’ll do I swear ;)

  • i have a disease called vitiligo where i lose pigment in my skin and i have a spot on my head where the hairs are white because they do not pick up any pigment. anyways, even when i try to color or bleach my hair, the white ones do not pick up any color!

    i have accepted my white spot and everyone seems to like it :)

  • Coloring your hair at home! you’re very brave, the last time i did that i was 16 and it was a total disaster! thankfully my girlfriends helped me to get that beautiful red hair i was looking for… i’m not into this thing of changing my natural color anymore, but i understand you! i think you’re using a soft product, sadly more chemicals will do the magic, you should try leaving the product a little longer in the white hair, if this doesn’t work, go to a beauty salon for help :) love from Chile

  • Leave it at least for one hour. I have very thick hair and that works for me.

  • Hair foloring is such a mess!!!! I ge stressed just reading the question and the comments…. Good luck, Garance!!

  • Well I dye from light hair color to dark brown so I understand the problem pretty well – the color will never look as good as if a hair stylist would have done it.

    I am contemplating to buy this product: http://www.sephora.com/root-concealer-P282611
    it’s supposed to temporary conceal the roots when you don’t have the time to go to a hair salon,which happens to me waaay to often. I still haven’t tried it though….

  • Georgina November, 5 2012, 7:43 / Reply

    A good idea is to buy professional dyes and use them at home. I am very pleased with the stuff from Wella. The colors are called Koleston Perfect and you also need the dye “developer”, Welloxon (the lowest 6% concentration would do for dark hair). Good ol’ German chemicals! They have great natural colors, red-free light browns (and God knows how much I’ve looked for that! Well, i tried pretty much all the drug store selection), it covers everything very well and the hair, at least mine, looks and behaves fine even a long time after coloring. You’d probably need some conditioner or color-fixing mask after the coloring, for longer effects. But yes, it’s permanent, it stinks like ammonia and it probably has a good mix of not so healthy nor environmentally friendly chemicals.

    You’d have to repeat the operation every month, as the hair grows about 1cm in that time, so the evil whites show again. Yep, once going on that road there is no escape. And while at the beginning everything around the place will be spotted in brown, by the 4th-5th time you’ll become as fast and precise with it as a surgeon!

    I get them online, but I guess you can also find them for sale in some hair salons (10 euros/dye, 2 euros/developer).

    Lovely blog! And good luck with finding the right solution for you!

  • Go to the pros at Whittemore House on Grove St in the West Village (near Cafe Angelique). They are color doctors and will fix it and make you even more beautiful than you are! Larry is amazing- my hair looks so natural with depth and glints of light. I would never trust myself to do it. Sorry I didn’t have a better answer!

  • Tilda Donner November, 5 2012, 8:33 / Reply

    Oh my! First NEVER go for an ‘Out The Box’ color job. Run, don’t walk to Ricky’s and get Wella Color Charm Liquid Permanent Hair Color. I swear by 3N if you’re hair is dark brown. Use with a 20 creme developer. I ALWAYS add a 1/4 tsp of ‘One and Only argan oil to the color mixture. Rinse thoroughly until water is clear. Then I use Jazzing ‘Clear’ for that boost of shine. I leave it in for 30 minutes with a cap and under a hooded dryer. I then use a masque and sit under dryer for another 20 minutes. My final rinse is ALWAYS a freezing COLD one to seal the cuticle and boost shine. Before I blow dry I add a very minute amount of argan oil again. Good luck. There’s also the option of going blonde and letting the white hair just gradually take over. It does blend quite well.

    Good Luck!

  • I’m a second vote for for Clairol Professional Soy 4Plex Liquicolor Permanente. Its great on greys. My hair color is similar to yours Garance, brown with resistant greys, I do 4N roots with 10 volume peroxide, ( not 20 as they reccommend) I leave it on grey roots only for 40 mins. (I use #10 because my roots tend to turn red if I use #20 peroxide, this is called ‘ hot roots’ and is the bane of at home hair color) In this roots treatment I also add Ardell ‘grey magic’ additive… Then I rinse, towel dry, then use Clairol colorgloss deposit only color on all my hair, 6n with a hint of 4A, plus some clear, , PLUS ‘UNRED’ anti red product, I leave it on just for 10 mins, since those colors tend to ‘ pull very dark. It costs 40 bucks, takes 2 hours, and it is better than MANY but not ALL salon dye jobs I have used. I found this formula after years of trial and error, hope it helps… However I am an ex punk rocker who was very used to dying myself… The advice to watch pros carefully and learn ( that’s where I got the idea for deposit only color for me) and buy professional products from Ricky’s rather than drugstore box brands is good…. Also Id say try a strand test where you dye just a strand, so you can see any results before you commit – hope this helps!

  • Oh hair drama…Leave it on 50 minutes at least. This works for me, though I use Revlon Colorsilk (which I love-my hair feels so much glossier afterwards). Best of luck!

  • I know the answer to that and I succeeded after many trial/error. The best of the best to cover gray is Loreal Excellence Creme. I use number 5 because my hair is just natural brown and I find that is the one that turns less “redish” with time. Start with the gray hair area, and put A LOT. You will get color all over your forehead. Doesn’t matter, just brush it real good at the shower. I don’t bother with much detail about the non-gray areas. Then when you are done, leave it on for a good 30 min. That means that your grays, now have been soaking in a chunky mass of color for like 40-45 min. That works for me. The first day, my forehead at the hairline is still a little colored eh eh, but I have bangs so that cover’s it. Good day for a hat? Next time you wash it, should be perfect:-) Good, luck!

  • go to a beauty supply store and get a little bottle of “Gray Magic” add about 8 drops into your batch of color and it helps cover the grays.

    It really works I swear by it and I’m about 30% gray now.

  • BEST ADVICE: “Pre-soften” gray hair w/ 20 volume developer ($3 at beauty supply store) BEFORE applying hair color & leave it on for 15 minutes. Gray hairs are coarser so they can be very resistant and must be pre-softened to allow the cuticle layer to open up and let more color in. So just brush some developer onto the stubborn gray area, leave for 15 mins, wipe off then follow with color for 45 mins. I recommend L’Oreal Excellence Creme Resistant Gray (also at beauty supply stores); I use Medium Brown & its super natural-looking. Drugstore box color never did it for me unless I went black which is harsh & unflattering. Another tip: I like to “rough up” my stubborn grays a little with the applicator brush while applying the developer to remove more layers of the cuticle & allow more color in.

  • I don;t know :(!!

    I’m posting accessories from Los Angeles on my blog!
    Take a look!


  • I do my own hair after the economy tanked. I just went to a discount beauty supply place and bought the same brand my professional colorist used and charged big bucks for. I use Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent hair color (no ammonia) with the Wella Color Charm Activating Lotion that you buy separately. I leave the color on double the time recommended on the box (that’s how long my pro used)!!!

  • Stephanie November, 6 2012, 12:09 / Reply

    Try adding “No Gray Hair Color Additive” to your dye. I know several people who use it and they say it works very well. It supposedly will work with any kind of dye.


  • Utilise GARNIER HERBASHINE ..le couler numero 435 (Dark Mahogany Brown)
    c’est tres naturel et l’application durée seulemetn 10 minutes.
    Je recommends :)

  • I have the same ‘problem’!! White hair that grows where my side part is

    I hide them with occasional highlights or with henna

  • ;o)
    En effet, Houston, il y a un problème…
    Je ne peux pas t’aider car j’ai arrêté les colorations perso depuis longtemps : j’adore les papouilles chez le coiffeur, et pour l’instant, pas de ratage en vue (je croise les doigts).
    Sinon, autre solution, le mascara fluo pour cheveux… Ok, j’arrête, mauvaise blague…
    J’espère que la solution va vite arriver !

  • The Healthy Look Colour Gloss is a DEMI-PERMANENT dye (low ammonia, no peroxide – very mild). This is good for adding shine and vibrance to hair.

    To cover grey properly, my experience is that I can only use PERMANENT dye (peroxide + ammonia). I have a super curly hair texture that is tougher to dye. Perhaps this is the case with you as well?

  • Lol…I repeat…look101salon.com
    Private suite…no oops….just right

  • Garance,

    Why don’t you try Revlon “RootErase” by Colorsilk – I swear it’s super easy and will work wonders for the most visible part of your roots. It will buy you time in between your professional touch ups. Let me know if you like it. Also, in Los Angeles I recommend you seriously check out Garbe L.A. – they make wonderful chic casual/workout wear and also Gable Luxe for the most beautiful silk blouses. xo

    preview at http://intrigueimports.com

  • Garance, tu peux être la blogueuse qui assume ses quelques cheveux blancs, comme un pied de nez à l’ultra jeunisme partout! :) Moi aussi j’ai mes premiers cheveux blancs… Et même un poil de sourcil (je savais même pas que c’était possible…)

  • Oh, so frustrating! I tried it too, does not work well. The only way I can cover my white hair is by going to my hairdresser. There I can relax, drink a coffe, read magazines instead of stressing with the tubes in my bathroom. xxx

  • Oops! I have no idea. I stopped coloring my hair, when it began to fall out,
    because of coloring it. Probably never dare to color it again, even when
    I become grey.

    Read the comment above and think there are great responses to your question!
    Good luck!


  • J’ai un principe dont je ne démords pas: Une couleur ça se fait chez le coiffeur. Et c’est tout!

  • La marocaine November, 6 2012, 2:00 / Reply


    J ai eu le meme probleme , j ai essaye toutes les colorations, surtout les plus chers .
    Et au final , la seule bonne coloration qui tient ses promesses sur les cheveux blancs
    C est eugene perma , classique . Ca coute pas plus de 5€ et donne meilleur resultat que toutes les autres .
    Voila .

  • Pardonne moi mais ma première réaction a été… un grand éclat de rire !
    Et aussi car je suis concernée car les premiers cheveux blancs ont fait leur apparition cet été, à mon retour d’un séjour à l’étranger de plusieurs années. Il fallait sans doute qu’il y ait une trace de cet “épisode”-là…
    Si la couleur n’a pas fonctionné, c’est sûrement lié au temps de pose..?
    Perso, je persiste et m’adresse à mon coiffeur même si c’est loooonnnnng à mourir.
    Autant j’accepte volontiers les signes du temps sur mon visage (encore peu visibles hein !), mais les cheveux blancs, non merci.
    Bon courage Garance

  • je me demande si le henné ne couvre pas mieux les cheveux blancs (sur moi, qui ai les cheveux noirs fluo, le henné noir, en tout cas, oui)

  • Well, you need a stronger color. What you used is not for covering white hairs. Maybe you want something more gentle for you hair, but the truth is that if you want to get rid of those annoying white hairs you’ll have to try something with more chemistry in it.

  • super énervant en effet….pas contre j’ai entendu parler d’un mascara pour couvrir cheveux gris..ce n’est pas permanent mais au moins c’est rapide et permet de se concentrer sur le pb…mais suis pas sure que cela résiste à la pluie!

  • Did you see the article in the Times about this (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/04/fashion/fears-of-aging-color-the-discussion-of-gray-hair.html?ref=fashion) ? It made me a little sad because it was so fixated and heavy: I know hair is important but how about the fun aspect of how we look?
    Anyway, with such good advice, you will solve this problem and be a happier person when you part your hair!

  • plutôt que d’utiliser des couleurs qui abime ton cheveux pour 3 ou 4 cheveux blanc, si tu en as peu utilise un mascara noir pour cheveux waterproof qui couvriront tes cheveux en un eclair et partira au prochain shampooing, K pour Karité, testé et approuvé, parole de fille de coiffeuse.


  • Ophélie November, 6 2012, 4:04 / Reply

    Moi aussi j´ai une question: pourquoi n’es tu pas allée chez le coiffeur???

  • Juliette_T November, 6 2012, 4:10 / Reply

    Haha sacrée Garance ! Normalement il y a des colos plus ou moins spécialisées dans les cheveux blancs. Donc les movidas et compagnie qui ne tiennent pas plus de 3 semaines ça ne sera pas assez. Et normalement, les colos en question ont un temps de pause spécifique, souvent 5 à 10 min de plus pour que ça prenne bien. C’est marqué sur les instructions ! J’espère que tu trouveras ton bonheur !

  • hi,so i’ve been dying my hair at home since i’m 14 (32 now) so a bit experience with it, and i have grey hairs (thx mum)….important: you need the color that says “level 3” which is permanent!! second important thing: i always use the professional colors that i mix on my own and i love l’oreal majirel, but in that case you need to go for 6% developer insted of 3% (althou i prefer 3% :)).the mixing ist plain simple: take a bowl put 60ml (tube) of colour and 90 ml developer (1:1,5) mix it and thats it :)
    have a nice day

  • Coucou Garance.

    Je n’ai qu’un mot : LUSH!!
    Essaye leur barrette de henné tu vas être bluffé.
    J’étais fâché avec vu qu’il sensibilisé mon cheveux bouclé mais ces barrettes sont magiques.
    Cela vient du mélange que LUSH fait.
    Un: c’est que du naturel donc pas de silicone ou produits chimiques qui TUENT le cheveux à petit feu. Deux: la couleur est splendide et tu as le cheveux tout revigoré.
    Nan sérieusement fait un essai.
    En plus tu as plusieurs nuances mais je te conseille le henné brun qui te fais un cheveux brillant et gainé.
    Les produits LUSH n’ont rien a voir avec tous les autres produits qui se disent bio ou naturels. Je me suis fais avoir bien des fois pour te garantir ses bons produits.
    Et je répète je suis JUSTE une cliente de leur produit et en aucun cas je bosse pour eux afin de placer leur produit.

    Bref let me know id you want more informations.

  • Bonjour,
    As-tu utilisé une coloration permanente ou semi-permanente ? Je ne connais pas la gamme dont tu parles chez loreal, en France ce nom ne me dit rien. Pour mes 1ers cheveux blancs, à 25 ans le semi-permanent suffisait, mais 9 ans plus tard c’est insuffisant, les cheveux blancs absorbent bien moins la couleur.
    Je l’avais oublié mais à un moment, c’est à cause d’eux que j’ai changé de côté à ma raie ! (J’en avais plus d’un côté que de l’autre)
    Quand ils seront complètement blancs, pas gris évidemment… j’assumerai. D’ailleurs je m’y prépare alors oui c’est sur je me lancerai le moment venu, mais pour l’instant l’effet George Clooney sur moi je troupe pas ça terrible !

  • Nadamerica November, 6 2012, 5:13 / Reply

    Hi Garance, hi everyone,
    à la lecture de la marque L’Oréal (= diable, = superméga entreprise qui envahit le marché et qui teste sur les animaux toussa toussa), je ne peux m’empêcher d’y aller de mon petit conseil pour la coloration quand les cheveux blancs ne sont pas trop nombreux (mais existants, on s’entend): la coloration “naturelle” (à 90%) Wella, applicable comme un henné, parfaite pour les châtains et brunes (et non, elle ne fait pas le cheveu orange).
    Une parfaite substitution aux colorations chimiques, alors à la poubelle les boîtes l’Oréal-le diable,

  • Ok this is it. I have had it. I will tell you a secret ( which I may have sold for millions :) ) haha
    This is my secret herbal hair wonder. Take a bunch of Rosemary, a big handful (fresh) and some lemon (fresh). Some apple cider vinegar. About a splosh of each. Put it in a stainless steel pan and boil with purified water, for about half an hour with the lid on. Let it sit overnight. Strain it. Then put it in a spray bottle, or any kind of bottle. Keep in the fridge. When you have finished washing and conditioning your hair really douse it with this mixture, Leave it on.
    This will eliminate greys , make your scalp feel deeelicious and your hair shiny. The added bonus being that rosemary will also help to sharpen your mind!
    So there you are dear Garance (and eveyone) just try it. The more you do it the more you will appreciate it. Only for darkish haried people though. My little gift to you with love xx Gabi

  • Kerri Bradley November, 6 2012, 6:31 / Reply

    In an effort to save a little I also tried the standard home L’Oreal packs but have found best success for longer term grey coverage with a herbal hair colour and I love it even more than the results I was getting from my very reputable hairdresser!!! My natural colour is chestnut brown and used Light Chestnut (5N) in the Herbitant brand. Consistently good results and great grey coverage without nasty chemicals. I’m never going back!

  • Stephanie November, 8 2012, 7:21

    I know it is an unpopular response, but I agree. It is crazy to put toxic chemicals on your head only to pretend that you don’t have white hairs that everyone knows are there anyway! I am in my forties and starting to go grey and I feel great just the same. You should know, Garance, how much more comprehensive is beauty than hair!! You are in such a great position to set a healthy, sane example to women interested in style and beauty. :) You are so creative – I am surprised you wouldn’t want to try to work with the changes in your hair.

  • Use a petroleum jelly like Vaseline to protect your forhead and neck from dye if it runs while its developing for 45 minutes. To colour my grey hair just at the roots I use LOreal Excellence, stay away from colours that use gold as part of their colour description as white hair will absorb this colour too well. Dark Blonde is very good. Rinse the dye out after 45 minutes and shampoo very lightly, gently towel dry before applying a good conditioning treatment such as Kerastase nutritive masquintense treatment for thick hair, and wrap your hair with a hot damp towel (from the microwave or jug) for 10 minutes, let your hair cool down before rinsing with lukewarm water.Gently towel dry, and massage in a small amount of Morrocan oil before blowdrying. I need to retouch my regrowth every 3 weeks. Salon treatments every 4-6 months for highlighting. Hope this helps

  • Bonjours Garance,tu dois commencer juste par l’endroit ou sont les cheveux blancs,laisser agire 5 min,puis distribuer le couleur partout sur tes cheuveux et seulement après timing le temps de pause indiqué.
    p.s.peut-etre tu le sais-mais il faut surtout pas essayer une nouvelle coloration avant de 10-15 jours
    bonne chance:)

  • Garance tu exageres !!!!!! allez zou chez un bon coiffeur ;Bisous

  • chère amie, selon moi la solution la meilleure de toute est l’herboristerie!
    éprouve! mais tu devrais chercher une couleur avec une gradatione plus foncée que la tienne. tu verras, c’est magnifique! ;-)

  • Lolotte68 November, 6 2012, 8:07 / Reply

    Je sais, c’est dur!….Quelque part, les cheveux blancs, ça veut dire qu’on n’est plus une jeune fille, hélas!Et il y a un moment où le semi-permanent ne suffit plus (Sniff!).Après bien des essais, j’ai trouvé mon graal en coloration maison (équilibre entre efficacité/innocuité/choix des couleurs/prix), et c’est donc la gamme Phytocolor, vendue en France en pharmacie ou parapharmacie ( mais à New-York???) qui l’emporte pour moi.
    Allez, bonne chance, Garance et merci pour ce blog.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Les colorations semi-permanentes ne sont pas efficaces contre les cheveux blancs. On ne peut malheureusement qu’utiliser les formules “permanentes” qui sont chimiques. Cela dit, à ton niveau, il vaut mieux que tu ailles chez un coloriste qui pourra cibler tes rares cheveux blancs. Car hélas, une fois qu’on a mis le pied dans le cercle vicieux des colo maisons, on peut dire adieu à sa chevelure éclatante de naturel ! J’ai des cheveux blancs depuis mes 20 ans (et les cheveux très bruns) et je sais que colorer mes cheveux n’est pas ce que je fais de mieux pour eux (ils sont devenus plus fins et cassants) mais c’est ça ou assumer le noir et blanc, ce que je ne suis pas encore prête à faire…

  • Hello lovely Garance.I have the same problem (brunette with grey hairs at the parting! grrr). OK, currently there are 3 hairs but I can see soon there will be 33 so I read all the comments above to prepare for the impending invasion. I also read the NYT article somebody mentioned and by the end of it all, I lost the will to live. The balance of effort vs. results = soooooo depressing. Seriously, there must be another way because this just pants. Now we see all kinds of (often ridiculous) things being made to feel and look fantastic, desirable and fashionable by a bunch of creative, daring and intelligent people (e.g. clashing prints, stuffed animal bags, ugly = new beautiful etc). I honestly find it impossible to believe that a bunch of creative, daring and intelligent people cannot style, reinvent, present things like grey hairs in the parting, big hips, small lips etc to look and feel really really cool, desirable and fashionable so maybe, just maybe we don’t have to kill ourselves for crap results. Anyway, if anybody out there feels the same, perhaps we can talk about it and maybe even do something about it – [email protected]

  • Girl, just go to a professional.

  • Had the same issue with at home coloring :( Worked ok on other parts of hair, but not on the white/ grey :( And it super dried my hair.

  • The answer is to leave it in for a longer time.
    I’ve been covering my grays for years. I love my natural dark brown hair colour and did not want to change it. I use Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up in Medium Ash Brown (Spring Summer) or Dark Brown (Fall Winter). Most of my grays are at the front where my part is. I leave it in for 15 minutes (I think that’s the trick – you have to leave it in longer for grays), and I only do the part, and the area around my face where the gray is most obvious. I have to do it every 4 weeks, but because I only do it in specific areas, I find it does not do too much damage to my hair. I also use the Japanese Straightening once a year, so I’m careful to use the colour on only new growth.

  • Garance: Christophe Robin was involved in the development of the L’Oreal hair color product you used. Didn’t you visit him sometime in the past year for color? He does have a line of hair color masks, which do not contain the some of the harsh chemicals that many box colors do. Perhaps try to contact him, since you are/were a client??

    Plus, I think we all know the major maintenance needed when we fight our own hair-straight, curly, color, etc.

    Take care & Be Well,

  • I have the same problem! right in the front were I part my hair is growing a suuuuuper srong white hair! I hate it! I know I have at least 2 or 3 more but not were I can see them all the time… and the worst is that is is still short so that I pull my hair back it stays up, all alone… I use mascara just on that hair and it seems to work, but just when I need a more put together look with my hair pulled back… I dont wanna paint all my hair just becaus of one white hair…

  • Ok, let me try to be superannoying:

    EMBRACE your white hair :)

    I hate it and I take every single one I can get my hands on out! But of course this is not a long term stratagem. I have put off the thought to start coloring.

    Weren’t you telling us about those beuatiful people who have their hair all white? Like, isn’t it pretty? But how do they get to the FULL white from the few white annoying hairs in between.

    Love the white hair! :P It’s tough love.

    Lore G

  • I say – let the grays grow in…
    I started turning gray at 13 years old, and fought it until I was in my early twenties…

    But now, I’ve got healthy salt and pepper hair that hasn’t seen dye in almost a decade – and I love it!
    The first ones are the toughest – after that, you become a lot more comfortable with your new Silver Fox look –


  • I started turning gray after I turned 15 so at 35 I consider myself a pro ( people who know me have no idea that I am basically 90% gray at this point and my hair is brownish black)
    I’ve never met professional who could deal with my stubborn gray hair ( plus it gets expensive since I need to color every 3 weeks at least)
    This is my winning combo:
    – Clairol Gray Solutions ( about once a month all roots)
    – Clairol Root Touch Up ( about every 2 week for touchups-crown, part…)
    Nothing work better!
    I consider shaving my head at some point and becoming silver fox but I am not there yet.
    Hope that helps:)

  • Stephanie F. November, 6 2012, 12:40 / Reply

    It’s no big deal to do your own hair. Listen to all these ladies who know how!! It’s not hard. But once you start covering greys, ugh! You have to keep up with it. Who has time to invest in a salon as frequently as you need to to color greys? It’s very inconvenient. Every once in a while is fine and do it yourself in between (if you must color your greys!) Love!


  • L'épingle November, 6 2012, 1:24 / Reply

    Les cheveux tout blancs, ça n’est pas dramatique. Il suffit d’être svelte, de se tenir le dos droit, le menton haut, de ne pas faire la gueule et d’éviter les vieilles coupes négligées. Et ça fait la blague…
    C’est à la portée de tout le monde, non ?

  • Katerina November, 6 2012, 1:45 / Reply

    :) The comments are great, but you can totally spot the new yorkers :). Sorry Garance, I can’t help you. But I did color my mother hair for years with the heavy chemical stuff. It worked great.

  • Home Hair colour is so tedious mais c’est trop cher to go do the salon everytime if you have to colour every 3 to 4 weeks! I aim for 1 or 2 home jobs and then a salon fix…I wish someone would invent something we could drink that would colour from the inside out!! Now that would be magnifique!

  • I dye my hair at home all the time (the foam stuff is easiest to work with in my opinion) but I’ve been told that certain formula’s are made for covering grays, and will work better than others. Also one brand I got said to leave it on longer if you’re using it to cover grays. Maybe looking into demi-permanent, semi-permanent and permanent and all of their differences could help too?

    Also, pictures please!

  • You can safely do your own colour for many years without much damage. But at one point you will be crawling back to the salon for help. At the end of your 40s you will notice the life drain out of your hair bit by bit….

    So, have fun doing it yourself while you can.

  • Hey, il m”est arrivé la même chose la semaine dernière! Après le rinçage et la coiffure mes cheveux étaient soyeux, doux, “marron glacé”… satisfaction au top, jusqu’au moment où ma soeur s’approche de moi et me dise “c’est jolie comme couleur mais tu as toujours tes cheveux blancs”!!!!!! En fait il faut prendre une coloration avec ammoniaque et permanente… Retour chez Monop’ et re-couleur!

  • Irene (Athens) November, 7 2012, 3:23 / Reply

    hey garance!
    i have no idea how to help you with this..because i don’t color my hair..(..yet-i’m only 20 years old)
    but i’d like to point out that many of my friends color their hair and they are the same age as i am or a little bit older..BUT WHY!? i found it so silly and cheap looking since we are still young and in general with no white hair (i have actually find one or two (6 or 10 :P) growing lately but nothing to get serious about..)
    my hair are actually very healthy and shiny and with a really nice brown color-and i’m glad to know that and appreciate it.. what’s with young girls coloring their hair..i mean why..and in the end they get this fade way color (especially when they dont take care of them often) and their hair get dry and rough.
    well when i reach the age when my white hair are quite obvious then i will really welcome “fake” color in my life .but not now. seriously there is nothing better that natural beauty….
    if you’ve noticed that too it would be nice to make a post about it…
    by the way i never noticed you color your hair.that’s great! you always look beautiful and natural!
    —many kisses and hugs (yeah we give those too A LOT) from athens.greece..with a quite moody but cosy morning.

  • Salut Garance! Ah les cheveux blancs vaste problème chez moi puisque j’avais mes premiers à 6 ans (et ce n’est pas une blague !!) J’ai commencé à me les colorer après la naissance de ma fille car la fatigue plus des cheveux blancs pile sur ma raie = une tête de mort vivant !! J’ai une super coiffeuse qui habite malheureusement à 300 km de chez moi mais qui a été super gentille de me donner tous ces trucs pro. D’abord acheter une vrai coloration ( celles de supermarché sont trop concentrées en pigments et malgré leur plus grande facilité à l’application elles ne se patinent pas comme une vrai couleur d’où les racines !!) avec crème oxydante à 20 volumes. Au début avec peu de cheveux blancs j’utilisais DIA Color de l’oréal (tu la trouve chez les grossistes coiffure). Attention il faut toujours prendre un ton en dessous de ta couleur naturelle car la couleur est toujours plus foncé au final que celle sur la mèche. C’est à dire que si tu prends un brun tu risques de te retrouver avec les cheveux aile de corbeau. (j’ai fait l’expérience).
    Après si tu as juste quelque cheveux blancs pas la peine d’en mettre partout et surtout ne jamais faire des couleurs successives sur l’ensemble du cheveux à chaque fois car la couleur est ensuite plombée.
    Surtout bien respecter le temps de pause et ne surtout pas le rallonger.
    Je me colore les cheveux moi-même depuis plus de quatre ans et aujourd’hui (avec plus de 50% de cheveux blancs)je fais même mes mélange de couleurs.
    Et contrairement à certaines mes cheveux ne sont ni plus cassants ni plus ternes au contraire ils sont très brillants. mais cela dépend peut être de leur qualité et des soins (après shampooing et masques) qu’on leur fait.
    En espérant que tu oseras retenter l’expérience

  • Virginie November, 7 2012, 6:08 / Reply

    Tu devrais tester Illumina Color de Wella Professionals, incroyable résultats en terme de couleur, brillance et douceur et 100% des cheveux gris couverts :)

  • C’est la malédiction du $&@#%%¥ de cheveux blancs ! Je ne suis pas coiffeuse mais j’ai constaté que mes cheveux blancs ont une texture plutôt dru, genre poil de brosse à dents d’où la difficulté pour la colo (permanente, semi, naturelle ou autre) de tenir. J’ai testé toutes les types de colo (maison et salon) et à part me cramer le cuir chevelu (au point de peler comme pour un coup de soleil), mes cheveux blancs étaient toujours là… Conclusion, je fais une coloration végétale Wella Eos (qui sent bon le henné) chez le coiffeur pour apporter de la brillance à mon brun terne. Et mes cheveux blancs ? Ils sont toujours blancs, parfois moins blancs mais j’ai décidé de faire la paix avec eux.

  • maybe its a semi-permanant and not a permanant colour? I dont know that brand – I tend to use Garnier or Clairol. Look for the ones that say 100% gray cover gray and not the ones taht say ‘blend grays’

  • Garance C November, 8 2012, 10:49 / Reply

    L’Oreal Color Gloss sont des couleurs semi-permanentes (elles tiennent 15 shampoings je crois), pour bien couvrir les cheveux blancs, il faut utiliser une colo permanente.
    J’utilise depuis des années Garnier 100% Noir Initense ou Chatain Glacé selon les envies, et ça couvre 100% de mes cheveux blancs.
    J’ai eu mes premiers cheveux blancs à 20 ans, alors j’ai l’habitude!!!

  • oui, por quoi?

  • I’m 38 and have tons of gray. I recently gave up on coloring because the dye just wasn’t taking. I’d leave it on for 45 minutes – and still no luck. Craziness! Even professional hair color wasn’t covering the gray. It’s very frustrating, but white hair is actually the most resistant to color. This is why you see older women with that weird looking colored hair – dark in some areas and orange-ish in others. You will get to a point where you are coloring every other week, and the color is not consistent. Unless you want to go much, much lighter (as in blonde), you may want to give gray a shot. You are beautiful, and it would be very unique. Hair color really did a number on my hair, by the way, and I also started getting a PPD allergy (which you should definitely research). Also, myhair was so damaged, that I couldn’t wear it down. Take care of your hair – and your health… By the way, there’s a website called http://www.goinggraylookinggreat.com which might inspired you:-)

  • Mary Beth November, 11 2012, 7:03 / Reply

    Nice and Easy is the only at home color that has worked for me. And the regular kind, not the fancy foam version. I like a cool or neutral brown shade. The golden ones end up looking very brassy.

  • Christelle November, 12 2012, 8:20 / Reply

    Bonjour Garance, c’est mon grand problème également. Dans une réponse précédente je vois qu’on te parle de coloration végétale, et je ne saurai que te le conseiller. J’ai 37 ans, et me sens face à un dilemme : abimer (pardon pourrir, brûler) mes cheveux avec des colorations chimiques (même celles de salon) et du coup devoir les porter courts (plus de chignon, plus de tresses, … pour moi = plus de féminité) ou bien utiliser une coloration qui donnera une nuance à mes cheveux blancs, mais les renforcera, me permettra de les garder longs … J’ai choisi la deuxième opportunité et suis arrivée à un joli résultat sur l’harmonie de la nuance de mes cheveux blancs avec mon châtain auburn. Tu as de longs et magnifiques cheveux longs, ce serait tellement dommage qu’ils soient abimés. Perso, maintenant je fais des hennés, mais avec une préparation particulière à laquelle j’ai donné beaucoup de temps pour la mise au point. Si ce genre de coloration t’intéresse (et grâce auxquelles on peut obtenir un beau brun comme le tien), il y a des sites comme Indigo et Compagnie http://www.henneindigoetcompagnie.fr ou Centifolia http://www.centifoliabio.fr pour des recettes de préparation et du henné de qualité. Tu peux également trouver en boutiques bio des colorations comme celles de Logonna, Terres de couleurs, … 100% végétales. Bon courage :-) !

  • J’ai beaucoup de racines blanches rebelles aussi… Je commence par teindre les racines. Mais je suis très lente à me teindre, il y a généralement 10 minutes d’intérvale entres les racines et mes mèches…

    Puis quand la teinture est finie : je nettoie l’évier pour ne pas que l’émail tâche, je rince ma bouteille… J’arrive à la cuisine et je regarde l’horloge… Je débute le calcul de mon temps de pause, et vu que mes racines blanches sont rebelles, je laisse agir 15 minutes de plus…

    Ça fonctionne bien comme cela :D … Je prends aussi mon temps avant de partir la douche… J’installe le rideau contre les fuites de côté, je vérifie la température de l’eau…

    IMPORTANT : Ne pas utiliser de Shampoo avant 24 heure !!! Sinon la teinture s’en va des points fragiles, comme les racines blanches…

    Bref, le secret est dans l’attitude ZEN :D

  • Mon bon plan coloration : Herbatint. Les couleurs couvrent bien les cheveux blancs (mais il faut toujours prendre un coloris supposé plus clair que celui qu’on veut obtenir, pour mon châtain clair je prend le coloris blond)
    L’avantage, c’est on peut garder les flacons entamés pour une utilisation ultérieure… donc, petites retouches faciles…

  • I think this has something to do with the amount of protein in white hair…which, I might be wrong here, I’ve heard is very little. Like when you bleach your hair you need to add protein back into your hair for the hair color to hold to.

  • bonjour ,Garance,depuis quelques mois j utilise les produits Olia de chez Garnier ça fonctionne plutôt par mal sur les cheveux blancs et ça semble plus doux sur les cheveux!!!!
    j ‘avoue tout de même que je préfère la colo du coiffeur

  • Loulou May, 30 2013, 9:31 / Reply

    It’s your shampoo! Shampoo with silicone makes the hairs resistant to colour, also, more likely to stretch and snap.

  • My hairdresser suggested years ago, semi-permanent hair color. He is best at what he does, color & cut, but my pocketbook can only afford the cut. This DIY is one I have continued since then and the products keep getting better over the years.

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