Letting it All Air Dry

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I totally forgot how much I love my curly hair.

Quarantine has reminded me of that because I have done absolutely nothing to my hair the past three months and the curls have reemerged from their hibernation of the last five years. Along with the grays that have not been colored in three months. Whoops.

And a disclaimer, that is not me in this lovely photo. It’s the even more lovely Rachel Pincus but I’m sure you can understand quarantine has got our production capabilities on limited ability so bear with us while we recycle some oldies but goodies…

But back to hair. When I moved to New York from LA I flipped my hair from curly to straight. Straight just seemed more New York to me at the time. Plus the humidity. Ooof. The humidity. A curl’s nightmare.

But now I’ve relaxed so much about all that maintenance and I’m realizing… damn, why the hell was I doing it in the first place?!

Plus, with the curly hairs the grays actually look good. I won’t go so far to say that they look like “highlights” but they give some dimension to the curls that I love.

I also love that I’m not sitting under a hot blow dryer on a hot summer day.

I still haven’t found THE perfect product but I’m open to any / all suggestions.

Right now I’m loving this for a sea salt spray and this for a volume-izing moment when my curls fall flat day two and three.

Oh and this is still my favorite scalp detox and I just ordered this because it looks like the most relaxing thing ever.

And shampoos made for curly hair? Do they work? I’ve never tried but color me intrigued.

If you’re wanting more hair inspo look no further than here, here, here, and here.

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  • I’ve also rediscovered my curls. I love Evo Easy Tiger for well defined curls. Everyone asked, what I did to my hair. Wash, put this in, them don’t touch until completely dry.

  • Michelle Grant June, 15 2020, 6:25 / Reply

    I knew I had wavy-curly hair and have let the colour grow out, and curls do their thing during this period.

    I love Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner and Gentle lather shampoo. Also products by “Curls” which I think you can get easily in America. I also like a light “gentle hold”
    gel type styling product which I scrunch in after drying my hair. If you’re committed look into “plopping” and “praying hands” on youtube. I don’t follow the full curly girl method, but some tips and tricks have made a big difference to my hair and stops me getting so much frizz.

  • Same situation! Unsurprisingly, there are some amazing black-owned brands for curly hair. I’m LOVING how effective Dizziak deep conditioner is, The Afro Skin and Hair Company, and Jim and Henry! These brands are also vegan, cruelty free, etc! Now that we’re reemerging into the world, I keep getting compliments. I have a keratin treatment scheduled in a months time, and actually considering cancelling it??

    After YEARS of back-to-back keratin treatments, it’s been exciting to rediscover the curls … and actually like them?

  • I’m in a similar place. I have Irish curls with very fine hair, lots of it, and super frizzy, AND I live in hot and humid South Texas, so my hair has been a battle forever. (Also, women here do NOT wear their hair curly or air-dry, and I found it hard to buck the trend and risk being seen as unprofessional.) After quarantine I am completely over that, and keep getting compliments on how amazing my hair looks (over Zoom, obviously). I’ve grown it out long (weighs it down a bit) and have had fantastic luck with the Prose products I found on this site. Try Prose :)

  • I have stopped straightening my hair and using a hair dryer and I love my curls! The problem is that it’s too thick so I had to have it layered otherwise I look like Doc from back to the future.
    I tried the salt spray by Bumble & Bumble but I found it too expensive and ended up putting some real sea water in it as I don’t live too far from the coast and it works great.
    I have just done a scalp detox and it really worked and I now use a moroccan serum by Simon & Tom and I just use a baby shampoo as I have never found anything volumizing. The only thing I do is that I sometimes plat my hair after washing it or I put a towel on my pillow and my curls look great the following morning.

  • Great message by author. I always follow like this with my hair on top of your crown and secure it with a clip. Begin drying the lower layers with a brush, using more heat. Point the dryer’s nozzle downward to help smooth hair and create shine. I find more hair accessories here in

  • Same thing with quarantine just for me is more slowly trying to slowly loving it again. It has been very damaged by years of colouring and blow drying it 2 times per week :( The curls have lost the bounce and is more frizz and big volume, while in the past it was soft, beautiful curls. I started massaging it with castor oil and avoid product with sulfates, silicone and parabens (inspired by the Curly Girl method). Finding such products where I live was not easy, in the US you have big choice. But, I was persistent and I found some baby shampoos. My hair is slowly healing, but I cannot undo all the damage in just 3-4 months, so am patient and hopeful, that maybe in a year I will have healthier hair. It will probably never go back to how soft and beautiful it was, but I hope better than at the moment :)

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