Late Review: Life of Pi

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You may have gotten the hint by now, I am a dreamer (shit that sounds really cliché in English) (and pretentious). I mean I love to dream (now I just sound stupid) oh well, you get it.

I love animated movies (Kung Fu Panda!!!), I love sci-fi (Battlestar Galactica!!!), I love outer space (Star Wars!!!), imaginary worlds (Prometheus!!!), impossible stories (Kill Bill!!!), unbelievable stunts (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!!!) and the list could go on forever.

Everything that can take me to worlds that don’t exist make me shiver.

So when I saw Life Of Pi’s trailer, I had a cinegasm. And the day it came out, I was there. My 3D glasses on.

So here is my late critique, very pro again : JUST GO SEE IT.

The movie is sublimity, the image is just a journey of the senses and you’ll see nature like you’ve never seen it before. It doesn’t surprise me coming from Ang Lee (he was the director for Crouching Tiger):

The man has such an overflowing visual sensuality, the movie is full pictural erotism.

I chose not to read the book before going to see it because I wanted it to be a 100% in the movie experience.

For me it’s the story of a man in front of his fear, it’s a movie about how to grow. It really is a movie about life.

It’s a movie that offers you so much that I could spend hours analyzing it – but this is exactly the mistake the movie doesn’t make.

It gives you the freedom to think what you want.

So I’ll just do that.

Have you seen it ?


Add yours
  • Non, mais j’avoue que là, ça donne carrément envie ! Il sort quand en France –‘ ?
    Bisous Garance ! :)

  • i watched it… and I loved it!! Ang Lee is an artist!

  • Il sort le 19 decembre en france

  • I haven’t seen it yet, but I sure plan on it!


  • I read the book years ago when it came out and absolutely loved every moment of it. But I just can’t imagine how it can be a successful as a movie and still keep the mystery and magic of the original. But that’s just me being skeptical. Of course I’ll still go see it, because it does look wonderful, I just can’t imagine how it could reproduce the book at all.


  • My daughter and I cannot wait to see it (not out here for another week or so), have already bought her the book for her Christmas stocking so she can watch first….then read. I often find when I have read an amazing book and then a film is made, I’m SO disappointed in the film.

  • non mais tu me donnes envie !!

  • I went to see it after reading the book…one of my favorites. The movie is one of the best film adaptations I have seen. It was incredibly done. One of the best films I have seen in a long time.

  • tu me donnes envie de le voir ! :)

  • Josephine December, 12 2012, 1:11 / Reply

    I’m a huge Ang Lee fan, so I want to see it, but was it worth seeing in 3-D? The only movie I’ve seen where I felt 3-D really contributed in the storytelling is “How to Train Your Dragon.”

  • C’est le premier film que je vais voir après mes partiels a Noel donc !!! J’attends de ce film qu’il me fasse rêver !! :) j’espère ne pas être déçue mais au vu de ton post je pense que je ne le serais pas :)

  • Je suis plutôt réveuse aussi mais sur ce coup là la bande annonce m’a vraiment laissée de marbre. Vu le succès du film, je dois peut-être passer à côté de quelque chose!

  • I have yet to see it but I want to see it badly!!!

  • Read the book – LOVED IT! I’m sure the movie will be equally as intriquing – this week I plan to go.
    Just like Memoirs of a Geisha….the movie was almost as good as the book which is a rare thing.
    Thanks for your comments on it. xo

  • Très belles images.

  • It’s my favorite book of all time. Every time I read it, I get something new out of it (and I’m on read #4 million or so).
    The more gruesome parts of the story were really carefully done in the film, but they’re more challenging to get through when you’re spending more time with the book.
    It’s a great read, and I learned a lot from it.

  • It looks interesting and I would like to see it. Have a nice day.


  • Pareil!
    Since I had my son, I have going very rarely to the movies. For me movies/cinema= late evenings. And usually by late evenings I am so dead-tired that after my crazy busy day job + my equally busy mum job. Tiredness + the dark comfort of a cinema room = falling a sleep.
    So now I only go when I feel it’s really REALLY worth it.
    The last time I felt like that was for Skyfall: I live in London so I simply COULDNT not go to see Skyfall. I thought it was going to be my “movie of the 3 months”.
    Then when Life of Pi preview came on screen, I felt exactly like you Garance: la chair de pole.
    I wasnt familiar with the book as I made a point when it was out and hyped in France 10 years ago not to read it (dont ask, sometimes we do make silly decisions dont we?)
    I was so hooked with it that I actually went online (as the movie is only out late Dec in the UK) and I almost read the actual book!
    I think there is something amazing about the story, but the way it is brought to life in the preview/movie, the colours…I feel so moved just thinking about you I would (almost) cry!
    Of dear.
    Cant wait to see it too!

  • Réaction similaire quand j’ai vu la bande annonce ! Il faut vraiment que j’y aille :)


  • Bon, toi qui es désormais ma personnal films critic (en plus du reste) : j’ai envie d’y aller avec ma fille de 8 ans 1/2 qui adore les animaux. Bonne ou mauvaise idée ?
    Y a-t-il un risque que je pleure (c’est rapport au maquillage à prévoir, waterproof ou pas waterprof) ?
    Pour info, je pleure presque devant tous les films (oui, même les pubs avant le film).

    Merci d’enrichir ma vie de plein d’envies (poil aux cui-cui) !

    Des bises (from France).

  • It’s not yet in Portugal. I’m reading the book and I’m loving it. The movie seems to be gorgeous but usually a good book is not so good when we see the story in a cinema.

  • Il sort aujourd’hui en France, j’ai hâte d’aller le voir, les extraits m’avaient donné envi.

  • Oh my gosh I saw this movie about two weeks ago over Thanksgiving, and it was absolutely wonderful. It literally felt and looked like a dream–like a dream that I would actually have. And I LOVE dreaming as well. It sounds dumb but it’s literally one of my favorite things to just go to sleep because I can’t wait to dream and see what my subconscious has in store for me. This movie was like dreaming with my eyes wide open (similar to the effect/feeling a good book can elicit). Loved it! And I also loved how in the end it doesn’t tell you what to think, like many movies attempt to do. It lets you choose for yourself in what to believe. Such a great “life” movie that isn’t too overstated.

  • J’ai moi aussi été éblouie par la bande annonce du film que j’ai vu au cinéma. Et comme toi, j’ai tout de suite accroché à l’image, les couleurs, la prise de vue et la profondeur de certains plans.
    Au delà de l’histoire intéressante, c’est surtout la beauté des images qui m’ont séduites!

    Ton retour du film me donne encore plus envie de le voir.

  • Hey,
    no I haven’t yet but I wanna to so badly!

    Btw, have you heard of the new movie “Cloud Atlas” it explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future, like reincarnation. I highly recommend!

    Here us the link for the trailer


  • wanna/want to so badly*

  • J’ai vu “Hitchcock” aujourd’hui que je recommande pour les fans du grand Hitch.
    Life of Pi is next.

  • I love all those movies – I guess I will take your recommendation!

    My former boss was French (he was a Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur!!!) and he said to me one day “We need the dreamers to have the dreams. Then we need to be sure it is not a hallucination!”

    Keep on the right side, Garance!

  • J’ai très envie de le voir ! Ils ont passé le film à la piscine Pailleron à Paris début décembre. Les gens étaient dans des bateaux sur l’eau, expérience originale !
    Ici la vidéo pour voir des extraits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S2gbcsHhqQ&feature=player_embedded


  • Je ne l’ai pas vu, j’hésitais beaucoup parce que je trouve la bande-annonce assez kitsch avec la musique, mais tu m’as convaincue.
    Je cours le voir bientôt!

    Le livre est vraiment bien écrit aussi.

  • Pallavi Datta December, 12 2012, 10:22 / Reply

    Hi Garance,

    So has the movie inspired you to visit Pi’s country – India? Adventure is waiting! Well, so are we:)
    Best luv

  • I’m so relieved to hear that you loved it. I loved the book so much I wasn’t sure that it would translate on to the screen. You must read the book now x

  • I just booked tickets to watch this movie in early Feb at Sydney’s annual Moonlight Cinema event, it’s an outdoor cinema right on the harbour. I can’t imagine a better choice and you’re making me even more excited!

    x karen

  • A beautiful, lush film, with 3D well-integrated (not just in certain scenes where something “comes out” to hit you). However I felt sad after the film. Did anyone else feel this way?

  • i absolutely LOVE the book! Have read it twice and can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Pas encore, mais j’avais lu le livre: au milieu du livre, je ne comprenais pas les critiques dithyrambiques pour ce bouquin..mais la fin m’a bluffée… Du coup j’ai hâte et en même temps un peu peur d’aller voir le film, parce que justement j’ai peur que mon imaginaire et mon interprétation en prennent un coup.

  • Oui! Vu à sa sortie juste le lendemain de mon retour d’Inde!

    Par contre en y repensant, je pense pas que cela soit un film pour les enfants – mais alors pas du tout!!

  • Je vais le voir avec ma fille à la condition que le tigre ne meurt pas !!

  • Cristiana December, 13 2012, 5:28 / Reply

    Seen it, loved it! Such a great movie on so many levels.

  • one of my favorite quotes is “I dream for a living”- Steven Spielberg. So, I totally get where you’re coming from with the dreamer. I am such a dreamer…because life would be so sad and boring if you didn’t dream and day dream. I’m such a child, I would love to play make believe….I think that’s why I love acting so much! I really wanna see this movie!! thanks for the review!


  • If you liked Life of Pi, go see Cloud Atlas. I think it’s been misrepresented by many critics as new age-y, but it is actually very philosophical in a secular sense and very clever. And it’s funny and has breathtaking action sequences. And it’s co-directed (with Tom Tykwer) by the wonderful Wachowski’s who are fiercely intelligent as well as incredibly self-deprecating and funny. And Lana Wachowski has great style.
    That’s it, I’ll stop now.

  • I did see the movie…I might be the only person who didn’t really care for the movie. Visually, the movie is stunning and I was entertained through its entirety. However, I thought there was a disconnect between myself and the movie which has not allowed me to have such a positive reaction. I don’t know where the disconnect was or how to describe it but I just remember leaving the movie theater thinking…”What’s for dinner?”

  • I’m so glad you loved the movie Garance! I read the book and feel in love. The movie is not out in the UK until the 20th so a few days to go… Having seen the trailer I am amazed, it looks just as I had imagined it, can’t wait! I just love Richard Parker!!! x

  • Aaah, j’irai le voir ce weekend! Si je puis me permettre un petit conseil, Ernest et Célestine qui sort (en France) en ce moment vaut carrément le détour dans la catégorie film d’animation/monde imaginaire.. Bon, ça manque certainement de cascades (enfin, des cascades de souris) mais ta sensibilité pourrait être touchée!

  • Moi aussi j’ai vraiment envie de le voir. Genre, vraiment vraiment vraiment. Mais il ne passe pas dans ma ville ( Ooooh… ) Du coup il faut que je convainque ma maman de venir avec moi. Mais il a l’air tellement génial que voili :)

  • I have been desperately, madly in love with the book for five years so I’m sooo skeptical..you know how you get all jealous and possessive of YOUR favourite things? That’s it. How can they make MY book into a movie adldslkldsf what if they ruin something? Yes it’s irrational and childish and silly. But I can’t help it!!

  • I have and ot makes me very sad because the second story is true not the one with a tiger and a zebra:(

  • catherine December, 14 2012, 2:13 / Reply

    movies with complete escapism are my absolute favourite!! Magical worlds and beautiful cinematography is my weakness!!!

  • lu le livre qui est sorti il y a quelques années déjà…J’en avais été toute remuée. L’histoire est intense, l’oeil intérieur de la narration nous fait ressentir toutes les vibrations émotionnelles telles quelles, comme le personnage principal les vit ou les subit! Que d’angoisse, de peur, de cruauté dans certains passages! mais aussi de la douceur dont le lecteur a besoin pour se réconcilier avec l’histoire…

  • ¿Can you believe the premiere of this movie in my country (Colombia) is going to be the next december 21? ¡I am going to see it in the end of the world! :D hahahaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • j’ai lu le livre étant petite et j’avais adoré en tout cas !

  • have you read the book? im reading it now. give it a shot

  • read the book

  • Garance, you might want to see the film “The Fall”, too. It’s one of my favorite’s, and surprisingly unknown. Creative and openminded, with a marvelous sense of aesthetics, and I’m sure you’ll love the film!

  • It was about 10 years ago when I read the book “Life of Pi”. I remember when I finished reading the last page I coudnt even think! I felt like a stoned one :) And from then, nothing was the same in my life.
    I haven’t seen the movie yet, hoping it will run me to the same state of mind.

  • on revient du cinéma, c’est pour dire…
    Images sublimes, et en plus l’histoire commence à Pondichéry, la nostalgie en plus…

  • j’ai lu le livre que j’ai adoré et je n’irai pas voir le film car j’ai mon propre imaginaire sur l’histoire. en règle générale je ne vais pas voir les films adaptés de livres que j’ai lu. Une exception le Seigneur des Anneaux

  • aana_bill April, 7 2013, 2:22 / Reply

    yes,i did watch it.
    it’s got loads of special and thoughtful moments!
    u’re right in saying that it’s a cause of cinegasm!
    the Indian artists specially the young lead from Delhi and Irfan khan did magically!
    absolutely beautiful!
    Ang Lee is the man!

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