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One of the only things that is a little sad about moving to the end of the world (well, almost) is that we start to miss our girlfriends! We miss them, their sense of humor, their sense of style, and their … Frenchitude!

Between Laura living in London, Lauren blowing our minds with her La Poudre podcast in Paris, and Elisa adjusting to life with her new daughter Vita, I feel like I’m missing some important moments. So I was thrilled to be able to send Pia to visit them and bring back these photos for us, and to talk about French style in collaboration with Sézane – THE Parisian brand par excellence…

sezane french style lessons elisa nalin garance dore photo

Elisa Nalin

How do you approach dressing and style? What role does it play in your life?
Dressing is as natural as sleeping and eating for me. It’s something I do with pure joy – what I choose to put on in the morning determines the course of my day. I use clothes as a way to express myself, through colors and prints, it’s all part of my personality. I take risks, play with unexpected combinations. My style reflects the way that I am: joyful, playful, colorful, eclectic, and down to earth.

What are the French woman’s wardrobe essentials?
The essentials are pretty basic! I would say a trench coat, a pair of good jeans, black high heels, a little black dress, a striped top, and a lot of “nonchalance” – all of which are not exactly like my personal style!

What is French style to you?
As an Italian living in Paris for many years, I would say French style is mostly an attitude. That je ne sais quoi, the nonchalance, no makeup, messy hair – but all of this worn with a lot of confidence. To me, style is all about being confident and feeling good in what you are wearing. It’s also that garçonne manquée look – the tomboy style that Inès de La Fressange or Caroline de Maigret have – both of whom I like!

sezane french style lessons laura vidrequin garance dore photo

Laura Vidrequin

What are the French woman’s wardrobe essentials?
A crisp white men’s shirt, a perfect mid rise blue denim, the ideal sling back shoe, a piece of gold jewelry (preferably a family heirloom), an oversized striped sweater, a good leather jacket, a perfectly fitted little black dress and comfy underwear and socks to wear and feel good even when you don’t have any of the above!

Who do you think best embodies French Style?
I think France is lucky to have really strong style icons that are all different but also similar in their “non-perfection.” I love Jane Birkin’s laid back style and hair. A French girl is not defined by what she wears but how she wears it. It’s not about the pieces, it’s all about the attitude.

How do you approach dressing and style?
I try to always have fun with it, style should never be too serious. I like to mix and match and see if something great comes together, that’s how it should be! The most important thing for me, to be honest, is being able to go from morning to afternoon to night in the same outfit, running around, working, loving, cleaning….all in the same look.

sezane french style lesson lauren bastide garance dore photo

Lauren Bastide

How do you approach dressing and style? What role does it play in your life?
I love to have my uniform, pieces I know suit me perfectly and don’t require me to think too much in front of my closest in the morning. I love to wear my good old 501 Levi’s, a comfy jumper, my Burberry trench, my clogs and a cap, they make me confident and invincible.

What makes French style unique?
Freedom! And a certain sense of comfort.

Who do you think best embodies French style?
We have our icons, like Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy, our great women designers like Sonia Rykiel or Isabel Marant, and muses like Farida Khelfa and Loulou de la Falaise. But some of the women who most strongly embody the French style are not French, like Jane Birkin or Grace Jones.

Today, French icons are on Instagram! I think about my beautiful friend Jeanne Damas, I also love Didi Stone Olomidé, Crystal Murray, one of the members of the cool Parisian it girls crew Gucci Gang, and Sophie Fontanel who is also a very good friend of mine. What all these women have in common is a strong personality, a sense of humor, self-confidence, and a playful approach to trends.

sezane french style lesson lauren bastide garance dore photo


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  • I like all of these styles! So casual and comfortable!

    -Kirsten //

  • Why is everything on Sezane always sold out.

  • This is the way sézane works that explain that a lot of things are sold out.
    sézane is an online one-time collection. it is like a private sale : you have to subscribe to get “invite” to the sale.
    Then every month ( 4 main seasonnal collections on sundays at 10AM and every month “capsules” (small collections) on wednesdays) there is new launch with very few pieces and it goes very fast.
    The spring collection was released last sunday at 10.00AM and 15min later almost everything was already gone…
    But there is pieces that stay available.

  • vanessa la belge March, 20 2017, 10:46 / Reply

    Mes copines me manquent donc j’envoie une collaboratrice leur render visite… Mmmouais ;-)
    Bon, objectif du post réussi: j’adore la blouse que porte Lauren.

  • Indeed, it’s all about Frenchitude…Makes me dream about our last (and next) trip to France…
    Have a great start to the week!
    Martina <3

  • I love that each set of photos includes the featured woman really laughing. That’s so rare to see.
    And thanks again to this blog for introducing me to Lauren Bastide’s podcast “La Poudre.” I’m addicted.

  • I smiled as soon as I saw Elisa’s photo. :) Think I missed seeing your girlfriends too! The French approach to feeling confident and comfortable regardless of what they are wearing or doing is a nice approach to life too. Have some fun, don’t take things so seriously and the enthusiasm to know or get to know oneself is fantastic. Vivre la France ! xo

  • I love how the Italian girl adapted and looks so French, haha! Yes, we need our girlfriends, Amen!

  • Love how the Italian girl has adopted the French style, haha! Beautiful. Yes, we miss our girlfriends when we all spread out on the globe.

  • Love the French ease of style, all beautiful!

  • MrsMuir March, 20 2017, 2:07 / Reply

    Hey Girls! How comes that I can’t get access to the french version anymore? I used to have the choice but it seems no longer possible? I can read English OK but when it comes to Garance stories, I find of much more fun to read it in French, as I get much better the way she plays with words ;o)

  • Natalie March, 20 2017, 2:12

    Hi! We still publish in both English and French so it’s unusual that you are unable to access the French side! Sorry you’re having issues. If you’re using Google Chrome, it occasionally translates the page automatically – otherwise, I will take a look and see if there is a larger issue. Please let me know if this continues to happen for you! x Natalie

  • How do we define “French Style”? A question as old as French style! The recipe: The confidence of Simone Signoret, the grace of Cyd Charisse, the sex appeal of Catherine Deneuve , the taste of Coco Chanel and a splash of champagne! You have French Style!
    Dress The Part

  • I love how all of these women have a different variation of what it means to dress French, but a lot still have similarities in terms of wardrobe essentials (like a striped shirt/sweater!)

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