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First Things Post Election

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First Things Post Election

You know those moments you know you’ll always precisely remember? Here are the first things we all did in the wake of Donald Trump being elected president.

Garance: Heard Chris say “That’s it, Trump is president” at two in the morning. Curled in the bed as much as I could and forced myself back to sleep trying to make sense of the world.

Brie: Cried reading the news in the loo.

Emily: Cried while eating a piece of toast and having my morning coffee.

Tori: Organized my entire apartment (so something in my life made sense)…And cried.

Carie: Cried. So much. Then watched “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” to take my mind off of things. Then cried some more.

Brittany: I went to the bodega and bought two bags of gummy bears.

Pia: I went for an extra long run because I couldn’t sleep. That night, I went out to dinner with my boyfriend so we didn’t sit around the house and mope.

Erik: Went to bed before it was announced and then prolonged checking my phone the next morning for as long as possible.

Alison: Woke up to the NY Times update on my phone. Proceeded to cry.

Natalie: Walked sad and sleep deprived to the subway. Took comfort in looking at strangers who seemed to feel the same way as me.


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  • What a dark day. Worse came later. Talking to my Trump-supporting brother, I said, “I am afraid he’s going to start a war.” Brother: “There would have been a civil war if Hillary won.” Me: “She did win–the popular vote.” Him: “Who has the guns? That’s who wins.” More back and forth with him saying Hillary had people assassinated and ran a kiddie porn ring–the alt-right propaganda on Facebook. I told him it was false and he said what’s in newspapers is false. Then I said, “What if he starts expelling people or throws them into camps? Like Hitler.” Him: “Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing.” I hung up. I am not sure we will speak again.

  • watched the results at a friend’s apartment until we couldn’t take it anymore. took a cab home, and barely made it in the door before i collapsed in tears on the living room floor. it took several days for sadness to turn into anger, but i’m glad that’s happened because at least i can turn anger into action.

  • I hope all of the crying was quickly followed up by donating to something of value?

  • Hi WD,

    Yes! At the studio we shared links of causes we were passionate about donating to and signed up to volunteer at various mentor programs. x Natalie

  • Felt my husband of 33 years reach for my hand all through the night and felt grateful that each of my two adult sons also had a hand to hold.

  • Deux Isles November, 22 2016, 7:09 / Reply

    I live in Canada and started the evening alternating between Netflix and NY Times updates and live feed figuring it was a done deal, that Hillary would win….then when things started going sideways I lay with the laptop on my stomach lying in bed and switched to Twitter feeds, I don’t have a Twitter account but reading others feeds is the best way to gauge what others are feeling…it was a slow dawning of realization of what was happening, I couldn’t actually digest it. I stayed awake until 3 a.m. west coast time and had to take a sleeping pill to finally pass out. I didn’t cry, I was simply and utterly stunned, I guess I still am.

  • I’m Canadian and live in Canada. And still…Drumpf winning felt as catastrophic as 9-11. The world has changed and your neighbours north are ready to #riseup. I had fallen asleep as the numbers were being counted, and woke to his speech, he who shall not be named.

  • Genevieve November, 22 2016, 8:01 / Reply

    Haha this was enjoyable, even through all the crying. I did much the same as all of you though I didn’t think of the gummy bears. There will be plenty of need for comforting candy in the coming 4 years, though.

  • Alexandra November, 22 2016, 8:25 / Reply

    Cried all night watching the polls come in. Went to bed about an hour before it was officially announced. Woke up and went to class, cried on the subway. Had a friend stay over at night to talk about the election, our thoughts and fears, and how we could be productive going forward. It was a day of mourning in the city, no doubt about that.

  • I am Spanish and living in London. When I woke up and saw the results it kind of felt like the morning after the Brexit vote happened, nothing made sense anymore, I felt numb. I just felt a huge wave of sadness, of not understanding – we must have missed something very big in order for people like these to have won their respective votes. I felt huge dislike towards our society, one that supports people who are disrespectful, racist, promote aggression and stand for everything that makes humans horrible at times. I felt very sorry for you guys, and am hoping that we can keep it together for the required time and amend our mistakes on the next election. Sending you all my support.

  • Triste nouvelle, en effet…
    Il ne faut pas sombrer dans le désespoir à cause de ce fou. Au contraire, je crois qu’il faut tout faire pour aller en sens inverse, essayer d’être toujours plus bienveillants les uns envers les autres, sourire, rire, avoir de grands projets, lire, aller au ciné, au théâtre, aller voir comment ça se passe ailleurs, comment les gens vivent à l’autre bout du monde et surtout, ne pas se renfermer sur soi.

    Courage à tous les américains!

    (Rien à voir mais j’aime toujours autant tes dessins ?)

  • Cried at 1:30a. Cried at 2:00a. Tried to fall asleep while trying to comprehend what just happened. Just kept thinking, this feels so wrong. Fell asleep at 4:30a. Woke up at 6:30a. Cried some more.

  • Nov 9th was my bday! So not only did I wake up to terrible news (I’m European, but hey, we’re the ones paying for bad foreign policy…) and felt depressed, but everyone was sad and anxious and nobody remembered to wish me a happy bday. So, altogether, a very depressing day.

  • Je suis anesthesiee…….Lorsque je le vois a la TV, j’ai l’impression d’etre dans un cauchemar dont je vais me reveiller. Incomprehension totale…..

  • J’ai pris mon amoureux dans mes bras à 8h du matin qui pleurait d’être si loin de son pays dans un moment si terrible.



  • Orangeufunny November, 23 2016, 1:03 / Reply

    Why is everyone crying? I don’t understand. We went through the process. We had an overload of information coming out on both candidates. We heard Hillary slammed on FOX and Trump slammed everywhere else. We have newspapers, news programs, and internet from every corner of the planet. The bottom line is that “The Donald” won the election. Every one who could’ve voted, should’ve voted.. I spoke to many people who refused to vote. They thought both candidates were akin to the devil himself and could not trust either one. In the end, the Trump supporters came out and stood behind their man. Don’t cry, and don’t give up hope. Do what is right and true. Be generous and loving and think of other’s before yourself. Put your negative feelings aside and live your life to make a positive difference in your community. Be a light in your world.

  • I was at work as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit when I heard from my coworkers. Some were happy. I kept repeating to the babies I was caring for. HE won. He won? How? He won? Baby, he won. He won. Then I went home and cried from the bottom of mu heart.

  • I didn’ cry, but I did feel like I had been punched in the stomach. I am so disappointed in the electoral college, and embarrassed we have a man like him representing our country.

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira November, 23 2016, 5:35 / Reply

    Sad sad days ahead!Very disappointed with the American people for their stupidity!And when you hear shit like kanye ,Ice Cube and others say about Trump and how he’s every african-american dream of sucess,it says it all how fuc***up their mentalities are !What the fuc* the world is coming to!!!Pardon my french !
    (And please… watch Bernie Sanders last interview on Colbert about what went wrong. )

  • Went to a protest and cried with an activist I just met. She gave me a hug.

  • Thank you for this post. Loved all the replies. God help us…

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