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The big question of our time (not): whether or not to post a food photo to Instagram.

Okay, so it is actually a pretty divisive topic in the social media sphere. When you’re sitting down to dinner at a restaurant with a group of friends and, suddenly, it’s a photoshoot… “Wait, don’t eat anything yet!” “Can someone just pretend that they’re grabbing for the bread, to add a little life?” And then suddenly all of the food has dropped from hot to lukewarm, and the most appetizing thing on the table is the wine. 

I am all for capturing the moment and savoring the memories, and I’m not adverse to the odd food photo at all. (I’ve been known to post a photo of a mezzo plate or two in my time). But there is a certain line I think we can perhaps draw in the sand, and just let people eat their food when they want to eat it.

Or is that just too much to ask in this modern age? How do you feel about Instagram food photos?


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  • 1. We are the first gen with social media.

    2. We do over share. And its becoming the norm. Selfies used to be narcissistic and embarrassing, until they are not.

    3. I am sure we are providing material for the future generations to look back and laugh.

    p.s: i like seeing good food photographs on instagram. Its the bad photographs that turn me off. Instagram should have a training video for everyone who signs up. Considering how many pictures of food are out there and most of them bad !

  • I like looking at pictures of healthy vegetarian food, prepared at home. Something to consider recreating.
    I would go insane if I was out with someone and they photographed the food instead of eating it. Luckily my friends mostly don’t use social media.

  • I can deal with photos of food. What I can’t deal with are photos of empty restaurants — which are commonly used to promote them — they are so devoid of life.

  • I only share food if it’s really something special other than that I feel like stopping to take a pic of my food in the middle of dinner or lunch just ruins the moment


  • Jennifer August, 17 2015, 4:50 / Reply

    If I make something cool I might instagram it, but it’s from my kitchen and no ones food is getting cold.
    Out to dinner maybe if it’s amazing, but not interfering with anyone else.

  • I love food and photographing it. But I agree there’s a time and place, not just Ll and everything.

  • HappyLilly August, 17 2015, 6:11 / Reply

    Ici, en France, plusieurs restaurants ont mis le dessin d’un appareil-photo barré sur la carte. Tout est dit!

    Here in France, several restaurants have decided to draw a strickethrough-camera on the menu. All is said about how some are fed up with foodporn.

  • I’m OK with photographing food (I do it too) if it doesn’t interupt anyone else. I’d never let anyone’s food to get cold while I’m trying to take a good photo of a food. It has to always be as quickly as possible.

  • Cooking is my hobby. So I try to mix eastern and western cusines and upload them on Instagram. Indian bread, Alaskan Salmon and a Dutch wine for dinner!

  • But how will everyone know what I eat and how cool I am if I don’t post it?! haha. But, no, I agree even if I am guilty of doing this. Mostly I only try when it’s my S.O. Everyone else I kind of joke about it, and gauge the reactions before the food even arrives. If they seem interested, I’ll try quickly. If they seem annoyed, I laugh it off like I wasn’t serious!
    – Kaitlyn | http://www.TheCrownFox.com

  • I like food photos, but it’s true, there is a right and wrong time to do it. Not all of your friends are going to understand the magic of a good food photographs…some people just want to eat and enjoy their food, not take a picture of it!

  • I think that there is a certain limit to impose. I mean, it is not a bad thing to do, but look up from your phone for a little bit and live the moment, have fun with your friends. And at the end of the night, you’ll have a real story to tell with that photo, you’ll have a real memory. So yeah there is nothing wrong with sharing a picture of your plate, as long as you have a memory to share with it.

  • Hmm I think there was a few restaurants didn’t allow their diners to photograph the food. Not sure where I read it or if it’s still relevant, but it definitely said something about the food culture nowadays, especially with the appearance of Instagram. I agree that there is a fine line between doing it right and over-doing it (like taking photos of just any food any time – even your peanut butter & jelly sandwiches!)

  • Well, these days I look at them in the same way I do as a fashion editorial. Ie; quality of the food, simplicity, the styling. Kind of ridiculous, but then there’s always one good “real” amateur shot of a beautiful homemade pasta and those are the ones that I appreciate. *Mainly because it makes me want to eat just from looking at it. :)

  • Lisa Walker August, 18 2015, 12:13 / Reply

    I am a chef and I post live from work(!) It’s so much fun, and it’s extremely personal– I love capturing my work that I will never see again otherwise! But I also understand the irritation of over sharing, and viewing someone’s every food-print– the eye gets so bored… @stovetopped

  • The only food photos I have ever posted were my children’s birthday cakes, and then only on my friends only facebook. Food photos gross me out. Even megafollower bloggers’s food photos.
    I have never had to endure picture taking at the dinner table with my friends, thank goodness. I consider it terribly bad manners, plus, what is important, sharing delicious food with friends or sharing the fact that you’re sharing cold food with the world?

  • Ita Darling August, 18 2015, 3:00 / Reply

    I tend to take pictures of wine and cold starters or maybe even deserts- but when my main plat arrives- get out of my way!

  • le minxy August, 18 2015, 6:26 / Reply

    If this is the biggest problems we really have to deal with nowadays, boy have we got it GOOD

  • Please stop posting #happybreakfast #healthyshakes en #morningcoffee’s everybody!

  • To each it’s own. I prefer to live the moment, not stop to capture it. It’s something that I sometime regret because I later don’t have pictures to reminisce and relive that moment. But I guess I’m surrounded by plenty of people who take the picture that there is always a picture within access for me to bring back forgotten memories.

    However, the one picture I never have fond memories of, is the one where I was stopped from dancing in the middle of the dance to take a group picture, and it’s always done when the best song is playing!!!!! It’s definetely worse than letting my food go warm; which I actually don’t really let it go warm- one, two shots and then I’m digging in!

  • I rarely post food photos and when I do it’s usually desserts (you know, the kind that doesn’t get cold :P). Luckily, I have no friends around me who would stop me from eating to capture the perfect photo. I think I would be annoyed if someone played around with my food like that. I don’t judge people who upload these types of photos as long as it is their own food. Don’t mess with other people’s food. Also, if the photo is “artistically pleasing” I don’t mind it showing up on my Instagram feed.

  • Sandy Aldrey August, 18 2015, 10:53 / Reply

    No, no and no! And I love food, I have recipe books, I cook a lot, but to stop a real genuine table moment to turn it into something “created” it kills it for me…what’s going on people! I don’t want to see what you’re going to ingest and then digest..! Why paying for a fancy plate of food makes you feel so special..I will never understand…i just imagine the people in the back kitchen laughing at this stupidity…

  • La dernière fois au restaurant un couple était entrain de dîner. Ils ne se parlaient pas du tout. Vraiment rien. Et c’était un couple de jeune genre 20 ans. Le seul truc qu’ils ont faits était de prendre leurs plats en photos. La scène était d’un pathétique et puis leur petite photo aussi.
    Au final, ils ont du mettre leurs assiettes sur FB ou insta, mais le vrai moment derrière était sinistre et ennuyeux. Alors à quoi bon?
    Je ne suis pas une fille contre ceci ou contre cela mais le fait de mettre du #pornfood partout est trop bêêêêêêête ! stop. Qui s’en préoccupe? Ego trip jusq’au bout de la fourchette. Au secours, call 911 !!!!

  • Love to watch food photos in insta_blog_sites (you name it)… but actually there so few times that I have post a food photo myself, cause I am the first to grab the bread (lol) when I am out for dinner with friends ;)

  • yes…i used to take too many pictures of my food, until i realized i could probably google the exact food later on and get 239483948 pictures of it from every angle.

  • Funny subject, usually when I go out in a pretty place I tell myself to take a pic of my food but I always forget becauuuuse I’m definitely more interested in jumping over my food and devour it than stopping everyone else from eating just to take a pic.


  • Take a photo and post it later!

  • Caroline Dé September, 8 2015, 8:17 / Reply

    J’aime aussi prendre en photos de jolis plats, mais pour moi, une seule photo suffit pour chaque plat… En revanche pour ma cousine c’est plus compliqué, il faut 2 photos sous différents angles, une vidéo, ensuite prendre en photo ET en vidéo à nouveau le restaurant donc interdiction de commencer à manger… Et ensuite poster le tout sur Snapchat ET Instagram. C’est à n’en plus finir et comme tu l’as dit, les plats finissent par devenir tièdes.

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