A Denim Moment

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We all know Garance loves a good pair of white denim

But I take care of wearing all the other kinds of denim at the Studio. Distressed denim pencil skirt? Yes, please! Moto jeans in a super cool grey wash? Oui! I’ve got a slight denim addiction…

The key theme in the denim for spring? Distressed. Some of my favorites? These ultimate boyfriend jeans at Elizabeth and James, this oversized denim dress from Rachel Comey (this could easily become my spring uniform, with a cool pair of Vans), these raw edge jeans from Marques ‘Almeida (you’re so surprised, right?).

What’s your denim style?


Add yours
  • I wear any colour of jeans except for white, and not because I don’t like it, but I will always manage to get them dirty after 30 minutes… White pants and me just don’t mix :( But they always have to be quite skinny!

    She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  • Slim fit, by default… I haven’t found the perfect fit for my shape: “Cause my body’s too BOOTILYCIOUS for you babe!” Hahah! Seriously though, that’s very sad… lol

    Loose Leather pants on the blog!

    Xoxo! Cory

  • Jane with the noisy terrier September, 17 2013, 5:56 / Reply

    I’m really over those pre-distressed/destroyed denims with the gaping holes by the knees and thighs. If it’s happened organically, I can begrudgingly go along with them. But when they look like you were attacked by a bear, it’s too much for me. Especially when you’re paying a couple hundred bucks for machine-mangled denim. Love the dress, though!

  • i only wear denim in winter….i have a pr A/G white denim not much stretch…holds u in…J Brand blk skinny low rise…I’ve worn everything..the shoe dictates the style…I like a narrow thigh…long leg and low rise …I have a pair that was so low the zipper was 2 inches lol

  • Ahhh those Elizabeth and James “boyfriend” jeans !
    Definitely need in my closet! <3


  • Moi j’aime pas les jeans, c’est le vêtement le + inconfortable du monde! Heureusement qu’il y a les boyfriend jeans maintenant, mais franchement quel est le plaisir de mettre une matière toute froide et rêche?? Bisous xxx

  • The denim dress looks great! We don’t see enough of those in the stores!

  • Oh, Alex – I adore denim, too, in almost all its shapes and shades.

    A few block-shaped denim shifts that I wear sewed, are all I wear in the warmer months – they make me so happy; and a racer-back, huge circle ACNE denim dress that I wear all summer with tan sandals is my favourite denim item. Denim is just so, so easy.

    And walking into any store, the slightest glimpse of a sliver of denim makes me hyperventilate: I don’t know what it is about that fabric!

    Perhaps denim contains all the best memories of all my childhood days spent running on the beach or playing in the sand pit in our garden wearing elasticised indigo denim jeans and baggy shorts; and then my teens, when we wore bleached-by-washing-and-the-sun skinnies (my mother – thank God – always bought them a size or two bigger for me) with cropped Ts (such a bad look even then, I used to wear a boys’ singlet pulled long under those cropped tops).

    Now it’s boyfriend jeans (non-distressed: I like them to start new and age normally), tie-dye (red, grey and midnight) and plain blue (light, mid and dark) and grey (no black) skinny and baggy jeans, drop-crotch softened-with-wear denim and a couple of coloured jeans.

    The only colour I don’t have – but love – are white jeans: like one of the readers here, I have trouble keeping them clean for longer than ten minutes – and the tiny marbles/stonewashed blue jeans (I don’t love myself in those).

  • Le boyfriend jean, depuis toujours, et je ne m’en lasserais jamais! Avant qu’on en trouve partout j’achetais les miens dans les rayons homme!


  • J’ai fait une overdose des jeans, je crois que pour l’instant je ne peux plus me voir dedans …. par contre, je me rabats sur les jupes, les robes , les chemises … il y a toujours un moyen de calmer une addiction au denim ;)

  • Love. That. Dress.

  • cool Denim!
    the first one is my style :)

  • At the moment distressed boyfriend or dark wash skinnies :-) xxx

  • Ohhh, denim makes me swoon and I am perpetually looking for the pair that makes my leg looking longer and leaner. Whereas in fact I have quite stumpy legs… But I love r13 and good old Levi’s.

  • J’adore la robe!

  • I loved it!
    I’m posting looks from L.A. and accessories:


  • Caroline Mt September, 18 2013, 8:45 / Reply

    J’aime beaucoup la nouvelle (retour) tendance du jean usé : cette fois-ci le jean est usé mais de manière graphique (découpe droite), trous harmonieux et précis, et le jean n’est pas délavé mais uni.
    Pour moi ce sera un jean noir obligatoirement à cause de ma carnation qui ne supporte pas le bleu sous toutes ces formes (sauf certains bleus comme le bleu canard). Le bleu me rend la peau jaune.

  • Levi’s 501, say no more!!

  • I love distressed, tattered, torn! One day my husband was wearing a distressed pair from Kenneth Cole then his mother told him : You have no money to buy a new pair of jeans? LOL !


  • Le premier est super, j’en ai un du même genre qui vient de chez New Look, et les short en jean l’été – pas moyen de s’en passer. Sinon jean blanc aussi à fond (surtout l’hiver)!

  • y a les jeans de Stella Mccartney là, avec les larges revers en bas, pas mal il me semble (i.e facilement reproductible avec ce que l’on a chez soi, déjà) ;)

  • I tend to stay on the extreme ends of the denim spectrum these days: skinny and clean, or boyfriend and distressed. I always swear to wear more skirts, dresses and other pants, but jeans are what I reach for most days. There’s a comfort there, physical and emotional.

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