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Rosemary’s Spaghetti Carbonara

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My ultimate weakness is pasta. I could give up cake any day, but pasta? Never. Can’t, and won’t, do it. (Anyone else feel the same?)
I really love the carbonara at Rosemary’s in the west village, a few blocks from my apartment. They manage to keep the dish light enough for a summer lunch with a glass of white, but still warming — an authentic chitarra alla carbonara.

I asked their chef, Wade, to share how he managed to get it just right, and it’s actually an effortless dish you can make at home too! The best part, though, is it’s easy to omit the meat if you happen to be serving it up to some vegetarian friends…

rosemarys spaghetti carbonara recipe restaurant food garance dore photos

Chitarra alla Carbonara
Executive chef Wade Moises, Rosemary’s NYC

4oz Spaghetti Pasta
1-2oz Guanciale or pancetta
1oz Butter
1oz Olive oil
Black pepper to taste
Scallions, sliced
1 Egg
2oz Pecorino

Place a large pot of salted water on the stove to boil.

Meanwhile, add olive oil and guanciale or pancetta to a sauté pan. Cook over a low heat until brown and crispy, then add pepper as you like and a small ladle of pasta water (2 oz) to immediately stop the cooking.

Remove pasta from water a minute earlier than advised on the box, and add to the pan. Return pan to a medium flame and add a little more pasta water, and toss the pasta with the guanciale or pancetta.

For the finishing touch, add another few ounces of pasta water and then add the scallions and the egg. Toss the egg very well with the pasta and allow to cook for about 20 seconds. Remove the pan from the heat and continue tossing. (If the pasta appears to stick to the pan, add pasta water in very small amounts.)

Finally, add pecorino and toss one last time!


Bon appétit!


Rosemary’s NYC | 18 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY | +1 (212) 647-1818


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  • Ça à l’air délicieux! Je vais tester ta recette dans la semaine c’est sur :)

    Bon dimanche à toi ?

  • it looks delicious….mmmm! :)

  • Merci Garance pour cette merveilleuse recette ! Grazie mille Rosemary!

  • Oh j’ai la même addiction … c’est grave docteur ! Je ne pourrais jamais me passer de pâte et je suis capable d’en manger tous les jours !

  • I must say that I feel exactly like you Pasta all kind of pasta I die for,,,,
    Yael guetta

  • Bonjour! Je m’en régale déjà tellement ça semble exquis. Pourtant je me pose une question, le beurre est dans la liste mais pas dans la recette… Il devient quoi?

    Excellente soirée, cordialement

  • This looks so special. I cant wait to try it. Gemma xx

  • This looks so good! Pasta is definitely a staple for me!

  • J’adore la pasta! J’en mange une fois par semaine et cette recette va y aller cette semaine qui commence, c’est sur! Je passerai de toute façon de l’huile pour cuire la pancetta puisqu’elle même étant tellement grasse n’en a pas besoin.

  • This sounds delish! I’m going to try it out. And I’m the same way; I’ll give up anything but pasta! Pasta is the best thing to ever be created in the food world! (:

  • Francesca August, 24 2015, 3:54 / Reply

    Spaghetti Carbonara are my faves when it comes to pastas and this recipe is a must-try! Hope they will turn out to be as delicious as they look in the pictures!

  • Alejandro August, 24 2015, 4:23 / Reply

    A nice vegetarian option is to replace the pancetta with thinly sliced and pan-fried zucchini. ;)

  • Looks delicious!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • encore mieux avec un oeuf povhe, aussi pour presentation. ajouter un peu
    of the cooking water. non app!

  • I just made this for dinner with some leftover pancetta. I was toying with a carbonara and this convinced me. I added some Spanish onion and sprinkled with fresh parsley to lighten it up a little more. Found I didn’t end up needing the egg (so was mine really a carbonara?). The pasta water and a bit of butter was all I needed for a delicious coating on the pasta, but I like to keep things light. Delicious. Thank you.

  • Delicious… In Rome is La Carbonara…it’s located in Campo De Flori … the morning the campo is a market….at night all the restaurant put out long tables….they say this is were this dish originated ….i make this dish with bucatini pasta

  • Michelle Lee August, 24 2015, 8:19 / Reply

    looks so delicious! thanks for sharing this recipe :)

  • CecileMaki August, 24 2015, 8:41 / Reply

    I agree, pasta (and more widely noodles) anytime over sweets!!! This recipe looks amazing, will try it this way next time ;)

  • Laetitia August, 25 2015, 3:54 / Reply

    Merci pour cette recette !
    Mais comme Johanna, je me demande où est passé le beurre (dans les ingrédients mais pas dans la recette) ?!

  • My husband and I made this for friends last night and it was absolutely delicious and so easy!! We also added mushrooms to give it some more veggies. We live in London now, but used to live around the corner from Rosemary’s when we lived in NY, so it was fun to make something from our former home! Thanks for sharing!

  • Adore!

    I think this is the most elegant and simple recipe! And a delight for year round eating and easy pairings.

    Thank you. I believe this to be my favorite post on site for while. Would love a series of restaurant-inspired recipes such as this that are so peasy to make at home after a day at office.

    Kind regards to Wade and to you for sharing!

  • My husband made this for me last night –I added ambiance with a lone lighted candle –perfect!!–We also plan on visiting Rosemarys next time we are in NYC–Love the restaurant ideas from this city–

  • Une recette facile à faire, c’est un délice. Merci du partage.

  • Hello, how do you use the 1oz of butter in the recipe? I don’t see it in the steps. Thanks.

  • Hi Su! It’s optional if you like to coat your pan with butter initially, but I prefer to just stick to the olive oil (up to you!).
    Thanks so much for catching that – and happy cooking! :)

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