flinders lane watermelon salad recipe food garance dore photos

Flinders Lane’s Watermelon Salad

This looks almost too good to eat, but I promise you it’s even better once you take a bite. I love a blend of fruit and vegetables in my summer salads, and this one from Flinders Lane...

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il buco kale salad cavalanero recipe garance dore photos

Il Buco’s Kale Salad

The OG of all kale salads is from Il Buco here in the city. It’s the one that started it all,...

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eat what you feel laila gohar garance dore photos

Eat What You Feel

Is there something you don’t eat? For a long time I didn’t eat meat, only fish.  Yep, I...

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acai bowl recipe food two hands garance dore photos

Two Hands’ Acai Bowl

One of my favorite places for breakfast is Two Hands, a really cute café that’s pretty close...

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The Del Val #67

The Del Val #67

This is very easy to play. And very easy to lose track of time while playing. 50 #1: The best...

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table for one jerry hall vogue garance dore photos

Table For One

Dinner and breakfast – yes, just me! Do you ever eat by yourself? And by that I do not mean in...

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fed up documentary netflix garance dore photos

Fed Up

I’m not a rom-com girl, I’m a documentary girl. Yeah, for me, when all else fails, I...

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The Del Val #64

The Del Val #64

Think you have an eye for color? Prove it in 15 minutes. You know the usual sound you get from...

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tiny's restaurant superfood pancake recipe garance dore photos

Tiny’s Superfood Pancake

I went for lunch at Tiny’s the other day, close to the studio, and ordered something that sounded...

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the chew garance dore illustrations

The Chew

I never went to etiquette school, but I often wonder if maybe it should be required…. Even one...

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bailey roberts what we eat garance dore photos

What We Eat

What do you eat? That’s a question that comes up super often in my conversations with friends...

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bones restaurant paris garance dore photos

Bones’ Meyer Lemon Tart

We loved our visit to Bones so much that we wanted to share one of their recipes with you! Chef...

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james henry bones restaurant garance dore photos


During their recent trip to Paris, the team visited Bones, a small and beautifully pared back...

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ey spy rebekah underhill garance dore photos

Eye Spy

Eyes are so fragile! It feels like, if I don’t really take care of them, I pay for it with serious...

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anahi restaurant interior garance dore photos


In Paris, the old and new play off one another in perfect harmony. There is an undeniable...

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paris market jessamine bliss-bell stéphanie delpon garance dore photos

Marché de Paris

Living in Paris, local markets become a part of your life. I loved strolling through them when I...

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navy avocado toast recipe garance dore photos

Navy’s Avocado Toast

I’ve been wanting to bring you a little more from the restaurants we visit, so here is the recipe...

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