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You know those outfits when you feel like you, but, like, superhero you? Like, you have to check if you are actually wearing a cape because, goddamn, you feel so good you could fly?

Well, I think I finally stumbled on my “superhero outfit.” It’s a pantsuit. And at first, I hated them.

My first connotation of pantsuits are the 80s and Thierry Mugler’s suites with double the shoulders, no waist and pleated pants. Paired with a blouse that had way, way too much fabric… everywhere.

It was the working girl era and something about it always seemed too forced to me. I mean, everything about the 80s was forced, particularly one’s hair.

Enter the 90s and Hillary Clinton. Yes, by now Hillary has sartorially claimed pantsuits as her look, but let’s not forget, before said pantsuit, Hillary was rocking a headband and bangs. Ahhh good times.

But nothing about Hillary’s pantsuits did it for me. She wears them in bright colors and often with the jacket buttoned up to her neck. I respected that she had found her look, but I couldn’t see it as mine.

Then a few months back we ran this piece on Claire Thomson Jonville’s collaboration with Pallas and I swooned like a baby in a bassinet. I’d never seen something so…me.

Yes, it was a pantsuit but it was deconstructed in a way, it didn’t read as “tuxedo” or “pantsuit.” It read as, “cool-girl-picks-up-clothes-from-floor-and-walks-out-of-house-like-this.”

A few weeks later I put together my own version of that Pallas collaboration with black J.Crew tuxedo pants, a black tuxedo jacket from Zadig & Voltaire, a white Hanes t-shirt and yellow sneakers.

I was fucking flying — and Christina even said so. Okay, she said she really liked this look on me which made me feel like I was flying.

RuPual said, “We’re all born naked, and everything else is drag.” I repeat this to myself every time I think I’m putting too much thought into my sartorial choices. When I want to throw my hands up and say, “it doesn’t matter,” I remind myself that it’s okay that it does matter because it’s your drag, it’s your superhero costume.

We can’t always be in the safe space of home, but we can be in the safe space of a good outfit. It’s amazing what a little bit of armor (or spandex) can do for you as you navigate the world.

It’s home month here at the Atelier, and I’d love to know, what clothes make you feel most at home?

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  • Jennifer Vandis December, 4 2018, 9:46 / Reply

    Best deconstructed suits of the 80’s and 90’s — Giorgio Armani

  • Claire Thomson Jonville’s look is one of my “ever favourites”. Relaxed, elegant, stylish, I can only hope, that I can copy it once…

  • My mom lived in Jil Sander pant suits in the 80s! I wish she had handed them down to me. Linda Evangelista rocking pant suits! I am all for self expression and how one wants to feel and show self to world. Clothes and confidence!

  • ahhh Jill Sander everything is the best. x

  • think patti smith. cool-ness personified!

  • Je prefere les vetements depareilles, a la Patti Smith ou Jane Birkin.

  • Garance, je n’arrive plus a lire les articles en français, est-ce normal? Y a t-il eu des changements?

  • Linne Halpern December, 5 2018, 12:57

    Hi Isa,
    I will update this post with the French version shortly as soon as I get it back from our translator! Thank you so much for your patience!
    xx Linne

  • I read Atelier Dore every day. And most every day in every article is the word “fucking.” The word has become too acceptable and I find it rather crass to see it everywhere. Please hold to a higher standard and find other words. Fucking has become a filler word and has dumbed down the writing world.

  • Even though I have a lot of styles in my wardrobe, I have always worn suits or something that looks like it even when I was a kid. It makes me feel strong and at ease. People say it ‘suits’ me very well. I like it especially with my long big curly hair. Mostly with a natural ‘no make-up’ make-up (very minimal) and sometimes with a hot red lipstick. Sometimes with sort of mail lacquer loafers and sometimes with high heels. Sometimes with a blouse sometimes with a T-shirt in the same colour. In the old days I even wore a tie…have to find me a nice one again. So sometimes a bit manly (but makes it ladylike) and sometimes very feminine. I bought a dark blue velvet suit a few months ago. Just a bit of a pity it’s a trend now, but it will always be a classic. So…Love it! @fabiduister

  • Oversized cashmere sweaters are my favorite. I live in them in the winter on days when I just want to stay home.

  • Amazing photo, amazing outfit. I adore pant suit for an evening. I wore a tuxedo for my best friends wedding and it made me feel beautiful, powerful, sexy… I’m going for a NYE ball this year guess what I’m wearing :)

  • ha! i am wearing a tuxedo to a new year’s wedding! great minds think alike :)

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