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I’m writing this while sitting on the floor of the airport in Santiago as I travel back from our Art of Self Discovery retreat. I’m waiting for a four hour flight to take me to Sao Paulo, where I will wait for a nine hour flight to take me home, to New York City.

Thirty minutes ago I ordered crab cakes at an airport restaurant called La Pausa. I know, ordering crab cakes at an airport restaurant ranks low on the list of smart decisions, but after nine days of Chilean food, I was drawn to the crab cakes when I saw them on the menu. They reminded me of my other home, my childhood home, Los Angeles.

Ladies who lunch in Los Angeles order crab cakes. They are both decadent and light at the same time, with chunks of crab meat mixed with a bit of indulgent mayo, and even more indulgent bits of bread. And they’re always on a bed of lettuce, so you could practically call it a Crab Salad.

Well, I just learned Chilean crab cakes are the definition of indulgence. Instead of my expected two little crab cakes on a bed of lettuce, I was given a skillet (yes a skillet) whose entire surface was covered in melted cheese and topped with crispy onions.

If the waiter hadn’t said “crab cakes” when he put down said skillet I would have launched into that awkward “I-didn’t-order-this” dance.

I should have known something was up when I was given a spoon in advance of my meal instead of the expected fork and knife. I picked up said spoon in search of the crab. Underneath an inch of melted cheese was a thick crab and shrimp stew.

It was fucking delicious.

But not my definition of a crab cake.

People talk about the benefits of travel often. Expanding one’s perspective, experiencing different cultures, pushing your own boundaries — the list goes on and typically reads like a self help book in the clearance aisle at Target.

But, you know what people don’t often highlight when discussing travel? Coming home.

That delicious feeling of warmth and reassurance when you see the skyline of the city you know so well. Where you can let your guard down, know exactly where to get a great meal at 2am, and where the faces of your loved ones are.

This month on the site, in honor of the holiday season that is somehow already upon us, we’re going to be talking all about the concept of home and what it means to us–from our families, our holiday traditions, our childhoods, missing home, and creating our own homes, to a few interior spaces we love, and even highlighting a few women who are changing the home design industry! We can’t wait for you to join us and share your own thoughts on home in the comments!

Tomorrow morning, after a 90 minute drive, a two hour flight, a five hour layover, then a four hour flight, followed by a mad dash to catch a final nine hour flight, I’ll arrive home to my dog and my partner and immediately feel the sense of relief one can only fully feel when they arrive home.


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  • Thank you, Veronica! This is such a timely reflection about the benefits – and in my case – the need for solo traveling to destinations unknown. Living in my own imagination in the unfamiliarity and returning home to the known comforts enable me to feed new possibilities in life.
    Warmest holiday wishes, Kin

  • Nattany Martins December, 3 2018, 5:00 / Reply

    I am a Brazilian girl, my country is so big and last friday I went to a city that I never meet before. I was going to a friend’s house that I meet in May vocation in Santiago too. Today I come back home and have this real feeling after one hour flight and 3 hours driving home.
    I am petrified with this text! All that little coincidences: you in Santiago – where I meet my friends, comming back home – the same day as me, and making a long stop in São Paulo – IN MY COUNTRY!
    Little things that we shared even though I don’t know you.
    Come home is the part that makes everything worth it, that give value to all experiences, because we come back home with new stories, new learnings, and a fresh new beggining.
    Thanks for this words, you make my heart warm today.


  • Jorge Alexandre teixeira December, 3 2018, 5:07 / Reply

    Boa Viagem , V!!!

  • Hi Veronica, It was so lovely meeting you in Chile. I hope you had a safe trip home! The time together was indeed really special and I can’t wait to see more posts about the retreat in the upcoming days. Warm hugs to all of you!

  • Veronica December, 5 2018, 3:31

    Tina! It was such a pleasure meeting you. You made the trip so, so special. Can’t wait till our paths cross again! (hopefully sooner than later!) xx V

  • Tina! It was the best meeting you! I can’t wait till our paths cross again (hopefully soon!) xx V

  • Michaela Kusolitsch December, 4 2018, 5:09 / Reply

    I’d like to know which movies besides philadelphia story, darjeeling unlimited, kevin alone, love actually were shown in the clip?

  • Linne Halpern December, 5 2018, 10:51

    Hi Michaela! The other movies are: Home Alone, The Family Stone, The Holiday, Nothing Like The Holidays, The Great Gatsby, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Edward Scissorhands, Seinfeld, Love Actually, Les Intouchables. Hope this helps! xx Linne

  • Please show a range of colors and a range of homes. I understand that you want to create a romantic, traditional clip but its a white woman’s clip dreamed by white women?

  • Sapna Rathi December, 9 2018, 5:45 / Reply

    Hi Veronica,
    It was so nice to meet you at the retreat and thank you so much for making it an unforgettable experience! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
    Excellent article too!!

  • Hi Sapna! It was so great meeting YOU! Yes, please come to New York soon :) xo

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